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Comment from: [Member]

There is no stone un turned on the futile effort of the Egyptians to stop or delay the GERD. The recent one being, to put pressure on the construction companys through their respected countries’ governments, which even make them look dummier than thought.
Can’t they just accept the reality and co operate with Ethiopia for mutual benefit? Why can’t they be civilized in this day and age of 21st century?
The Nile is so abundant at the end of the day flowing in vain to Mediterranean sea.

03/03/14 @ 21:42
Comment from: Gezaee Hailemichael [Visitor]
Gezaee Hailemichael

If EPRDF is smart now, Egypt can be locked out from the Nile with disgrace. Countries must stay out and if they have the gut let them talk directly with us. No mediator, panel, committee, whatever. Deny them any access to Ethiopia. Let Italy, Russia, … gives them water. Did not they ask Italy to remove its Companies? so what talk or mediation now? for what? Talk to my ass, EPRDF must lock them out systematically without any deal. They have refused to accept the findings of the experts. Allowing them to have Italy as mediator is giving them more legitimacy to their non-existence claim. Do not bring any third party because that is what they have been craving for. They must talk directly if they have anything. No mediator, no panel, no committee, no commission after now. They have rejected the NBI, experts? there is nothing to talk with them now. Let them go wherever they want and the water is in our hands. In good hands after now. EPRDF must request AU to expel Egypt because Egypt has no respect for Africans. Asking other countries to do business with Ethiopia is more declaring war on our country. They have killed us already. They have shot us and killed us and openly declared every country must not do business with Ethiopia? what talk now ? how ? If EPRDF is useless, it will do again mess this opportunity. Let them cry, let them go to every country and introduce themselves how stupid they are. The Italian government has told them already Italian companies have freedom to work anywhere they want. There is no country that can tell them where or with whom to work.
EPRDF assignment:
1. Open case in the office of AU charging Egypt declaring anti-development war on Ethiopia and ask Egypt be expelled from AU because they do no respect AU and Africa. Last time they told us they wanted to bomb Tanzania for using water for drinking? Last time they told us they bomb our dam? Today they are asking the entire world not do business with us? is there any war worse than this? They must be expelled from AU if AU has any teeth. AU must not wait until they kill people .
2. Egypt must be denied to be a member of Entebbe agreement anymore.

Anything less than this is worthless of EPRDF. Do not allow them to pee on us.

03/03/14 @ 23:24
Comment from: senait ADMIRER [Visitor]
senait ADMIRER


Do you know that all heavy machin that is shiping to ethiopia for GERD can be stoped at Suiz canal. Egypte is working day and night to sabbotage this dam and ethiopia govt. should incase i mean in case of emergeny prepare to swich to other option that is to say, far east asian country to continue building the dam. we should never trust any country on this matter and this project. This is time for ethiopians to stand together and say we are united no matter what our political differences.

03/03/14 @ 23:37
Comment from: million hailu [Visitor]
million hailu

the way that Egypt procede is totally wrong,that means she is intended to stop the construction of the dam,but this cant be the way.insted try to use the common benefit principle and talk with Ethiopian people

03/04/14 @ 01:04
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

ADMIRER ,you mean Chinese Financing the building of the Dam .Which certainly soon happen ,unable to have the billions of
Dollars ,it’s True that thev Arat Kilo Bandits are running to Beijing .At keast the Qataris
or the Hindus accepting to participate .Which means ,raw materials sent to China for FREE ,and more and more Fertile Farmlands GRABBING .

03/04/14 @ 01:11
Comment from: new era [Visitor]
new era


do you read your own comments before you click the send comment button? Son, do you have any friends that can read your comments and advise you whether you should push the send comment button or not? Does anybody told you Egypt is a country not the wife of your neighbor? What is next tell on Egypt to the Edir ? Dude you are embarrassing you self. Why don’t you listen to me, just shut your face and watch YouTube?

03/04/14 @ 01:26
Comment from: Haile [Visitor]

Egyptians seems to be twisting the reality these days more than ever. Ethiopia should work hard to inform the entire world that the dam is only for electricity development. The Dam is not for irrigation. The international panel of experts has asserted that the Dam brings no significant damage to Egypt’s water security. The international panel of experts was established and composed of Egyptians themselves. What else kind of assurance Ethiopia can give to Egypt?

Historically, Egypt never like Ethiopians performs good let alone on the water development sector. When Ethiopia was starved for the recurring drought in 1970’s and 1980’s, Egypt was bluffing on Ethiopia. This time again, Egypt is also trying the same on our development endeavor. Egyptians understand well that the DAM would not bring them harm. Egypt is only afraid that, the NONE- ARAB country “ETHIOPIA” could dominate around at one time in the future. JUST SELFISH!

03/04/14 @ 01:32
Comment from: [Member]


03/04/14 @ 02:09
Comment from: [Member]

I think we do not have to be extensively emotional and be driven to the other end as Gezaee said. Let us leave the Egyptians to asses every venue they think they could find any way to stop the construction of the GRD and exhaust every trickery they can play.All these campaigns will end up without any profit to the Egyptians so they will eventually come to understand that the solution to this crises is only to cooperate with Ethiopia and get some advantage from the GRD.The Sudanese have already told them cooperation is better than competition in this regard. The construction of the GRD will never ever be halted even for a second. What is important is, I think, to watch their move cautiously and give legal and proper answer. The may of course use the Suez canal as a tool to facilitate their intention to slow down the process of the construction but this trick will not have far reaching result and this trickery may otherwise look for other ways to retaliate for example filling the reservoir in two years time by totally blocking the river flow rather than slowly in five years etc. However, let every Ethiopian cooperate to see the dam built.

03/04/14 @ 02:31
Comment from: leul [Visitor]  
4 stars

Hi! we Ethiopians, if you have read history and could also have observation, do not accept any unfair deeds and as well we do not want any body to be harmed from unfair decisions. WE RESPECT OUR RIGHTS, FOR AND OTHERS TOO.
The GERD is under contraction and with no doubt it will be completed as per the schedule, NO ONE NO ONE CAN INTERRUPT IT. What I want to advice to Egyptian Government is tying to influence the Ethiopians with the help of other countries is not only useless but also harmless, the only option is to negotiate with Ethiopians.

03/04/14 @ 03:09
Comment from: werenga [Visitor]

this is fishy, Egypt may think Italy still assumes responsibility in one or the other way for all that.

Be that at it may be Ethiopia should start to involve some African states and other international countries as mediator more than it did up to now. These countries need to take some influence on Egypt. Simply insisting that we are doing the correct thing and we don’t want to harm anyone every body is profiting out of this project is not sufficient. A wise diplomacy to make the world sensible and avoid contentions is inevitable, you cant build a huge dam these days any where in the world without overcoming a number of irrational hurdles, this is one to tackle and it needs a good attention. Egypt is scratching everywhere and searching for alibi to commit a grave mistake, Ethiopia need to mitigate that and apt diplomacy could be a better way for that.

03/04/14 @ 03:39
Comment from: Tekeba Tebabal [Visitor]
Tekeba Tebabal
5 stars

No matter where they went. We had the right to develop ourselves, to use our water, to make poverty a tale.
They(the government of Egypt) had lost their thinking. If don’t they would think before taking any step to stop any development.
Think twice!!!!!

03/04/14 @ 05:20
Comment from: teknebs [Visitor]

They can round the world. We had the right to develop ourselves, to eliminate poverty and to use our water. They must think twice before making any decision!!

03/04/14 @ 05:28
Comment from: Boshola [Visitor]

The sensible thing for the Egyptians is to work closely with regional governments (countries of River Nile sources). They should be thinking of globalization.

If Egypt keeps undermining African countries, the respective countries must start charging Egypt fees for water and other resources.

Egypt is very backward in thinking that Ethiopia would simply melt down or shy away in front of them. That’s very wrong. This is 21st century and they can not force any country to give them free lunch.

Egypt has already committed crime against Ethiopia and its interest many times in the past and they continue to do so.

Ethiopia has already given opportunities to Egyptians to work closely with respective countries of the river Nile.

The Egyptians behaviour towards Ethiopia is unacceptable by any standard. They are bullying Ethiopia.

We Ethiopians are prepared to work closely with our Egyptian brothers and sisters. However, if their government choose war to cooperation, Ethiopians are there to defend their country and resources to the highest level in every aspect regardless our differences. Egyptians will be the losers should they choose war to friendship.

We will not allow Egypt to boss us around over our own resources. Unacceptable now and forever.

My advice to my fellow Ethiopians is that not to mix our national interest with politics. Ethiopia comes first and internal questions can arise afterwards.

03/04/14 @ 06:09
Comment from: Eshetu [Visitor]

We African, Will united in near future. So Egypcian must avoid such type of selfishness. We all African should work together for the same purpose i.e for the civilization and development of the continent. In my Opinion the Egypcain should support Ethiopia in all aspects of the Dam.

03/04/14 @ 07:24

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