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Comment from: Axumawit [Visitor]

Teff is available at whole food stores.Gradually,it will be known as Mexican tortilla.My cousin in Washington DC enjoys addis Injera on a daily basis thanks to Ethiopian Air Lines.

01/23/14 @ 19:42
Comment from: Amora [Visitor]

What they don’t tell you is that while eating of teff alone is perfect food, given if freshly cultivated and prepared. What the Ethiopian restaurants here in Washington DC area are doing is serving food that is dangerous to your health (engjera) that is extremely high in calories, excess gluten, non inspected, and 99% flower. The majority of Ethiopians here in the western countries are obesity, unfortunately venerable for all kind of disease because how many of us do exercise on daily bases? While eating teff alone can be healthier, purshanding ENJERA from the stores is unhealthy and dangerous to your health. One piece of ejera believes to have over one thousand calories and it will take more than five hours of workout to burn it. Two thousand calories is equal to one pound. So please be careful when you consume this kind of food and learn to eat healthy. Also try to avoid meet all together. Some of the store will tell you half teff or all teff, but don’t believe anything they tell you because simply want to sell it to you. Be wise.

01/23/14 @ 20:59
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

Finally everything we have in Ethiopian is becoming expensive in other world. So living in Ethiopia by itself becoming expensive. Our water bringing electric power, our soil stay in Ethiopia so others complain because they can’t get it any more. Our coffee is the best and you can get naturally decaff , our, our, our everything is the best but why is that our people love to go outside Ethiopia and most of them they don’t like to go back Ethiopia anymore. So what is ” OUR” problem?

01/23/14 @ 21:33
Comment from: new era [Visitor]
new era


Duh. Oppression. People left the country during the derg time because there is no freedom. No freedom of speech, assembly, demonstration, you name it. The same is happening now. You only want to stay in Ethiopia if you are a member of one ethnicity or if you give up all the freedoms GOD gave you.

01/24/14 @ 01:13
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

Who is pocketing by looting the poor farmers? Weyannes are now snatching all teffs from poor farmers mouth and exporting it USA and europe. Our ppl. Will end up like THOSE UGLY FAT AMERICANS by eating unhealthy foods that is now widely spreading all over Ethiopia. Fat burger, fat Chicken etc…..these will be the the 21century new Ethiopian obesity population with all sorts of disease.

01/24/14 @ 02:44
Comment from: Getaw [Visitor]

Who is going to worry about the poor Eth. farmers who produce teff crop Teff abyssinicum) in very difficult and labor intensive practices to get the real price for his hard work? the answer is very easy. NO ONE. But, every body in the business and even the government people they do not care about the farmers hard work and hard life he lead together with his family. Let us think like this , to benefit the farmers first, and mot the restaurant owners, the government people and the companies who run to make more profit with this very fine xommodity just like our black gold .Coffee ( Coffea abyssinica)

01/24/14 @ 09:42
Comment from: ENDASHAW [Visitor]

ATO AMORA ምግብ ቤት ከፍተህ የከሰረክ እና ሌሎች ላይ ቀንተህ ሰው እንጀራ እንዳይበላ እና እንደ አንተ እንዲከስሩ እንደፈለግክ ያስታውቃል ፍንጥር ያድርገን በእንጀራ ማንም አይጨክንም ተስፋ ቁረጥ

01/24/14 @ 13:52
Comment from: mesfin_b [Visitor]

Teff our national grain is getting acclaim over the west.
Soon it may get recognized in the far east since the chinese are learning how to enjoy ‘Enjera be wet".
The funny thing I remember is that the Hamasens from Eri land use to make fun of teff Enjera when they were colonized by the Italians subsequently brainwashed to the point of hating their own cultural food.
Now who is the laughing the Last laugh !!!

01/24/14 @ 17:31
Comment from: tilahun [Visitor]

I guess he is right;espcially for diabetics , the enjera is full of carbs and can raise once sugar levels.

01/24/14 @ 17:59
Comment from: Bichinchiru [Visitor]

Food is not a big deal in western world,even a very poor man eats at least three times a day.But in Ethiopia still most people will go to bed hungry due to lack of food.I strongly oppose the export of teff,injera,vegetables and meat products until the local demands fulfilled.The Ethiopian government should ban the export of those items.SAY NO TO ETHIOPIAN FOOD EXPORT!

01/25/14 @ 06:18
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

First Ethiopia should seek a Patent on the Teff Grain and others.
Do it before MONSANTO does. MONSANTO slowly is gaining patents on well known grains like Basmati rice from India. They want to control the food chain.
Let’s beware also of DNA twiked foods. They say the Culprit of Brazil having so many gays was the DNA altered food.

01/25/14 @ 13:33
Comment from: mesfin_b [Visitor]

የ ማኛ ጤፍ እንጀራ በ ጥሩ ቀይ ዶሮ ወጥ ወይንም ቀይ የበግ ወጥ ጋራ አይ ሲጣፍጥ !!!

01/25/14 @ 15:57
Comment from: Axumawit [Visitor]

“The name Teff is derived from the Amhraic word “Teffa”, which means “lost”, highlighting the minute size of the grain.”

“Royco International is one of the main distributors of teff in North and South America, as well as in Australia, New Zealand and some parts of Asia. The company introduces teff as an exciting alternative to flour in pancakes, snacks, breads, cereals and many other products, especially those created for the gluten-free market.”

“But many observers say this grain may be the next top earning export for Ethiopia and Eritrea in the coming years.”

Zegabi January 24,2014

Any attempt to Eradicate Poverty is welcomed.I hope Ethiopian Entrepreuners will introduce the country`s sources to the market as possible as they can.

01/25/14 @ 16:27
Comment from: Amora [Visitor]

Where in the World do you see teff being exported from Eritrean? do they even have any food to eat, let alone export? They can’t even change their own government, look how the Arabs fight, never afraid of die, Eritreans are just usy, can’t even change their own oppressive regime, that is pathetic. Instead they are waiting Ethiopia to do it for them, not in million years to why an Ethiopian has to die for other cause. It is their fight and let them do it or go worldwide being refuge status.

01/26/14 @ 00:15
Comment from: Tabor [Visitor]

The report hails how nutritious Teff is and rich with some essential minerals.

What it does not touch upon is the fact nowadays it is almost the upper class that can afford Teff as a food. What is the price of a Quintal of Teff? Perhaps 400 Birr or more? One egg = Three Birr, and one Kilo of Butter = 50 Birr. One Kilo of Beef = 60 Birr? A live 50 kg sheep = three thousand Birr?

Can the mass afford that? The former middle class has been reduced to Shiro and Gomen Consumer.

Let us talk about poverty and hunger prevailing in Ethiopia instead.

01/26/14 @ 00:50

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