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Comment from: Habtamu Negadew [Visitor]
Habtamu Negadew
5 stars

Ethiopian Zeresenay Berhane Mehari’s film Difret won at Sundance Film Festival…EPRDF generation representing on world stage!

Dedeb Diaspora opposition can’t handle the good news!

02/15/14 @ 16:48
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

Is Ethiopian Women Lawyers Association still in business? The last I heard it was closed down by weyane.

02/15/14 @ 22:25
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

The next big film will be shoot in Kenya and it’s about the WOMEN AND CHILD TRAFFICKING by weyanne bandits specially the wife of late dead leader AZEB MESFIN how she and co. Managed to export young girls as young as 15 years to be Arabs sex slaves in middle east. And child adaptation to phadoxxxphiles and lesxxxbians run by many child adaptation agency in every districts of Ethiopia supported by parasites western charities run by weyannes bandits.

This film will exposed the true face of Weyannes and their devil business that is still running throughout the country. This film supported by one of best actor in Hollywood.

02/16/14 @ 04:47
Comment from: Faysal [Visitor]
5 stars

I just can’t wait to see this movie.
I have recently heard of two horrible stories back home.
1. This happened in the Wolayta area. A guy has three daughters between the age of 8 and 15. Their mother had passed away some years ago and an aunt was taking care of them while their father was in Addis working as a day laborer to support them. Some months ago there was a failed attempt of abduction on the eldest girl. The aunt went to the police, and the perpetrators , also residents of that small village, were released after questioning. Since then the gilrs could not go to school and the aunt’s family is under constant threat. The father had to quit his job and move to Hosaena, and he now lives there with them with the help of a church.
2. My own aunt told me how she and other village elders in the Amhara region have helped a guy marry an 11 year old girl. The health worker of the area had pleaded with them to wait at least until the the girl is 15, to no avail. My aunt still cannot comprehend why I think she is fully retarded.

PS: Ethiopian film makers should work with Israeli-Ethiopian actors and directors who have the means to make really big projects happen.
There was this excellent film in 2005: “Live and Become (French: Va, Vis et Deviens)”

02/16/14 @ 04:49
Comment from: Afropolitan [Visitor]

Proud good-looking culturally confident, as the saying gose, a picture is worth a thousand words.
I do hope that the success story of the film ” Difret” will inspire numerous other creative souls from Africa ( which we have so many of them ) to fight the unfair prejudice against and perfunctory acceptace of African films both at home turf and worldwide.
Proud to be an Ethiopian / African

02/16/14 @ 08:24
Comment from: Defer [Visitor]

What the hell are you talking about. All Ethiopians are happy for the success of Ethiopian film industry. EPRDF/ Woyane contribute nothing for the production of the movie. The next big Ethiopia movie will feature about woyane’s sabotage to sell Ethiopian land to Sudan and about hod aderoch or hodams like Habtamu

02/16/14 @ 09:29
Comment from: Maritu Kebede [Visitor]
Maritu Kebede

: C’est moi senait

I love your obsession with WEYANE you have only one thing in your mind and it is just WOYANE and AZEB and MELESE. When are you going to wake up to present time. “Bashiye Minilike ye donkerg Miniliye yemut sill yenoral” you are just a living example of this wise saying. But still I love your none sense!

02/17/14 @ 10:41
Comment from: Magdala [Visitor]

The film is misleading. Ethiopians do not abduct girls for marriage. It the Oromo tribe, who abduct women or girls for marriage. The film should be about Ormos and not Ethiopians. Tigray, amhara, Agew, Sidama, Somalis, Afars (80% of the population) do not abduct girls for marriage nor do they rape women as is seen in Europe or other parts of the world.

Abducting girls or women should stop and Ethiopians should show determination to stop it. Girls marry by consent or by parental decisions, which is much diffeent from abducting them and raping them.

02/17/14 @ 11:51
Comment from: mengesha [Visitor]

How about movie exposing the Woyane’s sex slave trade for arabs. Woyane, while exporting children and young girls to the mullah’s of those cheap and a dirty arabs elsewhere, its fortunate “agames” are flooding back to the country from elsewhere and given the best jobs and positions you can imagine. positions reserved exclusively for Tigreans are and their diaspora ashkers.

Hope to see a movie exposing woyanes, some time soon.

02/17/14 @ 12:05

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