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Comment from: Desperate? Me? [Visitor]
Desperate? Me?

Don’t forget Ethiopians are waiting to see what the ruling party is doing to get out of this crisis and save the country from disintegrating.They also make notice how you opposition forces, media groups , and social media aggravated the situations.At the end, Ethiopia and her people will rise up.This great nation is always characterized by the means she gets out of crsis.we have been saying that no matter how much time it takes, she will show her enemies wrong.YEBELWAT siyhon YEMOTULAT names will be written in the history books.

09/06/16 @ 04:19
Comment from: ggh [Visitor]

Dr Mesay,

Still you are dreaming to prevail the old dived and rule mentality by undermining other proud nations and nationalities of the country while promoting single ethnic people like what had been done in the previous regimes of the country. Ethiopia today is governed under the Federal democratic state in which all peoples ,nations and nationalities have equal right to decide their own entity at their Owen locality and at federal levels.
Off course any country which is fundamentally transforming in to a new state of change is not without challenge and is a natural phenomena to occur the current
temporary problems prevailing in the country.
Thus, the current situation created in our country would bring opportunity by at the same time mitigating the risks to its manageable level as usual in collaboration with the peace loving people of the country.
In conclusion, I am quit confident that
Ethiopian unity in diversity shall persist and flourish on hand in hand collaboration of the people but not through divide and rule mentality of the old.

09/06/16 @ 05:42
Comment from: Y. Abai [Visitor]
Y. Abai

evil minded Messay Kebede….cherku yekedede,
what you wish and dream happening in Ethiopia is not what is happening. As usual, your blind, chronically hate sickened wish will ONLY eat you ALIVE. I know you’ve been drum beating in the last few weeks that there were some unrest and targeting some nationalities. And of course that is your day and night dream. but you know what, the evil minded human like animal, at the end of the day, Reality and truth MATTER!!!

Ethiopia will keep moving forward, thanks to the precious, uniquely heroic and selflessly brave sons and daughters it has, the WEYANES!!!!!!!!!

get lost hopeless moron

09/06/16 @ 10:23
Comment from: Tekola [Visitor]

It is fine to disagree with the professor. But are you woyane supporters or woyanes telling us Ethiopians are enjoying justice at home or just attempting to cheat us? He at least highlighted core injustices Ethiopians are now facing. If you could justify your argument that would be great but hate and cursing simply tells the level of your chronic ignorance.

09/06/16 @ 11:50
Comment from: Shegitu Dadi [Visitor]
Shegitu Dadi

At least Dr. Berhanu is doing something memorable to his friends, family and himself. Though what he essentially does is drink vodka, live on a third world food, sleep on a camp cot, work out to slim down and have fun with Asmarino shurubes, he has become a formidable pain in the ass for TPLF.

Unlike Dr. Berhanu, what are his friends in N. America doing right now?

They are simply writing and talking about the stuff a regular high school drop out from Ethiopian or diaspora can tell you more eloquently than they do. They cannot get down from the ivory tower of academia up high in the clouds and humble themselves as Dr. Berhanu did. They just can’t do it because it is not for them.

To know how these scholars have made themselves irrelevant, surf some of the Ethiopian diaspora opposition web sites. You’ll find so many of their recent write-ups.

In a few days difference Drs. Mesay K. (philosopher), Asseged H. (leadership expert), Minga N.(accountant) and Al Mariam (lawyer) had postings on the same issues they had been recycling for years. TPLF-EPRDF did this and that. Oromos and Amaras did this and that. The same shit again and again.

Mostly they get facts wrong and mislead the few that read their write-ups or listen to their speeches.

Take Dr. Mesay’s write-up publishes above. I’ll take few lines to make my point.

Dr. Mesay says TPLF’s repression common for the Oromo and Amara “became not only the basis of a rapprochement, but also ushered in a vision in which both will have their proper places in a truly democratic Ethiopia.”

This is simply a wishful thinking. Oromo and Amara protests are not coordinated to talk about “rapprochement” beyond common victimhood. In fact, the Oromo protest slowed down and came to a halt as the Amara uprising picked momentum. Oromos have Amara rule- anxiety and were not sure where the uprising was taking them and the country. They might even get a relief from TPLF crack down in the region.
Except sporadic expression of solidarity from individual Oromos, we have not seen the multitude share Amara outcry. The same is true from the other side.

The other misleading point from the above quote is the claim for Oromo - Amara common aspiration for democratic Ethiopia. Until recently, demands in both régions were local which have not been raised to the level of country issues. The fact that the uprisings one time took place simultaneously does not mean the uprisings have the same point of departure and destination such as democratic Ethiopia. That is to be seen yet.

It is not clear what Ethiopian scholars in diaspora want to achieve by writing the same thing ad infinitum, ad nausium, ad mortum?

It is nonsense if their write to raise the level of consciousness of the oppressed masses or to bring the “ignorant” diaspora to its senses. The people and the diaspora know enough about what is going on in the country. As we saw above on Dr. Mesay’s write-up, they get reality observable to nake eyes terribly wrong.

The worst thing about the scholars is they don’t even seem to worry if people read what they say; they simply write for writing sake and dump it in the public space.

We call their bluff and ask them to be somehow useful. Unlike what they think and do, they will be useful if they contribute in the areas of their expertise. Say, the “philosopher” studies the fundamental nature of the Ethiopian pshychi that enhance or undermine the realization of democracy; the “leadership expert” goes to Eritrea and help the opposition organize and lead the struggle; the “accountant” report on present and future books of accounts of Ethiopia with special reference to her balance of payment and the “lawyer” takes the criminals whom he accuses all the time to court.

Unless these notable but shadowy scholars come to their senses and make themselves useful in their areas of expertise, the diaspora media should deny them access to their Humpty- Dumpty and mumbo-jumbo .

If they want their write-up published, they should at least join Dr. Berhanu for vodka and third world food for a few weeks. In doing just that, they will raise TPLF’s fear and bring it to its senses. If they do that, we’ll tolerate the dumping no matter what they put in it.

By the way, what happened to Vision Ethiopia? It was supposed to register in one of the states in the U.S. and emerge a platform for a fresh move forward in diaspora politics.

Suggested topic for next conference: “The place of Tigres in Ethiopian political evolution”

(P.S. Note that there is no such thing called “Tigrean” as there is no “Amarian” or “Oromian". A common mistake anong asshole Ethiopian intellectuals)

09/06/16 @ 12:42
Comment from: ጉማሬ መስሎ አንበሳ [Visitor]
ጉማሬ  መስሎ አንበሳ

ጉማሬ መስሎ አንበሳ ጀግና ወያኔን እያስፈሳ ነው::

09/06/16 @ 13:00
Comment from: The nightmare continues! [Visitor]
The nightmare continues!

No matter where one lives, living next door to an individual that is loud, brutal, disrespectful, mad, angry, hateful, violent person that beats up, and rob people is one of the worst thing in the world . But the good thing is that, people have a luxury to move away from lawless criminal disrespectful neighbors … Gondar and Wollo people have no choice and are being disrespected, abused, insulted, robbed, tortured, and massacred by their heartless, lawless criminal Wayne neighbors.
In the last 45 yrs, the numbers of Gondares that have been slaughtered by Woyanes is staggering. Today alone, it is reported that, over 1600 young men have been taken from Behar Dar, and the surrounding areas by Waynes to military training center to be beat up, tortured and of course to be slaughtered. Most of them were picked up from their homes. This is nothing, but genocide.

09/07/16 @ 14:32
Comment from: Bench Maji [Visitor]
Bench Maji

The world class leader his excellency Prime Minster Hailemariam Desalegn’s exemplary leadership skill and his achievements, to carry on the vision to build the Grand Renaissance Dam is put to a test because Egypt’s irrigation and water resources minister announced on Sunday the postponing of contract signing with two foreign consultancy firms – to study the impact of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam on downriver countries – due to “unresolved issues.”
In statements to the state-owned MENA news agency, ministry spokesman Waleed Haqiqi said that the delay was due to “outstanding issues between the consultancy firms conducting the technical studies and the legal firm wording the contracts.”
Haqiqi added that another reason behind the postponing was that the firms’ experts were not granted entry visas to Sudan.
The signing of the contracts between the two French firms – BRL and Artelia – and Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan was to take place on 5-6 September in Sudan’s Khartoum, according to Egypt’s foreign ministry.
The spokesman added that Egypt was currently coordinating with the consultancy firms and the Sudanese and Ethiopian sides to agree on a new date for the meetings.
The announcement by Egypt comes a few days after media reports quoted an unnamed Ethiopian source as saying that no date was set for the signing of the contracts as announced by Egypt’s foreign ministry.
However, last week an official Egyptian source told Al-Ahram newspaper said that they were officially invited by Ethiopia to the meeting on 5-6 September and have not received any notice of a postponement, quelling the media reports.
Cairo has repeatedly expressed concerns that Ethiopia’s $4.2 billion dam could affect its historical share of Nile water, or, according to Prime Minister Sherif Ismail, that the hydroelectric dam could be used for reasons other than electricity generation.
Addis Ababa insists that the nearly complete dam project will not affect downstream countries negatively.

09/07/16 @ 18:18
Comment from: Addis Zemen [Visitor]
Addis Zemen

Tigrawains are advised to clear from all of the Amhara region especially from Gonder, Mettema, Armachiho, some parts of Bahirdar, and many small villages in Gonder not to risk being mistaken as Amharas by the government’s Security Forces..
So far about 40,000 Tigrawaian people have arrived to Tigrai through Mai Tsebri, Mai Kadra, Dansha, Humera and many other towns in north western.
The Tigrai government in conjunction with The Meles Zenawi Foundation has opened it’s doors to the newly established temporary shelters in Humera, Endasilasse Shire, Axum and Mekelle on Monday, 20th August 2016, to help the deportees and register them. Many of these Tigraians have been living in these parts of Ethiopia for 30, 40, and or many more years. . Many of those are families including women and children who have nothing to do with politics. Some of them are business people who invested millions in the local economy and who employed many people who were forced without anything. Some are government employees who fled with cloths on their back.
The Tigrai State Emergency Response Organizing Committee is registering every individual to make sure there is no Amhara impostor among them including what they did for work, how many family members they have, what they owned, what they left behind, and other detail information needed for reinstatement to their regular life soon.
Still there are many Tigraians stranded in many parts of Amhara state and their lives is in danger. We all have to do whatever it takes to help them out.
The people and government of Tigrai need to be grateful to the people and government of Sudan for their support and helping hand to our people.
Every single Tigraian throughout the globe and friends of the Tigrai people should make a stand on this issue. If you are Tigrawai do everything in your power to support our people in their time of need by sending financial assistance to the Meles Zenawi Foundation. This is not the time for falt finding on anyone including the state government. Now we need to be there for our people dispite our differences in the handling of the current unrest in the Oromia , Konso ,Gurage and Amhara regions.

09/07/16 @ 18:20

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