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Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

The same bloody crimes are recently committed by the Agazi Bandits and their bandas in Arsi Koffele and last Thursday during the
Eid Festivity in Addis-Abeba .TPLF mad dogs shall once again bark ,rule of law ,Jihadist ,Terrorist ,Wahabist usual blas blas while shading their tears of crocodile on the fate of Morsi’s supporters .By the way the peoples they did massacre in Arsi Kofele ,the pregnant woman and the child killed by their bandits in Addis deserved too the same attention and even more .The funny thing the muslim protestors demanding the Agazi Regime that it makes respect their constitutional rights ,are accused by the same guys ,the likes :Shameless kemale ,Little Tyrant HMD ,the Shabis Bereket and Co,for ploting to impose Sharya Laws in the country .While themselveses ,Advocating an Ethno Mafia Regime daily committing many crimes against Humanity and Genocide ,surviving on STATE TERRORISM .

08/15/13 @ 03:21
Comment from: [Member]

Islam is not a peaceful religion and the people who are dying on the streets in Cairo do not deserve our respect.

08/15/13 @ 06:24
Comment from: [Member]

The western media seems to forget that, their are two sides. I don’t get it why they chose to take one side.
First of Egypt’s military came to power by concerned people’s demand. People who even voted democratically for Morsi, changed their mind after they saw Morsi abusing his position giving himself unlimited power, and acted dictator in his way to implement Islamic govt.
The people of Egypt are more polarized politically, and seems there is no way for reconciliation.
The Muslim brotherhood defiance continues endangering the lives of innocent civilians.

08/15/13 @ 06:40
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

and this is what the elias kifle and friends are dreaming each night and day for ethiopia. i am sure elias is salivating all over his mouth while watching this video, where men, women and children are massacred, wishing it was in Addis. for him what matters the most is the removal of the government so one day he will go back to addis and sip his machiatto sitting at bole mini. and it matters little whether it happens as the result of the current islamic movement or a major earthquake. this is the difference between the likes of elias and many ethiopians who want change in ethiopia but do not want a bloodshed which can lead the country into disintegration and government that is worse than it has now…and they are usually labled weyane or banda by the likes of elias.

08/15/13 @ 09:45
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

Adgi does it mean you feel a Sympathy to the late Junta Mengistu
by borrowing his usual assertions that he and his friends took power because the Ethiopian Peoples demanded it and they had been chased from power with the force of arms When you say such a crap word supposing advocating the case of the New Egyptian Military Dictatorship . More than an Agazi Amice Ass Hole ,you stink too Derg
Former Cadre . Yehem Norewal Leka Gwad Adgi…LOL !!!

08/15/13 @ 13:30
Comment from: Solomon Tebebu [Visitor]
Solomon Tebebu

While it is sad to witness a massacre of this level on unarmed civilians anywhere, I couldn’t help thinking the situation back home. There is a clear danger over there that something like this can no longer be considered as a farfetched possibility. The Muslim community is divided between hardcore Wahabists and the traditional peaceful Islam that they have been exercising for centuries.
Who has introduced this doctrine of Islam that is characterized by intolerance to other beliefs and even the moderate version of its own? What should citizens do? What should be the government’s role? How can a government navigate through a complex problem like this without negating the rights of citizen to beliefs of their choice which it clearly stated in the constitution? As we learning it the hard way now, Article 27 could be both good and bad. Good in a sense that it defines and protects the rights of citizens to worship a religion of their choice nevertheless bad when it comes to the nitty-gritty details when it is applied as the law of the land.
If the well-being of the nation is compromised hence the safety and security of its citizens, the government has the duty, responsibility and obligation to keep the country safe and stable. Now here is how it can get muddy though, Wahabism has been gaining more and more followers and because of that it is spreading fast. It is the most backward and fundamental version of Islam that has caused violence and bloodshed throughout the world. When the government is trying to block the spreading of this dangerous doctrine, not only it goes against the constitution but it will also face harsh criticisms from all sides, the followers, human right groups, political oppositions, all sorts of international organizations to influential individuals. That clearly puts the government into an unenvious place between a rock and a hard place.

What do the citizens and/or the government need to do to avoid a potential chaos and unrest? Similar laws like article 27 exist in several countries therefore there might be enough opportunities to review how others are dealing with its shortcomings. I don’t know if the necessary provisions were ever in place prior to make article 27 the law of the land. And maybe because of that we are facing the fallout caused by lack of leadership or at the then needed but absent farsightedness. Laws that are more or less the same like article 27 exist in a lot of countries. That means it is not endemic to Ethiopia by any definition.

As we can witness it nowadays, it could be used as a galvanizing factor for malicious groups and individuals to harm Ethiopia and they can maneuver the mass into chaos, and still outcry as victims while winning and having the upper hand in the PR fight. This might just look like a rowdy elementary school class room where the teacher couldn’t tell which kid is screaming and which kid is quite. I just hope that wisdom prevails and we will be able to avoid violence that sets us several years back.

08/15/13 @ 14:35
Comment from: Qebenna [Visitor]

Since we are dealing with a force that believes ‘in my way or the highway’ ideology, and they do not believe in dialog, the only thing to apply is brute force. It worked in Israel, Russia and the like. Do it all the way through, no mercy.

08/16/13 @ 00:06
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed


All points well taken except a few:
Your assumptions are very weak partly you comment out of ignorance.

1. You assume that Muslims have hidden agenda. That is not true unless you buy it from international Islamophobic media.

2. Wuhabiis is different from older Islam.Not true. Islam is one and all of them use Quraan.

3. Wuhabi is tolerant. European press release is wrong on that. It is possible that some Wuhbi may have been abused but the teaching of “Wuhabi” according to you is not as such different from any Islam practices for centuries. Please do not use the word Wuahbi because then there is a problem when you deal with a problem. There is only Islam and that is it.

3. Finally, you ignore the effect of other fundamentalists such as Evangelicals in flaring up situations. Most of the problems that we see today are not due religious problems. Our Prime Minister office is filled with one group of believers and that is Pentes. No Muslim officers in the Federal office with expertise in Islam. So, always the government does this out of paranoia than real problem.

Muslims are not asking for power sharing right now. But they are demanding recognition from the state. They no longer want to remain invisible. That is a basic human rights question. There is nothing wrong with that. If Wayane fails to answer this , other political groups will have to answer it. So, before we go into chaos here is my solution. But before that let me clear up one more misconception.

Mostly you state that the Ethiopian Muslims must first accept the constitution and not try to cherry pick one or two articles. This is farse argument. Personally, I know that those people are honest to their country, they never hide anything, and they petitioned their name with their phone number to the authorities so that they believe in their openness. They also believed in the new constitution. In fact, if you compare Article 27 of Ethiopia with that of UN (Universal Human rights declaration) article 18, then you will see that Article 27 directly reflects the Muslim view of freedom unlike Article 18 of the UN which directly contradicts Sharia law. S, the people believed in what they saw as freedom to exercise their rights. They worked within the Law and respected the Law of that country. But as a back stab, Meles closed their new Bank, then he put Ah Bash cult a new form of Islam founded by al Ahbash Abdulahi Harrari of Ethiopia who was based in Lebanon.

A any rate, government directly interfered with the religion of Islam by declaring Ah bash to be the only recognized religion and took imams out and put the new ones. Now, according to you, the old Islam actually is never there anymore. It is replaced by ah bash a new cult that is too liberal for Ethiopian Muslims.

The people love the pure Islam and you have to go by the people’s wish. The original Islam that came to Ethiopia was exactly the same as this one and there is no reason to fear that this will be a different societal structure. I just want to suggest that there is too much misconception and false media.

The government must apologize. or at least must make it clear that it must not interfere in religion. The army should protect border, an the city the policeman. There is nothing to fear. Let Muslim scholars deal with the best form of Islam. There will be arguments but let them sort it out.

Give awolia back to the people. Stop hussling Arab relief agencies. We need their capital and the Ethiopian security should not fear it. People of Ethiopia should recognize that the Muslims of Ethiopia are just demanding their rights as citizen. Then they can fully participate in the process of building their country full heartedly including the Abbay Dam. Free political prisoners, get things back to normal. Otherwise, I am afraid the government is too harsh on its measure. Haile Mariam should resign if we are to believe him as religious person fair to all religions.

I am telling you this is consuming our families and no one wants us. Axum Muslims must be given their rights like Harar Christians.

08/16/13 @ 14:22
Comment from: IcareaboutEthiopia [Visitor]
5 stars

The unrest in Egypt should continue for long. Let them taste the bitterness of being unstable just like the rest of the countries they de-stabilize, specially Ethiopia. I wish all other countries leave them alone to fight it off. I don`t care if they turn out to be like Syria or even Somalia. The worst they are, the better we are off. Ethiopia has little support from other countries. Egypt gets military support from US more than the annual budget of Eth. They have all the arabic countries that can come to their rescue.
The only way we can balance their power is by making ourselves important and siding with America and Israel.

08/16/13 @ 15:40
Comment from: Are you Kidding Me!! [Visitor]
Are you Kidding Me!!

Bichinchiru [Visitor] Are you kidding me? how on earth you made such a stupid comment. No matter where, when, and who was the victim, we should always support humanity.

08/16/13 @ 19:50
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Addis Zemen
I wonder when you swing from one end to the other end and immerse in political disaster.
Well, if what you said about Morsi is true then why not true on your boss.
Shouldn’t your government stand down because of people’s voice or you want the military to evict your boss as Egypt did even on an elected government in three days.

Morsi was the first president to give absolute freedom to the people that Egypt has ever witnessed.

This is a threat to the military so used a pretext to overthrow him in just 3 days officially elected President.
In Ethiopia the government will make drama, uses this decade label, in order to stay in power.
There is no way this government or the past will give an ear to the oppressed instead unleash the fire on his own people.

In USA, you can impeach the president to remove him from his power.

08/16/13 @ 21:44
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

TEDDY (visitor)
I could not believe you mentioned about Ethiopian Muslims sufferings honestly.
You have an Ethiopian blood. You did not cry for only Orthodoxs blood shed but for humanity without bias.

I am like you. I am not feudal offspring who is demented, twisted, rigid, beast, idiot, narrow, fanatic, hater even fascistic.

I fight for human rights irrespective of religion, location, race, color, etc.

If people suffers like South Sudan under the North, South Ethiopia under the North and vise versa then the oppressed should work on their freedom to dislodge this rigid, liar, drama maker evil from their land.
This is the trend whether we like it or not. Whether takes 10 yrs or 1000 yrs, it’ll take place. For the time being the oppressor can beat the dram arrogantly, mass murder, make drama, and so on.

Thank you TEDDY (Visitor).
By the way don’t forgot the whip this evil divider foreigner Ass be Kittu, Dula be Kittu.

08/16/13 @ 21:59
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]


Please post “Salat man” in Tinanamen Square = Abiot Square (now Meskel).

Ethiopian Review posted so Al Jazeera.
The world will see this tragedy sooner.

Thank you

08/16/13 @ 22:03
Comment from: Solomon Tebebu [Visitor]
Solomon Tebebu

From the Pharaohs to the Romans, to Byzantine, to the Caliphates, to The Ottomans and to the modern day, Egypt never enjoyed peace more than just a short period of time of its existence. This country is ruled and governed by a few hegemonic elites that pretty much control the politics and economy. That kind of dominance is and will still be the reality for unforeseeable future of Egypt. Sporadic revolutions, civil unrest, religious intolerance and violence are and will be their legacy and trademark consequently it is unlikely there will be a platform for consensus among themselves as the political, religious and economic dissonance of the society are Nile apart. The Egyptian military has a major vested interest in the country’s economy where the higher officers believed t to be among the richest in that country.

To put it in simple words, that country is so polarized that even to imagine any kind of resolution in whatsoever form in the near future, ain’t look like to be in their radar. I am saddened as any normal human being by the tragedy of the unrest and civilian deaths and yet to be honest I am really not too worried about them. I still have more tears to shed for my own people and country and I voluntarily delegate this unholy duty of shedding tears for the enemy for Jawar, Gragn Ahmed and cohorts.

@Gragn Ahmed,

I have neither the desire nor the knowledge to argue whether Islam actually is one or multifaceted. According to you, it is one however the reality on the ground doesn’t support your argument. I want to stick with the logical and political aspect of the current situation back home. I don’t think that I have to be a versed Quran theologian to make sound arguments against you if I will just let go your narrow bandwidth. So while I let you slice and dice wahabism, Shia, salafi or whatever, I will continue to challenge your irrationality as long as my ability will carry me along. For me and for all others that includes my Muslim friends and acquaintances, the absurdity of your narrative is so out of norm, many chose just to dismiss you as a histrionic.

Whether political Islam is seeking dominance back home is a cut and dry question, its influence is coming from deep pocketed religious zealots (local and foreign) that want to subjugate everybody else with different faith, enslave women and count them as property, cut hands off of a loaf-of-bread-thief while they splurge, seduce and kill non believers. When you say Muslims are asking recognition from the government, it confuses the majority of people because it doesn’t reflect the reality at hand but it is plausible enough to agitate and instigate. You need to be more specific about what kind of recognition the Muslims lack that needs action to be taken on. Otherwise if you keep talking and writing cryptic, generic and lunatic words and sentences, your credibility (if you have one) dwindles to zero every time the sun goes down. You can already tell that from this forum’s participants as you failed to make a single positive reinforcement or follower whatsoever, hence they ignore you as a winter fly. Ahmed, I didn’t state that the Ethiopian Muslims must accept the constitution. I do not presume to possess neither the power nor the obligation to do so. Yes I did say to you not to cherry pick one provision from the other to make political points. I know you always try hard seeking tiny cracks to get people at each other. I can say for sure that your entire personality is a train wreck. One day you come out as a sympathy seeker, the next day as the boy grew up as Amhara among Christians, and the next day as a fighter for religion rights, then as pro-secession of the South, as opponent of Ethiopia’s rights to use her own resources and the worst of all Arab and Egypt sympathizer, of course that angers a lot of us.

You tend posting comments on all head articles instantaneously and that led me to believe that you have a crew that use the same nickname and can attend on multiple articles playing all the roles I mentioned above. Unlike most of us, this might just be your livelihood that you get paychecks from the kind and evil i.e., Saudis and Egyptians. By the way, thanks for the video link Kill the non Believers to “Mr. Free”, Gragn Ahmed, was that you in the paprika-red beard in that Minnesota meeting where you attended your lunatic mentor Jawar and his “inspirational speech” sitting somewhere in the middle of the hall? As long as you and your troops are sitting only in those kinds of meetings in Minnesota or elsewhere but Ethiopia, listening to Jawar’s propaganda and fantasize about your new coming virgin bride and a new country, I guess we should feel safe and ok.

I tried to listen to Jawar’s speech from impartial perspective and see if he has anything logical to say. I came away with the impression that he is a fast talker, pretends very hard to look passionate, distorts, exaggerates, jumps between religion and politics but the worst of all one can easily tell he is filled more with hate than love. Most of the audience also looked befuddled, bamboozled, and seemed understandably overwhelmed by his 100 words per second splutter. His assertion that “Muslim is Oromo, Oromo is Muslim” completely marginalizes the majority Christian Oromos with no doubt. Politics 101 is to be inclusive, religion 101 is to love. He clearly couldn’t even pass the basic tests let alone to be a leader of a new country in a new country i.e. Islamic Oromia that will be created in a new country called Oromia. Unfortunately, this is exactly what happens when people supposed to be on treatment either on modern or traditional medications, becoming “der Fuhrer” of the innocent mass. Well, he is just a product of an intense negative propaganda, manufactured history and maybe ADHD. To his credit at least, he lives a public life while you keep let us wondering whether you are a Shabia agent, Whabi jihadist, Oromo nationalist, Ogaden secessionist, or who knows? For now feel safe and well in Minnesota or London behind your keyboard as ethno-religious fanatic, hatemonger, treasonous SOB.

08/17/13 @ 03:25
Comment from: [Member]

@Are you Kidding Me!! [Visitor]

I’m not kidding you!
These are the same people who were financed and trained Shabia to secede from the motherland Ethiopia.
These are the same people who made Ethiopia the most populous landlocked nation in the world.
These are the same people who held Ethiopian immigrant captive and ask ransom in the Sinai Peninsula.These are the same people who are torturing,raping and stealing their organs who are unable to pay their demands for large amount of cash to take them into Israel.
These are the same people who were live on air,discuss plan to sabotage the Grand Renaissance dam and undertake a variety of other hostile acts against Ethiopia.
These are the same people who were suggested aiding rebels inside Ethiopia and destroying the dam itself.
Do I feel sorry for these people?No !No! If I were in Cairo streets right now, I would have torn their heart out and drank their blood!

Ethiopia shall rise and Egypt shall fall!!!

08/17/13 @ 06:11

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