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Comment from: [Member]

Yes, Hail to the true African leader and Ethiopian king; and eternal glory to the men and women who have in one or another way fought and sacrificed so that we, their descendants, may live in freedom!

The woyane criminals, who are still wasting the people’s resource to organize and celebrate the 40th anniversary of their tribal organization, are very much content to forget and ignore this important date.

Have you guys seen the number of dignitaries they have assembled in Mekelle for an occasion that marked the beginning of their treasonous mission to stand beside our enemies and attack Ethiopia? In their close to 25 years of dictatorship, not once they have organized an event of such a magnitude to commemorate unifying national days, such as the victory of Adwa. But, when it comes to the Dedebit day, they are very much eager to waste the country’s scarce resource to throw party on a global scale.

03/01/15 @ 21:59
Comment from: Shaleka Demese [Visitor]
Shaleka Demese


When I read such great history of ours, I feel ashamed of those shameful Ethiopians such as BERHANUE NEGGA and his shameful organization (Ginbot7) officially accept hundreds of thousands of dollars from Ethiopia’s deadly enemy (Egypt’s).

03/01/15 @ 21:59
Comment from: Sodo [Visitor]

Emye Meelik , Etege Tayitu . Tigres are rampaging , looting, killing. The fools, stupids Oromos ethnic cleansing the real Ethiopians , trying to change Addis Abeba to Finfine at the behest of the scum sucking Tigres. They have removed Abune Petros memorial. It is a matter of time before they remove your statue and burn Sr. George church as Mussolini did. They have burnt the Tayitu hotel.
Come back Menelik, come back Tayitu. Restore order. Encourage the real Ethiopian to join Ginbot Sebat and anyalte the wenbedes.

03/01/15 @ 22:39
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

This is the final front of our forefathers history being wasted by these chiggarams weyannes and their Banda shabia who fought to destroy our pride history and culture. The true ethiopianisem will not survive if tges termite continue their narrow minded ethinic police. The final solution to Ethiopia is to terminate these shabia and weyannes from the earth. Our forefathers land is now invaded by pasrasite NGO,weyannes,banda,charities and not to forget the rapied spreading of Arabs and their fanatic religion and new Jihadist brading ground mosques in every small cities and villages, teaching them ARABIC rather than Ethiopian alphabet. We should not allow extremist to build their base in Ethiopia soil. We are witnessing how BOKOARAM, alshabab,Isis and other extremist terrorising Christians and innocent ppl. These is what is spreading in these Jihadist New Mosque preaching their hate and stone age mentality of 100% men with their ugly beard and clothes they wear. We should NEVER give any chance these parasites to step one step and spread their poison in Ethiopia soil. We are Ethiopians true origin, to protect our true religion and culture from these Arab terrorist and their new fanatic mosliem religion. We will keep Ethiopia as ethiopian and clean from them. We will burn them if they dare to challenge us and open their stinky mouth. Ethiopia is for Ethiopia no matter what. We have lived with tolerance for thousands years but that is changing with today’s new Mohamedian jihadist with hate and destruction in their mind. These are not normal people we are dealing with rather a poison of human garbages that should be burned to ashes. Our forefathers did not die in vain. They fought every invader to gve us now what we have. This we should keep and reserve it in our blood and handed it to our next true Ethiopian generation.

03/01/15 @ 23:02
Comment from: AbaNesfo [Visitor]

The following amazing article was written 113 years ago…
The Most Gifted of Africans The New York Times Published: April 19, 1896

The experience of the Italians during the past few years with the Abyssinians has shown beyond doubt that these mountaineers of “the Switzerland of Africa” are decidedly a superior race to the other peoples of the Dark Continent with whom the Europeans have come in contact in their colonization and partition schemes. To a great extent this superiority is the result of their origin and pedigree. Although the modern representatives of the Ethiopians of myth and history, they are in reality not Ethiopians at all. They are not black, but are of Caucasian descent as pure as the Anglo-Saxon or the Celt. Language and physiology stamp them as members of the Semitic race, and, consequently, as kindred peoples to the Babylonians, the Assyrians, the Arabs, the Syrians, the Jews and other history-making nations of antiquity. To call them Ethiopians in the sense of blacks is a singular misnomer, originating probably in the fact that, being the only African people except the Egyptians known at an early date to the Greek-Latin literature, the term “Ethiopian” gradually was used to designate all Africans, and is now the national name for that very people who, almost alone on the entire continent of Africa, do not belong to the Negro race.

In truth, the Abyssinians are not originally an African race at all. Their earliest traditions point to Southern Arabia as their original seat, and by a singular piece of good fortune, the German traveler, Edward Glaser, who has made four scientific journeys to Southern Arabia, hitherto never explored, has found there the indubitable evidences of the existence of the Abyssinian people in those districts before the days of Christ. In close connection with this is the other discovery that at that time there existed in Southern Arabia a mighty Sabaean Kingdom, and Prof, Sayce declares that on the basis of these finds the visit of the Queen of Sheba to King Solomon in Jerusalem was, historically considered, “the most natural thing in the world.” Of this the Abyssinians have retained a very clear tradition. The present line of Kings claims to be descended from King Solomon by a son born to him by the Queen of Sheba, which son bore the same name. Menelik, as that in which the present ruler of Abyssinia glories. The royal house of Abyssinia can trace its lineage through a long list of generations without any break to Menelik, the son of Solomon. To doubt this descent of an Abyssinian King is equivalent to treason, and the literature on the subject is abundant.

The early connection of the Abyssinians with their kindred people of the Semitic family is also indicated by the presence in their midst of a unique semi-Helot race, numbering perhaps 500,000, and commonly known as the “Falashas” or Black Jews. They are Jewish in descent and religion, adhering only to the tenets and teachings of the Old Testament, while the Ethiopians or Abyssinians themselves are Christians. It is an old tradition, sustained and supported by some remarkable facts, that the Abyssinians were themselves first converted to Judaism and then to Christianity, and that the Falashas constitute that portion of the race which refused to accept the teachings of the Christian Church. Certain it is that the Abyssinian faith presents a somewhat odd conglomeration of Jewish and Christian elements. Thus, they still practice circumcision, although they have accepted baptism: they observe the seventh day as well as the first; the number and manner of their fasts are decidedly Jewish, and in many other ways they show traits peculiar to the Jewish faith.

They themselves, by their very name, indicate how strong a feeling of their origin is still present with them. The name “Abyssinians” they utterly despise as a term, meaning in the Arabic, a mixed or mongrel people, which has been given by their enemies. They themselves adopt the historic name of “Ethiopians,” or, still better, the native name of “Geez”. The term, “Geez”, while originally meaning almost the same as the word “Hebrews” – those who crossed over-is generally employed in a later sense of “Freedmen.” By this term the people designate themselves, as did the “Franks” of the Middle Ages, as “a people of freedmen.”

In more than one respect the Abyssinians are a unique people. Their physical and mental peculiarities, chiefly their language, mark them as a purely Semitic people, the only people of that family which, as a nation, settled and worked out its historical mission on the Dark Continent. In their history, religion, and literature they have been practically uninfluenced by the Hamitic people around them, including the oldest representatives of civilization on the African continent, the Egyptian. To all intents and purposes the history of the Abyssinian people, as far as this can be traced in their literature, is a chapter in church history, and that, too, an interesting chapter.

The civilization and culture of Abyssinia is practically a product of the Greek Church life of the fifth century. Converted to Christianity in that period of great theological and christological controversies, the Abyssinians took part in the discussions of the day, and with the decision of the Synod of Chalcedon in 451 A. D., condening Monophysitism, or the doctrine that Christ had but one will and not two, severed its connection with the Church at large, and voluntarily entered upon a period of isolation that lasted for an entire millennium, as Abyssinia did not come into touch and tone with the civilization of the world again until rediscovered by the Portuguese in the fifteenth century. Only in undefined story as the country of the “Presbyter John” was an uncertain report of the existence of an African Christian nation spread in the Europe of the Middle Ages. For to the voluntary isolation came enforced separation, when in the seventh and eighth centuries the Mohammedan hosts conquered Egypt and vainly tried to overpower the Abyssinians. It is ever to the historic credit of these sturdy mountaineers that for a thousand years they hve been able to maintain their own independence and national individuality against the fanatical hordes that overran Southeastern Europe to the very walls of Vienna and Southwestern Europe almost to the Rhine. But the Califs and the Weziri, by the conquest of Egypt, drove in a wedge between Abyssinia and the rest of Christianity that separated them as though they belonged to different worlds.

From historic factors and forces like these only one result could come, and that was the petrification of thought and life in the Abyssinian people and Church. Substantially in their faith, services, liturgies, thought, and life, with the native conservative tendency so pronounced in the Semitic peoples, in Abyssinians we have a petrification and stereotyped formalism of the Greek Christian culture of the fifth century. But during this time this “hermit nation of Africa” has preserved a treasury of Christian works, lost largely to Greco-Latin literature, and which is now invaluable.

Ethiopic literature is comparatively large, but also either directly Christian or written under the spell of Christianity. It is almost entirely a literature of translations, first from the Greek, and then later from the Arabic and Coptic. Whether the Christianity or the civilization of Menelik’s people could be rejuvenated is something that only a prophet or a prophet’s son could foretell. The efforts of Protestant and of Roman Catholic missionaries in this direction have been carried on for half a century without tangible results, except among the Falashas. Possibly if other methods or agencies were applied, better success could be reported. Certain it is that of all the nations of Africa, the Ethiopians or Abyssinians are by descent and natural endowments the most gifted on the continent.

           

03/01/15 @ 23:08
Comment from: [Member]

Oh, F. FREE,
have a little decency, and count to at least two.
Give your Minilik, Haileselassie, and Mengistu
nostalgic (old and stinking brain) a chance to look farther than your nose. I am not idiotic and such a narrow minded like you are to hate Minilik blindly. I gave him and his wife (Taetu) credit (regardless of what he did to some nations and nationalities), for having been leaders when the invaders were embarrassingly defeated in Adwa. We, the open minded and logic based Ethiopians give credit where credit is due!!

Here YOU, the low level tirkimirki morons, including yourself, have NO courage to witness truth and reality. Bullshit hopeless blind haters. Luckily, you and the likes are just talking and cursing machines. (just harmless animals!!)
morally corrupt WERADOCH.

03/02/15 @ 00:19
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]
5 stars

Emye Menelike ,the Greatest Leader that
Ethiopia ever had .Eternal Glory to him ,
to Empress Tayitu and to the whole Adwa
Battle Heroes . Abolbai ,Moron Ye Agazi Wusha Banda ,it’s not a Northern Goat Herder Village Idiot ,suffering of Inferiority Complex your likes who can give Credit to
Menelike on the Victory of Adwa . Of course Adwa Victory is considered as an Insult by the Northern Bandits and the Bunch of Tigre Mafiosis ,as proved Agazi
Revisionists the likes Besrate Amare and Gebre Kidan Desta . By the way approved by the Dead Crime Minister himself ,the Agazi Mafia Head Sebehat and many others
Nothern Bandit including their Bandas . But for the Whole Ethiopian Peoples Emye Menelike Tayitu Bitul and his Victorious Army remain for ever the precious Sons and Daughters of Emama Ethiopia .

03/02/15 @ 05:11
Comment from: Lela tazabi [Visitor]
Lela tazabi

Thank you AbaNefso for your input. I like it. it is certainly most describing article of the time. It was clear the envaders/whites didn’t want to accept their defeat.

03/02/15 @ 08:13
Comment from: Maritu Kebede [Visitor]
Maritu Kebede

The History of Adwa is mainly the history of Tigray and Woyane. Long live Ethiopia and its nations. They did it again!!!

03/02/15 @ 09:11
Comment from: Mekuria getachew [Visitor]
Mekuria getachew


Thanks to heroic WOYANE’S unwavering pro development leadership, ETHIOPIA is rising again. This time there is no civil war or mass starvation, but peace,economic advancement in every field.

03/02/15 @ 09:43
Comment from: Tangut [Visitor]

We are much proud of this incomparable patriotic victory of our granparents over the ignorant Italian leaders.

But it is still sad for Ethiopians today to be ruled by internal colonialist bastards led by the dead anti-Ethiopian ghost Meles Zenawi, the son of Benito Mussolini, the grandson of Francesco Crispoi.

The Meles Zenawi’s anti-Ethiopian ethnic regime of TPLF is a junta of bandas whose parents were master bandas during the Ethio-Italian war (bandas are parents grand parents of Meles and the like-who were Ethiopins but serving the Italians againt their people and mother-land).

Ethiopia, will again sweep out the TPLF bandas and anti_ethiopians soon.

Long live Ethiopia.

03/02/15 @ 09:43
Comment from: [Member]

It’s so irritating, to say the least, to read phrases like “soundly defeated by an African army". Africa is a continent; it’s not a country. I’m yet to read a history that supports Minilk had an Affrican-allied army. Unless there is a conclusive evidence out there that says otherwise, the battle of Adwa was fought and won by the Ethiopians. Therefor give credit where credit is due.

03/02/15 @ 10:47
Comment from: Tesfu [Visitor]

Dear Nazret.
Thank you for posting the NYT articles on the Battle of Adwa! It helps!

It is a shame, we Ethiopians don’t know or don’t want to value, invest and capitalize on our long, rich and great history. In fact, our African countries and the western world knows much better about the rich and great history of Ethiopia (like the Battle of Adwa) more than our own Ethiopian children do!!
I am not sure when this will change!
Please read another nice article (excerpt) on the glorious Ethiopian Battle of Adwa, the pride of not only Ethiopia, but Africa and the black race at large. This is a history and a special day, which should have celebrated with great pride all over the country in Ethiopia, because it is unifying and rich! Our generation turned its back on our ancestors, who sacrificed their lives and for our freedom & dignity and left us such a great country!


03/02/15 @ 10:56
Comment from: Azezo [Visitor]

“You will never know how much it has cost my generation to preserve your freedom, I hope you will make a good use of it.”

John Quincy Adams

03/02/15 @ 11:30
Comment from: Asefa [Visitor]

All this hate directed towards the Tigrayan people need to research history and in particular need to learn about Ras Alula from Tigray who was a valiant general in the battle of Adwa.

03/02/15 @ 12:03

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