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Comment from: new era [Visitor]
new era

Are the Brits playing dumb or they are for real? 23 years later they don’t know how these incompetent idiot baboons work? The west lionized them in the name of counter terrorism and now they even going out of their border to kidnap people. Time to tell the baboons their place is in the jungle.

08/05/14 @ 01:05
Comment from: Are you Kidding me!!! [Visitor]
Are you Kidding me!!!

New era, you must be a BABOON if you are calling you fellow Ethiopians a baboon…you are simply a human garbage. Ethiopia belongs to all it’s people no matter what part of the country they were born. Amhara, Tigray, Oromo……without these tribes, there is no Ethiopia!! Ps. By just looking your face no one can differentiate what part of Ethiopia you are from.

08/05/14 @ 02:23
Comment from: Andaregachew from Makelawi [Visitor]
Andaregachew from Makelawi

New aram,
“The west lionized them…..'’
Who lionize EPRDF?No one lionize the hero EPRDF.Donot forget that they are the one who defeated one of the largest military force in Africa

08/05/14 @ 02:31
Comment from: Habo [Visitor]

Are you sure he is not ALREADY hanged?

08/05/14 @ 04:41
Comment from: Maritu Kebede [Visitor]
Maritu Kebede

new era

Grow up before you start to say something nonsense.

08/05/14 @ 09:10
Comment from: Addis Ababa Seferee [Visitor]
Addis Ababa Seferee

Andargachew From Meklewi/Aretrawe

Stupid! TPLF terrorist Shifta u didn’t beat one of the largest army in Africa. We Ethiopian people defeat derg by refused taking any type of fighting orders. U never fought derg u were hiding @ semien mountain bushes, caves, under ur mama KEMIS and termite mound. U were running and shiting on ur pants when ever the derg army pass by ur hiding dunes. the only thing u and ur roots SHABIA knows how to destroy people property, how to demolish Ethiopians infrastructure and so.on . now after u sabotaged everything in the country by collaborating with ERITREAN wonbedes. don’t tell us u are one of derg beater. F’kn! idiot go and beat ur AZZ-OLE and ur skinny toothpick meat. SHEFAFA tegre.

08/05/14 @ 13:39
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgiw Kemalamu ,your bandit bosses never defeated any army .but occupying fields already abandoned by the Derg .By Finally entering in Addis escorted with Shabya Tanks
For Great Heroes ,you have chosen the right ones…LOL !!! It’s certainly not from their
Addis Villas and buildings worst with their bottles of JW whisky that Samora and his goat herder friends shall wage the war …LOL !!!!

08/05/14 @ 16:30
Comment from: Markos Lemma [Visitor]  
Markos Lemma

I can bet the last single hair in my jead and the last Euro in my accouny and invested in stocks that it is the English Evil Empire MI 16 that tracked Andargachew Tsige using the GPS system (Ground Position System) and by the help of for example his cell phoone. Ethiopia simply just don’t have that capacity to track down someone using his cell phone, Laptop etc. And, after tracing his location reported to the Ethiopian government with whom they have been working hand and glove including by training the facit TPLF secret service already from the begniing of 1990’s.
Now after so many weeks they pull their Evil and devilish trick from their sleeves and summon the Ethiopian top deplomat which is a show to a naive and trusting Ethiopian. Such has been and is the hypocracy and lie of the Satanic English Empire for over 500 years. They even dare write a total lie of concerning the total genocide of the indignigus people of North America which don’t have any parallel in history of humanity, where even Hitler is just an insignificant criminal compared to the Satanic englishman. While it was them who introduced paying bounties for a every indigenious people men, women and children scalp . Later on they reversed the story and blamed the Indignigus people for being the first once who introdued scalping. Lies compund lies. Furthermore, the Satanic english Empire and its herds still today proudely believe and claim to non-Africans that colonialism is the best thing that has ever happened to Africans. Be aware fellow compatriots we are dealing with Satan himself that have adapted a human face.

08/05/14 @ 16:38
Comment from: Alena [Visitor]

Whatever is said by whoever; justice had to be served.

08/05/14 @ 19:10
Comment from: Mimi proud Amara [Visitor]
Mimi proud Amara

@Addis Ababa Seferee

You tell it like it is!! These parasites are destroying our country. They are not one of us and they will never be. I remember when they were trying to throw the derg regime, their famous slogan was “Atfiteh Tifa” what does that tell you? Only terrorist would say and do that kind of shit. These parasites are our enemy, they have no love for our country or our people period. God help Ethiopia from these Agames!!

08/06/14 @ 02:54
Comment from: Ethiopia [Visitor]

A lot of undesirable people hide under the British citizenship to stirrup trouble and cause mayhem in other lands.
This particular man would receive a just and fair trial in Ethiopia.
We are not a backward country and due process of low will apply in his case.
Other British citizens would not be allowed to create trouble under the cover of their citizenship.
Subsequently causing problem between

08/06/14 @ 05:11
Comment from: Addis Ababa Seferee [Visitor]
Addis Ababa Seferee

Hi Mimisha!

Ethiopians mostly mengistu’s Amhara and Oromo officials commited irredeemable mistake to the country and ethiopians. They know most @GAMES and SHABIANS never been true Ethiopians, they know that these people have had a history of betraying the country and its people for bloody money. They have done it many times through out Ethiopian history. Every Ethiopian enemies crossed through TEGRE and ERITREAN boundry, they are money hungry ” they are a total sell out SHELLE'’ they do anything for money. Ask all Ethiopian invaders:-> the Italians, Egyptians, Turks, Arabs, Derbushes… u name it they will tell u how the tegre morans let them into the country without any resistance but bribes and gifts. These Chigaram Fa’kn TEGRE and ARETREAN WONBEDES should never be allowed to be in Ethiopian army, all previous Ethiopian leaders until mengistu era should never let these spies and sale out bandas to obtain any type of position in side the elite army of Ethiopia, which has a 3000 years of undefeated record. If it wasn’t for double face, so-called Ethiopian Tegre espionage, —-SHABIA and stinky TPLF will never exist to give us an ulcer. unfortunately the good AMHARA and OROMO were fool and good hearted enough to let the bogus Ethiopians
who committed themselves for anybody, anything, for that is to be spy slave, a slave to every man.

F’AK off !

08/06/14 @ 10:05
Comment from: Bright future [Visitor]
Bright future

Sometimes I’m glad to live in US, all the hatred, tribalism, people against their own people, insulting. …… it just make me sick. Sad to read all of these nonsense. I wonder why Ethiopia is the poorest country in the world???

08/06/14 @ 14:25
Comment from: Beza [Visitor]

Teddy farawna Tiframu Gira Gonder. You were boasting about Andarachew Tsige being Gondere. Now, go and get him released from prison don’t bother Brits. He just beg the citizenship from them. He was given the citizenship to fight for Britain not mingle in Ethiopia’s affairs. So shut your dumb a** and such it up. He promised to Bereket Simon that he will be with him when he was giving lecture for Dama restaurant customers at Sheraton Pentagon. Do you remember that meeting ? So that is what he was doing. Just they save him air ticket. Kita Ras Jib Agech Gondere, Yezebegnachin YeMola wndim.

08/06/14 @ 18:49
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

I am not a supporter of any party in or out side Ethiopia. But what I see is this butt headed guy Andargachew is a traitor of Ethiopia. Collaborating with the worst venemy of Ethiopia issaias Afewerki and wage war against his country qualify him to be hanged or be shot to death infront of his kids. Please burn this bastard alive and give good lesson to others like him.

08/07/14 @ 02:05

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