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Comment from: Mimi [Visitor]
5 stars

Wow, now Eskinder is actually acknowledging Ethiopia’s progress in economy, healthcare and education?

Jail seems to be softening him up real good, a few more years and he’ll renounce open support for Birhanu Nega’s Ginbot 7, and it’s admitted armed wing.

09/07/13 @ 12:21
Comment from: [Member]

Eskinder nega, a convicted terrorist who is tried in a court of law and found guilty of inciting violence and unrest, in his wish of Arab spring, to bring chaos like Egypt and civil war like Syria to Ethiopia.
Now from his cell, he is still trying to trade his worthless life with millions of Ethiopians lives, by dreaming to stop our developmental progress.

09/07/13 @ 12:39
Comment from: yemmer musa [Visitor]
yemmer musa

Eskinder Nega has a criminal face and he is a terrorist must sentenced to death. he is from the ugly racial ethnic.

09/07/13 @ 12:41
Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]

What an idiot! He is calling for economic sanction against Ethiopia. Well, what do you expect from a convicted terrorist. I hope he rots in jail where he belongs.

09/07/13 @ 13:42
Comment from: Getaw [Visitor]

What Happen Madame Almaz?

Eskinder , as his name implies, not idiot. He is a patriot who speaks and write his mind. he did not hide his expressions against all tyrany including the dead Zenawi. He is not just like you who are a believer of a dead body man Zenawi who do not contribute nothing to the Ethiopian people except his dictatorship rule and big corruption.

09/07/13 @ 14:31
Comment from: Solomon Tebebu [Visitor]
Solomon Tebebu

Aid is a three letter word and yet might have a bitter and complex meaning for the Ethiopian psyche. The EU being amongst the wealthiest and mightiest nations in the world has understandably vested interests in every corner of the world. They use their multifaceted power whether it is economical, political, and military to secure, maintain and/or enhance their vital interests around the globe. Every country is categorized according to its importance as a partner. Some countries have oil, some have huge geopolitical values, and some are in extremely volatile security environments. Pakistan might not be a good source of raw material but it is a country possesses nuclear weapons that are under poor or substandard supervision. There is an ever increasing risk that these weapons might fell into the wrong hands. Take Egypt and its geopolitical importance as an example that can trounce and easily compensate its lack of natural resources like oil. As a kind of go to go country between the Arab world and the West, its importance to bridge the peace process between the Arabs and Israel, is extremely important. As the real state owner of one of the most important land-sea ship routs in Swiss canal, a closing of Swiss canal means simply a detour route around the continent Africa. That could basically ruin half the world’s economy without any doubt. They have almost guaranteed US cash flows for unforeseeable future unless the condition on the ground changes. Ethiopia as a very important regional security partner to the West coupled with ever growing economic prowess shouldn’t be a country to be ignored. That said, European aid neither made a significant change in the lives of the poor and vulnerable nor has demonstrated a quotable contribution for Ethiopia’s economic boom. They never came to Ethiopia or Africa with one holy aspiration of helping the poor and the vulnerable. They have vested economical, political and social interests in each and every country. The cover up story for any aid might be humanitarian assistance but the reality is they have to fight for their relevance against stiff competition posed by China and some other emerging powers. Clearly Africa is showing a shift in alliance to China. Once the invaders, the colonizers, the donors, the missionaries, the everythings -Europeans seemed to lost momentum that was taken for granted for too long.

Cutting aid is not as simplistic as Mr. Nega suggested. First of all, I don’t think Ethiopia is that much dependent on Europe’s aid as she was once upon a time. Funds today are abundant and easily explorable than say 20 or 30 years ago through alternate routes. Clearly, Ethiopia with untapped natural resources coupled with a viable and virgin banking and telephony market expansion fronts, a huge potential for manufacturing expansions (e.g. recent H&M opening) is in much stronger position than the naïve assumptions of some that she can be threatened with aid-cut rhetoric. Such thought is simply in dissonance with the reality on the ground and ignores Ethiopian current dynamics.

It is even more an era of international diplomacy leverage skills that accentuates and relies on advanced PR skills and the ability to navigate through the muddy waters of influence, wealth and diplomacy. It is upsetting that we still have people who think freedom and justice can be harnessed through Western aid influence. I am sure we will eventually free off ourselves from these ever enslaving, crippling aids that are preventing us to emerge from the doldrums.

Mr. Eskindir Nega, we all don’t want to you to suffer in jail. Hopefully, somehow and sometime soon you will be a free man.
I sure don’t want to be harsh on you knowing the circumstances you are in. However, the article you wrote clearly looks for an opening to self promote. You are mixing up your personal problems with the country’s. You claimed that the European aid has made miracles in Ethiopia. I have to vehemently disagree with that weak assessment that overrates European aid. Still aid is something that doesn’t deserve such an appraisal.It has a crippling psychological impact on a nation. Looking for handouts and becoming dependent on them is not the right formula for economic independence of a proud nation.

Through the years most of these aid funds were seen to fall way short of their advertised goals. But they never failed in making us in the history books for images that are not pretty, or dictionary words that are not very nice. First of all an aid packet e.g. a fund never reaches the destination in its original form. Most of it gets consumed by administration costs and salaries of so called project experts that are mandatorily assigned by the donors.

We should value our potential not foreign aid. After all said and done, we are sick and tired of being the laughing stock of these so called donors. We are sick and tired of being on top of aid recipient list. We are sick and tired of not able to utilize our own resources. No one who claims to love his country overvalues foreign aid so much as to suggest it has made marvels in Ethiopia. That insults the pride of hard working Ethiopians whose diligence has finally showing signs of fruition. You want to be free but you don’t want your country to free herself from continuing to be a world beggar?

… “and the continuity of basic humanitarian aid without precondition is a moral necessity”.

A moral necessity is for you not mixing up your personal problem with the country’s. As a man seen by many a versatile freedom advocate and a hero, I don’t understand why you chose to put too much emphasis on foreign aid. All we want is to pull ourselves out from a perpetual humiliation of hand-outs.

In the end I hope that logic and reason will prevail and you will be a freeman.

09/07/13 @ 14:49
Comment from: My View [Visitor]
My View

I think, it would be wise Eskender call for pardon and be free. If he is activist and want to help Ethiopia, it is not good idea to call for sanction so that the people suffer.
At least, you are in jail. free yourself from vendetta.
May God help you to be wise and be free.

09/07/13 @ 14:56
Comment from: [Member]

Are you joking?… you should understand the criteria for sanction first.

09/07/13 @ 17:13
Comment from: [Member]

This idiot sees his life more important than the developmental efforts of Ethiopa. He is committing treason.

First of all, he is an amhara tribalis , who still supports Fascist Mengistu Haile Mariam, who is in hiding with Fascist Mugabe. If this guy called Skinder wants to stand for democracy, he should have demanded the extradition of Mengistu to Ethiopia. Eskinder Nega is a tribalist to say the least and has no idea what democracy is all about.

As we say, ” Ene Kemotku Sordo Aybqel” ( Donkey sid if I am going to die, there should no more grass on earth"), Eskinder Nega makes himself ridiculous by putting himself more important than Ethiopia’s economic development. Ethiopia does not need the economic aid from Europe. Ethiopia has it’s own resources.

We hear in the news that the Diaspora has sabotaged a meeting to raise funds for The Nile Renaissance Dam. The Swedish Government is accountable for any sabotage against such meetings. Norway, Sweden and other countries should stop those who come to disturb such meetings.

09/07/13 @ 17:14
Comment from: [Member]

Eskinder Nega,
In comparison with the diaspora fools and idiots, who are wasting their time barking day and night for nothing, (dreaming to destabilize and destroy Ethiopia) I give you credit that, even though your goal was the same (destabilizing and destruction of mother Ethiopia), you tried to commit the crime in person, not by parking from distant. And in place of law and regulation, people are held accountable for their actions. Now, if you weren’t a narrow minded and hate-blinded individual, you would definitely accept this fact and take responsibility for your crime. That way, you can learn from your mistakes and be a “better person”.
Unfortunately, Mr. Nega, clearly you are a fool and an idiot like the other empty barking useless diaspora asedabiwoch, such as Teddy, Ahmed Gragn, ment-4 you…….. About two –year Kality jail can not help you change or learn even a tiny bit about who you should be or about your rights and responsibilities. Well then, get rotten there, in Kality jail, that is where you belong!! Pay the price for your damn actions!!
What’s really, really stupid of you Mr. Nega is, the fact that you are trying to be who are NOT. You are trying to get attention from outsiders. Instead of taking responsibility for your actions, apologizing and get ready to learn from your mistakes, you are worsening your case (elongating your gail term- may be until death) by pretending someone else will rescue you. How foolish. Do not waste your time, no one else will be there to save you from paying what you deserve. Of course, the diaspora fools and diots will continue barking in vain for you. Asafari hula.

09/07/13 @ 23:02
Comment from: Yigermal [Visitor]

What is your point? The title is different from the message. Why doesn’t the author say that only China is benefiting (paragraph 7) at the Westerners expense. Deal with it directly instead of talking about democracy. The hidden message is that no development should be allowed if the west is not benefiting from it. It is well known that the west doesn’t want to see a strong Ethiopia. With or without the western version of democracy a new history is being written. Thank you.

09/07/13 @ 23:39
Comment from: Anbessaw! [Visitor]

Few Points:

1)This criminal still hopes he can overrun the Ethiopian law and institutions with the help of Europeans.

2) He’s actually crying out to Anna Gomez: the ugly woman who thinks siding with the Ethiopian opposition is her life time relevance int eh European Union.

3)Eskinder is simply repeating what Berhanu Nega was reading out to the US senators last month: He was begging them to sanction Ethiopia.

4)He has for far too long miscalculated that his American connections and whatever bullshit ‘awards’ he got can immune him from any legal accountability for his Nazi views against some ethnic groups of Ethiopia.

5) Finally, ቂጡን ግረፉት!! :) :)

09/08/13 @ 02:47
Comment from: [Member]


09/08/13 @ 03:59
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

This is to the best Government.

Prison is not only punishing the criminals for the crimes they commits but also it is a school and teacher to the criminals learning from their mistakes and doing their best in the future to be part of the normal and productive citizens. But if a criminal doesn’t learn from the mistakes and trying his best to pay back for the crimes he did which is being sorry translated in to practical action, he must be locked up in the worst jail the rest of his life including he has to work hard to cover his costs in prison. The nation must not take care the criminals in poison but they have to work hard under the prison system.

If a prisoner didn’t learn from his crimes while he is in prison and worst than that trying to commit another crimes while he is in prison as Eskindir is doing time after time misusing his freedom in prison, this must be the worst crime and the criminal must be mentally dead where no need to worry at all about his well being. He must be seen as the life time danger to the nation because of he is unable to learn from the past mistakes but continuing committing crimes after crimes while in prison.
Asking foreigners to stop doing anything good to Ethiopia must be the worst crime any citizen can commit. This is an indication, this kind criminals don’t care about the ordinary and poor citizens that need help and assistance the most.

Therefore, the Ethiopian government must charge and sentence this stupid individual for the crimes he is committing while in prison which is demanding the foreign nations to be bad and negative against Ethiopia with the activities they are doing in the name of the poor and weak. It doesn’t matter those things are working for the nation but they are there by name and no normal citizens even thinks asking the foreigners to stop them.

This is one of the worst crimes alongside the worthless and failed Durge criminals, their children and associates in Diaspora are wishing to stop the Hedase dam which is history will never forget it. Everything is recorded and there. These rats are still talking in the name of Ethiopia while there is no one but they are the worst enemies and hate mongers Ethiopia is facing until they die out one by one poor and destitute in foreign country with life achievements that is hate, being foolish, living with income support and failed life.

We, real and normal Ethiopians want to see Eskindir to be treated according to the law including for the crimes he is committing time after time from prison misusing the prison right he is getting. It is time to treat him based on the crimes he has committed and continues to do so. Hard working Ethiopians are demanding the Ethiopian government to be tough, decisive and hard against any one that is not part of Ethiopia which is marching from boarder to boarder on the development path. Those criminals standing in front of the Ethiopian 21-centrry development path must be eliminated like stone, bad tree and weds.

The people are demanding and relaying on the Ethiopian government to be very tough, quick and hard against the criminals that are trying to affect the development season in Ethiopia while motivating and supporting those doing their best. Ethiopia will be Ethiopia when not being imprisoned in own country by foreign aid and other tools they are using to keep us under their feet, but by Ethiopians hard work and being self sufficient at all levels including needs and necessities along side with very strong military and security forces that are not giving a shit time and reason towards bad citizens like this one but being quick and hard stopping them from the crimes they are committing.

09/08/13 @ 04:15
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

The following crimes committed by primitive and backward criminals are some among the many the stupid and worthless diasporas and the backward and primitive lost individuals in Ethiopia that are with low two digits numbers among the 85 million people are known with.

1. “Stop the Hedase Dam” which is by far the biggest in Africa where all Africans could be proud of and benefit from with clean and cheap energy including Ethiopia, Egypt and Sudan.
2. “Stop aid” which is some part of Ethiopians are benefiting from including with basic items in the nomadic, backward and less productive areas.

3. Having relation with the backward and brainwashed Wahabi terrorists supported by the worst criminal nations in human history that are the oil and gas Kings and are in the mission just digging deep and wide their grave everyday and soon will happen in 0rder to save the world poor, weak and innocent from these desert monsters seem are living in hell where their desert which is empty with life and hostile ratifies that.

4. Lying about everything in order to damage the Ethiopian image and begging any foreign Ethiopian enemy to destroy and give them Ethiopia in order they continue destroying her based on the foreign agenda.
5. “There is no democracy in Ethiopia” while they are begging and getting money from the known terrorist regimes and dictators in Eritrea, Egypt, Saudi and other Gulf nations.

These mother fuckers have no idea how little and insect they are in today’s Ethiopia. They think they can and have power to do which is all negative and being part of the world wide wahabi terrorist groups where the Silte and some Gurage Diaspora wahabi terrorist are playing Satanic Islam cult Game towards the dudes from ESAT, Joke Tamagn, Dishonest with no integrity at all B. Nega and the likes in order to achieve their cult Arabic ideology in green.

These little rats think they are something. No. They are nothing even with the crimes they are trying to achieve let alone to do the right and good things for Ethiopia.

How is possible anyone who is or thinks is an Ethiopian is even thinking to be against the Hedase Dam that is going to give light and other fundamental benefits to the Million poor Ethiopians never ever had a light before? This must be a sick, brain and heartless stupid has no life but living a given up life while which to stop the Hedase dam.

Eskinder Nega sounds like B. Nega stupid brother. His prison term must be for life with the crimes he is doing inside from the prison. Prison must be a school to teach the criminals to become a good citizen. But this stupid is getting from bad to worst inside prison. The Ethiopian justice system must punish this stupid with the crime he is committing which is wishing and trying to affect Ethiopia while being dependent on foreign nations whom most of them are becoming the enemies because of Ethiopia is growing and doing better for her citizens by herself and soon she will be free from them treating her as beggar, weak, poor and unable to do things for herself by herself but always being under their Satanic poison mercy.

No nation would be build from the English type of western aid. There is no aid there but the best method to control the nation in many ways and keeping her dependent on them in order they continue to have the over all saying and doing in somebody’s land.

Thanks to the best Ethiopian natural Gifts such as abandoned fresh water, fertile soil, nice weather, hard working people and the best government with patriotic, educated , wise and eager to develop Ethiopia, Ethiopia doesn’t need the English type of western aid that did keep her the way she was till we Ethiopians found our best nation development highway with Meles in the front but Ethiopia very much needs the China, Japan, Korea, India, Russia and other honest and good nations knowledge transfer aid and co operation in trade and other economic and political activities the 21-century demands.

We know the Imprisoned Eskndir crimes because of we have seen from the secretly recorded film by one of his associates during many meetings he was organizing to wage uprisings in Ethiopia and when he gets in prison, the Diasporas will fight for him and his associates and he will be famous as a result. He is now calling no one but the west to stop the English type of so called aid. He thinks this way he would affect ordinary Ethiopians.

Because no matter the Hedase dam is built or not and no matter aid is coming or not, no one from the government or others in the better position will lose but the poor and ordinary Ethiopians that have no interest in politics but getting fundamental benefits with enough effort and adequate. The plan given to him by stupid and worthless Diasporas living in the west with income support mainly in Europe and others taking money from hard working Ethiopians in the name of contribution, was that he had to commit crimes against the best Ethiopian government that is trying its best to benefit the citizens and then they would fight for him. KKKKK.

It is like to be Mandela against the apartheid, Ghandi against the English brutal 200 years colonization of Indian sub continent or Jesus who warn Petros ‘you are going to deny knowing me three times’ after the Romans takes him in prison. But Peter did deny knowing Jesus three times for fear. But this stupid is trying to be against the best Ethiopian government that is trying it best and doing the best for the nation no one did before.
Ethiopia is growing as big as many farmers are now becoming rich beyond recognition with hard and better work and economic policy benefits them and the nation in general. There are more than 500.000 or half Million Ethiopian students in Higher education today thanks to the government and millions of Ethiopians working being hand and glove with the government where the government is a Glove to protect them including getting punches intended to knocking out Ethiopia which are the people.

What imprisoned Eskindr don’t get it is that he is so ignorant unable to see even a little how the world politic works and how he is non existence in many western nations mind where he thinks the help to free him and give Ethiopia to him would come from the west. He is living with dirty brainwashed brain as his fathers and forefathers did thinking the west would do for them in their country rather than they in and about their country. It is like accepting a self creating defeated and unable theory in reality where he/blacks are less than others and they always need to get permission and support from them being Always slaves, poor and treated as the last class including about the issues belongs to his own country an people.

The point is that Eskinir asking the west to stop the English type of aid because he is asking the west thinking with his brainwashed dump brain the west will always do for him not he for himself is the best benefit to Ethiopia not a bad thing as he is trying to do so. Ethiopia needs not the known filled western aid with secretive criminal and obstacles so called western aid propaganda, but the new one in the 21-century which is coming from the east, Some European nations like Italy engaging with construction and building but most importantly by Ethiopians themselves.
Ethiopia doesn’t need the known criminal English type aid to interfere in the national matters including the very basic ones affecting the naive and weak people reaching far in the rural highlands pretending to help but affecting them badly using very dangerous substances that would affect the nations very dearly in the long run which could be their secret policy as we know they are capable of wiping out millions the way they did against the natives North America, Australia and so on.

These are the type of people and aid where Imprisoned Eskinder is wishing for in Ethiopia. But he needs to know there are rules and laws. Anyone who is beyond the law must pay the consequences. Therefore, he needs to stay the rest of his stupid life in prison because of the crimes he is committing against the nation including calling to stop aid that benefits the ordinary people; it is there at least by name.

Do these little head and hateful heart caused from stupidity, joulesy and being lazy think they really will have any negative leverage in Ethiopia? No. They can cry as usual and being Always around the terrorists including the Slave Silte and Gurage sold out wahabists, outcasts like Issayas who is the worst terrorist enemy Ethiopia ever has and he is badly affecting no one but Tigrigna Eritreans or creating fake parties like Blue part that sounds like the Half Moon which is the gulf religion symbol in the blue/dark sky or anything else, they are nothing in today’s Ethiopia.

According to the prognoses, if the current nice rain season continues the way it should be, Ethiopia will produce about 500 million quintal or 50 million tons of fundamental cereals including Teff during the meher season. This is what matters the most and makes big differences and Ethiopians are nicely busy with.

Worthless Diasporas and imprisoned criminals are nothing but the crying, shouting and ended up in vain creatures one by one will died out and then Ethiopia will be free from these rats and diseases. Because no matter what, any Ethiopia will never ever even to think being against the Hedase dam. But Individuals like Hypo face Tamagn, Dishonest with no human integrity B. Nega and the ugliest from ESAT especially in Amsterdam living their entire life with Income support, dream which is stopping the Hedase Dam knowing this is the best way to hurt ordinary Ethiopians and benefit their wahabi and Sunni Islamic terrorists from the desert that are known racists and enemies against all Ethiopian throughout history and paying for the exchange of the crimes they are trying to do against Ethiopia are serving the enemies and are enemies against Ethiopia.

They are not Ethiopians with anything associating them with but criminals. They have lost their association with Ethiopia the moment they started to behave the way they are doing against Ethiopia. All of them are known and they and their associates will never ever been accepted in Ethiopia but they will be always seen as criminals and traitors. Everything is there and recorded including the coming generation will know about them including their associates.

09/08/13 @ 04:57

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