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Sierra Leone's Envoy Holds Consultation With Ethiopian Airlines to resume flights to Freetown



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Sierra Leone's Envoy Holds Consultation With Ethiopian Airlines to resume flights to Freetown

Sierra Leone's Envoy Holds Consultation With Ethiopian Airlines

Source: Concord Times (Freetown)

Sierra Leone's multi-accredited emissary to the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia, Ambassador Andrew GbebayBangali, held a consultative meeting with the Ethiopian Airlines vice president for Alliances and Corporation and Strategic Planning, YissehakZewoldi on Wednesday 21 August with an appeal for the airline to commence direct connection to Sierra Leone.

The Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the airlines, TewoldeGerbreMariam, was represented by Mr. Zewoldi during the meeting who promised to report to his CEO on the deliberations of the consultation.The main objective of the meeting was to follow up and discuss the bilateral air services cooperation between Ethiopia and Sierra Leone with a view to taking a final decision on implementing it.

In his remarks, Ambassador Bangali gave a brief background of Sierra Leone's quest for Ethiopian Airlines to fly to Freetown since 2008, adding that he had approached the former CEO of the airline who told him that they were in shortage of air planes then.

He said that he decided to send another letter again to the authorities of the airlines due to the series of complaints he has received from government ministers and other passengers from Sierra Leone regarding the problems with Asky Airlines, in addition to the ungodly hours the latter departs Lungi Airport to connect with Ethiopian Airlines in Accra.

Due to the high flow of passengers to and from Sierra Leone, he appealed to the airlines executives to consider flying to Sierra Leone via any route or routes of their choice.

"With the mining sector booming now in Sierra Leone, there is a high inflow of expatriate workers from the South African Development Community (SADC) into the country plus businessmen and women going to Dubai and China who fly on Ethiopian Airlines to buy their goods," he noted.

Responding, Ethiopian Airlines' vice president for Alliances and Corporation and Strategic Planning,YissehakZewoldi, said that they will send a team to Freetown to do a feasibility and desk study, and depending on the results, they will consider commencing flights to Sierra Leone from their hub in Addis Ababa.

He said that the airlines is an African airline with a firm belief of serving the continent, and pointed out that the team, which they are going to send to Freetown, will have to do enquiries about the fuel cost, traffic and passenger flow, and hotel charges, among others.

"We have to look again into the technical issues, if we are flying beyond Lagos in the West Coast, the aircraft has to spend a night in Freetown and we have to look into all those costs," he said, adding that "after our study, we will inform you accordingly in a couple of weeks about the results of our findings."


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Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Does the Airline make profit flying to Freetown? If no, then no need to fly.
I am assuming no enough planes was the polite way of saying no to the ambassador.
The bottom line is Ethiopian Airlines is in a profit making business not a charity organization.

08/28/13 @ 23:34
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Member]

Better watch out EAL! As the saying goes, “The higher they climb, the harder they fall". Great caution is needed when operating in a highly volatile airline industry. EAL is trying to become the salt & pepper of Africa. The main purpose of any carrier is to make as much profit and remain competitive. Not to be allover the place & lose control. Learn from the world’s finest airlines that gone bust in recent years. EAL is no exception if it doesn’t play its cards right.

Spirit of Africa ብላችሁ Spirit ሆናችሁ እንዳትቀሩ እያልን ያለንበት ሁነታ ነው ያለው። :P

08/29/13 @ 04:21
Comment from: Mekonnen Balcha [Visitor]
Mekonnen Balcha
1 stars

It’s a good idea! We are going to request also for Liberia.

08/29/13 @ 06:17
Comment from: Ilula Lemaa [Visitor]
Ilula Lemaa

I am Proude of Ethiopian Airlines. It it an African icon. Go Ethiopian Go.

08/29/13 @ 10:20
Comment from: ilula lemma [Visitor]
ilula lemma

Let the decision be an Ethiopian Airlines managers. do you have any fact on hand do decide on their behalf???

08/29/13 @ 10:22
Comment from: Ashebirr [Visitor]

it’s not Ethiopian Airlines any more, its Weyane Airlines. most of the staff are tigrai-tigrenya hamtsi-hamtsa is the language in the cabin, the leadership replaced by tigres, the profit is going to EFFORT bank called Wegagen bank where no auditing takes place, all looted, laundered money passes through, you guys still think EAL belongs to Ethiopia.

08/29/13 @ 11:28
Comment from: kebebush [Visitor]

The country needs hard currency. so if they lease lands for next to nothing, flying to freetown may bring the country a better dollar than leasing a Green Gold Land for next to nothing zero value. Flying high might be a good thing for the flying flag.

08/30/13 @ 02:47


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