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Comment from: Zen [Visitor]

“This strip of land in southern Somalia and bordering on Kenya and Ethiopia, it is the illegitimate heir of both of these countries.”

what does the above quote mean?

09/03/13 @ 20:52
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

Let there be no denying History, it is actually Mengistu who di-stablized Somalia for good bombarding Mogadishu through air raids,effectively weakening Siad Barre and his army for good and making them easier target for challenge to his internal rivals and warlords. Many don’t know these facts because for some reason the west media largely has decided to ignore the vents.

But who is to blame for all the problems Somalia is having? who made a critical mistake of invading another country (Ethiopia) and attempt to take land by force? In fact no one other than the boastful Said Barre and his army!

The dismemberment of the country is the after effect of the brutal wars waged with Ethiopia. When one, let alone go to war, loses a war there will be always be great consequences, from killing each other to splintering apart over decays and centuries.

In fact it may also be the reason why we have a our own dismemberment up north and we have idiots like Addis Zefen Fart claiming to be Ethiopian.

09/03/13 @ 21:33
Comment from: Ali Roble [Visitor]
Ali Roble


What do mean it does mean? It is simple suggestion. It means the said strip of land or area is neither belongs to Kenya nor Ethiopia and they should refrain to meddle its affairs. It has been part of Somali territory legally, historically and administrative wise. And still it belongs to the newly formed Somali government and its up to it to stabilize and make whatever political decisions needed to administer peacefully. Need more and easy explanation than that?

09/03/13 @ 23:51
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

The balkanization of Somalia is not in the best long term interest of Ethiopia as much as Balkanization of Ethiopia is not in long term interest of Somalia. Dealing with one strong democratically elected government is much easier than dealing with several little fiefdoms with their own army and Militia.
I wouldn’t be surprised if Woyanes were the one hatching these ideas. Why not, if they can make their own country land locked, I am sure they will not hesitate to do it to others. They only look after their short term interest to extend their life.

09/04/13 @ 01:02
Comment from: C\\est moi senait [Visitor]
C\\est moi senait

The so called Au is just a bunch of dictators representative with modern suite and smuggling business. The main purpose of Au is to unite the continent with old pan Africa vision once the pioneers like HAILE selase of Ethiopia, Ghana ,and others struggled to bring unity and but here we have western nation dividing us into small tribal clan based 21st century modern colonial mapping. Are we all so stupid that what we are witnessing in today’s Somalia is a copy of what took place in southern Sudan where the western fanatic rich Christians extremist supported and succeeded in creating their own interest new christian based south Sudan. From 100% anaemic religion 1970 to 89% Protestant the new south
Sudan. And here we are again a tiny region of Somalia remapped by western new colonial into pieces and this is just a begging of remapping Africa into 21st century modern colonial mapping. AU is not aware of this new western strategy but they have become a servant of this modern colonial apparatus. Like the Turks and Indies served their master during colonial era in begging of 19 century to colonise Africa and here we are witnessing how the AU turn to become a 21century mercenary to serve as a slave to western modern colonialist strategy. What I see is a remapping of Africa b former colonialist supported by UN and AU. What a stupid organisation.

09/04/13 @ 01:21
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What is recently happening actually in Somalia is the reflexion of the institution of a
New Neo Colonialism System in Africa .As did happen by the past decades in Central Africa by the desmanteling of the Congo Republic .The recent situation in Lybia and the desmanteling of the Sudan .The opportunist bandas and the Fools dealing with the Agazi Bandits must meditate on the Future of the Country .For more information I invite all of you to Watch these links :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YG4yS3lFVW8 and :http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsU43BCIKWc .

09/04/13 @ 01:28
Comment from: Walya & Lucy [Visitor]
Walya & Lucy
1 stars

Martin Plaut wrote this article on Somalia’s recent history and the Jubaland initiative, taking the time to demonize Ethiopia, Kenya and the west at every opportunity and failed to mention once Eritrea’s highly destructive crucial role or the 2011 famine which was worsened by Al Shabab banning all foreign aid workers and orgs.

This looks more like an article written by Thomas C Mountain, that white boy BBC reject who moved to Eritrea, nailed an Eritrean babe and now lives there writing pieces for Shabia.

Somalia doesnt need Martin Plaut to tell them about what has happened in their own country. Let the millions of starving Somali women and children who were dying from famine and al shabab suicide bombs speak for themselves. Refugee camps in Ethiopia and Kenya provided them shelter, safety, food and healthcare unable in their own destroyed country. Al shabab used to control the whole country. In the end it was Kenya and Ethiopian military that have effectively wiped out al shabab and sent them from sitting proudly in the cities to hiding in the jungles. Let the people of Baidoa and Beledweyne in the Bay and Hiraan regions of Somalia recall of their lives under Al Shabab. Public beheadings, lashings stonings, a terrorized population. This all ended in early 2012 when Ethiopian soldiers banished Al shabab from these areas.

Today Somalia has gone from hell on earth to a fragmented stability. At least diasporans are now dreaming of returning home and opening businesses. This stability is due to the sacrifices of Ethiopian Kenyan AU and TFG forces.

Martin Plaut’s tired Siad Barre era rambling is out of touch with Somalia of 2013.

If it wasnt for her neighbours Somalia would have been dismantled and destroyed by western oil oligarchs (after oil discoveries in Puntland 2012). In history its the white colonizers of England and Italy who dismembered and divided Somalia.

And for Martin Plaut to claim we are deeply wounded with the 77 Ogaden war imprinted in our minds, just know that the majority of Ethiopians are under 30 years of age and werent even born then. This generation of Ethiopians only knows of Somalia from seeing their refugees at the Addis Ababa immigration office near Bherawi and Legare.

We have no hate nor ill wishes for them. Martin Plaut and like minded trash westerners need to back off. Hes trying to create hate amongst our ppls. Africa for Africans. Not for stinky hate infested snobby Brits.

09/04/13 @ 01:44
Comment from: Favioli [Visitor]

This is the first of the good news coming from that wretched piece of desert; the rest will follow when all these primitive bandits split up into their natural conclaves as roaming clans!! Good riddance!!

09/04/13 @ 03:28
Comment from: forward with comradde tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comradde tamagne
1 stars

walya& lucy
what a beautiful comment, well done

09/04/13 @ 09:19
Comment from: Dej.-Balcha-Aba-Safo [Visitor]

@ the intruder C’est moi senait

U are a mysterious individual who has since hijacked the real Senait’s pen name and churns out many disgusting comments on her behalf.

It is quite depressing to observe many an indvidual like this above one who lack self confidence to declare their own self identity.

Why do you want to opt for cover under her stinky skirt? Have you already taken a useless lesson from wimp-Shaebiya like they used to do it hiding themselves under the skirts of Somalia’s women?

Trust yourself & show your guts! YeMatireba Geriba, anten bilo Arada – Idiot!

09/04/13 @ 10:11
Comment from: Ibrahim Hagi Suloman [Visitor]
Ibrahim Hagi Suloman
5 stars

One Stronge Somalia will soon in the middle of Savagery Tigrai stage.We believe the only cancer we have in our blood are Tigrai Weyane and As a Somalia nationalist one we shall over come in this trubble area toghter .Hurry man boys.

09/04/13 @ 10:34
Comment from: [Member]


Wasting your time on YouTube and inviting us to do the same is the ultimate example of your stupidity. YouTube is a great source of music video,other than that valueless self-indulgent crap posted by losers,low lives and moronic people like you.

09/04/13 @ 11:10
Comment from: U NEXT [Visitor]

The new autonomous Jubaland’s leader Madobe and his militia are mainly Ogaden Clan members. So once they lay their hands on the sea and air port of Kismayo, that will be end of Ethiopian grip on south eastern part of Ethiopia( Ogaden Region) and ultimately the break-up of the so called Ethiopia. So what goes around comes around. Those of you who are jubilant about the sad saga of Somalia’s dismemberment and Sudan should think again. Be careful of what you wish for, it could come back to bite you. Person in a glass house shouldn’t start throwing stones about.

It is good to live in unison with respect and love provided that all are treated equal with their human right intact. All of us are of mankind and all land and the universe belong to all.

09/04/13 @ 11:20
Comment from: [Member]

The notion of"Dismembering Somalia.”
At first place the writer should read the history books.
Somalia as whole was the part of ancient Abyssinia in bible and Quran in 500 years ago.
Second, the region you talking Juba
or Jubaland was part of East African colony of Germans before the Second World war. but, part of Italian colony of Southern Somalia after Germans were defeated.
Again, Ethiopia and Kenya never claimed any part of what was called Somalia, when Somalia was united from 1960 - 1999.
Somalia was only state which claiming ownership of the parts of Ethiopia,Kenya and whole Republic of D’Jabuti. And that was what the wars were about. Now, it is Somali choice to be free from each other.
For example Somaliland Republic which is now its own sovereign country used to be part of Somalia and before 1960 it was different country.
So, if you are Somalia or its lover don’t blame anybody with your own problems.

09/04/13 @ 13:58
Comment from: [Member]

What this really means is the trend that shows the greater Somalia since the departure of Ziad Bare, going to be devided into many regions each being controlled by a clan leader!!!
It is the new desease facing all non developed nations all over the world.
It decimats any country throwing it’s citiznes to an abyss of economic and social hell:)
Let us all hope this is not contagious to our homeland.
We have already witnessed the symptom thanks to the late “devil” Shifta meles the Chenawi, who carved Eritrea away:):):)

09/04/13 @ 15:23

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