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Comment from: Dan [Visitor]
5 stars

Very impressive. I am very happy. ..saving those incident babies…wow. God job everyone that is involved in making it happen. Together ….we can achieve a lot …

09/12/13 @ 21:17
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

We could do even better if you remove the looters TPLF and EFFORT. Can you imagine how many more children we can feed with the type of money these non-Ethiopian entities are looting?

And many thanks to remittance money and diaspora and the hardworking people of Ethiopia. Not only do they carry and power the country they also carry the ineffective ethnic based corrupt governing system. God bless them all!

09/12/13 @ 23:20
Comment from: Realtycheck [Visitor]
5 stars

I am impressed with this dramatic achievement;congratulation everyone.A very difficult to achieve, but have been made possible by the tenacious efforts of the government even under strong opposition from many health professionals.

There was a strong opposition on the role of health extension program at the time I was active participant in the health sector. I my self was not supporting the program; we were mainly opposing the quality of training they were getting and service they were providing.I am sure the program has undergone quite a lot of revision and correction from the ongoing comment and suggestion. And finally,it showed itself that it works.

Lessons learned include access is key in health service provision and should promoted even before quality; allowing optimal duration is very important factor in evaluating the impact of health programs;political commitment has irreplaceable role in bringing change;and incorporating criticism and responding accordingly is helpful for all of us.

Finally , I am personally happy to see and hear positive developments like this in Ethiopia. Hopefully, we will do the same in the other domains we lag:human rights,freedom of speech,fair administration, and others.

09/13/13 @ 00:36
Comment from: [Member]

The Ethiopian government deserves credit for remarkable achievement in child mortality reduction.

09/13/13 @ 04:24
Comment from: C\est moi senait [Visitor]
C\est moi senait

Do not trust these parasite western charities. Look what chines achieved in whole Africa in matter of 10 years, building schools,hospitals, roads,creating jobs etc…etc… The chines never show a staging African child in their tv and humiliated Africans as a starving and hopeless continent but thes western charities all of them are to humiliation African population, these charities collect money by showing African misser like childerens with full of flies on their face and so that they keep collecting their money to humiliate us. Forget this statistic! We African achieving and heading to brighter future tanks to chines and Asians investment. What did these western charities achieved ? I tell you all what. They turn African to beggars ,specially Ethiopia where there are now over 3000 beggar charities to humiliate us. I say now and 100000 times get rid of these parasites org. And charities. Ethiopia is better without them . Just think for while how much these parasites charities collect money in the name of starving Ethiopia child and spend it to improve life, and compare it to chines achievement? Billions of dollars has been spend for nothing, they create bureaucracy,dictators,thieves,more beggars,and turn a wealthy nation to dependency of western left over food and they keep us in poverty and do not want us to see to progress.
Only blind trust these charities. I say , throw these parasites from Ethiopia soil.
A solution to improve life in Ethiopia is investment speciall from far east Asiean like chines, koria,Japan etc.
The African misery is created by western charities. The create conflict, ethnical conflict is created by these charities, look at Republc Congo . With all minerals the have ,the could have been richest nation in Africa like South Africa but with all conflict created by western missionary ,charities,NGO etc… The are now living in misery, often war,refuggees in their countries…..

You figure the rest.

09/13/13 @ 04:25
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
1 stars

UN crypto Officials ,where the hell have you been in Mars or Truely in Ethiopia .What the hell
accomplishing Millienum Goal in a
Land where children are still dying of Malnutrution .Ethiopia is not really only ,the Addis Sheraton Dining Room ,the Agazi Ass Holes and Bandas Bars and Restaurants but also Streets Children feeding themselvese from

09/13/13 @ 06:18
Comment from: Suleman [Visitor]

you said “We could do even better if you remove the looters TPLF ..” I thought such a massive achievement has been registered due to the visionary leaders of EPRDF in general and TPLF in particular.

Endih aynet neger eko “Beshilela” ena “Bekererto” yemihon neger eko aydelem dear bro. Ethiopia was ruled by ignorant leaders for more than 800 years who are only good in “shilela, Kererto and Fukera” and everybody knows what ethiopia was like before 20 years. Gabito????

09/13/13 @ 08:07
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Why is still an English media in Ethiopia? Are we so stupid still allowing the English shit mouth propaganda Medias including the criminal BBC freely operating in our country to affect us?

People wake up and clean from our country anything and everything has to do with that small place knowing with crimes against humanity since the last 500 years.

I started to watch on youtube about this story which is the English story they are busy with for years not because of they do care about us but they have their own agenda and of course too bad for us. But when the woman started to speak with English accent, I just stop watching, listening and accepting the story as it was saying. People all over the world are no longer interested to listen and believing when someone speaking with accent from that little Island knowing they are liars and anything they do is based on their own agenda and benefit while affecting the other sides.

So, Guardian, BBC(evil media owned by the English establishment that is responsible what happened in the world in the past 500 years including slavery, colonization and genocide including in Australia and North America.

So, the English Medias need to go to hell. The moment we see they are behind any story or we hear speaking with that irritated accent, no one is interested anymore with the story. People worldwide are covering their own story by themselves. No foreign media or journalist is needed anymore. Foreign journalism is in the past not present and definitely is not be needed and welcome in any country in the future. This must be and will be the fact when it comes with the English type criminal Medias.

09/13/13 @ 09:19
Comment from: forward with comradde tamagne [Visitor]
forward with comradde tamagne
5 stars

another headache to no good, talk only, spineless vocal diaspra. you can say any thing you want or jump up and down this is the reality in the ground. my country is advancing in all aspects of human development faster and faster. thank s to the genius leadership of pm meles zenawi and the mighty epdrf. above all thanks to the unparalleled effort made by the ethiopian people.

09/13/13 @ 09:21
Comment from: Ali Roble [Visitor]
Ali Roble

C/est moi senait

Nice to see you again sister. I see last time some low-life cyber bullies were disparaging and defaming you. The only reason is they wish you to become narrow-minded and pigeonholed like them. No chance. You are open minded, insightful and straight shooter as ever, unlike some sickos and double-faced characters populated in the net. Without mincing a word, you call the spate and an spate.

People like you and Brooks have more remarkable experience and understanding of the world surrounding us and the region in particular. I think you also have some appreciation and more exposure to the diverse culture, politico and religious inner-working of the Ethiopian communities unlike some buffoonish and sycophant characters often commenting on the issues. Keep holding fire on feet of whoever you think doing evil things.

09/13/13 @ 09:55
Comment from: Belay [Visitor]

the reason why the teddys and ment4us are going banana over news like this and quick to trash it is because it doesnt fit well with their portrayal of the government as evil and enemy that is destroying ethiopia. how can one bring child mortality down by 68% and at the same time destroy the nation..it is very difficult to swallow even for a full blood patriotic amara. how can one improve the transportation, electric generation and other infrastracture by 2-3 fold and still destroy the nation…it makes no sense…the argument should be, development like this while they should be encouraged and supported (not sanctioned), they should never be used by the government to shut down the opposition and rule indefinetely. in short we should say “good job but so what!”

09/13/13 @ 10:07
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]
5 stars

Suleman the Brainless TPLF

“Ethiopia was ruled by ignorant leaders for more than 800 years who are only good in “shilela, Kererto and Fukera” and everybody knows what ethiopia was like before 20 years. Gabito????”

Perhaps your little brain is confused and mixing reality with your diluted stupid fantasy, Ethiopia has been the greatest, united, free, and prospering nation on the planet because of the visionary fearless leadership many of its leaders.

Unfortunately for you it does not include the ethnic group TPLF, Meles. For that matter it also does not include Derg.

Now wake-up to reality loser!!!

09/13/13 @ 10:15
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Tremendous achievements.
Many infants die from preventable diseases. Lack of adequate health centers, health workers, insufficient funds were partly to blame for higher child mortality rate.

Empowering the women through education and providing early low-cost vaccination can further reduces the rate. The government should control vigorously the supply and distribution of essential vaccinations and medicines such as antibiotics.


Where the hell are you missing the big news?
This news is going to devastate the poor diaspora and the spineless opposition who oppose anything under the sun the government does. Eat your heart out.

09/13/13 @ 11:15
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda
5 stars

This is excellent news and I applaud those individuals who played significant roles in this achievement. It is good news for loving parents and their adorable children. I am happy to hear that those children have better chance of living to see adulthood than us when we wee growing up. It is about time!!!!

09/13/13 @ 11:44
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Congratulations to all that were/are involved in this concerted effort.
Get the NGO’s out, we can do it ourselves!

09/13/13 @ 11:47

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