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Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Foreign companies, investors, individuals, governments and the likes that are coming in the country to participate with production activities are the ones useful, hardworking, not too dangers to the nation, participating less with corruption or other criminal activities and the likes.

Country like Ethiopia needs foreigners to work together assisting the nation with practical and production activities including building infrastructures, Telecom, modernizing the agriculture sector including farming and animal breeding and the likes. These are fundamental sectors benefits the citizens greatly.

While china and others are engaging with these kind fundamental and useful practical works including teaching the citizens new idea or working and benefiting them for real, others especially from Europe are looking sectors to earn maximum profits while doing nothing but sitting in offices and always thinking how to cheat, corrupt the system and in the long run that would destroy the nation in order the profit to be for them.

They are looking the bank sectors knowing banks are the churches to the nation physical and existence economy activities including money and monetary policies. They are looking to get in and control it in order to control the nation and ultimately to destroy it. If Ethiopia allows any foreign bank especially the English and USA types where others are also using this kind tactic learning from them, everything what have been done and planned will end in vain.
Banks in Ethiopia and all financial activities must be always in the Ethiopians hand. The day Ethiopians become foolish or sold out in order to give the western institute including IMF and WB to play roles in Ethiopia that will be the end of the Ethiopians in Ethiopia never happened in her long history.

Ethiopian Birr cannot compete with Euro, pound and dollars that are the moment they are printing them become hard currencies all over the world and they are printing them as they wish as if they are producing mass toilet papers. The bank system/speculation the west has is a 250 years experience. So, no one can stop them from doing so or computing with them in the game they are created and good at.

Service comes after productions and buildings in order to use them. But the west is looking service sectors to invest or alcohol and cigarette production to benefit themselves while affecting the nation greatly. In Europe, drinking and smoking is becoming illegal. In Africa they are promoting and building factories to produce them. They are always looking sectors that are good for them while very bad to the nations giving them opportunities to invest.

They are good at building roads, with water technology, animal breeding and food processing, in IT and other sectors. But those sectors are demanding efforts and are benefiting both sides especially the people. That is why they don’t do it. Instead they are pressuring the government to open up the hell’s get while a paradise to them and looking all meanness to take the nations very important sectors like banks, Telecom, energy and the likes knowing they can cheat easily and to the maximum in those sectors to get huge profit and leave the nation when everything becomes in mess because of them.

Banks and other financial sectors are the reason to the current western economic crisis. Because of the system is with them, all those criminals are still free doing what they have done for long time. Telecom and new media is the other sectors they are benefiting hugely while affecting/cheating the customers in many ways.

China’s and others’ way is the best. There is no other reason why Africa is growing and Chinese are welcome there. It is because of the things they are doing in Africa. If the west want to be part of it, they need to change their attitude of the past and start to see and treat others equally and accept the citizen of any nation are the responsible to that nation and no foreign individual or government has the right to play dirty games in the name of investment. If they do that, they will be the best to be chosen above anyone else.

08/27/13 @ 03:23
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]


08/27/13 @ 08:00
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

Thank you for a beautiful constructive comment you just made. I hope the government and chick institutions take heed.

08/27/13 @ 12:23
Comment from: Kena Keb [Visitor]
Kena Keb

Another devastating news for the doomsday prophets in the diaspora community!

Ethiopia is prospering and shall continue to prosper!

08/27/13 @ 15:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agazi Ass Holes keep on your silly dream for yourself .Thanks
of your so called Great Leader Legacies ,the country is afterall endebted for a century with Chinese Loans . These guys have already the full Rights to take any raw material as their whishes .Even worst for “FREE” .While your puppet PM
is still running to the IMF and EU Headquarters begging moneys .
By the way Mimi (Sebehatu?..LOL!!)
the peoples have already dig your own Tomb along your bandit bosses’ ,TCHINKILATEBIS MORON
BANDA !!!!!

08/28/13 @ 03:14
Comment from: chero [Visitor]

The comment is ok, but what I do not get is how can one say Ethiopia is growing just because a group of people who happen to be tigre’s and an organization called EFFORT making boat load of money by stealing or corruption. The first thing we need to do in ETHIOPIA is to destroy the two parasitic Organizations called Weyene and EFFORT. From its inception EFFORT is created with the money that is stolen from the national bank of Ethiopia to permanently loot the country and give to the ethnic tigre’s as a gift for letting Eritrea and Asseb go and become a land locked nation.

08/28/13 @ 05:50
Comment from: Mesfin B [Visitor]
Mesfin B

where does all these electric generated from various projects go??
That is the million dollar question.
However, the looting shifta circle are back on looting twofolds
-1) they skim the loan money from the getgo before the project is even started!!!
-2) They sell what little electricity gets generated to neighbouring countries for hard currency!!!
:):):) Yet our motherland is left in the “DARK” lietrally and figuratively, while these “scumbags” are stealing the money.

We should gather these former cave-dwelling-current-looting dictators into kaliti and whip them 40 alenga each. everyday for a year!!!

08/28/13 @ 15:49
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Was this one of the power plants we are building to sell electricity to the neighbors, this one to Djibouti? If that is the case, we got our priorities wrong.

08/29/13 @ 15:28

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