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Comment from: [Member]

Very sad!
He looks like being possessed with some kind of alien force. All of a sudden he snapped, and all things got out of control. Don’t blame him please. If you’re religious, pray for him.
Atifredu yeferedibachihual!

09/10/13 @ 23:54
Comment from: Efrem [Visitor]
5 stars

The Bible says You must not make for yourselves idols so you must not set up for yourselves a carved image or a pillar and you must not place a sculpted stone in your land to bow down before it for I am the Lord your God. therefore the Ethiopian Orthodox religion is a cult How ever the man is wrong. you can’t just walk to some ones backyard and mess things up

09/11/13 @ 00:33
Comment from: [Member]

The idea of idolizing an image is a heathen practice that needs to be abolished simply because no one has seen Merry physically therefore the picture could only represent that of a nameless painting. That said, I reckon the perpetrator is guilty of damaging a church property and defacing the image which is at the center of the orthodox faith.

09/11/13 @ 00:47
Comment from: Don't judge. [Visitor]
Don't judge.

This gay might have personal problem or mentally sick or rigged extreme. unless his judgment is impaired to trans pass a someone’s property and vandalize a property is wrong in any case. I don’t think no bodes can say wrong or wright. because this place is for those who believe in St. Marry this is there property to vandalize, trans pass and imposing his belief by force is a crime of religious wright. our brother need a mental help instead of judging him we have to help him to see a mental doctor.

09/11/13 @ 01:03
Comment from: C\est moi senait [Visitor]
C\est moi senait

What do you expect from crack head with johova,penti and other new religion full of LesXxxbian ,homxzxxmo and phadoxxphile . The must have brain washed this faggooot and fed him with mc donald shit .

09/11/13 @ 04:34
Comment from: gash demelash [Visitor]
gash demelash


09/11/13 @ 05:20
Comment from: WHAT IN THE SAM HILL? [Visitor]
1 stars


09/11/13 @ 05:48
Comment from: Religious Rights [Visitor]
Religious Rights

To begin with, this total idiot has no right to mess with other people’s religion. He is definitely one of those who was brainwashed to hate Ethiopian Orthodox Church before he got converted to some other religion. At the same time, I wonder why the St. Mary’s Church administrations decided to place outside the picture of St. Mary with some fake cheap tacky plastic flowers. I was mortified when I saw that.

09/11/13 @ 08:14
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Very Sad,
I am sure this will make the Radical Muslims happy.
I am sure that he is a follower of another Imported Religion, Avangelical. Along with the Mormons and other new branches form the new abominations. Forcing it’s members to pay 10% which the Pastor will enjoy. I would rather give 10% directly to the needy.
Well, he will have a long time to think in jail.
Why can’t we get it through our thick skulls that..
‘Haymanot ye gil new, Hager ye gara new’
Very simple Solomonic way of life.
Let’s not try to be something we are not, Saudi Arabian, American or others.
We are Ethiopians and let us be proud of it, simple!
Ethiopianoch Tekedesu.

09/11/13 @ 09:03
Comment from: Amoraw [Visitor]
5 stars

C\est moi senait [Visitor]

“What do you expect from crack head with johova,penti and ..” such filthy comment does not come from any who call himself religious and .. but as always you showed your filthyness and less human..vulgard who have never been one of us the Ethiopians. Ebid!

09/11/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: Favioli [Visitor]

Wey gud, yegermal zendro!! AZ bleh bleh degmo ye metsehaf kedus seuw honk ende?? Btw, you didn’t answer my question about who would accompany you to the tribune in Rio if our Walias miraculously get there???
C├ęst Moi, warrior queen!! endet nesh zemedee, dehna? Lemehonu behager alesh? You are right here, it has to do with these cursed pentes, for no normal Copt would do such horrible thing.
How about taking him to Meskal Square? You wouldn’t find a better candidate, would you??
Atetfi engedih..eshi?

09/11/13 @ 10:10
Comment from: wedi Leul [Visitor]
wedi Leul

First of all, beside his intention and the message that he wanted to send what he did was wrong u just cant walk and vandalizing peoples or an organization property this is by it self is crime having saying that as Christian it says in Bible clearly we are not allowed to idolizing an image nor carving an object and also we are not allowed to bow down to an object or painting no body saw ST. Marry or God our pillar is the Lord Jesus Christ as clearly indicate from the name Christian which means those who believe in CHRIST our faith should enlightening on eternity

09/11/13 @ 11:26
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

We have all kinds of white Angeles and Saints painting in my parents house growing up. Even I don’t believe in worshipping them but I still have to respect my parents and anybody belief of religion. For this guy to do such thing, he must be out of his mind. God doesn’t have face or color like people perpetrate to be. Angels and Devils are human beings living among us.

09/11/13 @ 11:51
Comment from: Ethiopian 2 The Core [Visitor]
Ethiopian 2 The Core

This dude is from Eritrea,

hater ass nigga

Happy Ethiopian New Years!

09/11/13 @ 13:17
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

Honestly speaking, most of our Ethiopian pentes are a bunch of ignorant. They spend most if their time preaching negativties about Ethiopian Orthodox church than worshiping heir God. so, don’t get me wrong, but I wouldn’t surprise if this man is one of those newly born Christian….However. I have no respect or I can’t trust those who switch their original religions and try to undermine others religion…

God bless the world!

09/11/13 @ 13:18

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