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Comment from: [Member]

All roads lead to Ethiopia.
Is Ethiopia becoming the center of the universe? Yes, indeed!!
Our enemies still in hallucination of a destabilized Ethiopia disintegrating and in chaos.
Yelem, kengdihe kitachewun be sanja eyewegan ke tegnubet qizzet alem qeseqissen ewnetun endiyayu madreg new.
Reality bites! May be it will kill them.

08/12/13 @ 22:31
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Yehe Yabede Wusha, Wofefe Debtera Mendenew Yemikebaterew? Ebakachehu Ande Belut. Miskin, zemed Yelewim?

08/13/13 @ 01:07
Comment from: [Member]

About time for USA to start relation ship with Africa, while China break dancing in AFRICA.

08/13/13 @ 02:32
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

It is all jokes as usual with the damp African leaders. They don’t get it. Do they?

The trade between Africa and USA under AGOA was about 100 million in 2012. It is less than 2 million each when it is divided among the 54 African nations or about 2 million when it goes to green Africa or sub Saharan. Is that worth much attention and story let alone having a huge conference every year like this is being used as political playing grounds? Make it at least 1 billion worth trade preference goods a year with at least 10% growing rate every year, and then talk a little about it. But right now, it is just a joke.

Ethiopia has traded some says 8 million or other says 12 million last year even they don’t know the exact number because they are damp or they don’t care it is useful.

Yet, the drama and so many stories about AGOA are getting beyond proportion. It is just cheating the damp African leaders talking much while giving them nothing and they don’t know the difference because they are still thinking and functioning being part of the Gorillas in the Congo Mountain rather than the modern world brain power.

USA expends in Afghanistan every year 1 million dollar in each solder it has in Afghanistan for the last 12 years while getting nothing in return but dying with thousands in Afghanistan killed by those saying are “Afghans", too. That means they are spending more than 100 billion dollar for 100.000 solders it had/has there every year. USA is spending billions in Afghanistan every year to build the nation for free while Taliban is destroying it even before they are finishing including the institutions and schools. Yet, they are still there with the very badly failed mission that cost them billions if not trillions and the death of thousands young and Brave Americans while injured and mentally damaged many thousands youngsters. Why is USA still in Afghanistan loosing so many material and human resources for a mission is completely failed and they will not succeed at all?

Instead if they used 1% of the resources they had lost in Afghanistan for nothing in Africa including Ethiopia, they would benefit the people in both sides and they will be very much appreciated, loved and embraced. But they don’t do that except playing games learning from the very known and old English school how to play the black Africans to keep them bunch of animals with brain wise and doing things the right way for their own advantage. Just play dirty games with them with words while giving them nothing in practice which is the known centuries old English way including the the so called English aid story is working in Africa. Using it for all bad, negative and criminal activates which is their agenda in black Africa.

USA is buying products from Africa in the name of AGOA which is a trade agreement, yet they are making as if it is free gift and benefiting the Africans which is bunch of stupid African leaders don’t get it or have no brain to use the opportunity and test is if USA meant it or just playing dirty games as the English are playing the worst dirty games in the name of aid.

China’s way of working with Africa is the only and best way the ordinary Africans are benefiting from. Japan is the other nation to trust and work with them what they say, promises and do is what it meant from their heart and mind.

why is so many talk and meeting in the name of AGOA while we know there is nothing coming from it which is only about 2 million dollar per year to every nation and they don’t get it for free but selling their products including raw materials the stupid Africans don’t get it how useful is selling finish products instead of raw materials.

However, the vast majority USA citizens have no idea and are not part of the games done by the greedy corporate, companies, leaders including corruption in the name of lobbying and those old and life time active so called politicians in the senate and house.
Therefore, if Africans especially Ethiopians are brave enough making quality products and know how to trade them, USA market can benefit them greatly with or without AGOA.
USA was there and still is here. Ethiopia must have closer and good relation with USA especially when it is becoming clear that USA is not driven by England in Ethiopia or USA is not carrying England with them when they are around. USA without England around is the best and is the future. Keep it Always in mind.

08/13/13 @ 03:24
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,hope you are not Fool and Idiot ,as you are supposing for not being …LOL !!!,for not understanding that Ethiopia is unfortunatly at the top of the list
of the African Countries which do not gain profits from the AGOA
programs .Unable to furnish the proper raw materials (Coffe ,Hide and skin ,Sesam…)unfortunatly sent to China to pay your own bandit masters’ Debts .

08/13/13 @ 03:50
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

“As we work to a new AGOA in 2015, and continue integrating Africa into global economy, we also want to make sure the benefits of Africa’s growth reach all parts of the society,” he said.

Easier said than done.

That is the crux of the problem. Tangible benefits to the society are hard to achieve given the level of corruption, patronage, mind-boggling bureaucracy which lead to supply side constraints.

Good governance and transparency, two terms anathema two GOE & its main shareholder, TPLF, are key to making better use of the opportunities offered.


“Yelem, kengdihe kitachewun be sanja eyewegan ke tegnubet qizzet alem qeseqissen ewnetun endiyayu madreg new.”

The above statement would best describe your attitude. But, you’re beyond repair. you are sinking deeper & deeper in your delusional belief that all is well and Ethiopia is the center of universe.

The solution to your delusional state of mind is to pull the plug on you to relieve you of this wretched & pathetic life you lead.

08/13/13 @ 06:03
Comment from: forward with comradde tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comradde tamagne
5 stars

it isgood thinking. yes you are right. but we have to consider two things
1 we have full confidence on epdrf that it will protect the ethiopian people and their resource
2 if we see every step with a suspsious eyes how can we grow and prosper. every growth has its own risk. if we dont take that risk we will never grow.

relax my brother we will be ok. every problem is manageable.especially under the current govt.

08/13/13 @ 09:29
Comment from: tutu [Visitor]

@Assta B. Gettu
Do you want to sit on the mineral and do nothing about it? complaining about exploitation does not do nothing but use it in mutual benefit is important. craphead!

08/13/13 @ 11:48
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

@Assta B. Gettu
Bedemb Astewulual! Great idea.
Mineral exploration can wait until we know to analyzed the contents and offer finished goods.
Investors should open factories in Ethiopia to process the minerals.
I know many Central and South American countries that at this present time are exporting pure dirt to China without even analyzing the contents. So much corruption that they are allowed to do so.

08/13/13 @ 15:11
Comment from: Dagna [Visitor]
5 stars

It is good to do business and strengthen bilateral trade ties with any country as long as it benefits both trade partners. However doing business and strengthen trade relation that will incline to one trade block can be very messy some times it can have a very catastrophic result ,if at any given time their is a fallout of any political or kind of ideological differences arise between two trade partners especially where one party is always pretends to be a trade policy engineer and as history tells as it is still unfolding now in many parts of the world any business with USA should be taken with great cautious. Having said that countries like Ethiopia should use any opportunity to do business with USA but must do that with a trade balance in mind that will not be used against them in the name of some sort of embargo if they somehow do not agree the out of the blue USA decision of invading adventure for no reason of if you stand by your commitment to go and participate to Russia in its Winter Olympic venue to host the world but USA says no you can not go because I say so, if you go we will block your “INGERA” from entering USA because the FDA somehow found the packaging is not to its standard, and its US interest to finance and Support the neighbouring to stop any other good entering Ethiopia and also to supply Egypt with more fighter jets to bomb the INGERA FACTORY to prevent it from being used as a secret ingredient for some kind of weapon’s of mass destruction. BAM your economy will go downhill.


08/13/13 @ 17:07
Comment from: Kahasia Alem.FK [Visitor]
Kahasia Alem.FK

Weyane is in crosse road and do anything to power and he know it.
But there is one idea for Weyane to wag war against people and this call him"Agame"when he is into fire there all turn back to clean him from our Ethiopia soil.
He is an idiotic kid.Just call him Agame.

08/15/13 @ 12:07

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