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Comment from: [Member]

“telatima mingizem telat neww: asqdimo memtat ashokshuakiwun neww!”

The worst enemy thus far is, the bandas who chose to bend over for shabia to satisfy their hatred filled egotistical empty pride, the likes of gimmo7, esat, alemaria ye shabia baria, eliass kiftkit, tamagne kezene, abebe gelebaw, etc..
Eritrea can redeem itself by capturing these bandas, and extraditing them to Ethiopia to face justice.
“When there is no enemy within, the enemies outside cannot hurt you.”
- African proverb
Anyway, there is no need to resuscitate the dying regime of shabia. Rather, it is time to speed up it’s death by pushing it over the cliff where it is hunging on by a thin thread.
There will be no peace and stability what so ever in our region, as long as shabia exists.
Mark my word, shabia’s foot print is all over south sudan’s recent conflict and unrest.
The secret meetings going on between shabia and Egypt now and then as we speak cannot be ignored for what it is worth. And the bottom line is, Ethiopia has come a long way to be where we are, a stable, peaceful, prospering, developmental, and democratic nation of the people, by the people, and for the people.

01/27/14 @ 23:08
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Peace will only come when Shabia and TPLF are eliminated for good!

That is the only way!

01/27/14 @ 23:18
Comment from: lion [Visitor]

Finally a well written article. I can believe he is a professor. Full of information and no trace of hate or anger. Just facts on the ground and some possibilities. It was also, unlike most articles I read, justifiably long. God bless us all.

01/28/14 @ 00:23
Comment from: Amora [Visitor]

The article is very informative, as it stated all option is on the table for Ethiopia. Frail Eritrea is not in the position to pick and chose the fight. The career diplomats were simply writing one sided story, that kind of plan has no place in the minds of any neighbor countries let alone Ethiopians. The burning issue still is how a country so big as Ethiopia live without its own sea outlet? Of all the options that are listed above, I tend to favor the option #4 because it gives both countries face saving value to end the hostilities and let our people live in peace. It is win win situation. In any given time now Ethiopia has better diplomatic opportunities now than before because, economic dictates power politics and just in case option #5 is used, the country is able to withstand any pressure from hostile countries. The bottom line is this, for any peace to be prevailed, Ethiopia must get her natural right of its Sea outlet, no matter in what angle we look at the situation, it will never ever produce any meaningful peace between Ethiopia and Eritreans. The only reason Ethiopians dancing with Eritreans in Washington DC area is that they are providing the opposition with financial support, as soon as the Assab issue is resolved, the dancing with opposition will be finished, they can reunited back with their cuisines across the Mereb River. The righter has suggested all options are available but he more emphasized on the option4. Long live Ethiopia!!

01/28/14 @ 00:57
Comment from: Marco [Visitor]

Ethiopian imperialists like you need to acknowledge that Eritrea is gone for good. Once you do that then there will be goodwill from both sides to continue the fraternal relationship that has been there for centuries. Everyone knows that there is no difference ethnically or culturally between those countries. What brought all the conflict is the idea that Amhara imperialists’ wish to dominate and rule with iron fist. Wake up and smell the coffee my friend and start building bridges rather than harbouring your imperialist wishes.

01/28/14 @ 01:39
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

Here is a win-win scenario:

_ Tigray surrenders the land it has annexed from Gondar and Wollo back to Ethiopia

_ Eritrea surrenders Assab back to Ethiopia

_ Eritrea and Tigray should unite to form Erigray or Tigtrea

01/28/14 @ 01:49
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Fart

Are you calling on your Shabia masters to help you out?

Once a shabia servant always a shabia servant just like your dead migit Meles!

Hey his wife is looting Ethiopia through EFFORT …… the paradox is there is usually no effort when looting!

You will get caught and terminated with Azeb the azaba ho!

01/28/14 @ 02:00
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

The 1991 coup d’état by TPLF & ELF was a movie produced and directed by the Israelis, an orchestrated smooth landing to salvage the non-enemy countries. They had to be involved because they take it upon themselves to act as the region is critical to their existence. They have wider angle view than the Americans even. They know what the Saudis are up to. They are well aware what Sudan, Turkey, Iran and even Pakistan are cooking in these small world days. But most of all, they are aware of Eritrea ’s vulnerability. Our rebellious cousins could be easily swallowed up and become an Arab colony despite Eritrea’s bravado. Based on intelligence, facts and numbers, the Israelis, through the American jews, are acting in self -interest. Their intelligence during the ‘91 transition, on Sudan and about everything is unparralled. Yes, the Israelis would like to get rid of the unwanted Africans in their country and find them a “third African country". But there is much more pressing and dangerous situation at hand : a war between the two countries would tip the balance and Eritrea could be lost. Demography is against once solid Jacobite lands. Self-defeat and decades of stupidity has shifted the reality of life. This is a more plausible version.

01/28/14 @ 02:08
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The only peace you get from shabia is war. Pol pot issayas is born to destroy Ethiopian unity. Ethiopia do not need any thing to do with Shabia. We are better without them. We know them well these blood sucker cancer.
This shimagilles professor think we can live in race with these parasites bandas. I do not what you have been smoking this day since Gaja is legalised in USA ,every one is smoking this thing and think they can bring us peace with a Devil.
I think it s time you CRACKHEADS stop writing here like mad dog.

01/28/14 @ 02:34
Comment from: [Member]

While peace remains the only option available for both countries, the methodology of implementation is an open option. The basic thing is Ethiopia being a landlocked country has nothing to do in the peace leverage.Border demarcation is the priority and the leadership of both countries will decide on the type of relationship they follow and that will include easy access of Ethiopia to the Red sea ports.The sovereignty of Eritrea is sacrosanct.We will not negotiate for a hand full of soil or an inch of land.However, Eritreans are related in many ways to Ethiopians and I think the free and ease access to the Red sea is every Eritreans wish.Short of this is hot air.

01/28/14 @ 03:18
Comment from: daniel [Visitor]  

The TPLF/ Weyane government with out the US assistance is nothing, it is like a headless chicken.

01/28/14 @ 03:28
Comment from: Hadush [Visitor]

Addis Zemen
I did not expect such rude words from self respecting supporter of EPRDF. Nobody knows who you are but your choice of words to insult others reveals much about your state of mind and self worth. Read what you posted again and find out what is wrong with you. You are not a real supporter of EPRDF.

01/28/14 @ 04:43
Comment from: Mulugeta Hagos [Visitor]
Mulugeta Hagos

A brave Ethiopian who doesn’t shy from showing his face despite his brave and honest proposals…Eprdf and it’s supporters would love to tell us that Eritrea had to go with everything that doesn’t belong to it “for the sake of peace” but no body understands why we had to sacrifice thousands of precious lives for a worthless piece of land that happens to be in Tigray while insisting on keeping Ethiopia land locked..No responsible leadership with a genuine national interest would keep it’s country hostage to foreign ports just for the sake of appeasing people that can never be appeased(Eritrean)…It is unfortunate that it took the bloody 1998 war for EPRDF to test the true nature of Eritreans but any one with commonsense would have known that Eritrea’s motive was not in the first place to gain true independence from ethiopia but rather independence at the expense of Ethiopia, If not they would rather just remain foot-solders to whoever wants to harm Ethiopia. Eritreans whose identity itself was forged out of nothing but contempt for ethiopia will never be strategic partners to ethiopia regardless of what Ethiopia compromises..Even if Ethiopia tomorrow handover Badime but keeps it’s door shut for trade, I am dead sure that Eritreans will the next day find a reason for hostility in order to excuse their lack of development without looting Ethiopia..hence it would be naive and stupid to think Ertreans are just after Badime and make premature deal that will never bring a lasting peace…what everyone needs to know is Eritreans might even be willing to offer Assab for “free service” but it will never be without it’s consequences and huge political risk to Ethiopia for the reasons I mentioned earlier..wanting more than their share and having a distorted sense of entitlement is part and percales of eritrean identity that should not be overlooked..hence any deal that will make ethiopia dependent on Eritrea is deadly to say the least….Regardless of how it will be achived, Ethiopia should have it’s own access to the sea, NO war NO peace seems to be the way with all it’s financial cost..

01/28/14 @ 05:19
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

In the article, there are issues some of them are facts and the truth while there are other issues intended to play political games. Don’t go around as if you don’t know the real issue/cause but face it.

Don’t blame the ash but the fire. Italy might colonize Eritrea for less than 40 years. But the root cause of all this including bringing Italy to massawa is the well calculated, studied and implemented to the English empire business as usual policy of the time in the world.

Eritrea didn’t become a colony because of the people living in Eritrea interest. Eritrea didn’t become the so called a separate state because of the interest of the Eritreans but the Arab policy to control the red sea and England was there from day one to facilitate it including participating in the civil war as we know England was the core little state supported EPLF and also TPLF in many ways.

You can still find some English citizens in Ethiopia today that were part of the civil war assisting EPLF and TPLF they coming through Sudan. They did this not because of the interest of Eritrea and Ethiopia but to destroy both the ancient Habesha and African people. Ask the one who is a Canadian citizen but working for the English charity for 30 years in Ethiopia where he is the top/leader of the Charities that are under one umbrella.

They still are calling it aid while they are there for more than 30 years using aid as a tool to be there. In reality, aid has to be a short period and goal intended support to make someone self sufficient. But they are there to keep the people dependent on aid meaning on them to control and destroy the nation from inside and pretending as useful and peaceful.
This is how the English so called aid working in Ethiopia. Yet, the naive and sold out so called Ethiopian politicians still doing or saying nothing about except allowing the ERTA to be the English propaganda machine as some says those in Ethiopian medias are totally corrupted and doomed by the English to use them spreading lie propaganda how the English are good to Ethiopia, kkkkk.

An English woman said on ETV during meles’s death that she was with Meles in dedebit cave for long period of time and she is living in Ethiopia ever since she came to Addis with the TPLF. She or other English didn’t do anything to benefit either Ethiopia or Eritrea but to affect both for the agenda they have whish is in the working today both in Ethiopia and Eritrea. Imagine, how it would be wonderful if the money paid to other nations as port fee was stayed in the Ethiopians hand or even given to Eritrea that are our cousins.
But because of the English leadership in the civil war and UN permanent members, Eritrea declared as a state and this way Ethiopia is blocked from her ancient sea cast right. This was the Arabs long times plan and for that they have paid lots of money conducting civil wars and influence politics including UN having their little secret there playing the leading role, which is the English. As it was happened, Even USA and France were not happy and were reluctant to block Ethiopia from the sea. But because of the TPLF regime weakness and naivety and English fierce position to do so, USA and France voted pro while China did what she could to stop them making a very grave mistake.
However, as rewards, they, got 9/11 on the Ethiopian new years day and after than 7/7 and dismembering in the street of London by the Sunni/wahabi financed by the Arabs.

In the article says USA and France will stand for their interest. It also said Russia and China will always stand alongside Ethiopia. All is true. And what is more true is leaving the English out of it knowing no matter what, the English will be always against both Ethiopia and Eritrea while going to pretend standing for the interest of Eritrea. Little England is the one plaid big roles Ethiopia and Eritrea to be separated and she was the leading nation at UN permanent assembly the case to go faster, further and Eritrea become so called independent and Eritrea loses her sea coast right

The reason why the English are with this kind barbaric mess is no secret but serving the Arabs for money, trade and other material benefits coming from oil and gas.

There are more than 120.000 English citizens in UAE alone serving that little nation including running the air ways and other multinationals. It is the same in Saudi Arabia, Qatar including Qatar airways CEO is an English man and al jazera is running by the English. You can see them running Kuwait, Bahrain and so on. So, the article leaving England out of the other four permanent members is right. Because no matter what, the English will continue including secretly the situation to stay this way if not possible getting worse while pretending they are friends in Ethiopia using aid propaganda to play their known little dirty game to affect the nation.

China and Russia will be there always doing the right thing. USA and France will be there this time too knowing the Sunni/wahabi Arabs are putting the world in a great danger. France is facing greatly the Sunni/wahabis financed by the Arabs. All these four great nations are at war with the Sunni/wahabi terrorists and in general Sunni Muslims for their survival. Israel which is the best friend of all four nations is also there facing these evil Sunni/wahabis.

But England is another story. It seems she gave up and the wahabi/sunnis are running a parallel state with in England. There are communities all over England including in the middle lands where the police and justice system are not welcome and trusted. All crimes as worse as drugs, human trafficking, abuse, pedophile, drugs, murders and so on in those communities are not reported to the police but dealing with in the communities having own laws and rules look like that of in the middle least, North Africa south Asia. There is no doubt, England will be the first sharia nation in Europe. Just wait and little to see it. If they get money, they don’t care. You must not be poor in order to get what you are looking in that little isolated European island. If you have money, you can buy not only individuals but the nation itself. This is the kind of mentality they have, there. Money and material gain is above everything including their believe, faith and existence.

England looks like she gave up to be a free and modern European nation with normal human values and respect but soon will be run by sharia. The so called the English economy is getting better now means nothing but the sunni/wahabis are flooding to England with billions and buying properties, attending private schools paying thousands, buying lands and so on. The price of the house is raised by 25% in London. It is the same other cities, too. That means the English economy so called growing is not because of the real/fundamental growth but the fake one with the rise of the house price that will get down as quick as it grew and the printing of hundreds of billions pounds and pouring in to the market including buying/nationalizing banks also 80% RBS is owned by the public. Before 2008, the RBS value was more than 100 Billion pounds, which are a fake economy system run with shares/financial market with no real economy there but propaganda economy.
There are currently more than 13 million people in UK (20% of the population) living in poverty. Yet, they are saying the economy is growing which is a fake Economy working with propaganda to hijack the people real attention towards the unknown in a way they would benefit from.

The point is that in the end the situation between Ethiopia and Eritrea will be solved in a way the two nations, region and the international community would benefit from including China, Russia, USA and France. Little England would not continue in her way anymore serving the Arabs for oil and gas money exchange as it is going on for 100 years.

Issayas is now more than 72 years old; 50 years as rebel since 1964. He is a life time rebel knows nothing other than who is he. So, when this life time rebel gone, the situation will be changed for the better.

01/28/14 @ 05:31
Comment from: Ali roble [Visitor]
Ali roble

Get over dude! You know full well that Eritrea is lost cause, along with Ethiopian sea outlet, thanks to either naiveté, cowardice or political incompetence of the TPLF gang from the get go. One shouldn`t blame for the debacle because they were simple hungry junior and barefooted partners/ protégé of Shabia`s at that time. What can you do when you live in the shoe of your masters? They were caught in between rock and hard place and they meekly accepted and signed whatever Issias dictated to them. The said situation was also compounded by cowardice and disgraceful collapse of the Dergist hoodlums that created power vacuum and panic among the masses. And I don`t even want to know where all these political junkies and patriotic purveyors beating the battle drums of `Emiye Menilik ` and `Zeraff Jegnaw` nowadays have been hiding in the hour of need. Apparently they were either put their tail between the legs or leading their frugal cosy lifestyles in DC and other western capitals. Worse, Woyanes don`t even admit such cardinal policy mistake to this day. Ask the likes of AZ the issue and you will find their quick and head-spinning crude answers on the spot that sounds like a dog ate my homework.

To the point, the author`s analysis more depth and it contains many scenarios and complex policy dilemmas that requires more time and energy to digest. My two cents is particularly on the issues of sanctions. I believe lifting off the sanction and rekindling dialogue in general with Eritrean people, which the author vehemently against at this time for unfathomable reasons, is the right thing to do. I would say that instead of preoccupying belligerent and divisive scenarios, which perpetuate in the status quo even further and serve foreign interest, let us concentrate on resolving issues in peaceful means. Let us prioritize our interest in terms of stability, commerce, development and diplomacy as nation and as a region. Remember if the house of a neighbour is on fire, yours wouldn`t be save from the inferno and sooner or later the flame will engulf. What is wrong with if Eritrea lifted off the sanctions, which hurts more an average Eritrean than their rulers? Who benefits most from it? The West? The Woyane and Shabia cliques? Or the ordinary Eritrean and Ethiopian citizens? You be the judge. It could be a blessing in disguise politically speaking. Whether we like or not, this policy has also direct or indirect socio-economic impacts to its neighbours like Ethiopia. This policy was prescribed and enforced by none other than the West for their own good and Woyane was mere political accessory in the process. The situation creates only more resentful and apprehensive neighbour citizenry rather than amicable and tolerant ones.

01/28/14 @ 06:12

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