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Comment from: Abyssinian [Visitor]

I don’t believe what I’m reading! Foreign Policy magazine has a glossy cover and nice pictures but is the trashiest, racist magazine that is completely out of touch with Africa and the world of international relations. Today, for the first time, it makes sense.


08/17/13 @ 23:24
Comment from: [Member]

What anti Obama administration politicians cannot see and understand is, that the fire is already on. And the only organized legal entity in the country who can control the destiny of the country is the military force who is already in power. If we are seeking a real peace in the country, all concerned governments have to negotiate and work with the military regime or govt.
Don’t forget the majority of Egyptians are with the military govt.
Criticizing and discrediting the military regime on power doesn’t bring peace. Instead hardening the pro morsi groups to continue their defiance, which is adding fuel to the fire.

08/17/13 @ 23:34
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Cooling down:

Washington fears backlash.
Washington fears homegrown terrorism.
Washington fears the unknown.
Washington used terror law.

These are legitimate questions. As long as Russia is in town Islam can be manipulated for political purposes as do the Gulf dictators do and as long as the Europeans do. One day they support Muslims and another day they quickly change their mind and go for “Wuhabism” and other things.

If America means real democracy what I write here are my view points. I wish no harm however for anybody. However, why is it that America listens to Isreal lobby? Why not listen to a large segment of American Muslims who are disenfranchised. It is better to tell us to leave than watching us in a very negative way. We love the science of America. But some groups have complete hate for Islam and as soon as they see a little sign that there some dissatisfaction or criticism from Muslim they run to Middle East and do the trick.

I say America as Superpower should be wise. The bloody coup that we are seeing in Egypt is unacceptable by any mind. No one wants to kill copts. But if there is a tendency that the Americans are somehow interfering in Muslim affairs unfortunately they react. But my take is this. Do not listen to cyber posts. FBI should be not very sensitive like the NSA. This will not make America great. I am telling you this great nations should not be land of fear. Instead, as before it should play the fair hand. Egypt is a Muslim country. No army can control that. Mursi by any measure was a reasonable man. I do not know why the Kings do not like him. But there is slafi party also. Both are Islamic except they get funding from Qatar and Saudi respectively. Islam’s image has been hurt by this and that act. The army Muslim and yet they are killing. Shia and Sunni kill each other. Mostly for control. But how can we stop this?

As Islamic countries the only way is to govern them according to the law of their faith. Muslim Americans need to start voicing why we are keeping quite when we are seeing this massacre. We denounced the Boston bomb, should not American christians denounce the killing in Egypt. The whole thing must be fixed. All major Imams and Muslim organizations must send their complaint to President Obama for review. America has power and if we Muslim support this power we will save a lot of lives. We are not here to be told one day to leave. We want to be part of it and when we see the killing we must say no too.

America is losing Muslims. It may be okay for now, but wise foreign policy advisers should think about it for the future. It should not be just Isreal what about Palestine? Time to solve Muslim problem and it starts in the Middle east.

This is an advise. Take it or leave it. But Muslims are paining at the airports, at the markets and so on. Wayane has just made check points around Bole (5) and arrests people coming from America. This is a clear disrepect for being an America. How can some few 5 or 6 thugs who run Ethiopia become a menace to America and Ethiopian Muslims?

American Muslims should stand up for justice. Raise your heads up. We are seeing complete destruction of our people over Middle east. We love America other wise we could have left but if things become so hard we have no option but to live and face death and execution all over the world. But that may have unintended consequences. Republicans dictating foreign policy is a failure always. They never get it right. Again, I am asking for sane minds to respond immediately.

America should stop aid to both Egypt army and Ethiopian army. Once you mess with Muslims, you are shooting in the foot the saying goes. I have no doubt that the two dictators of North and East Africa will go away soon. All Ethiopians put your hands against killers. This is the only time I have seen world quite about killing. Is Rwanda of Clinton the lesson for Obama and that is complicity?
The is the darkest history in American foreign policy and will question the judgement of the whole Obama administration.

Second, what is the role of Saudi? At least put the Salafi who are as good as Mursi in power.

08/18/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Did you say the majority of Egyptians are with the military government? who did the counting or You just happen to make up stuff as you go.

I am surprised you didn’t say 99.6% of Egyptians support the military take over just like 99.6% of Ethiopians support the Woyanes.

Do you know Saudi Arabia and the rest of the Sheikhdoms in the Gulf support the military take over? I am sure they are afraid democracy will spread to them just like you Woyanes do?

08/18/13 @ 01:19
Comment from: Mike Cook [Visitor]
Mike Cook

“Those who stand silent in the face of the coup in Egypt will not be able to preach democracy in the future,” he argued.

“The Security Council, the European Union and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation are too ashamed to face themselves looking into the mirror for their attitude in the face of the military coup in Egypt and the following massacres on the Egypt’s peaceful protesters. Those who remain silent, approve and encourage the massacre with their silence while the Egyptian coup authorities, who poured bullets on the people demanding justice, are stuck in that blood so as not to face their conscience,” PM ERDOGAN

08/18/13 @ 03:24
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
1 stars

By the way ,didn’t we hear the same kind of musid ,8 years ago ,from Human Right Activist groups and Représentants
from the Congress .Inviting the then Bush Administration to ceasse its Supports to the Agazi Bandits .And you know what had been the evil response from the then State Department Officials such Ms Rice ,Ms Frazer and the then US Embassy Charge D’affaire
Ms Hudleston and later Mr Yamamoto .I doubt that the Obama Administration shall take such kind of Sanctions against the
Egyptians Military Juntas ,who afterall are considered as the US allies in the Middle East and Africa .

08/18/13 @ 03:50
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

“Enough Is Enough: It’s time for Washington to cut Egypt loose”

Is USA became so stupid, weak and coward leaving Egypt with defeated mentality while letting Egypt go away in her way after USA did spend more than 100 billion dollar related to Egypt in the form of military and humanitarian aid? What about the American university in Cairo? Is its plan failed after so many efforts and financial losses while turning the Sunni Arabs anti Americans/west and part of the Sunni Islamic terrorists?

This is a 33 years loss to USA that was almost taking care of Egypt for so long and at last forced to leave with defeated mentality. No, don’t leave this way but make them the way they are thinking, planning and which to do towards other nations mainly none Sunnis Islamic nations. Turning Egypt towards the Syrian, Afghan, even Somalian way is the easiest and cheapest than keeping them united, peaceful and friendly towards other nations including the west.

99.9% Egypt’s military training, philosophy, equipment from f-16, Abrams Tanks, military vehicles to hand guns, bullets, masks and even sticks are from USA. Egypt military and security is using USA made and freely gift equipments including teargas and the likes against the MB this time and its people during Mubarak era, too.

The point is that Egypt is the birth place to all Islamic terrorism.
-1994 world trade centre first attack was conducted by Egyptians including the Blind terrorist sheik who is in Jail in USA.
-the current al-Qaida leader who was second in command after Bin laden but the brain behind the 9/11 attack is an Egyptian.
-9/11 terrorists leader Atta is an Egyptian.

All in all Egypt is the birth place to the Sunni terrorism where MB that is created by the English in 1928 to balance the power against the Egyptian King that was becoming strong and against the English colonization of Egypt.

There is no doubt but a 100% certain future that Egypt is going to be in a mess for long times to come while continuing breeding and spreading the Islamic terrorists all over the world. Since the Greeks came there 500 BC, Egypt never been an independent nation except officially since 1952 while since 1937 partially independent from British. So called modern Egypt is created in 1887 by an Albanian called pasha whom his grandfather and father were ottomans representatives in Cairo where Egypt was under the ottoman colony for more than 500 years as the rest of the Arabs were.

USA must not leave Egypt just like that knowing the English created king that was a cheap shifta taking the English side against the ottoman in the canan desert (a country created after the kings name Saud on September 20, 1933) is in a very desperate situation and is allying with Egypt’s military and financing them with billions to kill Egyptians. MB is the source and breeding object to all terrorists including Jama Islmaliya and jihadists in Egypt, Al-Qaida, Taliban and so on and its main Target is not USA or the west but the Saudi Royal family.

The reason they are against the west is because of the west them as Saudi royal family came in power and still is there. If the west mainly USA and England stop guarding the al saud criminal project, for sure within few weeks it will be the end of the al Saudi and the same time the wrongly created Saudi Arabia a country created after the kings name which is never happen in any place in human history.
This is implying the entire Saudi is the al Saudi private property no one has any right but be as slaves to the al Saudi family which is going on this way in that curst big desert affecting the whole world including Ethiopia in the name of Islam which is a sin and punishment to humanity associating with the devil not a religion as they call it while committing the terrorist acts and so many gruesome crimes including beheading.

It is getting messy as usual in the desert where the sin Arabs are living in hell which is their desert. The most evil family group in human history that is the al Saud that is having the Saudi as their own private property naming after their names which is never ever happened in any place in human history is in a very desperate situation. They know MB in Egypt is the beginning of the end to the al Saud family that is having and treating Saudi as private property.

But with MB or not within 5-10, years, the al Saud family will be over and the same time Saudi Arabia that is named after him era will be over. There are more than 200 Ethnic groups with thousands clans and 10s thousands sun clans in Saudi. There are different human races including Africans, Arabs, Berbers, Asians, Indians and the likes there. There are Shias in the eastern provinces where the oil and gas is located and are treated worse than pigs and dogs.

If USA and the rest want to leave the desert creature Arabs alone knowing it worth nothing but disappointment, pain and suffering being around them or having them around, then first they need to be sure that the Saud so called royal family criminal era going to be over soon.

Al Saud in Saudi is the source of all troubles in the name of Islam. These criminal groups must be eliminated as it was the case by the ottoman Turks that had eliminated the wahabis and disappeared from Nejd(Saudi Arabia is the name after the al Saud family but never existed before) since 1818-1900+. The English defeated the ottoman and make the al Saud as king, and allowed him to name the place after his name and in 1933 is created Saudi Arabia this way. The English are the one behind the wahabi Islam in Saudi and the gulfs as they are created those little gulf nations in the 1960s giving them independent.

USA is the place of humanity except the Arabs and Sunni Islams that are the poison and trouble for humanity and don’t allow them in USA or any place beyond the desert. Therefore, USA needs to make sure that Egypt is originally the place of 5 different Ethnic Nubian groups, Copts, Bejas, Berbers and the likes. Bunch of criminals most of them came to Egypt during the ottoman 500 years colony of Egypt from central Asia, Syria, Pakistan and so on. USA and the world also need to make an end the al Saud criminal oil era where Saudi is the main reason for the wahabis Islam crimes against humanity.

Death to the al Saud English created kingdom to cause troubles all over the world in the name of Sunni Islam. It is the wish to the billions of international communities to see al saud family the way happened to the Gadaffis and Sadams even worse than that and the dissolving of Saudi Arabia that never existed before 1933.

USA must no leave Egypt to function in her way that would be the breeding desert ground of terrorism where al Saud (a self declared monarch with the English plan to use them as tools) is busy to finance them. USA must not just go away knowing 9/11 is caused by them. The only languages they can understand and defeat them are forces and show them the strongest force against them. This is the only way to deal with them, not leaving them alone knowing they will come after you to commit terrorism. They have no idea about respect, solving the situation with discussion, be normal and human. They are pure evils and only power that punished evil is the answer against them.

08/18/13 @ 05:56
Comment from: [Member]

Egypt should be liberalized with a price necessary to do it. The Moslem Brotherhood should vanish and leave the egyptian population alone. The US should support the military in Egypt.
Foreign Policy Magazine is wrong. It is a pity it is betraying America by trying to confuse the main issue in the egyptian society. Morsi and his likes are responsible for any killings and murders. The military has done the right thing.

The issue of the Suez Canal should be addressed in the long term. We can trust Egypt to control the Suez Canal. The Suez Canal should be controlled by international bodies. The Egyptian military might be able to control the Moslem Brotherhood’s resistance. But in general, Egypt needs decades to be a liberal country, whch means the Suez Canal should be controlled by international bodies like NATO or UN or african special forces.

08/18/13 @ 06:29
Comment from: Tamrat Tamrat [Visitor]
Tamrat Tamrat

The arab or the west has their own priority. For us who believe that we are african then look how we are treated in the arab countries and in the west. Some says Arabs are not that barbaric towards us but they are not civilized equivalent to the wealth they have accumulated. But for us africans we dont have to wait 100 years more till the Arabs civilized. So we prefer the west take the upper hand until we can defend Our Resources or civilizations prevailes.

An Egypt With usa better for us than an Egypt With arab petrols.

08/18/13 @ 11:14
Comment from: [Member]


First of, the above article is just out of line to tell America or the rest of the world to cut off Egypt from any communication. A country whose people already are polarized and in a verge of civil war need to be supported to stabilize it, and it should be to everyone’s interest.
Why do you think reporters shot at and being killed. (so far two, and so many injured) it is because journalists are so far giving us news according to their perception, instead of the big picture. They don’t tell us about the reality of terrorist groups and out laws who are toting weapon in every corner. And also civilians in support of the military regime also with vigilante justice shooting at each other.
The reporters are only talking about the so called democratically elected morsi being reinstated, as if the and of the world if not.
That is a long lost reality. There is no way of bringing back morsi to power. The only solution is, to work with the organized military power so that law & order prevail first.

08/18/13 @ 11:32
Comment from: [Member]

“Abyssinian” the word abisinia was given to us by catholic priests who were deported from Ethiopia in the 18th century. Ethiopia is always Ethiopia!!!

08/18/13 @ 11:44
Comment from: AJAX BLEACH [Visitor]  
5 stars

US aid does more harm than good; The US policy, we will support dictatorship if it suits us and give them aid..if it doesn’t, we will call for regime change, hypocrisy is profound

08/18/13 @ 11:58
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

“According to the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI): Egyptian cleric Dr. Khaled Said, in an interview aired on Al-Hafez TV (via the Internet) on March 17, 2013 described American foreign military aid this way:

“If the (Islamic) revolution declares a framework for dealing with the West and America – they will accept it, kiss our hands, and double the aid they give us. We consider this aid to be jizya [poll tax], not regular aid. They pay so that we will let them be. The aid constitutes jizya.”

All non-Muslims living under Muslim control were forced over the centuries to pay the discriminatory jizya tax if they refused to convert to Islam. Thus American aid to the Morsi regime was considered just that by the Muslim Brotherhood.”

The United States has “no credibility” in the Middle East due to the Obama administration’s inaction in Egypt, Sen. John McCain said Sunday.
The administration previously threatened to cut off aid if there was a coup in Egypt, the Arizona Republican said, but has refused to honor that promise. “We could be cutting off the aid,” as well as cutting off economic assistance, tourism and exports, he said, but the
administration is “not sticking to our values.”.

08/18/13 @ 12:15
Comment from: AJAX BLEACH [Visitor]  
5 stars

83% of American aid to Egypt is actually military (not direct economic aid) and has already been replaced 12-fold by other Middle Eastern countries. Cutting U.S. aid would cause harm, but not to those who overthrew the Morsy Muslim Brotherhood.

Who would be hurt by cutting aid?

1. U.S. employees at General Dynamics, Lockheed Martin, and other arms suppliers. And, these companies can’t legally cut the contracts in place with Egypt that span several future years.
2. Israel – because the U.S. would break it’s part of the peace agreement between Israel and Egypt. The Israeli lobby in Washington does not want U.S. aid to Egypt cut.
3. The U.S. vacumn would quickly be filled by Russia where Putin has already agreed to exercises with the Egyptian military.
4. Have you forgotten the Suez Canal Authority? At best, U.S. friendly ships would sit in line indefinitely waiting a turn to navigate the single lane passages.
5. Have you forgotten the price of oil? OPEC regulates the price and production.

The hit on Egypt’s economy would be negligible. McCain & Graham know this because of their positions. The two of them are speaking to their populist audiences right now who want to hear anything anti-Obama and need to hear simplistic approaches to complex issues. “Cut off aid.” That’s simplistic and doesn’t require thinking to understand the problem which feeds into satisfying the Rand Paul & Sarah Palin segment of the GOP.

08/18/13 @ 12:22
Comment from: MAMO [Visitor]
3 stars

God give them strength peace and stability for Egyptian ppl.
keep safe my country from evils and extremest. …BREAKING NEWS plz check this facebook page.and pray for Ethiopia…( https://www.facebook.com/pages/Ethio-Christians-and-Muslims-Discussion-4-Solution/124800721036674?ref=profile)

08/18/13 @ 12:23

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