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Comment from: [Member]

Lol! Almaria must be the statistician here at Oxford.
Take it easy now all you insignificant fleas.don’t jump up and down in joy.this is nothing but statistics by percentage.
Denez hizb!

06/16/14 @ 23:29
Comment from: Observer [Visitor]

There are more than 3000 NGO and where is all the development work they are doing. What are this NGO doing? 50% of the money is giving to the government as kickback as administration fees or costs and by the time it reaches the poor or the needy it might by 10c of a dollar that reaches their hand. The remaining is going to the coffers of these Chegaram Leba Tegrays.

06/16/14 @ 23:37
Comment from: C´est moi senait [Visitor]
C´est moi senait

This must be a SHOOOKKK to BIMBI MIMI and her husband AZ. who tell us 11% GDP i mean a Famain GDP. You starv ppl. and exprot everything to rich countries .
Weyannes style economy is now exposed even by their OXFAM and OXFORD university. way to go weyannes DEDEB economy who are turning our country to this lable.

Weyannes FALS GDP is now expoed by westen countries as a CHIGGARAMS GDP. 89% of the population is now in great starvation, childerens of the farmers sleep empity ,hoping to eat the next day but as the city HODDAMS and KERRSAMS buying cheap the poor farmers grain and everything that he harvested to feed his family, the nr. of poor in rurals area are now 90% .
We all know the BANK robbers how they rob the bank with gun point but the latest Weyannes HODDAMS and KERRESSAMS robers maffia with the help of the master mind of the robbery by the name HELENI a shabia trojan HOxxre from washington Dc is expanding the robbery with Ethiopian commodity exchange that is now been run by these WENBEDI shiftas. These failty bandas and wenbedi shiftas from OXFAM feeding center to Millioners by LOOTING the poor ethiopian farmers harvest and exporting it to Arabs and western countries….the robbery is widly spread in fertile ormaia region where starvation was not known in their daily life but becouse of these KERRSSAAM wendbedi weyannes bandites even the oromaia are now quing outsids feeding center for western left over food. This is the REALITY of weyannes govt.

06/17/14 @ 00:12
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Nazareth this is 2011 data. What happened you became like ESAT or what? Even if Ethiopia is poor you should do something about it. Come on guys.

06/17/14 @ 01:38
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

Hahaha . Where is the 11% growth & transformation. ?? Woyanewoch try to fool the rest of ethiopia by saying the country is improving growing etc…. :) may be addis zemen & mimi the w oyane prostitute should have sex so ths at they can have a super retarded baby that can lead ethiopia :)))) :)

06/17/14 @ 02:18
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey TPLF Thugs ,Agazi Ass Holes ,Tigre Mafiosis and Kersam Bandas so is this your so called “Double Digit Economic Growth “with the recent stupid speech of your Fake PM HMD that “The Country becoming self sufficient” .Afterall your bandit masters are used of feeding the peoples with Empty Speeches and fake statistics ,than real FOODS .

06/17/14 @ 02:35
Comment from: Vol [Visitor]

After a couple of years, I have no idea what oxford university will say about ethiopia. has a poor opinion of ethiopia. Stay there and wait for surprise.

06/17/14 @ 02:37
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Mind you Tigray has 85.4% of
poverty ,which means minus the 14.6%
Agazi Goat Herder Bandits and Tigre Mafiosis actually looting the country .The funniest thing Azeb and Sebehat Gangs along their Amiches , are not living in the Region but simply at Bole Road in Addis ,transformed for the Occasion at the New Kilil Ande …LOL !!!!!!

06/17/14 @ 02:43
Comment from: [Member]

It is true, poverty is deep in Ethiopia. No question about that but, the country is taking serious measures to overcome it. I believe poverty will be history in a couple of decades.

06/17/14 @ 03:01
Comment from: Tigre Gedai [Visitor]
Tigre Gedai

What has happened to the double digit growth that Agames claim? The fact of the matter is THERE IS 0% GROWTH or growth is none existent in Ethiopia, actually we are going down the hill. Please don’t let Chinese build cheap highways fool you, it is done by borrowing tremendous amount of money form the world back, IMF and china, and no one has to know how we are going to pay them back. It is also done by printing local currency that caused the unprecedented inflation which made Ethiopians poorer. Don’t let their propaganda full you either, they are spending millions (if not billions) to train bloggers which we see them on this website everyday attacking everyone who dare criticize Tigre tugs. To their demise, after 23 years of Agame’s dictatorial, brutal rule, we are still lagging way behind to be the world most poorest country. It’s embarrassing to see while all African countries progressing to lift their people out of poverty, our corrupt woyane tugs filling up their pockets with IMF , world bank’s and Chinese loan money. Instead of spending money for propaganda perpoused, it would have been better spend the money to help the people, and that would have helped woyane to stay in power for a long time. But it is hard to expect anything much form barbaric, non-human Agames who spend much of their adult life in a desert killing, torturing, and abusing their own people. Dedeb Agames!

06/17/14 @ 03:13
Comment from: Alemu2 [Visitor]

hahahaha, so funny, what ever, Ethiopia is moving forward.

06/17/14 @ 03:46
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

“Oxford University”

This criminal institution is the source and foundation of the English empire all sorts of crimes against humanity and nature committed against the world including the native Americans in USA and Canada, the Aboriginals in Australia, the Natives in New Zealand and all the crimes in Asia, Africa and Europe including Ireland and Scotland. All the crimes the English empire is doing for the last 500 years is based on the school of thought from Oxford, Cambridge and other empire created criminal English university institutions.

So, there is no surprise this corrupt and rotten English establishment school of taught saying so what is saying here. All the crimes the English Medias including the English establishment propaganda machine BBC, NGOs including OXFAM (created by four evil so called scholars from oxford in 1984 and then they gave it to the establishment to use it to destroy other nations in the name of aid where Ethiopia is the first and worse victims ever since as they did during the 500 years of crimes against humanity and nature), charities, foreign policies, economic activities, politics and so on is from the school of taught at oxford, Cambridge and other English criminal and corrupted school institutions that are selling school results including degrees for money.

The so called the English aid in Ethiopia is working this way. They are using the name aid to come in the country, live lavishly and move freely and reach anywhere they want and meet with anybody including with the criminals, are including the criminal English establishment Medias, criminal journalists, so called NGO, Charities and scholars like from this criminal oxford institute and use the money doing this kind trash work about the country and people they have nothing in common and they have nothing to do with.

They are engaging with so called study the Ethiopians society where the English embassy is the centre playing its empire criminal role. There have been lots of shit reports in the name of studies about Ethiopia with the embassy full engagement including with hundreds of pages about media, women, poverty and so on in Ethiopia done by them served by some dog and naive Ethiopians including from the highest levels.

The Questions to the oxford empire criminal institutions that is totally in love and sleeping with the criminal English establishment which is still there despite the Nazis and the likes criminals against the world are gone because of the crimes they did with less than 20 years. But the 500 years criminal English empire that wiped out hundreds of millions natives from the North American, Australia, New Zealand and all the gruesome and
inhuman crimes in the name of slavery and colonization against the world is still here and behaving as if it was innocent.

How many students from the poor and minority communities are attending education in Oxford University? How many scholars are in oxford and Cambridge from the black, Asian or none whites?
How much money is enough this old and rotten institution to be corrupted and get what anyone that pays can get including misleading, false and wrong reports like this one, studies, degrees and so on?
The world knows institution like this one are writing lies, misleading and false reports about anything including dangerous and health risky medicines and food or drink items if the company pays them in order to sell its illegal and bad products.

We know, the first and most games they are playing against others is acting as if they are above them and making others down to the ground. They have to tell others you are sick, poor, weak, nothing and so on in order to make them feel really they are nothing and being nothing is the best to these empire criminals to play their dirty games feeling they are above all including against the people and country they don’t belong but feel its belongs to them. .

1000 individuals in England own 34% the nation’s wealth. Less that 10% the population owns more than 90% the wealth in England. So, where is the worse poverty and crimes against the majority? It is in that evil England that doesn’t know herself and place in today’s world but being always against others especially those allows them and treats them nicely. We know how the paki, Afghani, Arabs and the likes are treating them in their own country which is little england. They call them white trash and their women as piece of fat meat and shi*t while raping and abusing them including young girls.

They are on the process to take their little England over under the sharia law and we don’t like it but also not disagree about it know how evil is that little england especially against the people and nation like Ethiopia treats them nicely and give them space and freedom to be there and move around.

But they are seeing this as big opportunities while understanding the people as weak, naive, poor and with anything bad and negative in their evil head in a way they get an uper hand from it to affect the nation in many ways like this one with misleading information for pure propaganda reason with aim to tarnish the country image and undermine the people as they started in 1984 using the Oxford taught of foreign policy where oxfam is started from there, too.

when you treat them nicely and allow them to be free, they become on the top of you and starts to affect you. This is the way they committed criminals including in N. America, Australia, Africa, Asia and all over the places they have committed. Because the people allowed them to come in thinking they are poor, weak and innocent. But they finished all them and take their land and continent over.

Hoping the time will come soon that little England with lots of crimes on her will be taken by the Sunni Arabs/paki, Bangladesh, afghans and so on running it with the Arabs culture in the name of sharia. And then will will see how they will feel especially the Jewish that are in England and there is a big chance they are after most of the crimes done against Ethiopia in the name of England especially since 1984.

The funny thing is the money including the accommodation, traveling costs, meetings and anything they are using to be in Ethiopia and live as a king and queen for the purposes to affect the nation is always called aid given to Ethiopia.

These criminals are in big fears if Peace is coming, poverty is gone and teh nation becomes totally free from any idea of foreign aid in Ethiopia or elsewhere in Africa, they will have no jobs and reasons to come there and commit the crimes they are good at while feeling they are all that and teh rest are trash.
That is why they have to work hard doing each and every possibility to assure their people about the presence of huge poverty there and it will be for years. This will give the best feeling to the English so called aid agencies, charities, criminal journalists, securities, government and anyone that is coming in the country for criminal activities using weaknesses as opportunities.

As we said before, as long as the English are around, there will be Always division, misleading, lies, hate, conflicts, chaos and setbacks. The solution is don’t trust them, don’t allow them, don’t give them any right in the country they don’t belong because of they are known with crimes like this to affect. There is no any nation got better and became self sufficient because of the English help. When they are around, they will destroy everything that nation has and implant their evil behavior, tradition and culture including the language that no any African can say it is mine or African.

Why is this little evil Island allowed to behave this way for so long? There are worthless and naive Ethiopians corrupted by them and working for them. These animals must be stopped.

Go to hell the English establishment criminal institutions such as oxford and Cambridge that are functioning with the apartheid institutions style allowing only the higher class citizens and those foreigners can pay huge money.

06/17/14 @ 04:34
Comment from: Anonymous [Visitor]

This has nothing to do with the truth, facts and realities but how the Evil English Empire is working. They enslaved the Africans for more than 300 years before colonized them after telling the world saying among the other “blacks are not humans but speaking tools and dangerous wild animals. That is why we have to treat them like wild animals putting them in chain while using them as speaking tools and animals living to work for us".

And based on this they committed the worse and horrible crimes to do against any human being, but they did it for so long as state policy and legal activities that created the English empire, make them rich and became the way they have been till today. It is the legacy of gruesome crimes and blood life they are having till today.

It is in their deep foundation creating fiction stories and using propaganda machines like this in order to create bad images when it comes to others and good images when it comes to them. They created images as if they are wise, knowledgeable, and beautiful even as Gods like they did during slavery and colonization and others including blacks and Indians have got images less than human.

Then based on this understanding things will be seen as legitimate and normal including they are colonizers, occupiers and slave masters while others less than human and slaves. Remember: 200 years ago, there was no a single English person in Australia. Only the blacks that are native Australians speaking 375 languages where there for many millennia. Where are they known? What happened to them? Who is responsible for the crimes happened to them with less than 200 years which is less than two mans total age?

So, what we are reading here is not news but the job how the English are having in the world mainly towards the poor and weak nations they are creating them with fiction images to make them feel that way. Because when someone is rich, powerful and strong they are acting like rats and servants as we see them how they are doing towards the Arabs.

Being poor, weak and naive is the best they are looking in any nation or even individual. Then they feel at home and everything becomes under their control including in other’s nation.

There is no doubt this so called study is nothing but a well calculated and planned political and propaganda shit paper where the English so called NGO, charities, medias and criminal journalists under the English embassy are doing this in order to make themselves to be wanted in Ethiopia and to make the country image weak and trash in the international mind. Oxford is used to sign its name on it in order to make the so called study useful and legitimate while there is no doubt it is done not because of the facts and realities on the ground but for political and propaganda reasons to affect the nation for their own agenda and plan.

The English so called aid agencies in Ethiopia are acting as a foreign invading state with in a state having own plan and agenda about the country. An English Canadian who is now the head of the English NGO and Charities umbrella group is in Ethiopia for more than 30 years. He is there for 30 years in the name of aid while right now he is telling the world including with this so called report the situation is getting from bad to worse.

That means they are there for so long and worse than that since few years they became under one umbrella group to work together like drug cartels or criminal groups in the name of aid. This is a political and propaganda shit paper written by so called aid agencies from England that are in Ethiopia for so long but using the name oxford to make it legitimate, wanted and acceptable as they used the drug and alcohol addicted and G*y and lasbe*n immoral singers in 1984 to spread the honor news easily and widely all over the world in the name of helping the hungry while there was nothing coming from them. The job was done in London and finished there. The idea was taught from the oxford so called scholars that are busy with the English foreign policy where embassies, spy agencies, NGO, charities, Medias and so on are under its portfolio. .

So, in order to be free from these evils, let the entire so called English aid agencies, charities, Medias and criminal journalists leave from the country and treat them like the worse criminals. This is the only solution to deal with them.

06/17/14 @ 05:20
Comment from: Visitor neutral & Amazed about the comment above [Visitor]
Visitor neutral & Amazed about the comment above

Wowowoowowowo, one of the world’s fast growing miniature economy with average growth of 0.00011% is the 2nd poorest country? You even have the nerve to say; the report is from 2011 and not valid. Lol u funny moron. Who was on power in 2011. Actually, you are blaming your miniature visionary leader without u even know it, then he was still there? Lol

06/17/14 @ 06:08
Comment from: [Member]

if you are really interested to know countries rank by poverty rate check this one out..http://www.indexmundi.com/g/r.aspx?v=69

06/17/14 @ 07:03

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