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Comment from: Dynamite [Visitor]

You may bring back the few hundred people from saudi. But more people leave on a daily basis from Ethiopia because lack of opportunity and bad governance. Solve the push factor from the source than merely dealing with the symptoms here and there.

11/09/13 @ 13:23
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
1 stars

Ato Dinah ,where are then the EAL planes sent to Jeddah and Ryad to repatriate our poor sisters and brothers than your usual lies and Empty propagandas .If you are really concerned with the fate of these men and women suffering in Arab Countries ,time to take care of these so called Agencies ,a bunch of Criminals surviving on Human Smuggling and New Slavery Busines .And time to denounce those who are protecting them . Which you would never dare to do so ,knowing perfectly who the hell are these evil guys . And specially the links they have established with your Bandit masters .

11/09/13 @ 13:58
Comment from: [Member]

Saudie Arabians’ brutality and barbaric behaviour towards foriegn workers is well known. Labor laws are unheard of in Saudie Arabia. I am very mad at our fellow Ethiopians who are getting rich at the cost oft their own fellow Ethiopians taking the little money they have to smuggle them out of Ethiopia to Saudie Arabia. I find it very cruel from the part of Ethiopian smugglers smuggling their own brothers and sisters knowing exactly that they are going to be treated like slaves. It is the order of the day formy fellow brothers and sisters to be beaten and sexually abused by the Saudie Arbian employers. Saudi Arabia is a very good friend of America. What I do not understand is how America and Americans who I believe stand for freedom tolerate this barbaric behaviour of Saudie Arabians.

11/09/13 @ 14:35
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

I pray to God one day all these Ethiopians suffering in the hands of Arabs Will come home and live with the dignity they deserve. Soon Ethiopia will be capable of feeding her children, no more SIGDET.

11/09/13 @ 17:45
Comment from: Ariti [Visitor]

Most of those people that did not leave the country during the Amnesty Period were victims of internal displacement while they were in Ethiopia. The rapid economic development in Ethiopia, has flourished. And yet, in spite of this growing stability, numerous Ethiopians remain displaced within the country . The solution is providing makeshift camps .

11/09/13 @ 18:13
Comment from: Yohannes [Visitor]  
1 stars

It is not fare to kill an immigrants or human being,Habesha is the people who had accepted prophet Mohammed ’s people & give them the place to live & the place to worship Allah ! I think it is better to read Mohammed’s word at holy Quran before you kill habesha!!!

11/09/13 @ 21:24
Comment from: yehuna [Visitor]

Dear all,
I saw videos and pictures of Ethiopians bitten and killed like they are not nothing. I could not sleep and eat. I felt very very small. The Ethiopian government should go out and unequivocally condemn the action of this barbaric people, military personnel, and the Saudi Government who are encouraging this action to my poor brothers who are looking for jobs to better themselves. That is their only crime. They paid dear price all the way to that desert kingdom. The Saudis are trying to make life harder to Ethiopians so that they can sponsor them for nothing. They pay them as they wish. They raped them. Their jealous wives pour hot coffee and tea on their body and faces. Some of our sisters reached their final rope and took their own lives. Some are in Vegetative stage on the streets of Saudi Cities. This is not enough for Saudis they come out in numbers and start playing baseball with my brothers and sister head.
I am going to ask Saudis:
If they think cleaning their house and do all odd jobs for them is a crime?
If they prey to their Allah after they smash heads, pour hot water on their face, and kill poor Ethiopians?
I thought you have to be clean before you start praying. Ha! Yes you are ‘clean’ washing your selves with Ethiopians blood and misery.
Shame! Shame! Shame!. This clearly shows what kind of human beings you are.
Where is that billionaire who made billions out of the earth which gave birth to those Ethiopians ‘living’ in Saudi next to his palace?

“…an Ethiopian has been killed with a police bullet, but we are verifying it,” Dina said….”
Are you series! Is that all you can say about years of misery in Saudi by Ethiopians.

“…Last year, 200,000 women left Ethiopia seeking jobs, according to Ethiopia’s Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs.”
Ethiopian government collected millions in many forms from my brothers and sisters for years. Do not you think they deserve better treatment and service?

Mr. Dina, Countries go to war to protect their citizens irrespective of who they are.

Do something for gods sake.
Take care.

11/09/13 @ 23:24
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Haaaaaa. Peoples smugglers? 200000 women exported like a camel to faulty Arabs by weyannes agency. The head of women trafficking is that Azeb the Devil. No one dare to ask her involvement in this terrible act. Child trafficking, organ selling etc…. You name it ,it s controlled by weyannes .
DINA WAS one of them who smuggled people while he was an Ambassador in Scandinavian/Stockholm. Now, he back in addis consuming daily TIRRAY SEGA raw meat eater like cannibal .

11/10/13 @ 01:29
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

The one thing it bothers me the most is when the Arabs comes to Ethiopia they get treated better than Ethiopians. Sleeping with our womens, investing in our country and etc. We ourselves to be blamed, we sold our dignity & soul for $$$$.

11/10/13 @ 09:45
Comment from: kitcho [Visitor]

For intensive purposes, to begin with these people, their country have rejected and did not want. Hence it is that they best of burden have to illegally migrate to a muslim Arab countries to become salves Fact is despite the fact the muslim Arabs look or act like human, due to their indoctrination of koran and mohamed strict interpretation of them against any other is that he has labeled none believer as infidels and worthy to be killed and abused. Hence is the way they are treating these illegal migrants. If one see about other countries about illegal coming into their countries, they do treat them humanely and try to accommodate them by creating special camp. So one can see as how real human being behaves

On the other hand, I blame these people, as well as the Ethiopian government, for all the misery these people are going through.and putting themselves in such predicament I blame the government for not discriminating warning the would be migrant to these a place of hell Arab countries. In the same token, I blame the migrants to go to a place they do not have any idea to begin with. The fact that the Ethiopia government have sold young girls like slave and some of them end up killing themselves should have bee a testament what life is going to be in these evil countries. Well, what a shameful experience Ethiopian are going through for the first time in Ethiopian history. The implication is that it shows that Ethiopia is a failed state that cannot managed to take care of its own people. But then, the government does kill its own people. Ethiopia is not better than the rest of the failed states in Africa, such as Eritrea, Somalia

11/10/13 @ 13:20
Comment from: Sharif [Visitor]

Most Ethiopians would not have over-stayed the seven month amnesty period as an illegal immigrant if they had the choice of surviving after returning to Ethiopia. They would have took advantage of the Saudi government issued amnesty period . They would not even risk their lives to go to Saudi Arabia to begin with if they knew there was no imminent fear for their life in Ethiopia. They prolonged their life by going to Saudi but as it is same for any human for some that was the end of the road..So far in this month two Ethiopians had been gunned down by police in the streets of Saudi Arabia with hundreds of thousands youths guaranteed to be imprisoned for unspecified time until the Ethiopian government takes action and repatriates them back to Ethiopia.The repatriation for many is considered as a death sentence due the socio-economical and political marginalization the unmarried/poor young generation is currently facing in Ethiopia. Some still prefer to stay in the prisons of Saudi rather than to be repatriated eventhough the killing of Ethiopian immigrants is on top of the savage beatings and abuse they are subjected to in the hands of the Saudi barbaric regime. This generation of Ethiopians are going through some difficult time everywhere which can be compared to the time Ethiopians went through when Italians used the chemical weapons to attack Ethiopians during their invasion. The generation need to stop relying on anyoneelse but themselves to make it through this difficult time. The irony of the whole situation is if this whole generation looses their life who is going to take over of Ethiopia? The Saudi investors? The land grabbers?

11/10/13 @ 19:24
Comment from: Fellow@nosuffer [Visitor]

I believe if we discuss the reality based on facts, we can do far better rescue efforts. Those allegations - alcohol, sexism, homemade violence and others are just cover-ups for the insanity being committed. The bottom line is that the Saudi citizens and government are vitally scared of competitions believing employment and other opportunities are being taken away. I believe that the government itself and the employers are hypocrite when taking this action knowing that these victims are hardworking and productive. In addition, the government spread this loss of opportunity to its local Saudi citizens including law enforcement forces, unemployed youth and small business owners leading to primary motivation to act with violence against Ethiopians. I hope this scenario will stop and needs with opportunity resumes. But, for now, our peoples are suffering and in need of rescue effort.
There could be many approaches of rescuing our fellows. The primary approach could have been diplomatic effort between the two governments, which we don’t see it, except political consumption and gains. Ethiopian leaders were declaring about stopping immigration visas where as it was the hosting government, mainly Saudi’s, halting it before Prime Minister Mr. Desalegne claimed it in parliament. For Mr. Prime Minister, it was political goal to announce halting visa as a solution before Ethiopian citizens know what is happening now. But, He failed to take tangible diplomatic negotiation to stop violence and pave ways of peaceful and safe returns of our fellows. Here, we are talking about tens of thousands of victims, who were contributing to Ethiopia’s economy. So, efforts should have been include pushing Saudi government to ease suffering, lay down temporary waiting means, special transportation facilities, and so on.
We, the friends of the victims, should also think carefully and evaluate our way of opposing this violent process and supporting the victims. For instance, posting traumatizing actions and excessive condemnation against hosting country, Saudi, may not help – rather, it may encourage the Saudis to react more vigorously, promote hatreds. So, let us consider other means such as pushing our careless leaders to take further diplomatic and rescuing steps as I mentioned above; comfort our fellows, and many more positive alternatives, please!

11/12/13 @ 00:18
Comment from: Seattle [Visitor]

The first blame still falls on the so called “GOE". They are one who signed a contract with Saudi government to ship humans to Saudi Arabia as exportable items.
240,000 the last two years alone. They didn’t even negotiate a better contract for migrants like other nations.
When other nations started the repatriations of their citizens months ago where was the “GOE"? Save us your crocodile tears please!

11/12/13 @ 02:32
Comment from: Let's unite !! [Visitor]  
Let's unite !!
4 stars

Pls lets throw away out differences in times like this . We are beaten like a dog , disrespected like a rat. We are born to be human, stop blaming each other and let’s take our voices to the White House and Saudi embassy.
Let them know who we are, and what they r doing is their stupidity and illiteracy!!!
We need to be ready to take action in any form we can.
So pls pls let’s unite and blame the suadies ediots!!!!!

11/12/13 @ 16:49
Comment from: [Member]

Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia

The heinous crimes committed by Ethiopian migrants in Saudi Arabia are widespread. They violate every law in the book. Yet, when security forces apprehend them, they scream and shout, claiming that they are innocent, as if the authority is only out to get these people. This is a mind-boggling predicament that defies human sensibility.

It is well known all over the world that Saudi people and government alike view foreigners from Third World countries (Islamic and others), as equal human beings and should be treated according to Islamic egalitarian principles, so all are on equal footing legally and socially.

This explains why Saudi Arabia is the most attractive place on earth for migrant workers. They know that they can live peacefully and raise their children in a safe environment where their rights are protected, as if they were living in their own home country.

In the spirit of tolerance and goodwill, most Saudis condone the law violations and breaches of local customs and traditions by most foreigners, including Ethiopian Africans, in the hope that they may have a change of thought and heart, as they adapt to civil human Saudi society. But that only emboldened them farther, acceding phathomable and acceptable behaviors, principally these violent Ethiopians.

This behavioral disposition is not only exclusive to African Ethiopians, but also other foreigners, even some Muslims – whatever their nationality might be. They perceive Saudis as non-Muslims as same as Kafer (infidel), because of their strong ties with the West. So, their physical being, property, women and children are fair play, and they can do whatever they are pleased to do with them. Naturally, Ethiopians will not be inclined to hold different views with respect to Saudis.

Moreover, the aforementioned Saudi Islamic and tribal egalitarian principles are not enshrined in most of the Third World’s cultures, which are by and large are based on social hierarchy, like the social cast system and the economic agrarian feudal system.

People belonging to this backward world are strongly convinced that they do not deserve this equal treatment accorded to them by Saudis. As a result, they look down upon Saudis and view them as dumb and stupid for awarding them something that they are not worthy of having, and hence it is perfectly all right to murder them, rob them, and sexually abuse their women and children.

That view is particularly evident in the behavior of Ethiopians, who suffers racial discrimination in most societies, except Saudi Arabia. The reason for welcoming and embracing Ethiopians in Saudi Arabia is due to religious historical events.

Specifically because their country more than 1435 years ago had welcomed the companions of Prophet Mohammad, and Saudis still hold for them this positive gesture to date. Unlike Ethiopians who are welcomed by Saudis, early Muslims were respecting of the local laws, as well as local norms and traditions, and of course, they were civil and respectful.

At last, when the government decided to crackdown on Ethiopians’ illegal activities and protects the society from their fatal crimes, they all of a sudden had a severe attack of amnesia and loss of sensibility.

Paradoxically, Saudis have become law violators, criminal murderers, thieves, rapist, child molesters, and even animals !!!!

Indeed, this is an evil twisted logic, which gives good reason for correcting their illegal status by immediate deportation. A move that should protect Saudi civil society from the violence of theses Ethiopians.

11/14/13 @ 01:58

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