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Comment from: [Member]

Wow! Eskinder nega is a convicted terrorist, first and most. Second, John Kerry is busy in his country’s big issue of dealing with Syria crisis. And last but not least, how in the world you losers think, John Kerry or any one in that matter to tell us what to do in our country’s internal issue.
Ethiopia is a respected sovereign nation. in case you didn’t know!

09/04/13 @ 22:38
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer

Mr. Kerry is not arrogant enough to “Tell” Ethiopia to do anything.

“Electronic Frontier Foundation"(where they come up with these names I wonder) are the latest set of “liberal idealist trash that can’t get a straight job” to comment on Ethiopia.

Nazret… You do understand that anyone telling the Ethiopia government what to do, be it Mr Kerry or Hailemariam , would be undemocratic and unlawful. If your problem is with dictatorship and you think Hailemariam is a dictator then your objective should be bringing democracy, not replacing a dictator that you disagree with with a dictator you agree with!!!!


09/04/13 @ 23:10
Comment from: Razmataz [Visitor]
1 stars

Article by “Electronic Frontier Foundation"…Wasn’t that an 80s Pop band?

09/04/13 @ 23:26
Comment from: Demmisew [Visitor]

Please don’t go out side the motherland to tell about prisoners. We ask our goverment to free them. To give the all amnesty. The feranj do not take his dirty cloth to other country. You have to understand. Problem we have inside stay inside our beloved mother country. We have defit Italy before now we can defit America
Our problem is Ethiopia problem. We have history not tell forieners our problem . We jest deafit foreiner.
Thank you.

09/05/13 @ 00:27
Comment from: Arai [Visitor]

thank you ADDIS ZEMEN

Etiopia is repexcted all around africa, Asia, and america.
The america government have Syrya, Jordan, Palestine to think. We think only about Ethiopia.
You are wonderful. I agree

09/05/13 @ 00:31
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

Remember Eskinder Nega is not the only Journalist or the only political prisoner languishing at Kaliti.
If we fight we need to fight for all political prisoners in Ethiopia. We should not cherry pick or we should not have some as favorites.

09/05/13 @ 02:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
1 stars

Afterall it’s really a waste of Times asking State Department Officials Whether Mr Kerry even President Obama on the Human Rights Violation in Ethiopia . As it had been by the past years with the Bush Administration .Also
the then two Secretary of States Whether Ms Rice or Ms Clinton .We have been witnessing also how peoples whether in Central Africa Republic and during the Arabs Spring poved how to get rid themselveses from Tyranni . So what might be done with the Bandits squattering actually Menelike Palace than calling US Officials and demonstrating infront the White House and State Department . Of course ,Agazi Bandits Officials wherever they have gone must be denounced by the Patriotic Diasporas ,including their fake bonds selling Compaign and their
Kleptomaniac Condominium Houses Registration . Adgi what about your Dead Master with his Bandits all of them well known TERRORISTS .His Ethno Mafia Firm .
His Looter Widow and the Tigre Mafiosis and Bandas .What about your Kangoroo COURT ,with illeterate Judges and Agazi Cadre
Fake Prosecutors receiving directly
the orders from your bandit masters . Of course John Kerry as any State Department Officials in the past Times as Mr Pauwles ,Ms Rice ,Ms Clinton can give the order to your Bandit Masters .The likes to accomplish a Mercenary Mission in Somalia and neighboring country …Afterall it’s certainly not the Childish Speech of the State Department Official praising her dead Friend ,last year at Meskel Square, that could Hide the NAKED TRUTH…!!!! Of course if he did really have the wills ,Mr Kerry can make release right away Eskinder and all the patriots from Jaile .Unfortunatly to spare his Woyane Slaves and Clerks ,he will certainly never do so .Afterall ,knowing perfectly who
the Hell is paying your Masters’ bills you ,Thuggies and Bandas ,must shut your stinky mouth .AMICHE AGASES BANDA !!!!!

09/05/13 @ 02:36
Comment from: [Member]

An Open Letter to Ethiopian Minister of Foreign Affairs Dr. Tedros Adhanom :Tell United States to Release Bradley Manning and Stop Extradition of Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

09/05/13 @ 02:57
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]
5 stars

“The United States has deep ties with Ethiopia”

What a distorted saying! since when was US is interested in Ethiopian Affairs? just quote an example which I do not know! They used to support and recognise Eritrea as part of Ethiopia, but because they bitterly hated Mengistu, they financed, supported and installed both shiftas in Eritrea and Ethiopia thanks to the late Cohl who did his best for what we are now. The king after WWII requeste Roosvelt for which he received a leapservic and few second hand military gears until Derg took over.

The US Government does not care about Ethiopia or for that matter the whole black Africa except for their own strategical use. In such matters like fighting for them in Somalia and elsewhere, they might drop you some dollars to benefit the politicl stooge leaders. Late Meles was hailed as their yes man in Africa. We should never ever expect their support to gain our democratic rights. Our freedom lies in our own hand. Leave the fight within, unite as Ethiopian, be visionary and get determined for a purposeful fight. Then only we may throw those small bandits and bring back the true democracy and freedom where an Ethiopian will not be ethnically catagorised or called names. This needs a unity in good cause not having a hidden motive to seek power, but for a free Ethiopia. Let us not beg America for this and that, but if we are strong enough they will give us attention and knock on our door. This is the US Policy! We are as they see us “third world, black and unimportant unless for USE and THROW” purpose. I have not seen a single case wher America stood for the right and freedom of a foreign nation except may be the western Europe England and Germany!

09/05/13 @ 08:41
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Top 5 nations jailing journalists.

1. Turkey
2. Eritrea
3. Uzbek..
4. Kazakhstan
5. Vietnam.

Top 5 jailing politicians including accusing with coup.

1. Egypt
2. Turkey
3. Uzbeks
4. Moroco
5. Oezbek

Top 5 crimes against humanity and violation of human right

1. Saudi Arabia.
2. UAE
3. Bahrain
4. Kuwait
5. Qatar

Top 5 nations with prison numbers

1. USA-more than 2.5 Million where more than 50% are blacks
2. UK- about 90.000
3. Turkey
4. Egypt
5. Brazil….

However, our backward Diasporas do not know how things are working in the world including in USA. USA needs to take care first it’s our prison/jailing cases before even thinking about others. Then it needs to do something about the worst human violation and crimes against humanity going on with its close watch and presence in Saudi and other Gulf nations where there is no Democracy, rule of law, human right, equality and the likes even by name.

It also needs to worry about what is going on in Egypt and Turkey before even having any free second of thought about Ethiopia; a nation that is doing her best and a good and trust worthy friend to USA and the west for years to come.

But the worthless and parasite old Diasporas that have no idea about the value of work and working and be part of the productive society rather than being stupid and worthless in abroad living for nothing but crying like old dogs on internet and blogs.

Do these worthless mother fucker think ESAT or the likes that were financed by MB in Egypt and still by the wahabi oil kings that are on the line to pay the ultimate and final biggest price which going on the last 2.5 years in the name of Arabs spring but in reality the Arab/Sunni Islam destruction, have any negative leverage in Ethiopia? No.
These old and lost rats had the negative leverage against our country in the past mainly when their dedeb and primitive parents were destroying Ethiopia especially during Derge era. We know most of them are criminal dergs and their children need to be in jail for the crimes they had committed against Ethiopia during that monster Mengistu era.

These dedeb and lazy can cry and this way can make money from the anti Ethiopian foreigners. But because of them Ethiopia will never ever lose one step from being forward. They are stupid and worthless crying under the white men feet with aim they would give them Ethiopia to destroy her because of they don’t know and they don’t like working and doing the right things.

Qoshasha Hulu. ESAT, Hypo face Tamagn which is a laughable when he even opens his Hypo mouth talking about politics he doesn’t know anything about. B. Nega a dishonest always changing side when he knows he is challenged and he will not be the centre and get money. Those ugly from ESAT in Amsterdam. KKKK, they need to get life rather than being always dependent on income support yet on ESAT acting as if they are nothing. QQQQ.

The good news is that these mother fucker few Diasporas are becoming worthless every day. They just have no other means to make the living and be around. Because everyone knows that they are nothing even for themselves let alone far away in Ethiopia. They don’t know how to make politics. They are the lost creatures milking the Ethiopian enemies and those stupid Diasporas that are giving money and coming around them in the name of Ethiopia thinking these stupid like Tamagn would do something far way in Ethiopia.

But It is their way milking the ignorant Diaspora not about bringing good to Ethiopia which is they are not capable of doing anything something Ethiopia demands from her citizens that are from this generation, wise and competent. Listening and relaying worthless Individuals like Hypo Tamagn, Dishonest B. Nega and the ugly Income support seekers from ESAT in Amsterdam by itself is a great defeat only the ignorant and stupid don’t get it.

09/05/13 @ 09:22
Comment from: [Member]

Electronic Frontier Foundation is a longstanding advocate for online p****graphic films.

09/05/13 @ 10:08
Comment from: [Member]

The cave-dwellers hae no civility and do not believe in human right either.
These bunch of goat-herders are good at stealing money in the name of our nation and fattten their accounts.

They throw to prison every ethiopian citizen who is the voice for the voiceless population.
In so doing they think they can stop the people’s struggle for freedom.
if only they know not only will they appear before the nation to get their judgement but they will not get a single penny of the stolen money :):):)

09/05/13 @ 10:31
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

GezGezzo ,who are you supposing fooling by willingly deleting your bandit masters’ eveil regime from the LIST…Certainly you and your Thuggy bros as the whole .By
the way your supposed List is it from your Bandit Masters Well Known evil Lobbyists the Likes Djendai Frazer ,Ms Rice ,your own Mster ,the SHERATON SHEIK’s so called Foundation ,Or the Meles Foundation and even The So called
Peace Commitee led by the pallbearer Sebehat who had not already finished of burying the Dead CM . TCHINKILATEBIS WOFEFE BANDA !!!!!

09/05/13 @ 13:11
Comment from: Damtew [Visitor]

Mr.John Kerry’ we are friends of america as always, but we do not want to put your hand in our constitution system of government better to stay away in this regard
we are fighting together for torresmo still ahead.

09/05/13 @ 13:24
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

Tchertcharaw ,don’t you know that
your Shabis Envoy is sent to DC by your Agazi Masters to beg Moneys their American Boss .As did by the past the then Crime Minister and still continuing by the new one .So you are addicted to p.rn films …LOL !!!!The way that you are talking as a Great Connaisseur on the Subject ,proves for what really purposes you are always stuck on your Laptop and I phone …LOL !!!Hey GezGezaw ,if Tamagne for you is a Hipo face by
the way what are you going to call your Great Idol Selemon Ms Pigy or Blue Wale…LOL !!!!Afterall you and your Thuggy bros are the most Idiots and Fools being milked by the Looter Agazis
with Fake Bonds and Empty Promises
the Likes of Condiminium Houses Registration .Hey Bandaw you forget on your Fake List Sudan ,Zimbabwe and many African States Ruled by Despots from the same Association of your own Dead Master…LOL!!!!And what about China ,North Korea ,Iran …LOL !!!What a Genious Guy you might be ,for denouncing the most Despotic Regimes in the World the Likes America ,Brazil ,UK ,maybe next time France ,Switzerland ,Sweden ,even Mars and The Planet of the Apes…LOL !!!

09/05/13 @ 14:11

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