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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Nobody believes this terrorist marxist organization. Lying is permissible under Marxism. We simple are going to say no to “oppression".

09/26/13 @ 21:29
Comment from: Gobeze [Visitor]

Hi Gragne!
I have no issue with your opposition to weyane.
I was taken aback by your choice of a nick name
‘Gragne Ahmed’
Gragne was the greatest terrorist in our history.

09/26/13 @ 21:58
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Good for agreeing.
But, who is Yohannes IV? Was he not terrorist number one in Ethiopian history yet we have number one air port named after him. How does that become fair to you to ask me. Plus, the same people that came down to empore Yohannes IV are in power, it doesnot bother you? If he was a number one terrorist, why people wrote a Book about him?? If you consider him a terrorist, then call “Yoohannes IV” terrorist too. His name is in the Book of Ethiopia. I do not see using the name a big deal as we have seen that people were in the hands of christians in the past and they survived the onslaught. As soosn as you drop Yohannes IV from your history Books, I will do so. Otherwise, we will build a statue for gragn Ahmed too.

09/26/13 @ 23:18
Comment from: tulu [Visitor]

u don’t deserve the name Grange Ahmed. ante R nehe

09/26/13 @ 23:59
Comment from: Ali Roble [Visitor]
Ali Roble

In a rare occasion, I agree with what the official or the ambassador of the regime said. We shouldn`t be hysterical/ paranoid about everything imaginable of outlandish news, theories and conspiracies out there. Unlike few extremist among us of the likes of Ass.hole Gettu et al. who incite every minute the misfortunes of others humans,let the decent productive citizens decide and finally come to their sense.

09/27/13 @ 00:04
Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait

Welcome back Grange Amedam shiritam

We all know your stinky terrorist thought and you are here to vommite you anger after your terrorist Somalia brothers burned down to ashes. Keep on vomiting your jihaddist hate towards Ethiopia. You know that when it comes to Ethiopia, we all are one and hunt you and some you to the ground. You better run to al shabba terrorist web site and get married to one of them widow and bread like a fly. Hurry.

09/27/13 @ 02:36
Comment from: Dallas [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed

You SOB; I bet my life that you are happy about what has happened in Nairobi, Kenya.

09/27/13 @ 03:06
Comment from: C\'est moi senait [Visitor]
C\'est moi senait

Tell this dud to shut up and consume his saw meat. He can not live without raw meat ( Terri sega) .

09/27/13 @ 03:32
Comment from: [Member]

Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]

You idiot terrorist what is the Ambassador is lying about? Is he lying about the weakness of Al Shabab?

Well tell us more, since you are East African terrorists spokes person you know more. How many are they and who is supplying the weapons and money

09/27/13 @ 03:43
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

This Agazi Mouthpiece knows that the Agazi Bandits themselveses are the real Threat for the country .It’s not alshebab ,OLF or ONLF which were accused by the then US Ambassy Chargé D’affaire on the car bombing held 5 years ago in Addis .But the TPLF Regime itself.
By the way ,have you seen the Childish comments of Pig Ben linking the Tragedy of the Nairobi
with his Agazis Masters so called anti Terrorism Law .Arguing that without it that Addis could be targeted by Al Shebab too .Blinded by the confort offered by his Sheik Master each day that passed ,this Banda is proving how much he has sold his soul and a pride by prostituing himself to these looter bandits .He even stated the killing of the aged religious man in Dessie ,once again unshamessly accusing without proof the “Demsatchen Yessema Activists".But not a single word concerning the case of the son of the Imam ,who recently has accused the Agazi Bandits for being behind the asasination of his father .Thrown in Jail by them at the time ,but who has recently
desapeared ,his family and friends unaware of his whereabout .Reproaching the opposition for critisising the Fake Law ,as usual denying the crimes of his own masters .I bet if asked to name a single so called Al Shebab or Alqaida Terrorists betwen the “Demsatchin Yessema Activists” ,the Free Press Journalists ,the Opposition
Leaders and Human Right Activists ,he will certainly be unable to do so .Than vomiting his usual lies and propagandas .By the way he is reproaching to Andenet leaders for
filing against ETV and the author of Akeldama to the Federal Court .And so what this is the right garanteed by the Fake constitution drafted by your own masters .We must salute the Gut of these leaders for bringing the case to justice .That TRUTH and FACT prevailed and being respected .Whatever your lies it’s not by parading an aged man
and former comedian infront ETV cameras accusing himself and his former friends actually in exile ,including kidnapped peoples from Sudan Refugee Camps ,for TERRORISM ,that you and your banda friends can fool the peoples .Wasn’t after your evil Radio Transmission of “Ye Gazetegnotch Kib Terpeza” held by you ,the Baboon Face Mimi and the other Agazi Ass Holes that Eskinder and the other patriots had been thrown into Jail .Here are then ,a fact of your “Double Standard ” bla blas ,accusing inocent peoples for Terrorism while advocating eyes wide shut blindly the ones comitted by the Agazi Bandits .Before accusing Dr Berhanu and Andargatchew Tsige for collaberating with Shabya ,by the way where had been your Boss Zenawi and his goat Herder Milicias just before squatering Menelike Palace ,who escorted them with their tanks to Addis-Abeba …MORON BANDA !!!!!

09/27/13 @ 04:18
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

I do hope the government is seriously committed to thwart any potential terrorism act in Ethiopia by Al Shabab and its sympathizers in Ethiopia. I have no doubt that there are some people who praise Allah for the carnage in Nairobi. Ahmed Gragn is one of them. I can imagine how he prays fervently for such massacre to happen in Ethiopia.

Unlike you many people regardless of their faith oppose to oppression and injustice in Ethiopia. But people oppose unequivocally to massacre of innocent people. Such evil action can only be carried out by savage animals who pass for humans.

As long as these people believe in their twisted mind that killing non-Muslims is their religious duty the government must stay vigilant and deal with any potential threat decisively. Reasoning and dialog with them wouldn’t help change their evil mindset.

Intelligence agencies have their task cut out. For Somalis in general and the savage animals in particular Ethiopia remains enemy no. 1.The gov’t has to watch out for their sympathizers within the country.

That is where they recruit their members and plan their atrocities always in the name of their religion which is said to be peaceful and compassionate. The definition of peace has completely different meaning in their theological dictionary.

09/27/13 @ 05:25
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Those created Alshabab were Somali Immigrants living in London. The leader was living in England with his wives and many children before he moved to Eritrea. Most of Other Alshabab members are from England were their many children and multiple wives are still there living with Income support.

Just go there and identify one by one including the so called Ogaden Terrorists. They and other terrorists are freely and happily living in England, USA, Canada, Scandinavia, and Western Europe while preparing terrorist act against the region including Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia.

They, the west know everything all along including some of them are supporting the terrorist directly including the two Swedish so called journalist(Mercenary terrorist-spy agents) came to Kenya through London(as usual all foreign enemies to affect the Area are coming from/through London-England to Kenya).

But they were wrong. The terrorists are first and for most after them-west while during preparation they are always pretending against other Africans or anybody else knowing they need the time to prepare and become strong while using the west resources and free access for the things they need for.
Kenya is became the first Islamic terrorist target before any terrorist attack against the west. The Target was not Kenya but the west which is USA embassy in Nairobi in 1998. So, Kenya is the birth place to the first Sunni Islamic terrorist/al-Qaida attack against the west. This time also it is not happened because of its Kenyan solders are in Somalia but Kenya continuing being still under the English lead western colonization.
Few Kenyan corrupt leaders including the president, who did spend more than 100 million US dollar for his election (meaning he bought his presidency), he owns 500.000 Hectare very useful land and owns 10s of different types businesses and Medias including TV are just part of the colonization groups having Kenya as private property with Pakistanis and Indians origins that are part of the colonization entity.

As alshabbab did say few days ago, the reason why they are targeting Kenya is because of she is still under the colonization agreement serving the west. It was also verified when the damaged mall scene was looked like not in Africa where blacks are taking the lead but it was look like during the colonization era where foreigners are taking the lead and black are seen as strangers in their own country.

So, Alshabab targeting other Africans nations before it is finished with Kenya will be the biggest mistake they are going to do. As everyone else, they also know Kenya’s officials, police, Military and the citizens are badly corrupt with the level no nation is suffering from as a result. They also know, Kenyan wealth is owned by foreigners including banks, malls, hotels, telecom, safari and other tourists sectors and few Kenyans including officials are acting as foreign agents in their own country while taking their share form the national wealth fest despite the vast majority Kenyans are suffering from poverty related causes.

Kenya is and will be Always the easiest and Propaganda richest place to the alshebab and other terrorist acts as we have seen only BBC had/ and still has more than 7 journalists in the seen to cover the west gate mall attack. CNN which is working as joint venture with BBC especially when it comes to Africa had/has more than 5 journalists. It was a shock and also telling something to see the western reaction in Kenya. It was like the country belongs to them.

Why alshabab has to attack Ethiopia while as Muslims (if they are real Muslims) they know what Mohammed said to his followers about the duty they have to do always with and towards the Habesha people. Real Muslims would never ever attack the habesha people Knowing Mohammed have lots of messages they cannot/must not cross about the habesha people. Those are affecting the habesha people including women and girls in the Gulf nations including Saudi Arabia are not real Muslims. If they are, they would never did/do what they are doing towards the innocent Habesha women, girls and people in general. One day, they will pay the highest price for that. We remain asking God to answer the crimes they are committing using oil and gas money and supported by the west.
But if alshabab don’t respect that, they know what kind response they will get from Ethiopians. However, Kenya will remain the alshebab and other terrorist easy and best target knowing it is under colonization, the best place for publicity/propaganda and easiest target where the officials from top to down are corrupt and mentality brainwashed with ideas don’t belong in Africa.

Most young Kenyans especially the corrupt and foreign agent with left over reward are badly brainwashed with the west idea in a way they hate themselves, feel ugly and inferior. They are the shame and danger to Africa especially the region, for real. It is sad to witness how they are badly brainwashed and damaged beyond repair in the 21-century African way. It is like they are happy living in their country with and in foreigners ways.

09/27/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: Solomon Tebebu [Visitor]
Solomon Tebebu
3 stars

Thanks for the reassuring message, Mr. Ambassador! But please beware that complacency or underestimating the enemy can be deadly. Please continue to educate the people on how to look out for suspicious activities, suspicious looking people, or anything out of the ordinary. Nothing should be overlooked or dismissed as harmless. That is exactly what the enemy wants you to think. Just when we start to relax, when we’re least prepared,they will hit us. We must be vigilant at all times.

@Gragn Ahmed,
You better find better terminologies to counter your perceived enemies. You have a right to presume certain individuals or groups to be your enemies. You better label them with a name that can make sense. Calling anyone in Ethiopia “Marxist” in today’s age, deteriorates your credibility even further. You have already started to lose some of your friends like Somali Prince as they have started smelling the coffee.

09/27/13 @ 12:27
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

@Gragn Akmet The Terrorist
Why don’t you let us hear about your opinion over the Nairobi Bombing? You can’t say because you do not have any ba**s to do it. Your Saudi handlers have squeezed you so much that they have disappeared.

09/27/13 @ 12:43
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

The fake ambassador, Dina Mufti said, “Al-Shabaab poses no threat to national security.”

Oh yeah? It was labelled a terrorist group a couple of years ago by the same government and now we are told it is not a threat to national security. What is that supposed to mean? Is that to mean Ethiopia is not Kenya and Al-Shabab’s terrorist status will be removed or what?

If Al_Shabab is not a threat to national security, how come Ginbot 7, ONLF and OLF are still a threat and stay on the same status?

Sending such mind boggling messages within Ethiopian and among nations is typical of woyane/TPLF terrorist regime. This current “no threat talk” suggests a hidden agenda and what woyane/TPLF up to.

Woyane/TPLF may fool people a few times, but not always!!!

09/27/13 @ 13:03

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