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How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage



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How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage

How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage

By Damian Zane BBC Africa, Washington

The traditional music plays and children, some dressed in Ethiopian costume, perform a traditional dance: Raising and lowering their shoulders to the beat.

Like millions of other children in the United States, these American-Ethiopians are at summer camp.

However, this one is about maintaining their connection with their roots abroad.

Hermela Kebede, runs Washington's Ethiopian Community Centre

"They still have to keep their heritage - that's who they are, and it will make them proud”

Hermela Kebede Ethiopian Community Centre

The camp, which is for about 35 children, is at the Ethiopian Community Centre.

It is in a regular office block on one of the main roads out of the US capital, Washington DC.

A 21-minute drive away is the grand venue where African heads of state and President Barak Obama are discussing US-Africa relations.

As the leaders try to negotiate a new phase of that relationship, the Ethiopian diaspora community is grappling with how it should relate to back home.

Estimates vary, but there are thought to be more than 200,000 Ethiopians in the Washington metropolitan area, by far the city's largest and most visible African diaspora group.

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Comment from: Melakam Sew [Visitor]
Melakam Sew

One thing that will always be true is the excellent balance of Ethiopians’ individual skill for survival and their cultural collective attitude. Amen to the story!

08/05/14 @ 04:25
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Very nice love it we must keep our rich culture no matter where we live.
God Bles Ethiopia

08/05/14 @ 16:32
Comment from: steve [Visitor]

“How Ethiopians in the US cling onto their heritage”

please give us a be honest, the same can be said about the british, so what’s the big deal about the Ethiopians?
run out of idea?
“How the british in australia ,south africa,new zealand cling onto their culture” would be more interesting.

08/05/14 @ 19:30
Comment from: Anti-Brit [Visitor]

Steve that’s a typical white boy comment.Enough said.

08/06/14 @ 06:21
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

Kudos to the Ethiopian Community Centre. Keep up with the good job.
Let’s teach our children Ethiopia Unity no matter which part of it their parents come from.

08/06/14 @ 10:03
Comment from: [Member]

Steve, if you go to a site such as expect to read a articles about Ethiopia and Ethiopians.

08/08/14 @ 10:46


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