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All About Ethiopia Video YouTube



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All About Ethiopia Video YouTube

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This is a new blog page about videos related to Ethiopia. We are looking for bloggers to join and post video links from YouTube and other sources and discuss them. If you are interested to contribute on this, please contact us with a valid email address [use free Yahoo Hotmail etc accounts] and we will set up this page for you, so you can post video clips here, with your own spin.

Music Videos, Politics, Travel anything that has to do with Ethiopia.

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All About Ethiopia Video

Geography, Leaders...etc Higlands, Castles



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Comment from: Tessama G/Egziabeher [Visitor]
Tessama G/Egziabeher

I am ashamed of being watching the video you call it all about Ethiopa video. You mean todays Ethiopia or Ethiopia of the past with its bunch of oppressor. I would advise you to visit the current Ethiopia and appreciate how it differes from the Ethiopia you have in mind.
Thank you.

05/09/07 @ 05:39
Comment from: hagos defew [Visitor]
hagos defew

Tessama G/Egziabeher –ante wusha wodi

05/12/07 @ 13:29



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