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Comment from: [Member]

“The main question facing us Ethiopians, is where do we go from here? Whenever I am faced with difficult challenges, challenges that could potentially be of existential significance, the first question I ask is what would the average Ethiopian peasant do under such circumstances? I ask this question not for sentimental reasons but because I know of no other Ethiopians who are better masters of the art of overcoming existential challenges. Murderous foreign and local wars have taken place in this country. The peasant bore the brunt of each one of them, but always came out on top. Governments of all colours have come and gone, the hardy old peasant has outlived them all. Horrific famines of biblical proportions have come and gone, the peasant has survived them all. Hence, there is no greater sage to consult on such matters. So once again what would your average Ethiopian peasant do? Having lived with him/her for some 17 years I think I know.┬áThe peasant hates injustice like no other abomination. You can therefore bet your life that plan A of the peasant in such circumstances would be to fight the injustice tooth and nail, with no holds barred, with the view to correcting the injustices. But your average peasant would not be the sage of facing existential challenges if he/she only had one plan. Again you can bet your life that there would at least be a plan B just in case the perpetrator of the injustice was able to get away with murder.┬áPlan B would start with strengthening the peasants fortress, his/her homestead, so that it can withstand the possible temper tantrums of the spurned perpetrator of the injustice. Having done that, the peasant would plan to treat his/her tormentor with the disdain and contempt he/she deserves and move on with his/her eternal struggle to keep body and soul together. I believe we can do no less or no better than that. As our brothers the Southern African freedom fighters used to say, in Portuguese, La Lutta Continua! the struggle for a prosperous and democratic Ethiopia must and will go on despite the challenges. We in the EPRDF have faced off many more serious challenges. We must face this one with the same unflinching commitment to principles and justice. We cannot and must not falter in the face of this or other, even more formidable challenges in the future.”
PM Meles Zenawi,…

Yes, this issue between the people of Ethiopia and Eritrea is a very challenging and decisive moment to the future of both. But, Ethiopian govt must not allow the shabian regime to take advantage of our diplomatic gesture.

12/08/13 @ 21:25
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

“The fall-out between the former brothers-in-arms initiated a two-year-long border war in 1998, which claimed around 100,000 causalities, cost billions of dollars, and continues to serve as the main source of regional instability in the Horn of Africa.”

Indeed the one time enemy of Ethiopia, Meles, who was a former brother-in-arm and a foot soldier of Isaias Afewerki. His policies during his entire years as a self appointed prime minister reflective of his background. We are now lift with incompetent prime minister and looting organization like EFFORT with deep rooted hatred towards Ethiopia that must be brought to a swift justice.

12/08/13 @ 21:29
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]


WTF are you takling about? The time of the idiotic, so called Marxist Leninist peasant this peasant that shitty propaganda era is dead and burried. You are one dumbfak woyane.. as was your rotting leader Zenawi, the shit head who agreed to abide by the Algiers and then.. saw what a blunder it was to pull out the victorious army before it hit the mark, then calling the UN in. Your Eprdf/Tplf shit will pay for its evil against Ethiopia. Tplf is responsible for a never ending conflict with the province.. and Somalia.. so fak your nonsensical plan A..B.. shit.

Mark my words again… there will never be an eritrean leadership that will seek peace with Ethiopia. No matter what you faks do, nothing will change when it comes to the province you helped secede. Furthermore, all these refugees you allow in to the country will only bite the hand that feeds them.

Again, get out of the 1970’s dickwad.. Marxism/Leninism does not live here in the 21st.

12/08/13 @ 23:06
Comment from: Eri-Bekentu [Visitor]

Ethio-Eritrea issue is a little deeper than two individuals falling-out…It is a generational issue that needs generational solution in a sense that it is about people who were once one but psychologically divided since colonial experience by Eritreans. Hence it is unlikely that such kind of problem would have a technical solution such as border demarcation since one side would always want to prove supremacy over the other or refuse to bow to the other..specially Eritrians who forged their identity out of a distorted idea of who they are will always find it difficult to accept the bitter reality that came with “independence"..eritrea is simply too small and inferior to Ethiopia and accepting the reality may be the only saving grace for the increasingly diminishing Eritrean ego.

12/09/13 @ 00:09
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Here comes Addis weyannes shifta who was once a shabia solder pretending to be an Ethiopia, the question is who are these 100000 shabas ? A future back-stabber waiting to bleed us as their parents did in the past. Do you think Addis your cousin will treat us the same in Asmara?

12/09/13 @ 00:21
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Addis Zemen

Woyane will make a deal and give away anything to stay in power.Besides more than half of the current TPLF leaders are of Tigraian origion so I am not surprised if a deal has been struck.
When Kjtil Tronvoll, an intelecual whore who was a supporter of OLF,writes in partnership with one woyane I have no doubt a deal has been made to give away badme-not that I give a hoot,but why now?Kjtil has never been an advocate of free press-nor is he an expert of Ethiopia as he would like us to believe.I was at the seminar he aranged a few monthes ago and was not enlightened by his knowledge of my country.

12/09/13 @ 00:36
Comment from: [Member]

Ethioman the confused drunkard dergue maggott,…

Take it easy dude, no matter who is in power in that tiny land, Ethiopia is the one calling the shots.

12/09/13 @ 00:38
Comment from: Gemech [Visitor]

No matter what you think of Shabia they will Never…..Never…..be Ethiopia’s friend. There is something wrong with them. Even if Ethiopia gives them everything they want, mountain of gold they will happily take it and stub us in the back. Mark my word. We can normalize relation and keep them at arms length but one day it sure they will get to us. IT IS LIKE SLEEPING WITH AN ENEMY, A VERY POTENT ONE. People be aware, don’t get fooled again.

12/09/13 @ 02:00
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Ethiopia never had strong and brilliant leader like Meles . He is loved by most Ethiopians except Amhara elite as they are supporter of the old one ppl,one language system

12/09/13 @ 02:44
Comment from: HK [Visitor]

ኤርትራ = አርትራ

12/09/13 @ 03:29
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agazi Bandits more than ever aware of the Issues are running here and there to save their dying evil regime .They beg their Shabi
former bossesto return back Bademe including by furnishing each year for Free Electric Power ,they give Ethiopian Lands to Sudan ,finally even trying to approach opposition groups to avoid from facing the realities .Which certainly be Fatal for them .

12/09/13 @ 04:26
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

Delusional AZ is at it again. What in God’s name are you talking about? Read your comment and see if you can make the head and the tail of it.

You are wasting everybody’s time posting your senseless comment first as if doing so make you feel important and sh$t. You are one expendable cyber cadre who probably read beyond your, intelligence which is at par with 3rd grader, & find yourself in a state of confusion.

12/09/13 @ 07:11
Comment from: [Member]

Ethioman the confused drunkard dergue and feudal maggott,…

Btw, the above message from PM Meles Zenawi is an inscription of guidance to all Ethiopians, which will live on with his legacy.
Meanwhile, whenever you losers dergue and feudal remnants hear it, it will reminds you of your centuries old failure. You can’t stand that burning sensation which torments you inside out. That’s why you jumped out of your closet with your usual empty bravado, zeraff zeraff, yazugne likekugne!

12/09/13 @ 07:14
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

“Ethiopia and Eritrea: Brothers at war no more”

This is a lie. Ethiopia is not at war with anyone but against poverty, backwardness and environmental degradation. If Eritrea thinks that way, it is her way own matter. 90 million Ethiopians don’t care what that little Eritrea with 4 million sanctioned and herd Eritreans under one terrorist Tigrigna rule.

If Eritrea is at war that has to be the Terrorist Banda Tigrigna sold out tags, not the rest of Eritrea.

Eritrean afars never ever wanted to be part of the Tigrigna Banda illegally created Eritrea working for the agenda the long time Ethiopians enemies that are the Arabs.
The world also know a small and far away country like Norway dirty games for so long to the matters Always looking the separatists in Africa and Asia including Tamil Tigers to wage wars in the name of independent. We know what kind role Norway and also Sweden along side with the English played in the so called Eritrean war of independency that affected the two brother and sister people by the outsiders that have own ideology and agenda including motivated by race.

The name Eritrea which is an Italian word for red sea came in Picture in 1902 after the English gave matsawa to Italy and supported Italy to affect the rest of Bahire Negash (now Eritrea) and the rest of Ethiopia having base in Matsawa. The Adwa and other wars are the result of this poison intentionally Planted by the English; coming between one people have more than 3000 years registered history and the racists are acting as if they do care about Eritreans other than their brothers i.e. Ethiopians.

However, Tigre in Eritrea that is the majority ethnic group and their language is much closer to Amharic, Kunama, Saho that are part of Erob in Ethiopia, Afars that are looking to reunite with the afars in Ethiopia just waiting Issayas(Tigrigna Banda) to die, Liben, Nara and others including Beja and rashida are not to be blamed for what happened to Ethiopia because Eritrea. The responsible are the Tigrigna that are banda.

What people also must know is that there is a big difference between Seraye, Hamasien and akale Guzay even within Tigrigna. .

Be clear, Ethiopia is not at war with anyone let alone Eritrea; a barren and burning hot land totally ruined by a 50 years terrorist long mentally unstable and old Banda Issayas. Little Eritrea has more than 9 Ethnic groups. So, the Tigrigna bandas that are the enemy of Ethiopia don’t represent about what is going on in and about Eritrea.

Ethiopia is happy watching these Banda terrorists situation. 90 million Ethiopians cannot and will not have any war or conflict with a one man show Eritrea where few Banda Tigrigna are taking the nation under their ownership and taking her towards failed state and the end of the Tigrigna era. Be sure, they will come to Ethiopia a country they are responsible what happened to her for so long because of Eritrea.

Let this Norway citizen and the other one talk what they want. We know what kind policy and knowledge Norway had about Eritrea and Ethiopia. This far away cold little region called Norway need to go hell. No one forgets what they did with so called separatists in Ethiopia and elsewhere using the oil money. Sweden is also part of it. That is why those two terrorists and spy Swedish citizens inter to Ethiopia illegally through Kenya in the name of journalists to hide their true color while working for the terrorists and they have been caught and imprisoned in Ethiopia.

12/09/13 @ 09:06
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Both Isayas Afewerki and Meles Zenawi are Eritreans. But the similarity stops over there. Isayas Afewerki, is thr grand son of one of Ethiopia’s grand patriots Ras Hagos. His uncle and many in his family served Ethiopia under The Emperor. They never hated Ethiopia, rather some among them believed in the separation of Eritrea. On the other hand, Meles Zenawi comes from a long breed of a banda family. His grand father Asres was an Italian “Dejazmacth” who terrorized the patriots in Tigray during Mussolini’s occupation. Meles hates Ethiopia, her past glorious free history, made very clear on the interview he gave to his CIA mentor at the time he came to power in Ethiopia, the Shewa Amara thing. He has deliberately brought back Mussolini’s ethnic bantustan upon the Ethiopian people. Every chance he got he has insulted degraded and humiliated Ethiopians. Both Isayas’s EPLF and Meles’s TPLF are secessionist organizations. The only difference EPLF never lied. They were for the secession of Eritrea. They achieved that and they stayed in their land. If that is good or bad, that is for the Eritreans to decide. But they did not take one inch of land from Wello, Tigray, Semien, or Begemeder. They never lied. During the Badame war, they went to court and they won, as simple as that. On the contrary, TPLF in name was for the secession of Tigray. But it also bore this expansionist dream knowing well he can not stand on his feet by himslef. A third of Gondar/Semien, a fifth of Wello was robbed blind like a foreign occupier. The dream of Assab port for Tigray never materialized. Not only that, this vicious, racist, divisive organization has been occupying the rest of Ethiopia for twety two years. It has hold on to powert by constant ethnic division, lies, threats, intimidations, and whole sale murder of Ethiopians. Its economic conglomerate EFFORT controls and sucks half of Ethiopia’s wealth.

I as a Shewan believe that Eritreans are our brothers. They will always be so no matter what. They have always been there for Ethiopia in her times of need. How can one forget Lorenzo Teaazaz, and Ephrem Tewolde Medhin, who helped her gain her independence back. Of Abraha Deboch and Zerai, who paid the ultimate price for Ethiopia, whcih they never did for Eritrea. How about Aqua Seleba, who saw the gathering storms of Mussolini, walked all the way to Addis and told the Emperor in detail what was cooking for Ethiopia? He gathered hundreds of Ethiopians trained them at Janhoy meda and they fought at the battle of Maychew. We have never asked them for a green card, as we considered them our own. They were ministers, ambassadors, generals and more. Out of 18 three star generals during Imperial times, four were Eritreans.
Therefore, I humbly suggest we should remove Meles’d bones from Sellasie Cathedral. That is only reserved for patriots and Ethiopians. Send him to Roma where he belongs. Let his soul rest in peace. He is turning night and day knowing he was sucked in by what he thought he changed. You spoke Amharic night and day, and you were buried among a thousand “neftegna". But they are all crying out, “no neftam neftegna” here only “neftegnas", lol.

12/09/13 @ 09:45

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