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Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

Very funny when a few (hundreds) of anarchists and vagabond losers demanding for a change.
Well, that’s what we call democracy. Anyone is entitied to their opinions and sayings, as long as peacefully done.

09/22/13 @ 21:28
Comment from: [Member]

If peace full demonstration become anarchist what do I call your killer agazi ? Stupid dam a. S addis zefen ?

09/22/13 @ 22:13
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]
5 stars

Anarchy your $ss ARAM Tigre. No body cares about what you say, so why don’t you go to Tigre website and open your diarrhea mouth like all other Tiegres do.


09/22/13 @ 22:32
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

We all do respect, the leader of Semayawi opposition party looks like evil posesed a trablesome man. Look at the big hole or spot he has on his forehead, and that tels you that he must been a trable maker even when he was a child…LOL. However, his messages sounds as a stooge of those G7 terorist and the fanatic Islamist…

09/22/13 @ 22:39
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer


The main complaint of the Opposition seems to be not going to Meskel Square and not the low turnout.

Why should Meskel Square be closed for 150 people. I have seen more people at my high school reunion….


09/22/13 @ 22:47
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Observer, you better get out fro Ethiopian wensite and g o to your dehai. It is not about Tigre its about Eritrea, you should be woried about. I see a great job bythe government, getting this anarchists, at bay.

They were trying to make our country like Kenya. Most of them, who were attemding the last demonstration were Salafists like Muslim brotherhood in Egypt to promote their extrimist ideas. Semayawi was relying on those same people. Why they fought hard to make it at Meskel square. Meskel Adebabay is way too big, for two hundred ragged a** anarchists.

09/22/13 @ 23:48
Comment from: FACT [Visitor]

don’t denay $$holes we were oppresed before and now
we want ethnically divided country with one party, no opposition, we want a country to be exclusively ruled by one ethnic group to have all key positions like 99% of the generals, key vice prime minster, foreign minster, CEO of ethiopian airles, name it a place of profit and image we are there, hailemariam is just a toy, so what we have our own company which can get any thing for free and have billions of dollars called EFORT, so what bone heads above all we want article 39 in case we want to succeed oh oh we don’t want the Oromos to succeed until we stash enough money so that greater Tigray be reality, why are people complaining today hasn’t the butcher of addis ababa mengistu hailmariam done it, hasn’t hailselssie stashed millions of dollars in a foreign banks what is different when it comes to Tigre’s

09/23/13 @ 00:02
Comment from: REALITY CHECK [Visitor]



09/23/13 @ 00:41
Comment from: Workamaw [Visitor]

Addis Gomen and the rest of your puppies,I was really wondering: What actually is the difference between you and those morons who are terrorizing innocent people in a Nairobi Mall right at the minute? You are all the same; aren’t you?

09/23/13 @ 01:36
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Have we seen any demonstration, such as this during the FACIEST DERG GOVERNMENT? Those of you who cry for freedom of demonstration, here, you have got it. What else do you want or need? EPRDF will give it to you. If you want to roll in the dust like a Jack azz, you have got it, just ask the government. As long as you don’t break or loot shops, burn public property…as long as you are peaceful, you can demonstrate.

09/23/13 @ 02:46
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
1 stars



09/23/13 @ 04:00
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

Adgi ,new magic word “Anarchists”
surely a word that he did innherited when he was Derg Era Ass Hole Cadre .Not only this guy is an Agazi Amiche Banda but surely a former Menge Era Cadre .Hey Adgi ,
what’s really your real Name ? Gwad Sehaye Kefetegnia 21 Cadre ,Gwad Tesfaye Mekonen Emalerid Tetteri ,or one of Tesfaye W/Selasse Guys of Tigre Origin recycled on May 1991 as Agazi Ass Holes…LOL !!!!!

09/23/13 @ 04:06
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Lefaffew Observer ,who told you that only 150 peoples gather at the Semayahi Party Demonstration :Adgiforum ,Weslata News Agency ,Bandalandonline ,Pig Ben or ETV ass hole fake Journalists .If your Bandit Bosses refused the access of Meskel Square it surely there
are 1000 Times more demonstrators on the ground ,which certainly frighten them …LOL !!!Next time there will be more than 1 Million
peoples manifesting against your bandit masters ,by the way certainly not gathering at the Meskel Square but marchin on the Menelike Palace ,Ending for once and for all the Agazi bandits Rule ,while you and your Thuggy bros shall once again stupidly anouncing that only 15 peoples arev gathering .And this time ,unfortunatly for you and your Bandit masters ,even the Bullets of your Goat Herder Milicias could no longer save you you …LOL !!!!

09/23/13 @ 04:20
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

The government blocked the protestors from Maskal Square citing non existent construction work underway there.

It didn’t like the protestors to gather in one of the main squares in Addis and create a Tahir Square- like center. It would make it difficult to control the mov’t and blocking them from gathering in one central place give the impression, the government may conclude, that it’s a disorganized protest by few disgruntled youth.

The protestors should keep up the pressure on the gov’t until it listens to their demands and more important, acknowledge that these protestors represent the voices of millions of people who want political, economic and social reform. The protestors have clearly stated their discontent with the policies of the government.

The government can’t afford to try to marginalize it indefinitely. Hardball attitude would only bring more people out to the streets and harden their resolve to continue their just demand for change.

09/23/13 @ 08:16
Comment from: Teklu Abate [Visitor]
Teklu Abate
5 stars

“Blue Bargaining Chip Party” is the name given to the famous Ethiopian opposition party by Egyptians. As we all know Egyptians provided the name for all opposing parties in Ethiopia to use the title “Bargaining Chips” for those who are committed to serve the interests of Egypt. So is “Blue Bargaining Chip Party".

Thanks to Press TV, the Blue Bargaining Chip Party rocked & will continue to rock Ethiopia with anti-Ethiopia demonstration.
The logo of Blue Bargaining Chip party used the word “Grand…Protest…", to show their masters they are using it against Ethiopia’s Grand Dam.

Blue Bargaining Chips Awakening !

09/23/13 @ 09:18

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