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An African Victory, A Powerful Woman, A Racial Truth



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An African Victory, A Powerful Woman, A Racial Truth

An African Victory, A Powerful Woman, A Racial Truth

Ethiopian Victory Affects the World

Though it may not be noted in every history book, in 1896 the Battle of Adwa took place on the Horn of Africa. The battle pitted the armies of Emperor Menelik II of Ethiopia against invading Italian forces commanded by General Oreste Baraterie. The Ethiopian victory produced a resonance that vibrated the entire western world for a number of reasons.

For the first time African forces had defeated a European power bent on forging an empire in Africa. And once again in the history of Ethiopia, the victory was influenced by a powerful Ethiopian woman, Empress Taitu. Also, the question of racial superiority was beginning to affect western societies, especially post-slavery America. Many were surprised that an African nation could defeat a white colonial power such as Italy.

The heritage of the victory at Adwa is felt deeply by the people of Ethiopia, because it sealed the country's fortune as the only African nation to have never succumbed to European colonization. The Ethiopian Heritage Society of North America feels especially charged to share and to keep alive the memory of the battle, not only because of the turning point it marked in Ethiopian history, but also because of the thrusting impact the victory had upon an already rapidly changing world.

Carving Up Africa
During the latter part of the 19th century, the mighty powers of Europe were intent on carving up Africa in their search for empires. The British, the French, the Portuguese and even the Italians were among them The Italians laid claim to Ethiopia. They were very interested because of the proximity of the new Suez Canal and the prospects of increasing trade. They were also interested in the wealth the land had to offer. Their first attempts at colonization involved establishing a colony in Eritrea.

From that foothold they had their eyes on the rich Ethiopian lands to the south. Emboldened by the success of other European powers in Africa, the Italians had reason to believe that snatching the land as part of their empire would require little effort. But their confrontation with Queen Taitu during discussions involving the Treaty of Wuchale should have given them warning.

From the House of Solomon to the Treaty of Wuchale
Taitu Betul was born around 1851 and traced her lineage back to the offspring of the biblical Queen of Sheba and King Solomon of Judea, as did her husband, King Menelik. The two would claim the positions of Emperor and Empress after the battle of Adwa. Tradition has it that the male offspring of that union was also named Menelik. Tradition also connects the Queen of Sheba with the “dark and lovely” companion of the Jewish king in the biblical psalm, “The Song of Solomon.”

As queen, Taitu wielded considerable political power and she was a key player in the heated negotiations over the Treaty of Wuchale. Crafted by the Italians, the treaty was two-faced. One copy of the treaty gave Ethiopia to the Italians; the other copy assured the Ethiopians that they could maintain their autonomy. Queen Taitu held a hard line for Ethiopia and the talks eventually broke down. At the negotiations she said, “I am a woman. I do not like war. However, I would rather die than accept your deal.” As a result, Italy turned to invade Ethiopia.

Ethiopia United by the King
King Menelik was ruler of the realm of Ethiopia. A wise man and a skilled general, he had noted that most of the defeats across the span of Africa were due to warring ethnic factions being unable to unite against the white colonials. He vowed that would not be the case for his country and warned every citizen from every corner of Ethiopia about that possibility. He became the leader of a unification of the peoples of Ethiopia and set out to train and equips a formidable army made up of all the Ethiopian peoples.

Menelik summoned princes, their vassals, and other people from every corner of the nation, and mustered a force of over 200,000 men. Queen Taitu herself rounded up 16,000. To provision his army, Menelik was able to gather 300,000 rifles, 5 million rounds of ammunition, 6 thousand revolvers and 25,000 blades for lances. Ample provisions for a formidable artillery force were secured as well. In fact, Queen Taitu commanded some of the artillery forces.

Battles Before Adwa
Two battles occurred before Adwa, one at Mekele and one at Ambalage. The battle at Mekele is certainly noteworthy as it involved the Queen and her troops and their superb tactics. The Italians had themselves well-fortified in formidable, hillside bunkers bristling with sharpened stakes and broken glass. The area was raked with solid Italian machine gun fire. The queen sent a spy to see if a weakness in the fortifications could be discovered. The spy returned to tell her of the vulnerability of the Italians' source of water.

Taitu ordered her soldiers to capture the water supply. She told her army officials, “You were anxious to get involved in this war. As you know, there is not enough space for all of the army; I do not want lose any of you over friendly fire. Be on guard at the water supply down in the valley. I hope you are not afraid to die for your country and honor. I will give gifts for those who will come back alive. I will take care of the families of those who die. Let God be with you!”

The Italians tried several times to regain their water supply, but Taitu's soldiers held through each assault. She kept the troops there well-supplied with food and ammunition. The troops were ready to die for her, their country and their honor. They defended the water well for 15 days against the Italians. As a result, the Italians finally had to sue for peace when King Menelik arrived on the scene.

The Battle of Adwa
When her husband marched forth to the north to meet the main body of the enemy, Queen Taitu marched with him. She was commander of an artillery battery during the Battle of Adwa. The Italian forces were made up of around 18,000 infantry and 56 artillery guns. Several thousand Italian troops were allocated to supply duties and the rest included many inexperienced troops and some Eritreans lead by Italian officers. Their equipment was poor and their morale was low.

The battle was a nasty and bloody affair. The Italians fought valiantly but they were out-numbered and out-smarted. One general's brigade was decimated by Ethiopian lancers and the general's body was never found. Over 7,000 soldiers from each force died. The battle was a crushing and humiliating defeat for Italy. The Ethiopians drove the retreating Italians to Eritrea and ultimately ran them out of the area altogether. As a term of The Treaty of Addis Abba, drawn on the 26th of October, 1896, Italy was forced to recognize Ethiopian independence.

Empress Consort of Ethiopia
Because of their success in uniting the nation, on the 10th of May in 1889, Taitu and her husband, Menelik, were crowned Emperor and Empress of Ethiopia. Just as when she was queen, the empress wielded great power at court. Their reign and their marriage could be seen as a “good cop – bad cop” affair. Her husband would always prevaricate or postpone decisions and deign to her rulings. As a result, her husband was much-liked, and she was not so well-liked. But, she made all the tough decisions. Because of the colonial wars, she had a great mistrust for anything European and defended Ethiopian traditions and culture vehemently.

The Three Victories of Adwa and Empress Taitu
The world learned at least three lessons from the Battle of Adwa. One, that it was possible for a united African nation such as Ethiopia to defeat a large, European colonial power. Two, women such as Taitu could lead in diplomacy and lead in battle just as could men. Long before women could even vote in Western nations, the soldiers and citizens of Ethiopia accepted Taitu's leadership. Three, the notion of white racial superiority had been taken down a notch or two and this had great influence on societies around the globe, especially in America where the notion of racial equality was just starting to bubble up through the culture.


Comment from: C'est moi senait [Visitor]
C'est moi senait

And we the Falasha are the one WHO brought civilisation to ethiopia. All the truth is not told in the past and in present.

The truth is Falasha build Axum,all historical places in Ethiopia
The truth is Falasha are the decedent of God.
The truth is Falasha are the tribe of queen Shaba and beyond.

What is not true is these chiggarams weyannes claim they are.

I lought hahahaaaa when I see these chiggarams claim they are the one who build Axum or tell about Shaba and king Solomon….hahaha.. Sub-animals weyannes and shabians.

02/20/12 @ 04:23
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

While Menelike’s army is waging war
against the Invader to liberate Tigrai .Mengesha and Tigrai nobolities have already run away from
the battle field defeated by Baratieri.A historical “NAKED FACT” that the Shabyan Ass Hole Adgi and
the TPLF Bigot Agassess with their
Thuggy bros and systs have to meditate !!!!!!

02/20/12 @ 04:24
Comment from: mehretunamta [Visitor]

It was such history making victory over the European colonialists which to this day is the hateful and negativity driving them to do any thing against Ethiopia. Being ashamed for a huge defeat the white man never forgot or forgive us to this day. That was one of the main reasons to bring woyane in to power so that we may be divided and suppressed we might not make a significant development. The EU and the US are the worst enemies of Ethiopia which they see as a defender of freedom and independence for the black continent. Our national flag is among the symbols of freedom for most Africans. The white man will do to reduce us to the extent of becoming a scattered provinces as woyane is doing it for them. They will support and do anything if they find some one like Meles and Issass those bandits who have no vision of a united Africa except to become dictators of a divided and disintegrated country. The only solution is when we get united in one accord and fight against such wicked scheme and repeat the victory at Adwa, but in different style.

02/20/12 @ 05:14
Comment from: melaku [Visitor]

woyane banda forefathers were selling eggs to italians.

:) :) :) :) :)


02/20/12 @ 05:27
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

I admire and respect Empress Taitu Betul. Thanks for recognizing her achievements and talking about her which is a rare case among Ethiopians.

02/20/12 @ 07:54
Comment from: obsaa [Visitor]

Ethiopia is a fake country with a false name; its correct name is Abyssinia. The barbaric Amhara and Tigray tribes of the tiny early 19th century Abyssinian kingdom invaded with the help of the English and the French a great number of lands that they subsequently annexed, subjugating various Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

By renaming their colonial state as ´Ethiopia", the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Abyssinians tried to usurp a historical name that does not belong to them but to today´s Sudan and to the modern Kushi’tic nations of Sudan and Abyssinia. They did this in order to fallaciously portray their genocidal state, and use a national name that serves as ideal coverage of their hideous tyranny and malignant intentions.

Ethiopia signifies Hamitic – Kushi’tic identity, culture and historical tradition, but today´s fake Ethiopia is a monstrous tyranny evolving around a counterfeit axe, namely the imposition of a Semitic, Abyssinian identity, culture and historical tradition on all the subjugated Hamitic – Kushi’tic and Nilo-Saharan nations.

Whereas the aforementioned makes already of this fake Ethiopian tyranny a racist state far worse than Nazi Germany, there is a religious dimension of the tyranny as well.

Not all the Amhara and the Tigray Abyssinians are Monophysitic (heretics who are not accepted as Christians by the Roman Catholic Church); ca. 35 to 40% of the Abyssinians are Muslims, who have irrevocably rejected the disreputable trash of Kebra Negast, the 13th century bogus-text of Satanist monks who composed a vicious, heretical version of the Bible. The Abyssinian Muslims have been greatly marginalized and deprecated in Abyssinia by the hysterically anti-Islamic regime of the Amhara and Tigray Tewahedo (Monophysitic) Ethiopianists who are the world´s worst terrorists and most inhuman gangsters.

All equations made, only 18% of Abyssinia´s population supports the nightmare of the Satanic Ethiopian unitary state, which institutionalized race-based odium, unpunished crime, racism, and barbarism. They are still divided into Monophysitic Amhara Ethiopianists and Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, and because of this division, we can safely assess that the governmental party (representing the latter group) gets in true numbers the support of less than 6% of the country´s population, whereas the opposition reflects the wishes of slightly more than 10% of the country´s population.

Due to institutionalized terror, the ruling Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists will prevail over their opponents whose electoral basis is twice as large as the ruling party´s. This terror is supported by the European Union and the disreputable criminals who rule Paris and London, fooling the administrations of European countries with no colonial past.

In fact, the entire survival of this execrable and evil felony of Ethiopia has been due only to Freemasonic support provided by the colonial regimes of England, France and America. Today´s elections are not elections but a crime and a declaration of war against the subjugated nations whose identity, culture, historical heritage and rich natural resources are targeted with extinction by the genocide perpetrators Monophysitic Tigray Ethiopianists, who get the shameful support of the European Union.

02/20/12 @ 08:42
Comment from: [Member]

The palace once Empress Taitu roamed is now contaminated by the “Leba” & ” Molefa’ta” Azeb. At one point there was a talk that she would be the female PM of Ethiopia, and behind the curtain will be her husband…..

02/20/12 @ 09:05
Comment from: solomon [Visitor]  

the first and most important thing we should have learnt from the war and unmentioned was the struggle and good-willing of the tigrian people,the tigrian people has a great contributon to defeat the enemy since his region had been attacked by italy mosoloni who had interesting to destroy orthodox chiristianity..2nd the military strategy and spionage of awalom and ras alula,if these heroes fighters had never been,ethiopian would have defeated or surrendered,and taitu and minilik were nothing with out them…history tells tigrians are the one who defeated turky, dirbush and egypt so many times…therefore even in adua war were so partisian….may god blessand bless this historical places for ever

02/20/12 @ 09:06
Comment from: ababa_jahnohoy [Visitor]

our ethiopian women are stronger than 10 men. zerrrafff they only give birth to lions. zeerrrraff they die for honor and country zerrafff

02/20/12 @ 10:02
Comment from: menelik [Visitor]

I’ve read many books about the Adwa war and about King Menelik Queen Taitu.
But the way you put it is very interesting to see it from different angels.

02/20/12 @ 10:37
Comment from: GEDION--NASHVILLE,TN [Visitor]  

In theory:
Patriotism is a feeling of pride and love for one’s country. Common acts of patriotism include erecting a flag of one’s country in the home or yard, decorating one’s car with as many flags as possible, and singing national tunes!

However, a deeper look into the “patriotic” mentality reveals something more complex and disturbing then the aforementioned phenomena. Why should anyone feel the need to exalt his own country over another? What is so special about his country that makes it so that he is “proud to be a (insert random nationality here)"? And what exactly is he proud of? Is patriotism being proud of one’s heritage? If this is the case, then there should be no need to masquerade symbols of pride, for that is just arrogance! It is analogous to a situation where a man is very proud of his personal accomplishments. The man constantly walks around singing about his accomplishments, wearing clothing representing his accomplishments, and even writing books about his accomplishments! Is this not arrogance? Is this necessary? Rather, the man should be inwardly happy about his personal accomplishments, but should carry on with his business without boasting. Just as, in any country, a person should not become “patriotic,” but should rather hold an inward respect for his country, equal to his respect for other countries. Because aren’t all men created equal? And accordingly, culture, a creation of man, and religion, though somewhat more dubiously, a creation of man, are all equal. And there is no need for the exaltation of any particular nationality in any way, shape, or form.

In reality:
Patriotism is perhaps THE single most effective political tool (though arguably less than religion). This concept of patriotism, of being proud of one’s country, is used to control and condition the opinions of the general masses. For just one example of many, consider this:
Sympathizing with a little Iraqi child whose entire family was killed during the US invasion is unpatriotic. And if not unpatriotic, it is at least unimportant compared to the death of a US soldier, because God knows that American lives are more important than any other life!
Politicians will use patriotism to breed resentment to other races and nationalities, and to justify certain actions that otherwise would not be tolerated. It is important to understand that patriotism is also frequently used to “bind” a person to his country, and in doing so, stifle dissent, and make it generally unacceptable. Basically patriotism is a tool to make the general populace have a single opinion that is supplementary to the actions (or future actions) of the politicans in power at the time.
Let’s be individuals! Let’s not be sheep to be herded by the shephard that is “patriotism"!

02/20/12 @ 12:54
Comment from: Africa? [Visitor]

Say, Ethiopia, not Africa. Stop confusing. Africa is the big Continent, not a Country. If you want, say Africa, when it comes to starvation and Civil-Wars in Ethiopia.

It sounds like, Nazret is Manipulated and fooled by Slave descendants, the same as Ghanaians fooled Meles Zenawi, to raised and mounted the Ghanian Man at the new African building.

02/20/12 @ 15:43
Comment from: eselem [Visitor]

Yes indeed. This victory is proud for the true Ethiopians,but for those who betrayed and sided with the enemy is shame and put them with the scum of history. I wonder why this mercenary and his thugs running around to rewright the history.

02/20/12 @ 17:20
Comment from: sam [Visitor]

wow the great Tribe of Amhare dies for the soverinthy of ehiopia on the other side the great tribe of Tigre sale egg for italy army what a shame

02/20/12 @ 22:19
Comment from: James [Visitor]

Thanks to Menlik & Taitu, I’m proudly African.

02/20/12 @ 22:50
Comment from: Keep it real [Visitor]
Keep it real

Even if Taitu was a brave lady (queen) compared from all of our royal women, the writer of this article seems to have a hidden political agenda undermining the real hero Menelike(Emperor),may be a regional politics(Gonder Vs Shewa)????

02/20/12 @ 23:00
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Living in the past glory LOL… I guess you need something to cheer you up. Just FYI it is 2012.

02/22/12 @ 11:27



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