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Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

What is Christian Science monitor has to do how we live in Ethiopian ? These are the WOREST enemy of Ethiopian people and specially when it comes to our Orthodox Christianity which they Christian science groups a member of KKK and New Nazi who are now turning our population to their fealty homoxxx and lesbxxian. Religion like Penti, Gehova, Protestant etc. which all of them are anti Ethiopia . We should burn down these phadoxxphile ,lesbxxan, and homxxmo religion and throw them out of Ethiopia soil and those of them who turn to these faulty groups must go through baybtaisem at ABAY river.
We must have our eyes open why these groups operate in Ethiopia freely, specially in Amhara region and we know from the past what these groups did to Aborigine of Australia and india in north America. They are now operating in Amhara region and giving a birth control pill to as young as 12 years girls and injecting a population control poison to decline the majority of orthodox Christians in that region. They have got a green light from weyannes govt. Whose PM HM is a pint,Gehova and Protestant member . And declared the unseen new way of Genocide by injecting poison to young Amhara population. These thing is going on since the new PM took office and here we have a CSM writing about the new born mortality and so on.

We should warn our population specially the Amhara who are now being experiment by these groups and other parasites charities and NGO. Nothing good comes from these groups.
They are planting a time bomb to destroy the Amhara population. Wake up my beloved true Ethiopia. They are distributing children’s foods that contain radio active and other harm full to pregnant women and even in the name of UN ,they inject a virus that will activate in 5-10 years and become deadly contiguous disease that will wipe the entire community of Amhara.
The weyanne govt.full of DEDEBS have no idea what these groups activity in country is but as long as they are free in Amhara densely populated area they give them a free hand to do what ever they want on our christian Amhara population. The secret war on Amhara population started a few years ago and no one knows how far these parasites charities and NGO are doing their deadly experiment in that region.

07/16/14 @ 23:41
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

Ethiopia could have surpassed building it’s industry and highways a long long time ago . We could had landed Abeshas on the moon . Even sent rockets to the outer reaches of the solar system.
The tiny legged creatures called TPLF with the help of shintam Arabs and their western masters would have non of it. They destroyed the infrastructure . They literally bombed bridges . The real Ethiopian governments before the hyena Woyames did not have a chance building anything . That was what our local and world wide enemies wanted.
TPLF had built Mekele Institute of Technology , imitating Massachusetts Institute of Technology. While ethnically dividing the real Ethiopians. So that they could not march foreword with the ready of the world. But, judgement day is coming.

07/17/14 @ 01:01
Comment from: Lazy Observer [Visitor]
Lazy Observer

Denkoro Diaspora Opposition wont like this news(its not really news if you really follow up on real Ethiopian News)

The development continues, come to Ethiopia and be part if it…. Says this Lazy Observer

07/17/14 @ 02:13
Comment from: suleman [Visitor]


Nice dream bro. yes indeed we could have ruled the world and probably the universe too, if they tiny legged TPLFs didn’t venture into our territory. The big legged fathers of ours were doing miracles after miracles in constructing the buildings, the dams, the hospitals, the schools.. and the research and development tasks to explore the space including the moon. Alas these tiny legged creatures came and thwarted all these projects and took ethiopia back to the stone ages. Our fat legged fathers were in power for more than 800 years and unlike their predecessor ethiopian rulers (like the Zagwe and Axumite dynasty) didn’t waste thier time and power in chanting “Fukera", “Kererto” and “Shilela". Well done our fatty legged fathers.

07/17/14 @ 07:07
Comment from: Faysal [Visitor]
5 stars

This is great news, and anyone with healthy state of mind would be happy to see the country is showing rapid progress.
Thank you to all who are working hard to make this possible.

07/17/14 @ 08:17
Comment from: tamagne melaku teferra [Visitor]
tamagne melaku teferra
5 stars

sodo. the only word that comes to my mind is “IDIOT".hetrate has blinded you completely my brother. any good news is burning your soul like a hell. you better get used to it because every second brings a good news about mama ethiopia. Thanks to mighty EPDRF and its genius leadership.

07/17/14 @ 08:47
Comment from: tade [Visitor]  

The so called c’senait/better to call u satan
If u want some one to respect u’r country,u’r religen …etc u better try to respect other’s too
If uwant to make a difference,go and fight it.if not shutt the f..k up
You are truly ideot

07/17/14 @ 09:30
Comment from: getu 1 [Visitor]
getu 1

To Sodo
You sound like you never lived in Ethiopia. Why don’t you go back and witness the changes, roads construction, schools, hospitals and clinics almost everywhere. Citizens working and making money. I bet you wont even be able to recognize your own village.
As Lazy Observer said The development continues, go to Ethiopia and be part if it. but also ask your self what can I do for my country, the level of poverty is too deep and don’t expect Ethiopia to be one of the richest from one day to the next.

07/17/14 @ 10:19
Comment from: Mike [Visitor]

C’est moi senait [Visitor]

You’ve reached a point of no return, certified wacko. Your twisted paranoid mind is rather amusing. In fact, many of the people who post comments look forward to reading your insane conspiracy theories, it is sheer entertainment. However, as your brain degenerates further, next stage is transformation into a zombie. You become contagious and must be quarantined. I will expedite straightjacket for your loved ones to put you in it until CDC arrives.

07/17/14 @ 13:06
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


I think you must be suffering from unknown mental disorder that CDC in Atlanta could not find the source of it. You better take your proxxxzac and wash your stinky mouth.

07/17/14 @ 23:22
Comment from: [Member]
5 stars

C’est moi senait
It looks like you have so much anger in you to vent like this on a news paper that did wonderful job to bring to world the progress that the Ethiopian government doing. I am not sure whether you are not happy with the report or just mad at the white people that did the report. it looks like you are one of those hateful people that just hates somebody just because they are this or that, sorry sister may god help you

07/21/14 @ 12:14
Comment from: [Member]

C’est moi senait

What nonsense you are talking . Your conspiracy theory doesn’t give any meaning. It is very premature and no body accept your conspiracy theory. The pentes,the protestants and the Jehovah witnesses have all the right to live in Ethiopia. Mentioning the name of PM HM in your conspiracy theory also doesn’t give any meaning. Let me tell you something the size of evangelical Christan community in Ethiopia has reached to the level you can’t subjugate as minority. Anything you try to instigate such type of hostility will not work any more.

07/21/14 @ 21:27
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait


Those homxxmo,lesxxbian and phadophile religion that you mentioned are nothing but a parasite to Ethiopian pure people’s. You will be babtaiesed once more in ABAY river no matter how many millions you are. If you refused then that will be the last day you put your stinky feet on pure Ethiopian holy land. You will be deported some where where your phadoxxphile ,homxxmo religion belongs to ….west. We will burn down your false church to ashes. No human right, UN, Obama will save you a zzz.

This is Ethiopia for pure Ethiopian and it’s pure culture.

07/22/14 @ 02:53

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