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Ethiopia - A Covenant with your Motherland!



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Ethiopia - A Covenant with your Motherland!

Ethiopia - A Covenant with your Motherland!

By Golto Aila

Published on April 4, 2008

If you are a 30 years old Ethiopian or younger, you have only heard about Emperor Haile Silasie’s rein! You may have lived under dictatorial rules for your entire life, or you may have run away from your Motherland to live in the physical tranquility and the psychological turmoil in your adoptive country. Even in the far away land where you live, you cannot have peace because of the terrible miserable lives your loved ones, whom you left behind, go through day in day out. So you are physically in a free country, yet remain a prisoner of a monstrous dictatorship you left behind, after making a perilous trek out of your home into the unknown world! If you are 16 years of age living in Ethiopia, you are most likely preoccupied with strategies to avoid falling into the ever expanding net of an oppressive regime, which has been cast to trap a youth like you. A trap set by a government which is supposed to protect you against harm. No it’s not a foreigner hunting for people to take to foreign lands and sell you into slavery; it’s your own homegrown government, which considers your very presence a threat to its existence. Instead of nurturing you, protecting you, and strengthening you, your government is eliminating you, lest you prove to be a threat to them. Some of you have lost parents, siblings, friends – loved ones who have been shot and killed in your presence. You were afraid even to mourn because of the mortal threat to yourself. This was an action not by an alien but an agent of your own government! As a young person you are afraid to seek protection and help from your parents, for seeking their help may jeopardize their own lives!

History books tell you wonderful stories about your country’s glorious past, its old civilization, the fact that it has been the cradle of Christianity for about 1500 years, and the fact that the earliest members of our species may have originated in today’s Ethiopia and migrated to the rest of the world. While all this knowledge fills you with pride, the very air you breathe is filled with the stench of oppression emanating from your current rulers. You repeatedly ask why God has forsaken you! You live in a country that is blessed with natural resources. Your country is the source one of the longest rivers in the world that flow through four countries and gives livelihood to millions, yet your country is perennially begging for food from the international community because it cannot even feed its population. You wonder how you deserved such a curse. Well, you don’t deserve it! Your God has not forsaken you either!

The reason Ethiopia is in such a dire strait today is because of man’s primitive desire to dominate others by impoverishing them and by subjugating them. This morbid and incorrigible desire to dominate has led to:

1. Ethnic based regionalism which the powers to be used to divide people against each other under the guise of providing regional autonomy. So, diversity which in a healthy society is a sign of strength, has been used to weaken Ethiopia, for a selfish, myopic, and short- lived objectives.

2. Inequitable distribution of resources with the home region of the ruling party taking the lion’s share of developments in the field of industry, education, health, infrastructure development and financial institutions. This is done to bribe the citizens of the region so that they will get the ethnic group’s support. The ethnic group is threatened like all other Ethiopian citizens to toe the line and have no choice but to do as ordered. The rest of the nation sees this ethnic group as the beneficiaries of the current administration and basically see them as an accomplice in the crime against Ethiopia. Hence, our compatriots, the Tigreans today are damned whatever they do and wherever they go! In today’s Ethiopia they, probably have the worst life of all Ethiopians, irrespective of the outward appearance of satisfaction!

3. Breakup of Ethiopia, purportedly to give freedom to the people of Eritrea! Today the population is experiencing untold suffering on either side of that border. If anybody has any questions regarding the objectives of Tigrean Peoples LIBERATION Front, just look at what Eritrean People’s LIBERATION Front has brought for Eritrean and the entire region of the Horn of Africa!

4. Failure to develop the natural resources of the country with the billions of dollars flowing into the country to make it independent of foreign aid, because of the fear by the government that such an empowerment will spell their own demise.

Our youth is the main pillar of our society! Even if you’ve taken yourself out of Ethiopia so many years ago and are now a citizen of another country, you cannot take Ethiopia out of yourself! The society in which you were born and raised is your reference point in life. Ethiopia defines you! Just look at, say, Irish-Americans. Their ancestors came to the USA some 200+ years ago, but today’s generation still go back to Ireland, their forbearers’ home as if they themselves were born there. The current generation has messed your heritage for you! Like drunkards, and insatiable gllutons, those who usurped people’s power have squandered the wealth and the dignity of your Motherland. Today Ethiopia is slowly but surely approaching the edge of a precipice! That same state of affairs also presents a unique opportunity to reverse this catastrophic trend, and you, the pillar of our society, though it is not your fault that we are where we are, must play a full role to reverse this trend and preserve your heritage! YOU MUST MAKE A COVENANT WITH ETHIOPIA FOR YOU ARE A PART OF ETHIOPIA AND ETHIOPIA IS PART OF YOU!

For those of us who are fathers of children born outside of Ethiopia, and cherish our Ethiopian heritage, it is our duty to put behind our political differences and rescue Ethiopia for generations to follow. WE, ALSO, MUST MAKE A COVENTANT WITH ETHIOPIA!

In your efforts to salvage your motherland I urge you to avoid the pitfalls that led to the failures of the generations before you, these include but not limited to:

1. Ethnocentric jingoism:
2. Intolerance for political dissent
3. Cultural insensitivity
4. Disrespect for those who disagree with you
5. Undemocratic behavior
6. Lack of ethical behavior
7. Lack of honesty
8. Lack of political transparency
9. Arrogance that tells you that you are superior than those around you
10. And above all the selfishness that puts your personal interest ahead of the interest of the nation we call our Motherland.

One of the most difficult problems Ethiopians face today, even in facing a common enemy is the emphasis on ethnic differences. Just like the current administration in Ethiopia has used ethnicity as a tool to divide Ethiopians against each other, the politicians of different ethnic groups have embraced the idea of exploiting ethnicity to advance narrow political agendas which, they very well know, will only hurt the constituencies they purport to represent and Ethiopia in general. Take pride in your diversity, in the many languages spoken in your motherland, in the many cultures and subcultures which are unique to your Motherland and which others lack. Be boastful of your diversity but don’t use it to bludgeon each other!

The most pernicious problem in Ethiopian politics, as indeed it is a problem of African politics, is the fact that opposition is not tolerated. Expressions of opposing views are viewed as insult to one's intellect. Differences of political opinions are taken personally and interpreted as a commentary on the person rather than a repudiation of an idea. Expression of opposing view- points is the strength of civilized and progressive people! The western world is what it is today because of the freedom to express one’s views. It is the height of ignorance that leads to rejection of this ingredient of social and political advancement.

Democracy represents a cultural norm. Democracy is not about just one man/woman one vote. It represents a code of behavior. A democratic way of life is reflected in how one deals with one’s children at home, and in everyday life, and is the reason why we don’t see conflicts in the West like we see in the developing world. Democracy is expressed by our actions and not by our utterances only!

For the sake of your generation and the generations to follow, I urge you to stand up and be counted. You must change the paradigm of Ethiopian Politics and personal conduct! You must create something today, while you have your youth, your vitality, your prodigious imagination and daring, so that you can look back with pride at what you have accomplished for posterity. Today’s generation is looking at a waste-land which looks uglier and uglier by the day. It’s unbearable to watch what is unfolding. Promise yourself not to let this be your fate in the coming years. There are many things you can do to achieve this goal:

1. My Solidarity Forum of Ethiopia Youth League: This will be a forum of exchange of ideas about your history and current affairs in Ethiopia. It is an excellent forum in which projects can be initiated and progress followed. It will be an important and necessary complement to “My Solidarity Forum” in your communities!

2. Reach out to each other and be ethnic-blind for the sake of yourself and your Ethiopia. While you’re at it don’t forget your Eritrean brethren who are victims like yourself. You’ll ignore them at your peril! You cannot to divide and weaken your people, while the rest of the world is stretching across oceans to join hands for strength!

3. Be active politically and support the organizations which are committed to a unitary Ethiopia. You must demand civility between the different political organizations – remember you are all the children of Ethiopia! Above all remember Ethiopia first, political parties next –GET YOUR PRIORITIES RIGHT!

4. Avoid personalizing Ethiopian problem and ask yourself what you can do to bring about a positive change!

5. Establish communications with those in and out of the country and share ideas, projects etc.


Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

This struggle mentioned above did not start in Ethiopia after the TPLF came to power. It has always existed since time in antiquity.

It is a life long struggle between the centrists, who have adminstered the nation over 95% of the time, and those who believe in dismantling the nation, who have raised their ugly head several times in the past. The uprising of Yodit/Gudit, the invasion of Gragn and the Turks, the seventy five years of the “zemene mesafint", and now the past 17 years of occupation by Eritreans, who hate the country they re supposed to adminster. Its all a well entrenched pattern.

Do not worry too much about it, in due time it will go away with the wind, just like yesterday’s Mengistu Haile Mariam’s “hebretesebawinet". Yezarew Malelet Tehadiso hizboche keffafayenet be ande ken yeketetal. Its the inevitable course of history.

04/05/08 @ 00:47
Comment from: sme ttiru [Visitor]
sme ttiru

ባማርኛ ብትሰብክልን እጅግ የተሻለ ይኾን ነበር።እንግሊዝኛ ምናችን ነው?

04/05/08 @ 01:00
Comment from: baymeno [Visitor]

Man feto lekekebin ehen sewuye. It looks like Kinijit has a new sherif in town.

Diaspora, this guy is a reluctant hero. Watch out! After he tells you all these craps, he will ask you for money in the name of “saving Emiye Ethiopia.” After he collects your either easy comes parking lot looted money or your hard earned money, he will run and build a nice mansion in the suburb of one US big city just like the other sharks did it few monthes back.

Remember Al Mariam few monthes back? He used to bored us to death before he recieved ” you are under a watch list.” from home land security due to his connection with ONLF.

Here comes Golto beating the same “Eskista.” The other day he asked us to forgive Derg. Today, he is tellng us “Ethiopia aand Hamus new yekerat.”

“Yezefen dar daru, eskista new alu.” ale yagere sew. Watch your pocket Diaspora, watch your pocket!

God Bless Ethiopia!

04/05/08 @ 04:40
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Those who have ears, let them hear! And those who have eyes, let them see!
All we have is Ethiopia. We can not replace her with any foreign country where we live. We will always be foreigners. Even our grand children will continue to be called foreigners.
Let’s love and respect the Ethiopia we have. Let’s not destroy her because we love ourselves more than we love our fellow Ethiopians. In reality we do not love even the ethnic groups we say we are fighting for, because in the darkest corners of our minds what we dream of is exploitation of a region we call exclusively ours.
Let’s struggle for freedom, equality and democratic rights by peaceful means. We do not need to destroy our country to bring down this dictatorial government. If we deny it all the support it needs to survive, it will come down crumbling like a paper tower.

04/05/08 @ 05:48
Comment from: Shiloh Selassie [Visitor]
Shiloh Selassie

Our father Halie Selassie taught us “he who suffers conquers and in the final resort wins the crown of victory!” “Ethiopia shall always be ruled by an emporer.” “Everyone of us here will one day face his maker and answer for his actions.” The solomon dynasty keeps the church as the head of Ethiopia, although today we see foreign enemies and those amongst us who allow themselves to be used as tools for alien propaganda causing dismemberment in Ethiopia, those who seek to rule a country by seccession causing dismemberment our message is clear, we will not accept their motives. I have lived to long to cherish any illusions, we are prepared just like our forefathers to die for freedom than to die without it. “we cannot impose our views by force but by moral persuasion if we but use it.” Ethiopians are proud of 3000 years of recorded history and the last 33 years of corruption and tribulation will come to an end as “country and history never die historical and honour keeping the new generation.” “Ethiopians are members of one closely knit family therefore it is neither fair nor legitimate for the interests of one group of this great family to be promoted at the expense of the other.” For the fathers have drunk of the sour grape and still there are wars and rumours of war. Proverbs ‘wine is a mocker and strong drink a raging and whosoever is deceived thereby is not wise,for the fear of the king is the roaring lion and whosoever provoketh him to anger sinneth against his own soul. Blessed be the King of Kings Lord of Lords conquering Lion of the tribe of Judah the root of david elect of God and light of this world Christus Jesus Amanuel defender of faith Haile Selassie abat wolid ba manfas kadus, Blessed be the tree of life which leaves are for the healing of nations,for John the baptist baptize with water but he that come after baptize with the holy ghost and with fire, for the fire shall try every mans work, what sort it is, if amans work abide he shall get a reward if they abide not he shall suffer and burn but shall be saved so as by fire:1corinthians 3. I have been locked up in Nazeret prison without food and water for over a month because of my love for the sensi tree of life although I suffered Haile Selassie was there and the sensi made life pleasant even in the most trying circumstances,"for men would sacrifice their all rather than compromise and denonce that which distinguishes them from the beasts.""for the true qualities of the Imperial bodyguard are best tested in the ordeal of Fire!”

04/05/08 @ 08:51
Comment from: Iwnetu [Visitor]


04/05/08 @ 08:59
Comment from: 3rd Force [Visitor]
3rd Force

Mr. Golto,

Why we, in the diaspora, don’t leave Ethiopians in Ethiopia alone. Most of us are de-facto non-Ethiopians. Ethiopians in Ethiopia will take care of themselves. They have God on their side no matter what went wrong in the system. Ethiopians in Ethiopia have a lot better life than before. Thank God that there are no starving people anymore. Isn’t this enough reason to be thankful to God?
It’s we in the Diaspora that we need to learn how to behave in a civilized manner. If we think that we in the Diaspora are in a better situation than the people we left behind, If we think we are more knowledgable and superior than our brothers and sisters at home, why don’t we create peace, love and harmony amongst ourselves first. If we want to be examplary to our people, why don’t we get along first here in the Diaspora? Why don’t we be courageous to see the bigger picture and speak out who are hidden enemies are? This probably is the only field where our competence lies. If are not sincere and free enough to single out our enemies, we better concentrate on our personal life and take good care of ourselves, before playing the Saviour role. Look at the many posts sent to Diaspora created sites and blogs who demonstrate nothing but hatred, animosity and aggression against ourselves. We are frustrated in our lives, we show a greater degree of ungreatfulness towards God. The choice is ours. Are we, Diasporasites, going to continue rebelling against God!

04/05/08 @ 09:27
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

One thing you forgot to suggest:

“you must be willing to scrifice and die for your country”

04/05/08 @ 10:55
Comment from: fare-dire [Visitor]

AMARA’S TIME IS OVER BRO,you call yourself ethiopian but in current ethiopia only amhara killil is called ethiopia,sorry for that and thanks for meles.if u ask oromo where you from the answer is oromia;ogadens/somalis ,ogadenia;tigre, tigray; all having their own flag.why you calling yourself ethiopian, you can’t work inside diredawa if you are not somali or oromo; in harar if you not harari or oromo;jigjia if you are not somali;makale if you are not tigre. so amaras please live and dream with your past histroy and go back to gojjam bag-mider

04/05/08 @ 11:41
Comment from: samuel [Visitor]

very intersting i wish every ethiopian wo have accesec to have internate service can read and share this idea with the writer of this article and joining him with his new initiative to be conservative ethiopian .

04/05/08 @ 12:02
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Mr. Golto

Since none of our past leaders were succesful in taking ETHINISISM OUT OF ETHIOPIA…TAKING ETHIOPIANISM OUT OF ETHINICS seems to be working better…as our history that is glorified by some of us and some of my relatives of mine, FOR SURE DID NOT SHINE IN MOST BIHEARESIBS IN ETHIOPIA.

You see some of us always imagine a united Ethiopia every now and then thinking all ethinic groups share the same idea…the way i c it, most of our bihearesibs were left in the dark for a long time (centuries for some) while power has been exchanged by two ethinic groups for the past 100 years…so why would most of us try not to understand that recognizing one’s ethinic background is more viable at this time before we start glorifying the BIG PICTURE. anyone who has been denied his own immediate self identity would accept ethinisism first before PATRIOTISM, NATIONALISM, UNIFIED ETHIOPIA or whatever state of mind most of us would like to impose to our people.

Not everyone in Ethiopia is in the same state of mind and don’t see our history the same way you do…meaning some of us won’t agree to take the same prescription as some suggest…some of us think things are way better right now, some us see a better future.

For instant, i completely disagree with you when u state that huge portion of the developments and resources to tigrai…u did not even back that up with stats…I probably get a better chance to spend more time in Ethiopia than you…visit every region and spend months in each region…from my immediate observations I can say there are more regions took a better share than tigrai…i also know that Meles is not popular at his home town…because they feel neglected.

that statement on itself you made is a contradicting to your attempts TO SEPARATE TIGRAEANS FROM THE RULING PARTY…or bringing all Ethiopians to your forum…it allienates tigreans…

Trust me dude when i say Tigreans don’t share the same view as yours..infact most tigreans support EPRDF and your sentimental lecture usually sounds very unrealistic to most…



04/05/08 @ 13:39
Comment from: Balageru [Visitor]

Mengistu/Derg were soldiers, they believed in get him before he gets you, no excuse for unprecedented crime committed, we all paid the price, the suffering, war, displacement, hunger, some of us lost our close family members, relatives, friends as direct/indirect result of Derge military rule. however Derg was not all negative, illiteracy rate dropped dramatically, all level of schools, hospitals/clinics were free, religion/race became equal, broke the Mengaga of feudals, and ofcourse the foundation of communism made life easier for the new communist eprdf/tplf regime. Meles could have done better if come out of tplf shell but stuck, as result tigray people in particular suffering, they are not allowed to support any political party other than tplf unlike the rest of the country, they become victims of name callings and abuse allover the country even though majority as poor as millions of ethiopians, tigray sharing border with enemy number one has made life harder, etc.
rasta Selassie is famous for what he did internationally but too little for his country, infact he is the cause of many of our present problems, sixty years in power direct and in the shadow too long.

04/05/08 @ 13:53
Comment from: Tewodros Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodros Salsawi

Golto Aila

Most of the advices you put forward are good. But you yourself dont seem to be acting accordingly.

Your statements regarding the current government are too polarized and manifest the deep hatred you have to the party.

How can one show all the characters you listed above if he/she is driven by hatred.

You discured about TPLF as a ill intentioned plitical party that brought the existing political system as an instrument to clinch to the power. But That is not the case. Ethnic federalism is a phylosophy most political parties fought for even before the TPLF was founded.

I dont suport ethnic federalism, But we cant come together and bring about a common political plat form if we continue to point at those who have different ideas as enemies of the mother land.

Event though there are a lot of basic political principles and programs that I dont agree with TPLF/EPRDF, I believe it is a party that has a base in side the people , that it is more democratic compared to any of the existing political parties, that it has strength to lead the country, and that it has done a lot of good things to the country.

So Mr Golto Aila

please stop hating TPLF/EPRDF. Then we can talk about all the good political instruments that you listed.

Tewodros Salsawi

04/05/08 @ 13:57
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

K’bur Golto Aila

I don’t even have words to describe what I felt while reading though your beautiful article. This is the best article I have read throughout my whole life. I was tearful from the beginning to the end! It’s strikingly correct, eloquent and it was about time to read this kind of article.

Not only I’m one of many of your targeted group, an Ethiopian youth, but a one who is willing to do exactly what you ask for, at least most of the points you raised as ways to help our Ethiopia prosper and take her place as the Glory land! For the first time in my life I fully, 100 percent, agree with someone! Thank you so much!

I have one question though, what is “My Solidarity Forum of Ethiopia Youth League” and who is behind it? (I’m not trying to be a prejudger or something but I just wonder if you have some more info. about it; like when it was established, if it has any political connections…)

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

04/05/08 @ 13:59
Comment from: 141 [Visitor]

Great tenants to live by mentioned in this article. I would like to reiterate that in my opinion, Ethiopian diaspora should try to get on with their lives. This concept of trying manage Ethiopia via the diaspora is not only unfair, but also likely to fail. Movements need to be grass roots. People that spend years outstide in western countries change. They reap the benefits of free societies ripe with economic opportunities. This experience does not qualify them to go back and manage the complexities of a developing country. It’s like trying to convince an x-girl friend what to do. The longer you are appart, the less relevant you are…


04/05/08 @ 14:09
Comment from: Zumbo [Visitor]

This is a typical neftegna lulaby laced with honey to trap the faint hearted diaspora and take us to the slauter house. The buzz words are all in choreographed for final dance recital.

We have been preached,lied and taken advantage by the wolves in sheep skins. These false profits are in it either to save their own skin or make some dollars on the way.

Most of these spineless political prostitutes are in the habit of changing their colours to suit their personal or financial gains.I say to these pseodo-intellectuals enough is enough.

The electronic super highway has democratised the quest for information and knowledge.Thus we can read between the lines and disipher what the hidden agenda really is.

04/05/08 @ 15:30
Comment from: Alem [Visitor]

enjoy it

04/06/08 @ 01:40
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

A copy of my late post on Miss queen’s page.

Shewarega, good to see you on this page and telling the reason of all this mess! Be careful someone is monitoring your words! LOL

I don’t like laughing at others miseries but this is an exceptional and irresistible case.

“dawit also known as amare, dagne, yacob and probably many more that i am tired of looking for, can you please learn how to walk the walk the way you do the talk. I can’t believe you provoked me to say all that to worsen the pain of your victim. Shot!”

What’s up amare eh I mean dwit no I mean yacob? Are this low?

Hahaha what a low life retard and a mental case moron s/he has to be to act like a human on one hand and a complete wasteful scumbag on the other! This is identity crises at its best peak!

Hope, the hopeless waste of oxygen, here is a first degree case for you to blabber and squawk about your old MDD joke!

Ohhh Nazret Admin./Mod. I can’t stop laughing! Whoever is behind these recent exposures, thank you so much! First Satenaw and now this guy/gay retard? You are my hero!

Igzer EtyoP’yan And’ Yargat, Kek’fum YiT’ebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that I’m an Ethiopian.

04/06/08 @ 03:02
Comment from: Gehion [Visitor]

I do admire the writers view point in general and the very critical problems, issues and short comings of the leaders of Ethiopia in the past and present. The writer’s analytical questions and answers are defined with intellectual honesty, transparency, right to the point where as the writers forewarn and advises Ethiopians in diaspora as well as within the country to form a chain of command to lead and formulate the paradigm of Ethiopia’s political, social and economical endeavors to the better and for the future of the generation. Very well said, I specially like the intellectual honesty of the writer.
However, I have my owen differences with the writer’s analysis and the usage of the western democracies, cultures, and so forth as an ideal example (by suggesting) to follow and apply in the Ethiopian political, social and economical paradigm formations.
I would like to point out to the writer that the very problems we are having and facing in Ethiopia, countries in Africa and around the world ( specially for countries that has been a victim of colonizers by the westerners) are caused by the very deferences and cultural clashes and colonial era impediment of the western cultures. A country like ours (Ethiopia) with the long standing history of its ancient cultural, religious, social foundations should (can) create or formulate a paradigms of democracies from within our society with out anointing, uprooting and or shaking our ancient cultural, religious, historical and so forth foundations, not only a pride to Ethiopians but also to all human ancestries. I am a firm believer that, democracy has to flourish from with in societies based up on the cultural, social, religious etc values and foundations, hence for the democracy to be as solid as the cultures it self is, as well as for the grass root understanding and transparency of the democratic values of implementations. In my humble opinion it will be a gross mistake to apply and formulate a democratic system in our country, based up on the western values, in which I think are ethically, morally, religiously and otherwise bankrupted. It is also counter productive, an impediment and incompatible to our social, moral, religious, ethical and cultural values as well as a head on collusion factor to our survival as a country and as society.
As fore the ethnic division as the writer had pointed out, yes, it seems that, many in our society, civic organizations, political groups and so forth are looking at the current federal governance system as a dividing factor to our country and a prelude to fracturing our country as well as a threat to the existence of Ethiopia and our society.
It needs to be understood that, the major factor and the demand of Addis Ababa University and high schools students from different ethnicities during Haileselassie’s regime demanded a system of some sort of federation in which Meles Zenawi was a part and a product of and that very generation of students, while attending the school of General Wingate that was reserved or designated to academically high achieving students and therefore this current federal system of governance is not an enforced system of federation but, a demand by the elites of the 70’s era and uproar.
As I have stated above about the writer of this article, it is about just and right to appreciate and thank him (her) of openness to the fact of a political, social, economical gridlock of our country and what needs to be done to rectify them, as the writer clearly pointed out for the young, old, men and women to participate in the creation and formation of our mutual beloved Ethiopia, in a very transparent and intellectual honesty of possibilities. GOD bless our country and people.

04/06/08 @ 12:24
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

Dear Kibur Golto,

Your article is objective and full of wisdom. It has a beginning and an end. I have really enjoyed reading it and i agree with the last five resolutions(goals) you have listed. That is the only and the sure way to go.
However, the one point i do not agree with your ideas is where you say negative things about the present adminstration. I do not agree with the way you portray them and i believe we need to start appreciating and acknowledging the brighter side too. We need to respect them for who they are and critisize them constructively.

04/06/08 @ 20:58
Comment from: mitomedhin [Visitor]

To Gehion,

Thank you for your words of wisdom. With this kind of thinking yes we can move in the right direction.

God bless

04/06/08 @ 21:15



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