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Comment from: hassen hassen [Visitor]
hassen hassen

……and the weakling Amharas are mere bystanders.wondering who is next and what their fate will be at the hands of irate TPLF if they fail to comply.
What more opportunity do the Amharas need to be served on a platter?
wake up! stop the talk
walk the walk!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

03/08/16 @ 02:11
Comment from: ETHIOPIA TIKDEM [Visitor]


White devils entering on tourist visa to make $$$ by writing garbage propaganda.


03/08/16 @ 04:15
Comment from: Teddy [Visitor]

Such an ignorant opinion! Such a hateful statement ! Such a blood thirsty attitude! Shame on your puny and narrow mindedness. This is not Amhara vs Tigre vs Oromo vs… This is about a government that doesn’t promote the interests of its citizens. This is about the people of Ethiopia. Not too long ago, you were trumpeting the ethnic hatred TPLF brought about and bashing on Amhara calling them “neftegna ” and so on. You were championing the removal of Amharas from oromos regions, calling on demolishing Menilik’s statue (a king who spilled his blood for the territorial integrity of mother Ethiopia), killing and dumping of Amhara mothers, children and men in dungeons.
Please keep your serpentine opinions to yourself. Bite yourself with your own poison and wither and die. Ethiopia for all Ethiopians coast to coast!

03/08/16 @ 11:25
Comment from: [Member]

The Ethiopian goverment is commiting war crime on his own people but make no mistake the so cold TPLF will pay the price when the time comes. The ethiopian goverment is dependent on aid so please don’t be a donkey by insulting white.

03/08/16 @ 12:27
Comment from: [Member]

I am not a prophet,but I always thought it was natural for dictatorships to fall. I remember in 1989, two months before the fall of the Berlin wall,had you said it was going to happen no one would have believed you. The system seemed powerful and unbreakable. suddenly overnight it blew away like a dust.
Dear TPLF donkeys, please make no mistake insulting the people will not get u anywhere it might take a few days more but your time will come and that time u need a place to hide I don’t really want to think about it but I feel sorry u.
one more comment is please note TPLF existence is dependent on the aid of the white so please don’t screw yourself by insulting white.

03/08/16 @ 12:40
Comment from: Bole bolale [Visitor]
Bole bolale
5 stars

Amhara are confused because unlike the Tigre the Oromos are gonna assrape them without vaseline.
Then they will chop your limbs and ship it to gojamme.
Either way you are screwed. Everyone hates you but the oromo are getting smart. They will use you against the Tigre( even though you arr useless except for talk and fukera) then …… :)

03/08/16 @ 16:12
Comment from: Bishaw [Visitor]

If you know your country’s history, I doubt you know, neither TPLF nor Tigregna have been called donkey in their entire history. As we know it that name was belong either to you or somebody else. As Teddy said it it is not an ethnic issue rather it is between the Oromia government and the people of Oromia on good governance. If you think you and weak people like you could take advantage it, I assure you,you will be consumed by the flame before you see that horrible change in your mind!!!

03/08/16 @ 17:29
Comment from: Obsaa [Visitor]

Nothing remains permanent and it is no wonder that this repressive government will be overthrown sooner or later. But I also fear the aftermath of the downfall. We need wise people to put the future on the right track. We have to agree at least on basic binding principles in advance. Pseudo-democracy, pseudo-history, etc must be burried for once and for all. As common binding principles we can take: rule of low, right person in right place, majority rule, minority right, ethnic equity from bottom of our heart, ending century long poverty, state and religion separation, securing port, multi-lingual language policies, etc. Ethiopian history has to be rewritten. The fake Ethiopian histories written so far twice under Amhara and Tigre dominated regimes are fake. No ethnic group should be at the periphery of Ethiopian government.

03/09/16 @ 04:29
Comment from: merga [Visitor]

boole bolale the sodomite, who worship satan. you are in the capital city of sodomites. stay where you are! you have no place in Ethiopia

03/09/16 @ 09:17
Comment from: temmam [Visitor]

Obassa,, you sound like one of those olf dogs barking your bankrupt propaganda.

you are the one who is fake., fabricator of lie, big liar, trying to appear who you are not.

the issue here is about people’s lives. How many children , men and women have to die to make you people see any sense?

how much suffering do you want to see?

03/09/16 @ 09:24
Comment from: joe [Visitor]

Why don’t you put mr.mohamed who works for Ormo radio station , preaching like isis, him on prosecution list? It is very amazing when he preaches hate and above all that he said all Christians should be slaughtered. That guy really should be in jail.

03/09/16 @ 10:16
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

                Gurages do not starved ?

The Gurages never starved compared to the northern parts of ET.The main reson is that Gurages eat the root and inner layers of the steam of the Ensets-Fals banans plants . Which are chooped ,minced and kneaded into à fibrous pulp….buried in an earth pit to ferment,à process that can take from Two months to Two years.The pit emits à foul smell,specially when it opened to remove the fermented pulp,which is kneaded ,shaped into à loaf and pan-fried to make à bread called WUSA. À staple of the Gurages diet .The new study shows that among the Gurages the heart related desises is non existance and the coffe ceremony is one of the main factor why so many Gurages never gets headacks.The Gurages drink coffe with SALT not with suger which is why so many of them live longer than the average ET . Beggerisem and sexual business is non existance . 98% of them live in à family or community which support them better than these parasite charity and NGO which are now distroying ET images becouse of weyanns begger govt.

03/09/16 @ 13:27
Comment from: axumawit [Visitor]

You are torn between being a true Ethiopian and Oromo nationalist.You sound that you like an Ethiopia inclusive,not exclusive,Ethiopia who respect everyone regardless of which region he/she comes from,Ethiopia where one feel protected,the other feel not unprotected,Ethiopia whose every citizen fight for the sovereignty of the nation,a country whose people enjoy Liberté, égalité, fraternité.You said"We need wise people to put the future on the right track."I feel your concern for the future of the country.What I want to assure you is that Ethiopia never fail.The enemies from out side and the fools from inside may think other wise.Through out her history,Ethiopia proved these knuckleheads wrong.” The fake Ethiopian histories written so far twice under Amhara and Tigre dominated regimes are fake."Here,I totally disagree with you.Ethiopian history is not fake.Ethiopian history is real.How many times Ethiopia is mentioned in the bible?Prophet Mohammed witnessed for the goodness of her people.The Greek wise men talked and wrote about her on many occasions.Alexander the great did not come to the south due to an intimidation of Ethiopian warriors.The farsis,Italians,Egyptians,Sudanese,and The Somalis invaded her.Well,they were sent back with humiliation.We had wise men who were warriors whose name attached with Adwa,Michew,Karamara,Badme.We had wise men who were good architectures whose name is attached with Lalibela,Axum,Gonder,Harar.Ethiopia will go through such times every now and then,at the end she will rise up.Mistakes will be corrected,the unchanged will be changed,Because it is a time of change,some of us may not like the path.Again, Ethiopia will be strong,dominant in the region,and especial place in world community.Ethiopians never hesitate paying necessary sacrifice to get where their country needs to be.Tomorrow,we will have more united and strong Ethiopia.

03/09/16 @ 15:24
Comment from: Hordofaa [Visitor]
4 stars

This is a latest from the field in Oromia. PM Desalegn has finally submitted to the ultimatum given to him and his neftgna government. That is after he and his entire cabinet has been pinned down in their Finfine bunker for almost 2 weeks. The details are being finalized. A new Republic of Oromia will be announced by the end of this month of March, 2016. I have all the indications that if Trump is elected as the president of the USA he will waste no time in recognizing the new Republic of Oromia. That is why I am organizing every Oromo here in the USA to cast his or her vote for Trump next November. You must remember that we are more than 250,000 naturalized Oromo-Americans. And genetically everyone with a German heritage is our 1st cousin. And I want everyone of you to vote for Trump.

Oromia is coming!!! A newly minted Republic of Oromia is coming and She is coming very soon.

03/09/16 @ 20:09
Comment from: [Member]

Hey Hordofaa,
I think you are using the wrong part of your body to think, if you ever lived in united state of america you will not write garbage like this. I am sure your residence is either in Aamera or TPLF region as they are the one with impaired vision who bleave in divide and rule. what u are saying is not representing oromo but says a lot about asshole.

03/10/16 @ 14:32

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