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Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

People , be prepared for another anti- Ethiopian deal by non Ethiopians.
Now is the time to arm and start to battle TPLF , EPLF and Egypt, for that matter all shintam Arabs..
What are they doing in our beloved Addis ABEBA ?
The more we allow Woyane in Ethiopia, we can not ever get Mitswa and Assab .

06/14/14 @ 11:41
Comment from: [Member]

We the open minded, the logic based
the learning - teaching, the peace and love loving, the responsibility accepting, the soft-hearted, the forgiving and proud Ethiopians
can build a healthy and productive relationship with any one, even the one that used to be our number one enemy. And Egypt is no different.
All we look for is learning from mistakes and re-start with sincerity and whole-heartely.

Rigidity, single sidedness, blind hatred and unforgiving are the signs of ignorance and lead to further animosity and destruction. And this exactly what is being done by the complete ignorant and blind haters such as asafariw a.sefere, the oldest era, and the stinking mengistu lover Gezaee
Tirkimirki garbage hulu

06/14/14 @ 15:23
Comment from: Faysal [Visitor]

Don’t be fooled by the smooth talking of the new president.
Real negotiation can only start:
1. Egypt must first and for most accept the nile basin cooperative framework agreement. We can never again accept Egyptian veto over our natural resources. The Ethiopian government cannot sign any agreement that can cripple future generations.
2. Egypt must see that it cannot cultivate rice in the Sinai desert, and should stop the 2 million hectar irrigation project there.
3. Egypt must officially apologize for the press conference in which they vowed to sabotage Ethiopian development.

06/15/14 @ 02:43
Comment from: [Member]

As diplomatic bureaucrats and politicians Dina Mufti can have good words and optimism about Egypt. But, for me as a citizen I want my government to be alert for any of their “all options are on the table” brag of the past and never ever to trust Egypt.

I know Egypt will kneel down finally, thanks for Meles Zenawi who did all the hard work to bring about unity among Black Africans who are true owners of the Nile and for bringing awareness in the minds of Africans that Egypt can be challenged.


06/15/14 @ 03:24
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

Do these desert creatures have heart?
What are they going to do if they didn’t change their heart?

Is there anyone trusting and believing these evil desert creatures for anything?

Never ever trust them for anything except for evilness and Satanism. They must stay away. We can agree about working and benefiting together including the Nile while we stay in Ethiopia and they have to stay in their place. Having them around is not having normal human beings but pure and evils demons and Satans that will destroy us after sometimes.

So, talk and agree with win win; not free water that allows Ethiopia gets nothing from Egypt. They have to give back for the equivalent values for anything they are getting from Ethiopia including water. They must be always happy that they are getting the Nile water with its market price. The era of free water is gone.

They are selling gas and other Minerals that are natural resources as water is. So, who says water has to be for free to the foreign nation including the hostile one like Egypt while other natural resources have to be sold? Nature didn’t say but bad human. So, this is the time either all natural resources have to be free like the sunshine and the air to breath do or they must be sold like oil and gas. Water is a very important and widely sellable product in today’s market including in super markets, hotels and restaurants, and at home with pipe lines.

So, what is the justification Egypt is demanding free Nile water she is getting without even the transportation costs while water is for sell all over the world including Egypt measuring including with cup, glass, bottle and so on?

Even Sudan is looking to sell the Nile water to Saudi Arabia despite it is the Ethiopian water.

Egypt and other dirty Arabs were there in the middle when Saudi that are the birth place and breeding centre of Satanism and evilness imprisoned 100s thousands Ethiopians in Hitler style concentration camps before deporting them after they inhumanly treated, humiliated, mass rapped including in front of their husbands and children and took all their properties including mobile phones and necklaces and rings. This did happen in 2013 in Saudi Arabia which a historical crime against humanity and will never ever forgotten but will be the best teacher to the next generations telling how barbaric are the Arabs.

This is the crimes Saudis and Arabs are doing against Ethiopians in their country and it will not be forgotten but will be Always part of the historical crimes they have committed against the Habesha people.

No Arabs in Ethiopia. They must stay away. They must be treated in Ethiopia the way they are treating Ethiopians in their hostile, cursed and dead desert. No Arabs in any form in Ethiopia. They are not coming as humans do but Satans to affect the country. Never ever allow them and never ever trust the Arabs and anything and anybody associating with them.

However, there is a big chance both Ethiopia and Egypt can benefit from equally if Egypt behaves as human which is not the Nature of Arabs. They can agree about the Nile that would guarantee Egypt water while Egypt can give lots of benefit to Ethiopia in return. This is the only way to guarantee the long term water solution to Egypt. They must forget using power or other evil behavior they did to affect Ethiopia. That will not work this time but will affect Egypt very badly. They need to change their past behavior totally and deal with the new and best one benefiting both sides.

There is no reason Ethiopia would hurt Egypt intentionally if Egypt is totally free from the past behavior she was busy with affecting Ethiopia directly as well as indirectly. This time, Ethiopia will use the Nile like a natural nuclear weapon to revenge on Egypt if Egypt doing anything bad against Ethiopia including the old trash behavior which is proxy which they call it let the black kill each other for Egypt’s benefit. The mursi video is still there how they are thinking about those proxies they are using against Ethiopia. They call them we make the blacks killing each other

06/15/14 @ 04:56
Comment from: SIS [Visitor]

Dear Ato Tesfalem,

I saw your wring but you miss some thing. That is we Ethiopians have our own naming and addressing of personnalities. When we greet some one we call Ato/Obbo,Ayto.. Etc, then follows the principal name. But in your naming of Officials you took their fathers name. For those Ethiopian unless you talk about his first name together with his fathers name, those who do not follow from binning which you mention their ministry and role in the administration, no one understands your story. Hence, pls respect what we have.

06/15/14 @ 05:31
Comment from: Bonja [Visitor]

That is bad bad news for Genbot-7,esat and eritryan government .3 terrorist in sinking Nile river .

06/15/14 @ 10:10
Comment from: Gezaee [Visitor]

Woyane is now excited to sign another paper or another EEBC or Alger’s agreement. it has been awhile since they have not signed another EEBC? Woyane is now excited to sign agreement with Egypt. What is that is acceptable to both side? Woyane aka rkash banda is legitimizing Egypt claim of natural or historical or whatever right they claim. Woyane aka rkash banda is putting Ethiopia on equal footing with the Arab country that contributes zero to the water volume? What is woyane rkasha banda winning from Egypt? Woyane born banda and will die banda. Woyane landlocked our country and put Ethiopia at the mercy of a tiny country called Djibouti? Woyane signed alger’s agreement after sacrificing 100 000 souls and signed EEBC and landlocked 95 million people and made the entire country landlocked and depend on Sudan, Djibouti, Kenyan, Somalian port? I thought woyane wanted to do something good this time when it started this dam? But it started this dam not for good thing, but to sign another EEBC in the name of Ethiopian people. You can see woyane claiming win win? what does Woyane win from Egypt that is 2212 km away? Woyane has been shipping Ethiopians teens to be raped to middle east and Ethiopians still dying everyday in the middle east. 8 million people starving or on the verge of starving.Woyane sitting at arat kilo for 24 years but there is no even one single dam build for farming? Yet woyane bombard us with false development news. Now woyane, cursed, promising us win win from Egypt? my question is what does woyane wanted to win from Egypt? what is that Ethiopia will lose and gain from Egypt that is located 2212 km from the source of the water? My suggestion to woyane, get lost please and we do not even need your dam. Idiots, we do not need your dam. You go to hell, leba acheberbari. You landlocked my country by force and you betrayed 100 000 souls and signed Alger’s agreement and EEBC and you lied Badme was given to Ethiopia and you forced people to go out and dance falsely. Now you idiots telling me win win or something acceptable both sides putting Ethiopia with equal state with Egypt? A country that contributes zero to Abay using abay in its entirety? Go to hell woyane, I hate you and I have taken you out now and you will be removed by public disobedience soon. We are tired of Woyane bandas. You have been riding on the Ethiopian people. First you have to be elected to represent Ethiopia . You are not elected and you can not sign anything for Ethiopia. Dedeb Ahya. Acceptable for both side? Giving the same stake to the owner and to the beggar and theif? Egypt the water thief becoming equal with Ethiopia? Death to woyane now.I am tired of these idiots honestly. Fuck

06/15/14 @ 11:58
Comment from: Rule of Law [Visitor]
Rule of Law

Ethiopia, as a hub of Africa now wields the same power as Egypt and the Egyptians must have weighed their options very carefully and came to this conclusion that we all are reading now. I knew all along that Egypt could not do a damn thing about the dam other than hopping for negotiated solution. The way forward now is to jump start negotiation on equitable distribution of water with all the upper and lower riparian nations short of this, Egypt will stick to its colonial era treaties in which Ethiopia was not represented and at this point, nothing would be achieved. Before this “bad” news surfaced, Elias Kifle was experiencing orgasm over the prospect of “impending war” between Ethiopia and Egypt and now, I bet Elias and Bin Mariam are pitching a tent to mourn the death of the “white elephant”

06/15/14 @ 15:08
Comment from: RPG [Visitor]

good news for the area,bad for shabiya,esat,g-7 kiekiekiekiekie

06/16/14 @ 03:18
Comment from: Meqdellawi [Visitor]

Egypt should renounce the secession of “Eritrea” from Ethiopia as illegal. Egypt and Sudan should stop supporting secessionist forces like OLF, ONLF etc. Egypt has been destabilizing Ethiopia in the hope of using the Nile River. Egypt has to change her national policy such that that Ethiopia should be an ally.

It is naïve for Egypt to try to get the full use of the Nile River by destabilizing Ethiopia and Sudan. Ethiopia should get part of The Red back, which is it’s natural boundary. We do not want Eritrean back to Ethiopia. But we want the boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea to delimited by using colonial treaties and also Ethiopian Historical Records. The boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea is thus The Mereb River, in which case Ethiopia will get 1/3 of The Red Sea area. The Port of Assab will be automatically part of Ethiopia if we delimit the boundary of Ethiopia and Eritrea according to the natural course of The Mereb River. We do not want eritreans back to Ethiopia. We do not want to reunite with Eritrea. But we want to have what belongs to Ethiopia. Eritrea is holding sovereign Ethiopian lands like Assab and other areas. Egypt should consider supporting Ethiopia to get her coastal area back. Egypt would not be able to use the River Nile if it continues to undermine Ethiopia’s history and territorial integrity.

06/16/14 @ 10:14
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agazi Ass Holes ,Tigre Mafiosis and Fool Diasporas .Time to say Bye Bye to your fake project and specially to the fake bonds which you paid .The Chimp HMD and the Shabis Tedros have alreadt surrendered to the Egyptian Juntas .No more GERD but simply SEDSE (Small Ethiopian Dam as a Submission to the Egyptians )…LOL !!!!

06/16/14 @ 10:20
Comment from: Tesso Masaraa [Visitor]
Tesso Masaraa

As some people already commented on the “win win solution” agreement with Egypt, I have a big doubt Al SISI will let the construction of the GERD as it is. It seems to me that the Ethiopian side negotiators are looking for a means in which Egypt will be convinced to accept the continuation of the project and lift the type of embargo they have been using against Ethiopia. But, this will not be done at the expense of Egypt giving in to the continuation of the anticipated 6000 MW power plant. The Egyptians are looking for some sort of reduction or downgrading the project from the Ethiopian side, and this looks to me as giving away or surrendering to Egypt by the Ethiopian Government. This will remain to be a huge test for the EPDRF, and most probably will lead to their demise if the expectation of the Ethiopian people who gave away their hard earned money for this project is compromised. For Egypt to win means either to stop the project or reduce the dam’s capacity to insignificant level of 50%. However, Egypt has known that the Ethiopian people are determined to build the dam, and stopping the project may not work for them. Therefore, their current option left for them is to diminish its capacity. In one way or another, it is scary, Ethiopia will lose at the negotiation table. Egypt will not give in very easily. They can drag the powerful western countries that have been denying loans to Ethiopia to the negotiation. It will be a miracle for the Ethiopian side to come out as a winner. It will be much better not to start talking again as long as the Egyptians were told many times that they will not be harmed by the dam. They can not do any thing harmful to Ethiopia any way. They have already done enough damage by blocking loans for the GERD and starving our population to the extent of letting them go to bed empty stomach every night.

06/16/14 @ 12:10
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Rule of Outlaws ,are you kidding .The way that your bandit bosses are submiting themselves to the Egyptian New Junta ,the fake Dam is more than ever becoming Virtual .Time to shut your stinky mouth Dedeb ,Butchella Banda .Of course Prof Al is 100% right talking of white Elephants ,the fake GERD is the usual Third World Despots’ Fake Infrastructures aimed to loot the peoples wealth and moneys . If you have the gut time to make account your bandit masters starting by the Fake PM ,the Shabis Adhanom concerning the where about of the collected fake bonds moneys .Most of the times taken from the poor Ethiopian Peoples . Bojajaw you mean the Fake Dam which is on the eve to be sank by your bandit bosses for the sake of their New Master Al Siisi ,as good News you really have the good ones ,Tchinkilatebis Fandya Banda .The same to the Donkey RPG (Retarded Prostitued Ganeteshekamew)….LOL !!!!!

06/16/14 @ 15:30
Comment from: Meqdellawi [Visitor]

Why is EPRDF so quite about the coastal region that belongs to Ethiopia? The information we have is the eritreans in TPLF like Tewedros Adhanom, Bereket Simon, Abay Woldu, Sebhat Nega etc are controlling the political and they make sure Ethiopia does not have an access which in the interest of Sudan and Egypt. Eritreans are being manipulated by Egypt and Sudan not to reunite with Ethiopia.

When Eritrea seceded from Ethiopia, Sudan was very happy and Bashir made it clear that he was afraid of a united Ethiopia and Eritrea. If Eritrea wants to secede from Ethiopia, it is fine. However, the boundary between Ethiopia and Eritrea is the Mereb River and this should be respected.

Ethiopians should demand for the return of Assab and it’s surroundings. Why should we pay for port services when we have our own ports? Even Djibouti and Eritrea belonged once to us. Why should we suffer? Why are we landlocked? Why does Eritrea get everything which does not belong to it?

Why is the UN so silent? Why is the international community against Ethiopia? Why do we have to dependent on Djibouti, which has a population of 500000 people? Sooner or later we have to go to war. We cannot allow our people to suffer. It is our guilt that we fought the Europeans for our freedom and defeated them.

We should focus on the main issue. The referendum of Djibouti and Eritrea with the aim to secede from Ethiopia is wrong and should be rejected by raising our arms against all those forces and groups who accept the status quo.

06/17/14 @ 06:36

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