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Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Ethiopian Muslims will soon be christianized in the name of civilization. Why this telescope is moving to Ethiopia? Sudan is building one. I am afraid we are going to be center of competition for external powers. All companies moving out of Egypt? to make what to invest in Ethiopia? How does that make Muslims stable?

I hope world powers recognize the contribution of Islam to the world. If Muslims did not pass Geek civilization we would not have any telescope now. Instead of avoiding each other Muslims and Christians need alliance. For this to happen Muslims should be in permanent seat of Security council. The useless divided OIC must come to an agreement and act as one instead of disagreeing.

10/18/13 @ 22:34
Comment from: DillingerJ1 [Visitor]
5 stars

Space exploration for a country like Ethiopia why not?why not even for Somalia?belive it or not the most advanced math brains are from all over the globe because it is GOD given right,do you think all the NYSE registered are created by Jews such as NASA?why did the Russians and United states collected the German Scientist right after world war two and became Space race?unfortunalely Russians rulled by fake Jews ever since they killed the Russian Zarr which explain the the hidden agenda of jews supremacy over Christianity where they failed before doing to America,So Ethiopia have to be becarefull the so called HAARP project.

10/18/13 @ 22:38
Comment from: ethiopia [Visitor]

I told u this before and i am telling you again anything is possible under eprdf rule. I urge all of you to be part of it.

God bless ethiopia

10/18/13 @ 23:39
Comment from: [Member]

Uh-oh, here we go again!! Another news that will definitely cause the useless and moron traitors, such as Ahmed Gragn, Teddy, a huge frustration and further hopelessness. Well, even though you losers and self-haters have zero courage to witness what is being seen, done, and accomplished, it is what it is, the country (mother Ethiopia) that you dream day and night to destroy, destabilize and pull back to poverty and war is in a real progress. It is moving forward with an easily visible light at the end of the tunnel. Yes, the progress that mother Ethiopia is in, can never be seen (witnessed) by some complete blinds, complete morons, complete illiterates, and by those whose future is dark and dead-ended. Yes, we, the true Ethiopians, and our true friends around the globe are enjoying the betterment and the progress our country is in. Every good (no matter how small or big) news makes us smile. Because, regardless of some political differences, our country and people come always first. So, hate mongers, narrow minded and losers, it’s sad and hard to imagine that even though your stinking instinct tells you that you are dead-alive, and no hope to be foreseen at all, your complete stupidity can not stop you from dreaming to darken, destroy and destabilize mother Ethiopia. All I can say to you is shame on you.

10/18/13 @ 23:55
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Everything possible .

The two above commentators with extremist stone age mind will not have in new Ethiopia.
Yes ,in theory ,a shoeshine boy from a poor provincial town in Peru can go to Stanford and do a PHD ,as the former Peruvian President Alejandro Toledo had done,
Ethiopia is now one step into space exploration but do not forget that The Axumite of our ancestor already visited in spiritual these vast space and galaxies long before the present civilisation. Just vist the follen rocks of Axum, there you open your dark eyes that has been shadowed by western civilisation. Have we ever dig enough the surrounding area of Axumite and reviled what is there? No,No, we still do no know what is there and how they managed to build such a miracle stone and eracted it to stand still to this days. If our ancestor from Axumite come back to this day and see those the follen rocks ,he/ she would have loughs at as and see us as stupid generation for not rising up the rocks with all today’s technology that we have now. Ofcource, he/she would rise it up with their secret old miracle to make us fell stupid.
Nigeria and Ghana are now a head of when it comes to space exploration but we are as said one step to it. I am sure those human right, environmentalist ,ICC or any one of western colonial modern missioners will shout as usual and protest abou this Ethiopia space exploration in their media.

10/19/13 @ 05:29
Comment from: Eyasu [Visitor]

How can you trust the Muslims Like
you “Gragne Ahmed’ the Somali Muslims,the Suadi,the Quataris,afgan
Egyptians,and the pakis most of these people are mentaly disturbed
need serious rehab,As long as Muslims have people like you speak about Islam 24/7 we will have terrorism all the time,you are not able to be educated because you are thinking 24/7 about killing maiming
destroying blowing up shooting all
the SATANIC acts are your home work.
and all this in the name of ALAH and
the Quran.How many muslim children are in MADRASSA.These children are recruited to be your foot soldiers tomorrow, and yet your stinky brain
like your stinky brothers Somali they are for convenience Canadian U.S. Europian citizens but inside them are all alqaida brothers and sisters the sons and daughters of SATAN.

10/19/13 @ 06:16
Comment from: Faysal [Visitor]

@Gragn Ahmed,
Are you really telling us that Ethiopia should stop trying to advance it’s economy, eradicate poverty and introduce science, just because it might make look other muslim countries uncivilised?
Let me tell you a secret: Had it not been for western (including Jewish scientists) technology, Saudi Arabia and all these Wahabist morons would not be able to extract, refine, transport and sell the oil under their feet.
By the way, I fully support your call for a 100% muslim country to be represented in the UN security council. We have Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen and Saudi Arabia to choose from. (End of sarcasm, for humor is not a virtue salafists are known for…)

10/19/13 @ 07:33
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed,

How do you feel when you hear progress, civilization, science, peace, unity and especially the Moon is now becoming teh walking and playing ground to teh scientists.

Paradise that you muslims are killing yourslelf inb order to kill innocent people in a way after death you mill get 72 Virgins in heavern is now becoming teh walking and play ground of teh none Muslims.

So, how are you feeling when none muslims are walking and jumping on your moon and teh space you think Paradise is there is now under teh telescope and miscrocope finding no 72 virgins and dead muslims but new world?

As far as teh african space agency concern, it is Ethiopia teh best location as teh country is in teh middle of teh continent and also earth and holds about 82% of Africans higlanbd and is green and windly with clean sky.

So, there is not only teh Ethgiopian and african but also world space agency location in Ethiopia in teh future.

Dedeb Didsaporas that are worthless are still thinking teh way how that silly tamagn thinks about Ethiopia? KKKKK.

10/19/13 @ 09:00
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Very much curios how the criminal and anti development, peace and unity in Africa which are the English Journalists/Medias such as BBC, Guardian, Reuters and the likes and their collaborators in USA including CNN, NYT. Washington post and the likes weather they would cover this news as it is or not.

Because they miss no what so ever any single negative and bad stories and events about Ethiopia which they are covering making it even worse that it is.

But the good ones are always ignored by them because they are hated by them and are against the principle and work they have towards Ethiopia which is intentionally and with lies damaging the country image and undermining Ethiopians for many years now.

Let these criminals go to hell. The world is dramatically changed far away from them. They are in desperate situation and they will never find their way in the 21-century media and Journalism with the English establishments journalism school of doctrine based on slavery, colonization and all the crimes they have committed against the world including the aboriginals in Australia not long ago.

10/19/13 @ 09:11
Comment from: [Member]

It is really a crazy people’s club.
For our nation, at this time I would rather buy a bunch of tractors and have them given to the local farmers on a rent basis.
That way it can be used throughout a larger area of the country.

Mr. Alamoudin we need farm production than “star-gazing”

10/19/13 @ 09:37
Comment from: dzewed [Visitor]

please..First start opning the door to better comunication with telphone and internet to the growing need of the people.

10/19/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: Tarid [Visitor]

I am now coming from 6 month stay in addis. During my long vacation I observed that Ethiopia and its people are moving at light speed.Many people in Addis think as Ethiopia has bright future. But some people in this forum are too much detached from real world.

10/19/13 @ 10:49
Comment from: Gagn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gagn Ahmed

I am not opposed to Science. I hate the competition like Middle East. Unless regulated it will not bring us stability while most of our people are suffering from malnutrition. If this development excludes the Muslims of Ethiopia it will not be development. If Ethiopia is developing at the expense of Egypt that is not developing. I am for Ethiopia’s development. But look at what HD is saying , no more protest on streets of Addis. Why>? is this going to make us stable while Wayane is the 100 per cent decider? Why I do not see the religion of Muslims and Othodox respected by makxists Wayanes?

10/19/13 @ 10:57
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs keep on your stupid fairytales for yourself .Where the hell are you supposing being ,
Baykonur ,Cap Kennedy or Kuru .You are simply in Ethiopia ,where 99% of the peoples are starving .Give to the peoples its daily meals and proper lives that he deserved to have .And after then we can talk of the other issues .As said our dear elders :"Metlebsew yelat ,metekenanebew amarat"…LOL !!!!!

10/19/13 @ 13:31
Comment from: ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

Gragn Ahmed instigates a discussion that attack Muslims sometimes. I don’t know why he sees the world in black and white like you guys. May be because he is from the north Amhara tribe.

The world is very complicated places. Ethiopia is not a Christian country either. Desmond Tutu said god is not Christian either.

Amharas and Tigries still live in feudal time mentality. They are sick, malnourished and retarded people. That’s why you can not see things in the way others sees it.
You mention moon, 72 virgins, science, etc. The world for you guys is like a cave in your Amhara zone. You see dark world, hate, lie about others.
Get out of this brain drainage mentality of dark age.

The world is going to be faithless according to many researches report.
Gragn stop consipracy theory of Christinization.
Majority Europeans do not go to church and most of them have athiet mentality.
In America 20% are athiests

What surprise me the most is Amharas do not know anything about their Maskel, Kulubie Gabriel, Ado Kaberi religion and yet always try to insut the population who is 100 fold greater than theirs.
What do you know about 72 virgins. I know your traditional wizard book never mentioned it.

If what you said were right then 1.5 billion Muslims will kill innocent civilian people to get 72 vigins. Wow. All Muslims are stupid and idiots like not you.
Is this what Koran teaches Muslims or you just want make fun out of envy, hate, or what?

Please read about those 72 virgins description from scholars and then you will become a rational starving Amhara who now recovering.

I watched a Youtube on this subject and the scholars were Christian and Jew convertees elaborating on this 72 virgins.
I know Amharas love! alcohol, woman whether somebody’s wife or street woman.
I am sad and feel sympathy for you guys missing this 72 virgin verse in your feudal demented, invented, updated, twisted, mauplated fake book.

10/19/13 @ 14:20

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