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Comment from: [Member]

Yesterday on my way back home I saw the Poles that provide the electricity to the train signaling the construction entering a new phase.

The price Addis residents like me paid is enormous due to road blocks for the construction. The people are patiently waiting while paying the price of delays to get where they want to go and being packed in small mini buses but now we are delighted soon it will be over. The people are conscious of the development work behind the many transport problems and are willing to pay the price for it.


04/13/14 @ 23:57
Comment from: Gtm [Visitor]

The land locked country is trying to make progress. China is building everything for you and you are boasting about that.

04/14/14 @ 03:03
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

By the way ,who the hell is going to use this train ,afterall 99% of Addis Résidents could not afford the fee .
Agazi Ass Holes and Tigre Mafiosis are unshamessly ready to make circulating Empty Trains for their own Fame ,while the peoples are obliged to walk .

04/14/14 @ 03:25
Comment from: Wajjo [Visitor]
5 stars

Way to GO

04/14/14 @ 10:31
Comment from: Banda Geday IV [Visitor]
Banda Geday IV

Gtm aka gimatam

Envy will reverse the 30 years for absoluteley nothing nor will it stop the failed craphole Erishitra from stop exporting refugees & kidneys.


04/14/14 @ 11:34
Comment from: bb [Visitor]

Dear Teddy, I like to thank you in advance for allowing me to say something about your comment. It seems to me you are one of a few individual that is happen to be born with negative altitude, which I don’t blame you for that at all because may be that is the way you was born, but I do have a very good advice for you in order to be free from this negative altitude all the time you might need to see psychologist so that you can be free otherwise it will affect your personal life, your family (wife, kids ) and the community you live on , so please get the help from professionals before to late.
Thank you, and may God bless you.

04/14/14 @ 11:57
Comment from: bb [Visitor]

Dear Teddy, I thank you so much for allowing me in advance to give you some advice in your comment. It seems to me you are one of a few individuals who have negative altitude towards any thing all the time and I believe this altitude comes from since early age and needs to be treated by seen psychologist or doctor so that you get medication otherwise will affect your personal life, your family and the community you live on I hope you will take my advice and act quickly.
Thank you and may God bless you.

04/14/14 @ 12:05
Comment from: [Member]

brother Extraterrestrial,
you are exactly right, “respect to the respected Addis residents"!! Their endurance and patience during rail way construction will pay off soon! And let’s not give any ear to some chronic and idiotic haters such as Teddy-adgi and the others. they are just hopeless dying alive

04/14/14 @ 12:13
Comment from: ex ctzn [Visitor]  
ex ctzn

It is really exciting to see enormous development projects like the one mentioned in this article. It is like awakening from the three thousand years deep sleep. There are a lot to be done to make project implementation and completion smoother. I have my families who lived next to one road project and the contractor dug big holes that can literaly swallow people alive and has been a nightmare for five years and only by miracle the ordeal came to an end without any family member being hurt. It makes perfect sense to think ahead to make project s less painful yet exciting for the people who live close by.

04/14/14 @ 15:19
Comment from: ex_ctzn [Visitor]

as stated in the article it is an exciting time indeed. However, project implementation planning needs to be thought through. Projects have to be less painful yet exciting to the people who live around.

04/14/14 @ 15:22
Comment from: TayeK [Visitor]  

hello TEDDY
Are you still carrying and walking your head? please try to think with your head or brain……….
at least try to select words before you said it…..
respecting others means respecting yourself….

04/14/14 @ 15:45
Comment from: Gtm [Visitor]

Don’t tell me this is also the first in Africa. Like the dam. Kikikiki you beg from china and america and boast too much.

04/14/14 @ 16:53
Comment from: adanyu [Visitor]

@Gtm [Visitor]

By the way, ETHIOPIA is not land locked, but you are a mind locked one. You are short sighted. You can’t see far of your nose tip. You will see, in a very short time, ETHIOPIA will be blessed and prosperous to feed the those who are in poverty like she was. The negatives will die burnt.We are always positive!

04/14/14 @ 17:10
Comment from: Ittu Aba Farda [Visitor]
Ittu Aba Farda
5 stars

O’ Chemin De Fer Franco-Ethiopien!!! What an indelible memory you have left deeply etched in me!!!! All that childhood ‘Haarfa’ and roof serfing and running away from menacing company police….Oh my goodness!!! I am shivering now in my old age from those long time childhood memories. We knew when the ‘Semania’, ‘Bosta’ and ‘Faltoos’ are rolling into town. That way our ‘high’!!! It was a skill to be learned and mastered at an early age. Otherwise, it was one of the most dangerous ’sports’ in which you would want to be engaged. And you could get addicted to it. We had two fierce competitors named Abdi and Abebe. The competition was how far past the ‘juudee’ one can get off the speeding train. That was the first thing I wanted to do even after I grew older when I went back home during vacations. But I would not advise this kind of having fun with modern trains since they can speed up faster in just seconds than those old time trains. But those were sweet childhood memories from the 1950’s!!!!

In the meantime, I say ‘Bravo’ for such projects. Such modern infrastructures encourage investments that will transform that country further into the realm of industrialization. And it needs massive foreign investments to come in and turn it upside down. Its people are great learners as shown how its children quickly and intelligently acquired modern education in the many fields of technology. You can find them at NASA, Microsoft, Siemens, Apple, Boeing and at many other giant, medium and small scale companies all over the globe. I, myself, a son of cattle herders and semi-settled farmers who turned up to be an accomplished mechanical/electrical engineer am a glaring example. My Dear Countrymen! Ladies and gentlemen!!! We are great learners against all odds!!! You may be breezing your despotic dragon breath over my shoulder but I am still an excellent learner. The only sunlight of respite from repression I see in the tunnel is through large scale industrialization. During such intensified industrialization women will gain more freedom and no one will be able to send them back to the ‘kitchen’. Try that with a Taiwanese woman!!! Don’t even think about trying such stupid thing on a Chinese, Chilean, South Korean even Malaysian woman!!! You will find yourself surrounded with angry women swinging their deadly purses at you ready to club you to death. I would like to see women of my own clan flocking to factories in stead of staying at home tending cattle. They should run factories, offices and then companies in stead of being kept at home as child-incubating factories themselves. It will also help put a kibosh on the exploding population. It is hard to believe to discover that a population of less than 20 million when I left home and now knocking on the door of 100 million. 3 members of my immediate clan (when I left) have now multiplied to be close to 300. The 3 have become parents of close to 25 and you get the idea of how their children multiplied on their own. In all women were and are kept at home solely as child bearers except for a few who managed to go out and get involved in trades. Men just stay home reap the profits. It is just unfathomable. With all that cultural and religious excuses, mostly unwritten codes not present in both Holy Books, to keep women fettered at home, the only assault on such backwardness is overwhelming force of industrialization. Call me a dreamer!!! If that the only option I have, you can bet your last dollar on it, that is exactly what I am going to do. As a father of a wonderful daughter who is much more blessed with boundless opportunity in this great nation of USA, it is always my wishes for all women of the old country to have the same opportunity. Insha Allah!!!!

04/14/14 @ 19:07
Comment from: Responser [Visitor]

Dam Teddy,
I’ve seen your comment a lot. I don’t have words to tell you as I think you’ve never seem an Ethiopian. You must be a crazy.
Please try to be fair, genuine and good heart for our beloved people. Our people will never entertain your vague, full of paradox and distractive comment by you.
I would strongly advice you not to post any of your arrogant view in this site because It has never been useful.

May God Bless Our People and Our Country!!!

04/15/14 @ 00:17

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