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Comment from: [Member]

The last gasp of diaspora hopeless opposition!
They hired all kinds of lobbyists and newspapers’ columnists to make their nonsense agenda.
I don’t blame them, as long as that’s all they have to survive. But why do some so called journalists, including the above article writer chose to echo unfounded allegations without any fact finding investigation of their own? Isn’t that a violation of the ethics of journalism?

07/30/14 @ 07:31
Comment from: Vol [Visitor]

Ethiopia is getting better, restored, enhanced, superior, improved, and well, every single second of the last 20+ years. So long!

07/30/14 @ 08:03
Comment from: FriAb [Visitor]

Hi Halle I have talked the health officer at land mark hospital in Ethiopia Elfy is transfer to recovery room 202
He said she is doing much better

07/30/14 @ 08:22
Comment from: Getaw [Visitor]

Your excellency self appointed Primr Minister of Ethiopia Mr. ADDIS ZEMEN AIDS,

Do you have something to say in these issues? I hope and guess, you understand properly what is written above by foreign observers.

07/30/14 @ 08:42
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

There we go again! We have to accept and adopt American Perversion so they can invest in our Christian Country. The Houston Chronicle writer seems to be one of those perverts from Montrose St.
If this is the case, I would say to the US ‘take your money and shove it’. We would rather be poor than stoop down to that level. Everybody knows that American Investments come with strings attached under the guise of Terrorism, Human Rights which it just boils down to colonizing.
A good example would be in Central America where Gang/Drug Dealer infested small countries can’t punish their criminals because of the documents they signed for human rights which include the criminals when they received US Investments for The Millenium Account. The top homicide numbers countries in the world are found in Central America.
So read the fine print before you sign.

07/30/14 @ 11:21
Comment from: MIMI [Visitor]
1 stars



07/30/14 @ 15:12
Comment from: Haile [Visitor]

The Houston Chronicle Editorial,
Why should Ethiopia abandon the anti-terrorism laws? Why don’t the USA, the most powerful country on earth, abandon the anti-terrorism laws in place? Is it because American lives are more precious than their Ethiopian counter parts? Terrorism is terrorism regarless of its geographic location.
Besides, Ethiopia is a sovereign nation and doesn’t need your prescription to democracy & human rights as these two great value grow organically from within - not an imported commodity.

07/30/14 @ 16:27
Comment from: Dagna [Visitor]
1 stars

The Houston Chronicle Editorial
the country’s unsuccessful move this spring to make homosexuality a “non-pardonable” crime.

“The Houston Chronicle Editorial” oh sorry
“The Huston chronic HIV/AIDS Spread-torial”

How many fagots are their in US defence force?
If their are most are probably traitors, remember Preston manning (Chelsea Manning)
Mr./Mrs Editor keep your dirty ass away from Ethiopia. We have only unused old Russian Scud missiles for you to launch you to hell.

07/30/14 @ 21:53
Comment from: Lema [Visitor]

“Houston Chronicle Editorial” first of all what is your business in Ethiopia? Are you Ethiopian? Are you an Ethiopian media paid by Ethiopian tax payers? Regardless of content of your concern the tone of your writing is very odd in a sense it some one with a different lifestyle don’t like your style and want you to be like him, or saying that he is superior that you and you have to be like him. What would you say to this insane person.. yes, you guess it.. F*** you..
By the way if the thing you are talking about is right thing and good for us, we will take it, not because you told us, but because we find it right and we will take it in our way. Don’t dump anything on us just to offend us. Respect is the
beginning of all human communication.

07/31/14 @ 12:48
Comment from: Mestewat [Visitor]

The lawless government in Ethiopia recently was identified as the source of media jamming that caused interruptions to viewers in several continents. The so called government trains trollers, such as the ones here, to suppress what it considers to be negative news/information. Today, the regime is so despised in Ethiopia that its only life line is the support it gets from the west for being a tool of domination.

08/01/14 @ 00:06
Comment from: Sin Cere [Visitor]
Sin Cere

The so called government of Ethiopia does not only need to do better, it needs to completely change how it treats its people. The killings, the tortures, the systematic generational killings done by the current Ethiopian regime /TPLF is beyond reprehensible. I can’t believe what the mafia cadres of the TPLF junta are writing here; how dare they are bold enough to write here; while basically blocking all free media in Ethiopia. Just Sickening. Bravo Houston Chronicle for stating the very obvious.

08/01/14 @ 14:11
Comment from: amanu [Visitor]

I Like the editorial as for the gay right this the problem of the US, imposing there value on others. What else is there value no school prayer and sex education to children…

08/02/14 @ 00:00

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