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Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

Impressive story, we all have plenty tails to tell. That was yesterday, can you please tell me what you are doing now, today, to help those brave folks battling with the occupiers at places like Amba Giorgis? What have you done to coordinate and escalate the resistance with other opposition groups that have fighters, i.e., OLF, ONLF, ARDUF etc?

09/02/16 @ 14:45
Comment from: Nostra Daimus [Visitor]
Nostra Daimus

I hope we will not be trading a Mao inspired entity for a Leninist Marxist Government. They are cut from the same tree but a different name. But when the majority of our Citizens grew up under these Systems, how would they know what a Democratic System is?

09/02/16 @ 14:52
Comment from: tazabi [Visitor]

Birhanu Nega once he was a Bucknell Professor.
Now he is a commander of the Ethiopian rebel army.
He was also once a Mayor of
Addis Abeba before he left the country for good. I think the reason was misunderstanding with the Government of Ethiopia due to seeking PM position.
He was the one who formed Ginbot 7 with
his friend Andargachew Tsige. Andrgachew is in Ethiopia prison he was cought while going to Eritrea in order to strength resistance cells inside Ethiopia hoping to link up with his own fighters on the Eritrea side of the border.
Birhanu would sleep with the devil if he believes would take him to ‘ARAT KILO’ palace.
Why to go through all this trouble to come to Ethiopia and causing all this destruction and death????
Why is it needed to be NOW< NOW ? is that because to destruct Nile prior completion???
Did he conned the Amhara people????
Does Ethiopia needs him now ???
On the protest of 24/8/16 why members of G7 blast Bomb??? provoking the peace keepers and cause death ???
Why he joined ISAYAS ???
If democratic why not wait until the election time rather than trying to take power by force causing all this damage and death destruction ????
Why did Ethiopia needs him
Why he only ??? What makes him think??
Where did all this dollar comes from to run war???
Honestly the Ethiopian Government has a lots of faults at the same time make a lots of effort on developmental aspect. They have responsibility to protect countries peace until they leave power sit democratically.

09/02/16 @ 16:38
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

À desperate old man breathing his last air in enemy land called Eritrea ,as the air is getting tinnier and ageing like an hyena he gets his oxygen from POL POT ISSAHYA a person suffering with brain humoured and malaria that is affecting his half brain…. A very good combination of the two dead monkeys pol pot issaya and Nega who is the first Ethiopia political prostitute who sleep with shabia dogs well know enemy of Ethiopian people’s and it’s unity. Well, my advice to this shimmagile is to get help in mental hospital before he lose his mind. I do know what kind of drug he uses to go to Asmara and sleep with African north Korea dictator whose population is fleeing their tiny poor country in thousands every day in desperate to Ethiopia and Sudan ,ending up in Libya ,trying to cross the medetriania with sinking boat … A mass exoduses is taking place in Eritrea ,old,women, children’s ,young you name it,,, their population is running as fast and abounding their poor nation as they say in Eritrea “"I rather die crossing the medetriania than dying for mad man in front line"”

So when shabia loses it’s young solders the solution is to hire Berhan Nega an Ethiopia treator whose new job is to recruit young poor farmers Ethiopian and die for shabia and for him in the name of librations this and that.

The only solution to fight back weyanne is inside addis by targeting and shooting weyannes top officials inluding their supporters and family. That is the best way to bring change in Ethiopia today. Not like this melatta desperate shimagile party with no future.

09/02/16 @ 23:05
Comment from: Berhanu [Visitor]

I equate this type of story telling as a joke. First of all, Berhanu Nega is not that bright. He is not the person you portray in this..let’s call it article. When you tell a story about wanna be rebel commander, you need to interview others who might know your hero very well. If he was the most popular professor on “Sub Shara Africa Economics", it is not known in Africa. No one follow his economic method. It might have been fun to his best friend, an individual you mentioned as English Professor or the students he lectured. No one, I mean not a single University in Africa uses his economic method or books, if he authored any. None. So your attempt to bestow high academic honor to a man who refused to take his seat in the Ethiopian Parliament ignoring the wish of the people who voted for him as their representative. Instead, he went to jail stayed there for more than twenty months before begging forgiveness form the Ethiopian government and its people and you call this fellow dedicated to his political conviction which is ridicules. You wrote cheap propaganda dictated to you by the very person who would benefit from your tabloid. I do not know what a good life is, as for you, a good life is living in a comfortable home, making money and sending your kids to named universities. I personally do not give a hoot for material induced life style. I say this because you wanted to make him selfless individual sacrificing a lot to benefit the people. That is not true. To start with, you can not form alliance with ruthless dictator to bring democracy to anyone. It does not make sense. You might have seen articles on New York Times about what happened to the people of Eritrea. You might also have heard about UN sanction imposed on Eritrea. You wanted us to believe that a group of people who do not understand the word “Democracy” will fight on our behalf. That is an insult.Berhanu Nega is a spineless third rate con artist who cares for no one but his own image. What do you expect form a convicted criminal. He can not set foot in Ethiopia even to entomb deceased relatives with out facing justice. He has to talk shit in his own defense. By the way, in the 21st century, there is no such thing as “Sub Sahara Africa Economic” model. You just want to write something without clear understanding of the subject matter. Do not be a tool for a fool.

09/02/16 @ 23:25
Comment from: haigeb [Visitor]

JOSHUA HAMMER, freelance journalist, hmm. You have no clue about Ethiopian Politics.

Birhanu is greedy, a felon, a terrorist who is promoting genocide in Ethiopia. And he is a con artist who knows how to milk poor, un-educated Ethiopians in the diaspora.

09/02/16 @ 23:26
Comment from: Mekonnen [Visitor]

By JOSHUA HAMMER for The New York Times
Joshua Hammer is a freelance foreign correspondent and the author of “The Bad-Ass Librarians of Timbuktu.”

Joshua tried his best to create a hero out of a looser personality in Ethiopian politics. Birhanu is not what the author of this article and himself claimed to be. Ethiopians knew that gimbot7 has no armed rebel groups on the ground.

09/03/16 @ 01:13
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Tenzabaew , and what about your bandit bosses during their Bandit Period .Didn’t themselves slept with the Devil even being Arab Slaves Specially Kadaffi and Sadam feet washers to conquer Menelike Palace .Entering
into Addis escorted with Shabya Tanks …

09/03/16 @ 03:33
Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

“ taking a sip of the ice-cold vodka

Let me see mr. Nega the alcoholism plus communist ideology will be bring wealth to our poor ppl. Or poverty and horrors with combined 60-70s librations philosophy …

I will wait see who will last you with absolute vodka that is destroying your Lever or that mad man with 70% damaged homoroide brain , I remember him in Jerusalem hospital during 90 to get a treatment for his malaria that almost kills him.
Watch out what you drink in Asmara Mr Nega. Or eat with. One drop of nano poison is what is today’s spy weapon not a bullet.
That drop has killed that weyanne leader to his grave , Hugo Shava was killed with same poison . He called bush a devil in NY UN conference a years after he is gone.
Nano poison is widely use among spy to assassinate this and that. Weyannes could not afford to send a drone to kill you but this nano poison is around you one day. No traces of who and what is the cause of your death….
Even if I do not agree with you, this is my advice to watch out …. The more you are old is easy target…..
Watch out for nano poison. Weyannes are there to get you.

09/03/16 @ 03:40
Comment from: Alegnta [Visitor]

Tazabi: excellent analysis!

Berhanu Nega is supported and paid for by Eritrea, Egypt and the Arab world and G7 primary aim is to GRAB POWER AND DISRUPT GERD. There is a clear agenda to destabilize / weaken and even disintegrate Ethiopia by external enemies. G7 is fanning discontent whatever the consequence and this is worrying for Mama Ethiopia. This now taking shape in many ways:
- burning of industrial developments
- incitement to ethnic hatred and destruction of their property
- lawlessness
We all know what happens when there is no law and disorder - this will threaten the very fabric of Ethiopia’s existence.

The EPRDF is not perfect and no doubt there will be change but we don’t want Ethiopia to become another Libya or Syria! Change has to come in a peaceful manner with Ethiopia armed to defend itself against any external adversary (and we are surrounded by them - Al Shabab, Issayas etc.). Ethiopia needs a strong army and decisive General and can’t be seen as a weak country. Perception is everything - that is why Egypt doesn’t dare refuse negotiation on GERD!
Some Nazret.com readers have a fundamental hate of Tigrians and this is sad. Who has benefitted by the Economic growth of Ethiopia? You can see Ehiopia is the fastest growing economy in the WORLD http://uk.businessinsider.com/world-bank-fast-growing-global-economies-2015-6/#turkmenistan-12 GO AHEAD GOOGLE IT! Travel around Ethiopia and you will see the development is in fact more in Oromia, Awassa, Bahir Dar and not Tigray! There has been a fair allocation of resources to all federal states. What is wrong with that? In the UK the Scots and Welsh have their governments and the people still feel British. Why is a federal system in Ethiopia not compatible with a strong sense of Ethiopiawinet? The many nationalities of Ethiopia can have their distinct identities and yet strong Unity at the same time! Indeed diversity can be a STRENGTH.
A number of issues raised by the Oromo (land issue) and Amhara people (Welkait issue) can AND SHOULD BE dealt by democratic means. Issues of poor governance and corruption HAVE TO BE dealt with urgently. This doesn’t however mean we have to have utter chaos and risk the disintegration of the country! As somebody warned: “Be careful what you wish for as your dreams may be realised!".

09/03/16 @ 04:38
Comment from: Ahmed Hassan [Visitor]
Ahmed Hassan
2 stars

Ethiopia needs a change and pro berhanu nega should lead this role…

09/03/16 @ 08:04
Comment from: [Member]

There is nothing new Berhanu Nega was talking about taking power in the name of Ethiopians for the past 42 years. He has been offered different position on different times but chose to ally himself with Eritrea and Egypt because he wants to sit t the helm of power on any expense. To him the target is the palace his tactic is creating chaos and pitting the people. He is a person who calls himself democratic and and who has not entertained basic democratic ideas in his life. I invite the so called reporter of NY Times “which prints everything unfit to print ” about africa and witness how people are tossed a rug doll from the meeting he conducts for asking questions. Berhanu from his communist past to the present has been trying to use people around him and different organizations he was a member of to achieve one thing “grab power” Berhanu which the reporter wrote a long article has no political or economic plan which direction the country should go. Berhanu is a professor who wrote an article stating that Ethiopians should not save their money in the bank because the value of the Bir devaluates. This is a person who said he will do “anything” to grab power . This is a person who did not say one positive word the victories achieved by Ethiopians. Let me say something I know Gondar and its people they are the ones who kicked him and fellow EPRP from their region and I don’t think they will take him back. as the song says ” ye sew yelew mogn, yesew yelew mogn …” The writer of the article should have dug up all the information behind the financing of Ginbot Seven and he could have come across names like Eritrea, Egypt etc. A poor article, a one sided article not fit to be printed on NY Times.

09/03/16 @ 13:11
Comment from: Dagna [Visitor]
4 stars

This Birhanu Nega Bonga, as you put it “Once a Bucknell Professor, Now the Commander of an Ethiopian Rebel Army” is just changed his job and joined a high paying Arab funded, Cairo masterminded “Anti Ethiopian’ conglomerate”

$500 000 to bleed and destabilize in concert its ally TPLF inside Ethiopia .

Follow the money, ignore this bullshit what this crap writer is blabbing about may he too is payed by the same evils.


$$$$$$$$$$Shabia > $$$$$$TPLF
Shabia > $$$ Birhanu Nega>$ Ginbot 7
.Every $= 1 000 000 US
for every Ethiopian murdered both TPLF and Birhanu Nega gets a blood bonus of up to $10 000 US .
That is your Birhanu Nega Bonga.

09/03/16 @ 13:27
Comment from: aman [Visitor]

Hahaha. Pls dont make me laugh. Berhanu a rebel army commander. Which army is he commanding. His fantom army. What a shame for media to portray him like that. He is the most coward person. He betrayed his commrades at young age to seek asylum and betray the struggle and he run to us after he was released from prison in 2007. He is hiding in eritrea.close to asmara far away from the border so ethiopian army wont snatch him or eliminate him. But his arny reside in us and Europe. So every time he comes to them. The expect him to tell them that his fantom army is crushing and closing in addis. So he has to come up with new lies to snatch their money and go to his vacation retreat in Asnara

09/03/16 @ 14:03
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Agazi Ass Holes and Bandas if your so called Intellectuals , Adhanom , Debre Tseyon and Co. …lol !! do have even 1/100 th of Professor Berhanu Knowledge , Ethiopia would a real Economically Prosperous Country . Certainly not of yours Fairytales and Lies .

09/03/16 @ 17:27

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