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Egypt's military will not get away with human rights abuses



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Egypt's military will not get away with human rights abuses

Egypt's military will not get away with human rights abuses

Human rights lawyers will use the principle of universal jurisdiction to prosecute perpetrators of international crimes

Just over a year ago, Egypt threw off the shackles of its military dictatorship and took on the mantle of a civil democracy, becoming for a short period, the torchbearer of liberty and equality throughout the Arab world. On 24 June 2012, Mohamed Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice party won the country's first contested election. It was the first time that an Egyptian president had been freely elected from outside of the military establishment.

By 3 July 2013, President Morsi had been ousted in a coup d'etat. The uprising against the previous Mubarak regime resulted in the free and fair election of President Morsi – a new dawn of democracy and human rights for Egypt. The current spate of protests have seen the rapid destruction of that new promise and an excuse for the military to regain control.

The immediate aftermath of the July coup reminds us what Egypt is without its democracy and that cannot have been what the many who were angry at President Morsi's government had in mind when they chose to (and were allowed to) vocalise their discontent in street protests.

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Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait


Not a single word comes from this worthless org. They are all busy drinking alcohol every night in one of embassy.

08/15/13 @ 03:00
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The same kind of Tragi Comedia risks
to happen in Ethiopiz too .Agazi
bandits continously massacring muslim protestors ,TPLF mouthpieces and sell out bandas daily provocking them .Litlle Tyrant HMD always out of Subject unable to take the proper measures .THe ruling party ,specially the Agazi Ethno Mafia Institution (TPLF) with the lack of Leader since the Death of the then Crime Minister .Tigre Mafiosis ,the Evil Widow and the Bunch of Agazi Goat Herder Fake Officers out of control .With such situation of TOTAL CAHOS ,no matter to be a soothsayer to know what will be the fate of the country with its peoples as whole .

08/15/13 @ 03:44
Comment from: [Member]

Let Ethiopian muslims learn from their coreligionists in Egypt and get the truth that political islam will only lead to violence, bloodshed and destruction and death.

08/15/13 @ 11:18
Comment from: Carlos Danger [Visitor]
Carlos Danger

AU is busy working to bring your boss Essayas to the international court.Then,they will start on Egypt.

08/15/13 @ 12:31
Comment from: [Member]

To C’est Moi senait, I couldn’t agree more!!!

The AU - Alcoholic rulers Union is at it gulping whisky but doing nothing when bloodshed is the everyday scenario in Cairo!!!
It is a very sad situation and let us hope both sides come to a rather quick compromise( mind you guys I used the term compromise, for it is the always better method of coming to agreement).
Let us all work for world peace and have a better planet.

08/15/13 @ 13:10
Comment from: aman [Visitor]

Well look at the hypocracy. First the apploud the army after that they were crying for the civilian rule. so the had a hasty election and so as predicted the botherhood won. But right after that the sit ons and the grmpiness continued. and led to the overthrow of mursi which were not supposed to happen that way. if you belive in democracy you have to now the outcome are unpredictable. I am tired of the double standard the US and other power are taking. The people of Egypt i think they dont know what they want any more. Even some of them dont like mursi. they still need to accept him bcs he won the election. You just dont go to the street bcs some one you dont like won the election. that like childish. now in Egypt the door of hell are opening. i feel sorry for them. the situation the are sliding in could be worest than syria and Libya. If the internation community specialy US, AU, EU, Arab league and the so cold UN cant save Egypt its gonna drug the whole region in to chaos, The Eyptian military is doing what its naturally suppose to do bcs nobody in the oppostion man up to save Eypt they are all corrupt power hungry elements. Elbardi was conspiring aganist brotherhood now he resigned beacuse he wants to save himself and let the blood be on the military, what a coward politican. politics is not a game . it should be a commitment, vow and sacrifice.

08/15/13 @ 15:36
Comment from: AMHA [Visitor]  


08/16/13 @ 09:51
Comment from: [Member]

You see, how politics and relegion (islam) don’t go tegether? It’ll only lead to more bloodshed and destruction.

Don’t let Ethiopian fugutives ruine the peace, unity and prosperity Ethiopia is enjoying.

08/16/13 @ 15:24
Comment from: DillingerJ1 [Visitor]
1 stars

Who cares for a country like Egypt who are a dry land and use to our tax money for nothing?i could careless if Egypt wiped out from face of Earth if it were not for COPTIC CHRISTIANS.

08/16/13 @ 22:18
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

@DillingerJ1 [Visitor]

You are seriously sick and need help!
Your type of Coptic Sociopath is what the majority of Ethiopians have to keep an eye out.

It’s sad Nazret will allow lunatics like you post in their website in the name of Freedom of Speech. I bet they woudn’t post anything remotly close if the table was turned around.

08/18/13 @ 02:19
Comment from: hiffiffu [Visitor]

Justice will prevail in full color!!

The robbers who invaded Ethiopia have been committed large scale murder for the last two decades. For several years these the same robbers propagated anti-Ethiopia propaganda and finally entered our country with a lot of guns and bullets to loot and murder Ethiopians.

Year, just one year after the death of the robber, his daughter hauled $5 Billion and deposited in cash depot unescorted and unaccompanied.

Half of the $12 Billion stolen from Ethiopia was stolen by the now dead robber, Meles Zenawi and his family; yes, the grand robbers in the hierarchy pocked on Azeb Mesfin’s eyes and let her walk blind out of EFFORT through the back door. Today, everything and anything that is available below and the lands in Ethiopia is owned, controlled, and run by the robbers who promoted banda culture and robbery.

Dead or alive, the dead robber shall stand trial and face the justice.

21 gun shots successively, “Hurry up and come back!” The robbers shouted in unison. But, the robber was not packed in a box; he was put in a coffin lonesome beneath the death that overcame him for eternity. Now, the dead robber rested in chaos under the command of death that chased him for several years; one night, death cornered the coward robber against the crime he committed and the sins he made. That day, after he was taken out of the bottom of cold fear that he was plunged into and escorted into the jet plane drenched in his own pungent sweat, consumed gallons of water until the crew told him no more water. Excessively sweating caustic and extremely shocked from the sound wave that the dead robber was subjected to earlier that day, at 33.000 feet, he began agitated, the robber got up from his seat and walked towards the exit, but he was grabbed by the arm and was made sit by his own guards. “Calm down!!|” the crew yelled at him. Took a brief pause, then buried his face in his palms and sobbed in unknown language.

Dead or alive, the dead robber shall stand trial and face the justice; so will the rest of the living dead robbers.

08/25/13 @ 17:28


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