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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Warning ! Warning!

This is the silence genocide carried by USA to destroy the Amhara pure race from planet earth. This is the modern USA policy to kill Amhara orthodox population as nazi Germany did to Jews population. This is the Devil Obama secret policy associated with this new protestant/Johova/pinti PRIMINSTER. This is a conspirator to kill slowly the Amhara population. I warn all Amhara population and others NOT TO EAT THESE ANIMALS THAT ARE BEEN TREATED BY GEN MANIPULATED western medicine. Look at those American who consumed these kind of animals and become SO FAT LIKE ELEPHANTS. THIS IS A SECRET CAMPAIGN to make Amhara population to be like pigs just like those FAT American. Be aware of this secret killing cross breeding. DO EVERYTHING TO STOP THIS MADNESS.

Any one who eat this animals meat or drink their milk will turn to VERY FAT PIGS IN MATTER OF MONTHS. HEART DISEASE at the age of 17-20. Kidney failure, most of all, you can not stand because of you are OVER WEIGHT. stop this madness at once.

11/26/13 @ 02:55
Comment from: gunzza [Visitor]

“I have the experience in keeping Ethiopian indigenous cows. They give a small amount of milk. I am expecting to get more milk from the cow that I received today.”

heifer v)s indigenous?? small is beautiful,
the big cows (big women /champion heavy weight) LOL as call them over here,cost more to look after.
quality vs quantity? can we not buy chinese ones at lower price that come with funny name?

11/26/13 @ 05:00
Comment from: Kimbibit [Visitor]
5 stars

I love this protect. This is way to help. This project should be in Sheno sourh of Chacha too. Sheno is known for quality qibe (butter) and milk. It is only 30 km away.

11/26/13 @ 05:31
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

We think the New/Current USA ambassador who is a female is going to change the old and didn’t work one and will bring the new and best diplomatic and economic relation between Ethiopia and USA.

She is there for few months, but she has done lots of good things benefiting the people directly and really.

Ethiopia doesn’t need political interference or other things that are not part of the Ethiopian history, culture, tradition or way of Life. But practical benefits like this one. Ethiopia is not desert, hot or cold other nations are suffering from. But the best place easily and quickly can be developed. Ethiopia is the best place the living can have and make the best living because of the best weather she has throughout the years and location where day and night hours are divided equally which is almost 12 hours sun rise and 12 hours sun set all the time.

So, the new USA Ambassador is doing the best. She already got the deepest heart and mined what Ethiopia wants from USA and other nations that are pretending to help but with wrong approach and negative results.

God Bless you Madam Ambassador. Continue doing improving the farmer’s life assisting them with modern and productive machines and animals and better skills. This is more than any paper money or food item aid. The Ethiopian farmers and people must be self sufficient this way. So, stop giving them aid to wear, eat or drink, assist them with the things that would free them from aid independency.

Remember; Ethiopia is green, water rich, fertile soil, nice weather and after all ancient and hard working people. If you assist them with aids that would make them develop, you will see the remarkable result within one or two seasons. The aid games must stop.

11/26/13 @ 05:53
Comment from: Bichinchiru [Visitor]

C’est moi senait [Visitor] : ” This is the silence genocide carried by USA to destroy the Amhara pure race from planet earth…. “

If those of your claims are proven true then we will have a very peaceful nation without you.

11/26/13 @ 09:33
Comment from: albaasuu [Visitor]

The paranoied old senait:

You need someone to wake you out of your scary nightmares. Stop using hallucinogenic drugs. I heard that you chew khat and smoke weed. They are very, very bad for you. Do you think Americans have something against the poor Amharas?? If they wated to kill these poor people, the American wheat that your people have been eating since the 70’s could have eradicated them. I am sure you were raised on the American wheat too. You are just an ungrateful hypocrite. Ajuza!

11/26/13 @ 11:32
Comment from: Tesh [Visitor]

“five selected household dairy farmers “
why is this a big news? Five cows for five families? LOL

11/26/13 @ 11:33
Comment from: mesfin_b [Visitor]

A word to the wise!
The sinister program carried by the neoconsevatists ala rightwing republicans to control third world population is funded by the wolf-in-sheep-skin Billgates.
He had been campaining all over the planet in the name disease eradication better food producition, to spread GMOs. I may not specifically say like C’est moi senait but beware of the socalled U.S.A agricultural Aid.
Antibiotic laced fodder fed cattle of the U.S herds are no good to be bred for future husbandry.
Any genetically modified seed as well as animal has enormous health threats than its usage as food consumption.

11/26/13 @ 13:18
Comment from: [Member]

To Senait, Namesake to my mother. Five cows do not kill the Amahara people. Please take it easy. I know you hate President Obama from your previous comments. He has no reason to kill Amaharas.
What surprises me is that five cows became news.

11/26/13 @ 13:19
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

What did you do to help out your own people? Five cows makes a big difference to the life of five families.

11/26/13 @ 13:36
Comment from: [Member]
menilik wesenachwe

Project Mercy, what a name. Since when are the greedy corpotocracy sevents, namely the U.S govt. benovelent. They only assist, when there is somenthing in it for them. Example, Eth. is an ally on the so called war on terror, Egypt received military (presently suspended) and economic aid in billions to be nice to Israel etc. The food they ship to the hungry the world over, is to subsidize the U.S. farmers agricultural surplus which they can not sell in the local market. Long live the poor.

11/26/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

I have no word for those of you chiggarams kimmalam weyannes who grew up with left over food from USAIDS ,oxfam etc, in that dusty flee infested camps in late 80s. My advice goes to all pure God children’s of Amhara population. A selected unique tribe of God. Since you are a kuttarram generation with bastards parents we have no place for you in future Ethiopia.

11/26/13 @ 14:06
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Chertcharaw ,what do you know about GENOCIDE and Ethnic Cleansing .You stink more a Mein Kempf Whorshiper !!!!

11/26/13 @ 14:09
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Alebabsewbyarsu ,who told you that Amhara Peoples were raised with American Wheat.
Wasn’t it in your own Northern Desperate Rocky land
that American and Western donators had
shiped and even todatl shiping food because of Famine still affecting the area .

11/26/13 @ 14:16
Comment from: berta [Visitor]

Two ppl who lost their mind and useless
C’est moi senait  and Bichinchiru

11/26/13 @ 18:26

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