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Anti-Ethiopia article from American University Faculty and Al Jazeera



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Anti-Ethiopia article from American University Faculty and Al Jazeera

Anti-Ethiopia article from American University Faculty and Al Jazeera

By Dula Abdu

Recently there were strings of articles hostile to Ethiopia most emanating from Aljazeera. Many Ethiopians are concerned about it in light of remarks by Egyptian politicians to destabilize Ethiopia by planting false propaganda and sabotage.

One of the articles originated from two scholars from American University. Ambassador Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies at American University in Washington and Frankie Martin, an Ibn Khaldun Chair Research Fellow at American University's School of International Service, wrote a piece entitled "The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa" and claimed that Emperor Menelik from 1860-1900 killed 5 million Oromos. This is unknown to many Ethiopian and many historians. Some believe this is part of the propaganda to destabilize and saw the seeds of division as envisioned by the Egyptian government in order to stop the construction of the Nile Dam in Ethiopia.

Akbar and Frankie wrote, "The Amhara under emperors like Menelik II utilised modern weapons and European advisors against their opponents, who fought with spears. The result was devastation and death on an enormous scale. Between 1868 and 1900, half of all Oromo were killed, around 5 million people. The tactics employed were brutal. Following the defeat of the Oromo Arsi tribe of the Bale region, for example, Menelik’s general had the right hands of all strong men cut off and tied to their necks, and the breasts of the women sliced off and similarly worn."

The article is based on hearsay and lacks credibility and the objective may be to create tension and mistrust among Ethiopians. Let us analyze the main thesis of the article, "half of the Oromos were killed" or around 5 million of them. According to Wikipedia and all available resources, "The population of Ethiopia was only about 9 million in the 19th century" Source: Ethiopia's Population was only 9 million in the 19th century. Based on historical data, the Oromo population represented approximately 3 million out of the 9 million Ethiopian population in the 19th century. Therefore, if Menelik killed 5 million Oromos according to Akbar and Frankie, Menelik should have killed more than half of the Ethiopian population not only 3.1 million Oromos at that time. In 1935 and at the outset of the World War II, the whole Ethiopian population was estimated at 15 million( click here for reference: Ethiopia's population was 15MM in 1935. Ethiopia undertook the first census in 1960's; the total population was 18 million. According to 1960 statistics (the earliest available data), Oromos represented 34.4% of the total population or approximately 3.1 million of the Ethiopian population in the 19th century (using 2.3% average population growth).

Ethiopia is a country unlike Pakistan and many other countries Muslims, Christians, and other religions lived in peace and in harmony for centuries. Now Aljazeera with the help of Akbar and Frankie and others is trying to light a fire of discord to see if they can change this harmonious existence at the behest of Egypt or some unknown forces.
Ethiopians of all ethnic group and religion are trying their best to forge unity to bring a democratic order in Ethiopia that has been lacking for too long resulting in arbitrary arrest of not only Oromos, but also other Ethiopians and massive economic and political hardship for all Ethiopians. Currently Ethiopians Muslims are taking the brunt of this oppressive regime, as it continues to deny them the right to worship at place of their choice and to manage their own institution independent of government interference.

Most Southerners including my own family were subjugated and humiliated by Menelik's invasion. My great uncle was killed fighting Menelik's army. Nonetheless, this is not the time or the place to talk about conflicts in the 19th century, as we have issues that are more pressing on hand.

Most countries have overcome their historical animosities for the sake of developing their economies. The best example is Germany and the rest of Europe. Europeans do not dwell on Napoleonic wars, First World War, or Second World War. Europeans are trying to create a political and economic union and are pressing forward to solve their current problems than dwelling in the past.

Ethiopians are trying to do the same, as division or ethnocentrism has done more harm than good for all parties except the ruling party. However, enemies of Ethiopia are finding any excuses to instill suspicion and hate, sometimes conflict to keep Ethiopia from developing its resources. Among these countries Egypt stands as the main culprit, such as supporting the invasion of Ethiopia by Somalia in the late 70's, promoting the session of Eritrea, Ogaden, funding any anti-Ethiopian elements for the sole purposes of keeping Ethiopia from developing the Nile and its tributaries.

According to documents released by WiliLeaks in September, 2012 the Egyptian and Sudanese governments had planned to attack the Grand Renaissance Dam in Ethiopia and some Egyptian legislatures are supporting others hostile and clandestine operations, like planting false propaganda, arming rebels groups and instructing Egyptian spies to simply destroy the dam altogether. In light of these revelations and unusual resurgence of such distorted reports, we are concerned that Aljazeera may be serving as a conduit for the Egyptian government to destabilize Ethiopia and to create division among Ethiopian Muslims and among all Ethiopians for that matter regardless of their religious affiliation

Instead of exposing the ethnocentric and one party dictatorship in Ethiopia and the egregious human rights violations, Aljazeera pieces were focused on airing the grievances that took place in 19th century instead of the " vicious dictatorship" as characterized by Congressman Chris Smith, Chair Subcommittee on Africa. In the process, Aljazeera appears to be promoting religious and ethnic conflicts in Ethiopia at the behest of a foreign regime that is recently openly stated such strategy against Ethiopia.

Akbar and Frankie piece violated all the tenets of scholarly work and basic research and it is not worthy of associating it with a great institution like the American University.

Dear Mr. President,

As known scholar on your own right and to maintain the integrity of university, please ask Akbar and Frankie to provide evidence to the Ethiopian community and to the media sources for their article, especially evidences of 5 million Oromos killed by Menelik, and the atrocities that he may have committed against the Oromos and other Southerners.

Dula Abdu, can be reached at


Comment from: Ganamo [Visitor]

Book Oromia An Introduction To The History Of The Oromo People by Gadaa Melbaa has information on stated number 5000000 and other past crimes.

07/23/13 @ 23:57
Comment from: [Member]

There is no any kind of rule in the beginning and the end 1800 year to abide by the rule of law in every corner of the world. A country or who rule the other country who has a power,thus king Menlike has a power that time,most of his commanders are ormos and some ormos were Mesfant, I mean they are royal. for example Ras Mekael of the north Ormo,Ras Eyasy are ormo, Abuni Peteros and others, but they avoided their ormo name and some of them they had both Tigri and Amhara name. For example, southern United States was taken from spansish in 1869

07/24/13 @ 00:27
Comment from: Derbs [Visitor]

Dear Neil Kerwin, President of the American University,
I took from your website the following qoute:
“American University creates meaningful change in the world". Though you can not be held accountable for each and every content of publication by your Institutes and stuff, it is quite disturbing to read articles from two scholars from your University, Akbar Ahmed, Chair of Islamic Studies and Frankie Martin, which are Obviousely politically motivated, divisive and factually wrong.I do not think “meaningful change in the world” is meant to be promoting ethnic and religious exterimism under the umberella of a renowned acadamic Institution. I hope the mentioned individuals will come up with proofs and critical analyses for their aligations and the motivation and purpose of their articles.

Thank you

07/24/13 @ 00:28
Comment from: Yonas [Visitor]

Good article, no one benefits from harming one another, let us make those days are just a memory of the past rather than like you said dwelling….

07/24/13 @ 01:00
Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

Well Ethiopia can not be built simply based on lies. You have never lifted a pen to portray the plight of Muslims lately under the hands of pro Yohannes IV. May I ask you what triggered your response to such offensive article.

If these professors have written these I really want to congradulate them simply because this should have been written by true Ethiopians.

No need for crying. Whether it is 5 million or 1 person it is still hate crime in the hands of the soldiers of Menelik II who are mainly Amhara. It is time America understands how the North brutally oppressed the Oromo calling them Gala. It is very inhumane to wholly change the name of an ethic group. Welyata were not allowed to even appear in court for they are considered as risk takers to make a living. Walaytas cut tries to make a living. They climb high in the tree that sometimes on wonders if they would not lie if given money or incentives to be enlisted as witnesses. Oromos used to be lynched like American slaves and were marginilized, despised and mocked at for their sloppish Amharic. This legacy continues to this day. No Oromo would ask for numbers to be confirmed while the whole Oromo is under heavy oppression. By the way, can you tell us why Muslims of Ethiopia are not counted when flatly the Ethiopian government told us that we are only 33%? Your stand is greatly questionable. While the whole history of Ethiopia was written by the North and is full of lies like that of Queen Sheba you totally ignored this and boastfully challenge these respected Professors to give you the actual numbers who were mutilated by Meneleik II.

You are indeed shameful. Oromo like Eritrea should be first but of course we are Ethiopians second.

07/24/13 @ 01:02
Comment from: Tewodros [Visitor]

The number of Egyptians killed during the Islamic conquest up until the present day? 5000000 Plus.

07/24/13 @ 01:15
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Another “STUPID” fairytale aimed to incite “DIVISION” and “CAHOS” in the country by lighting civil wars betwen two peoples ,Amharas and Oromos living peacefully side by side for centuries . Of course it is undeniable that Oromo Peasants have been victims of the then Feudal Regime .But not a single proof has been found concerning the supposed “GENOCIDE” comitted by Atse Menelike and Showan Troops against the Oromo Peoples .1992 around the Famous Walls of Harar TPLF and his affidees supposing finding out the supposed mass graves
of Oromo Peoples supposed slaughtered by Menelike Troops ,the only things they did dig out are only dogs and other animals bones but not a single Human Remain .And a famous scholar making an inquiry on the supposed ,Amahara’s atrocities against Oromos ,by cutting women’s breasts and emasculating men and Young boys .He did not find out the singlest witnes proving such baseless and surely fake Story .As any conflit of course there might be colleteral victims betwen the two sides during confrontation . But never seen a Monarch ,giving Key Posts to peoples whom are supposed being his slaves .The fact that Menelike close Advisors ,Minsters ,Heads of the Army and even members of his troops were Oromos .

07/24/13 @ 01:25
Comment from: yonas [Visitor]

EUUU.. Egypt is finished.I don’t blame this stupid Islams thinking that we are African apes who will butcher one another again, because they are PUSSY and they know how strong Ethiopia has become. if someone loses, then they start to bite others and gossip or spread hate so that we fight one another. Actually, that same tactic was used by Italians who were partly successful in annexing Eritrea. But, please know one fact that, we will bite you like cookies and i mean we will make you hate your humanity on Earth. Oromo is our people, Amhara, Tigre etc we all are one and we are not stupid fighting while starving for some past false history. Tell that jock to Arab kids, not to Ethiopians. Oromo is Ethiopia and Ethiopia is Oromo!!

07/24/13 @ 01:35
Comment from: soroku [Visitor]

We need to speak the truth load and clear until they hear us:
1. Egyptians burned U.S flags just in 2012
2. Egyptians attacked U.S embassy just last year
3. last year many Egyptians called the ouster of U.S diplomats from Egypt
4. We all know that Egyptians, that studied in Egypt Universities, were key players in attacking U.S on 9/11
5. just recently Egyptians were chanting slogans against Israel and U.S

Egypt is no friend to U.S and Israel, despite U.S aid

so we need to tell this truth loud and clear until the American people understand that Egypt if far from being a friend to U.S

07/24/13 @ 01:47
Comment from: Miki Sam [Visitor]
Miki Sam

The effort of Al Jazeera and Egypt to destabilize Ethiopia should not be underestimated. We shouldn’t give in to their cheap agenda. The only way for Ethiopia to move forward is unity. As an Oromo, I do undestand Oromia cannot exist without Ethiopia and Ethiopia cannot exist without Oromia. Thus, people who line up along the al jazeera side, don’t be fooled. Al Jazeera wants our division and death whether you Oromo, Tigre or Amara.

By the way, Jawar Mohammed has proved himself that he is the cheapest banda out there. He should have no place in Oromo politics.

07/24/13 @ 02:23
Comment from: Hara [Visitor]

Dula Ibdu
the fact is undeniable even though there is no exact figure was in place Oromos and other southern nations were brutally killed and genocide were carried on them by abyssinians. Dula do not deny the fact and try to look for evidence. they have to accept because still they are denying still they are trying to edge their obsolate superiority on us.
therefore I wonder the writers for they are showing our hidden truth to the world.

07/24/13 @ 03:12
Comment from: brook [Visitor]

The Ethiopian population in 1960 was about 25 million. In 1900 the population was around 10 million.
Are these faked scholars & Book Oromia telling us 50% of the Ethiopian population had been killed?

What a liars!!!

07/24/13 @ 04:50
Comment from: selam Girma [Visitor]
selam Girma

In support of the article above I would like to remind readers that population of Ethiopia in 19th century was only 11.8 million(UN -Ethiopian Population).
If the Emperor is now being accused of killing 5 million(half of the population) he must have used an atomic bomb or something similar. You can hardly achieve this with the primitive weapons they had at the time.

Don’t be surprised if people write this kind of fictions and get attention from newsagents such as Al Jazeera. Which is an Arab mouth piece campaigning for everything and anything anti Ethiopian.


07/24/13 @ 06:15
Comment from: Warrior [Visitor]

True Ethiopian Oromo’s never claimed that much people killed by the greatest king of all time Emperor Minelik of Ethiopia. Only the infiltrator Oromo’s came from Kenya when they were chased out by the indigenous Kenyan tribes, preaching day and night 24/7 against Emperor Minelik and re-writing Ethiopian history for the last 40 years did not work. Now you have reached to Egypt like a prostitute to bend your behind what a shame. What we see here is my enemy’s enemy is my friend. You will be crashed and the dam will be build. I say down to those so called Egyptian scholars from American University. We will be accountable for writing false history to incite and preach violence from a well known University in the US that will not be accepted. They will be accountable for their work what ever they are motivated for including GERD.

Thank you

07/24/13 @ 06:26
Comment from: [Member]

The true colours and faces of our enemies keep emerging forward by the day.
Jawar mohamed “alshebab member” couldn’t wait any longer from revealing who exactly he was.
Same with the rest of egypt’s paid agents through Eritrea, the likes of birahun nega, eliass kiftkit, abebe gelebaw, almaria, etc… Are still salivating to render their loyal service to our enemies, so long it serves to destabilize Ethiopia.
The fictional story we read and heard about the oromos is nothing surprising but rather expected, which is part of the plan intended and scripted by the Egyptians and their bandas the diaspora opposition.

07/24/13 @ 07:07
Comment from: Nenewe [Visitor]

This is the tip of the iceberg. Aljazeera has been fermenting ethnic and religious tensions everywhere. now Ethiopia is their main target.

It’s a terror network and the gov’t should ban it.

This network has lately focused on Ethiopia especially on Oromo and Islam in Ethiopia.

The Egyptian army took off air the terror network hours after it ousted Morsi. They knew how Aljazeera helped polarized Egypt.

They want to destabilize Ethiopia by reporting such unfounded stories authored by those two scholars who apparently are under the aegis of the Qatari gov’t who inturn bankrolls Aljazeera.

Remember Aljazeera played a decisive role in overthrowing Gadhafi, and tried to sow instability in Algeria. But the later took swift action and sent its reporters away.

The gov’t should be wary of any thing Qatar and Aljazeera do in Ethiopia. They are the enemies of Ethiopia. Why in God’s name this gov’t established diplomatic relation with a country who financed Islamists all over the world.

What do these two scholars who read beyond their intelligence know about Ethiopia and Menelik?

07/24/13 @ 07:40
Comment from: girma [Visitor]

Ethiopians be careful of Arabs and Aljazeera. every tribe suffered under Menelik and there is no need to scratch the wound because the Arabs wanted you to. Life is too short let’s just enjoy it and respect each other and watch out for the enemy.

07/24/13 @ 07:40
Comment from: DCMAN [Visitor]

Very well written article. we all know by now Egypt and Aljazeera are trying to distabilize Ethiopian, the question is are we going to let them divide us or believe their false propaganda???

07/24/13 @ 08:59
Comment from: abas [Visitor]

These are working for Egypt and this is obvious but what can you say for the Ethiopian opposition diaspora that
disturb the contribution from Ethiopians for the Nile dam ?

07/24/13 @ 09:14
Comment from: Nomad [Visitor]

Look! Forget the hellbent anti-Ethiopia arabs, Aljazeera has employed many Somalis; whether freelances or own correspondents to the Horn of Africa who are Zead Bare’s era immigrants and who largely still despise any thing Ethiopian.

The best solution for the Ethiopian authorities is to deny visas to their hate messengers Full stop

The Ethiopian government seem too relaxed these days. As they used a successful and aggressive propaganda either to overthrow the Derg or for their subsequent survival, it’s time to again employ the best western PR agents on this front as well.

Manipulation of public opinion was, is and always will be the key to all.

07/24/13 @ 09:16
Comment from: Maritu Kebede [Visitor]
Maritu Kebede

Mr. Dula, very good article.

07/24/13 @ 09:53
Comment from: Aberra [Visitor]

GOD BLESS YOU DULA ABDU!!!! I hope a lot of Ethiopians see this as a false propaganda of the hidden forces of Egypt or some other force with hidden Agenda. Mr Akbar Ahmad is a luni and a lier. An organized group from the Ethiopian community should confront this Satanic individual!!! He should not sleep in peace.

07/24/13 @ 09:58
Comment from: [Member]

very true article. As an Ethiopian I have also noticed the past couple of months aljezeera is extremely busy presenting a non-stop destorted articles and interviews over and over through their media. Of course, sponsered by Egypt. Any ordinary person could tell there is special agenda given to this media to destabilise Ethiopia. Their easy targets to do this trash work is the so called oppositions and “Demtsachen Yesema” muslim movement which are highly funded by Egypt. Therefore, each and every Ethiopian should be vigiliant againt these anti-ethiopian forces.Thanks!..

07/24/13 @ 10:24
Comment from: Tola [Visitor]

Dear Dula, the way you computed the numbers has defects. You used annual growth rate (2.3%) and Ethiopian population in 1960 (18 mil I know in late 1970 and early 1980 it was 30 mil), using the population after the war with Minilik to project the population before the war is just nonsense. Also, it is documented fact what happened to Arsi Oromos, I am not sure why you are in denial. I have seen the way the so called “Ethiopian Unity Lovers” cook in your kitchen to make the wrong right and the right wrong. I do not think this is the way forward. Accept spear as spear, and let’s find common way forward.

07/24/13 @ 10:44
Comment from: Dhera Ahmed [Visitor]
Dhera Ahmed

@ Dula Abdu-Galatoom
As Oromo and proud Ethiopian I am against Aljazeera and other’s baseless propaganda to destroy my country for the sake of Egypt who had publicly stated on Live TV what it’s evil plan was for Mama Ethiopia.I am against TPLF who who is arbitrarily arresting oromos,Amharas,Benishangul etc,…. However,we Ethiopians are dealing with our problems and are able to press the govt to change its course of suppression,economic dominance and ethnocentrist gov’t in our pursuit for democracy and respect for human rights to make our country a better place for our children and grandchildren.For Aljazeera and Egypt,the entire world know your evil scheme to destabilize Ethiopia.Stop it. Stop spreading false propaganda. You can not stop development endeavors in Africa and Ethiopia in particular by your evil plans anymore.Africans are rising and shall continue to rise.I APPEAL TO THE PRESIDENT OF THE AMERICAN UNIVERSITY TO DEMAND THESE EVIL SO-CALLED SCHOLARS TO STOP SPREADING FALSE PROPAGANDA AND BEING AGENTS OF EGYPT TO DESTABILIZE OUR 90 MILLION PEOPLE COUNTRY ETHIOPIA.WE ETHIOPIANS WILL CONTINUE TO DEVELOP OUR GOD-GIVEN RESOURCES INCLUDING ABAY(BLUE NILE)FOR THE GOOD OF OUR POOR PEOPLE AND GENERATIONS TO COME, WHILE ALSO CHALLENGING OUR GOV’T PEACEFULLY TO CORRECT IT’S WRONG WAY AND COME TO TERM WITH THE PEOPLE’S DEMAND REGARDING DEMOCRACY AND RESPECT FOR HUMAN RIGHTS IN ETHIOPIA.


07/24/13 @ 11:03
Comment from: J. G. [Visitor]
J. G.

As an Ethiopian who actually works for Al Jazeera, I find your accusations a bit misguided and bordering on outrages. Actions speak louder than words, here’s a report Al Jazeera did 4 days ago about Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance dam. Which I think renders your argument null and void.

07/24/13 @ 11:31
Comment from: girma [Visitor]  

Thank you dual abdu

this is a well articulated writing that deserve appreciation,you proof that you are a true patriotic intellectual and this will be a lesson for those self proclaimed journalist and intellectual who are doing their level best to destroy their own country make the life of poor Ethiopian more miserable just for the sake of opposing the ruing party or out of their greed for power and money.
my advise for those hater is to read this article,sit and start thinking don’t throw garbage because you heard it from somebody or read it somewhere ,this world is full of reader but there are only few thinkers if you want to make a difference start thinking.

07/24/13 @ 11:39
Comment from: Yilkal [Visitor]

I will not be surprised as the Egyptians will do anything they can to create tension in our society. The truth is Aswanese and Nubians in southern Egypt are still slaves.

The masters are still assigned from the north. Egyptians are still physically clumsy and mentally poor. They can’t educate us about human rights and democracy. Let them mind their own business.

07/24/13 @ 11:52
Comment from: Mario [Visitor]

The question is who counted the Oromos during that time? I believe no Ethiopian counted anything in millions during that time. No people in that region had a word for anything counted in millions either. This is like saying a wealthy man in Ethiopia is a trillioner 20 or more years ago.

The so called AU “scholars” are paid agents to come up with any figure that could convince gullible Oromos and create animosity and chaos in Ethiopia. There is nothing new as far as Egypt’s strategy to control or destabilize Ethiopia. This time they came up with genocide of 5 million Oromos. How ridiculous and absurd!!!

It is important that our history be told as is and not with so much fabrication. While our enemies are telling fabricated stories, our purpose should be telling the truth as is without any distortion. I believe that is the only way forward. With such massive false propaganda the beneficiaries are neither Oromos nor the rest of the Ethiopian people. It is Egypt and woyanes/TPLF, masters of falsehood, fabrication, distortion and disinformation for the purpose of hanging onto power as long as desired. This must be fully understood, opposed and fought aggressively.

07/24/13 @ 12:18
Comment from: Oromiffa [Visitor]

The core issue isn’t your math mr.,the long history of abyssinians abuse against Oromo is undeniable fact . If I were you I would do more research ,before racing to wright complain to very respected institutions.More over; oromos past histroy is nothig to do with Ethiopia’s current tension with egypt so please stop using the colonial era book . As far as i know no oromo is against infrastructure build up rather than opposing-the government policy against oromos.Instead of continuing deniaing undeniable fact,let’s learn from the past and teach our childeren how we can live peacefully side by side because ;we don’t have to necessarily love each other but respect and work for our mutual interests.

07/24/13 @ 13:14
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

“እኔ ስለ እስልምና ብዙ መናገር የጀመርኩት ከጎንደር የመጣ ጓደኛ ስላገኘሁ ነው። እኔ ባለሁበት አካባቢ 99 በመቶው ሙስሊም ነው፤ ስለዚህ ማንም ሰው ደፍሮ ቀና አይልም ፡ በፌንጫ አንገቱን ነው የምንለው!” The pan Arabist Al Jazeera’s cheap propaganda tool Jawar Mohammad. The following is a rough translation into the English language, and it is absolutely, chillingly, shockingly… unbelievable. But, i am not surprised at all.

“I started speaking about Islam after I met a friend who came from Gonder[Northern Ethiopia]. Where I came from[Arusi, southern Ethiopia], 99 percent of the population is Muslim, hence nobody[a non muslim] raises his/her head for s/he will be beheaded with Fencha[a local machete] if s/he dares.” Link Fast forward to 31:08 to start listening his own words for yourself right away.

This is a man who has been accusing the current and past leaders of Ethiopia as dictators, murderers, invaders, backwards and whatnots, but in a slip of a tongue he came out of the closet he was hiding and exposed himself and his evil intentions.

Jawar Mohammad is an aspiring Islamic-fascist and terrorist zealot. He is a force of backwardness, darkness and death. He is truly undemocratic and intolerant. He is someone who would swing his machete to behead anyone who dares raising his/her head to SPEAK. There is no wonder now why Al Jazeer picked him as someone to go whenever the network decides to air and print/post its divisive and inflammatory falsehood on its television and website.

He is a cheap plastic tool for the Islamists’ campaign to create religious conflict in Ethiopia so that their backward Arabic culture can be anointed as the undisputed dominant influence in the region and keep Ethiopia broken or destroyed which in turn, they hope, will provide Egypt and the entire Arab the means and political environment to keep exploiting our resource such as Abay without any challenge and reservation. The author of this article should have really added Jawar Muhammod on his list of psudo academicians who are paid to fabricate unfounded stories, which they call facts, against Ethiopia on behalf of Egypt and other enemies.

The Qatari based media’s mission never is promoting democracy, freedom, tolerance, peace and anything positive. If that was its mission, it would have started at home, because those ideals are still unknown in Tiny and Dirty Qatar. In its neighboring country Saudi Arabia, freedom of thinking itself is outlawed and considered sinful. Those are countries who will cease to exist once the better of humanity devises a way to end our dependency on fossil fuel. Those are people and societies who will start eating each other once that day arrives. In short, they are not in a position to report or expose anything in present and past Ethiopia.

Beside its sinister motives, Qatar is truly unequal to prestigious Ethiopia to be considered a friend to us. The GoE once again should cut off any diplomatic tie with that state of an archaic village and ban Al Jazeera altogether.

07/24/13 @ 13:15
Comment from: oromo [Visitor]  

Hi guys
Let us accept that this research is correct. I have lot of books that tells me the same story. This books are not written by Ethiopians, not by Oromo ourselves. What is wrong accepting the truth? We know and you know that the southern Ethiopia was incorporated into Abyssinia by Minilik. Why we deny it. As you deny and oppose the quest for freedom , more and more power comes against you. But if we accept the past as wrong, and something done by bad people of that time, if do not make pride of that cult and ignorance, if your intellectuals and elders are wise to ask forgiveness in place of their fore parent just like they promote their view, it is possible to reconcile and for and good unity based on equality. if you do not oppose the right we need and right we get so far we will trust you. But you do not seem to do that. That is why we right and now the world started fighting for us. Do no try to link to moslim or Egypt as this thing us started long ago. The only thing is this guys know it just know. Did any body read Abebe Gelaws article? I loved it. He said he is Ethiopian first and did not oppose someone to be oromo first. all his ideas are good. Can you all think like that or better. Oromo is the people of love and peace. Meaningful dialogue, meaningful civic talk, meaningful public apologies may mend the broken heart. Good luck

07/24/13 @ 13:50
Comment from: Concerned [Visitor]

Ethiopians past and present, we all respect the religion Islam. Ethiopians, always defense their country, and are not aggressors. Moslem religion supposed be peaceful rather than aggressive. That was why Ethiopia had hosted them as its gusts. After time, the gusts intermarried and associated with other Ethiopians. Then we all become Ethiopians, defending the interest of our country Ethiopia. However, from time to time, there was war waged in Ethiopia under the name of religion. The Moslems of Ethiopia are Ethiopians. Their faith to religion and to their country should not be and is not apart. Out side, countries like Egypt should not use the Moslem religion as tools to undermine the Ethiopian unity. We Ethiopians should tolerate divisive force from inside and outside. In the end, the result will include both Moslems and other religion followers.

07/24/13 @ 14:12
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,wodet nehu degmo rutchah ,who the hell did inoculate Inside your blood the pride of Ethiopianism .But this once again your futile comedia supposing fooling peoples .For your Information whether Arab Nationalists ,Jihadist or Talibans were afterall inspired by your own Dead Master evil speeches and TPLF Thugs and cadres the likes Besrate Amare and Co . including the Devil Sebehat and many Amice_Agazi bandits targeting the Amhara Peoples .Insulting Ethiopian History and Atse Menelike achievements as a Fairytale , by reproaching him for not letting Italian Army occupy their own Desperate Rocky land .

07/24/13 @ 14:15
Comment from: Ethiopiawinet [Visitor]

free (member):
Jawar now your target.
Compare and contrast Jawar and your mantor Assta B. Quittu to see who is really Coptic or Islamic-fascist and terrorist zealot, extremist, fanatic, backward, barbaric beast, hater.
Oromo’s have a say when they want to defend their family and their property, they say take him out with ‘mencha’ (machete in your language).
That’s what Jawar described as he elaborated in his article and not to invade, rule,attack other tribes as your tribe did in 19th century.

However, your mentor called openly on this web site for Ethiopian Muslims genocide.
Well which statment sounds fascistic in nature. Let me say one thing again. Hypocrite.
If you are hypocrite then you shows of of these three:
if you talk, you lie; if you promise, you break your promise; if you are trusted, yu betray.

I, therefore, do not expect any fairness, just, Ethiopiawinet from you.
You were silent on your mantor while aggressive on Jawar. Hypocrite.

Egypt, Al jazeera, the world at large do not bother Coptics Ethiopian crimes and let them continue with their oppressive rigid rulings.
As former American Ambassador to Ethiopia put it: Ethiopians (north) are rigid who are hard to change them. This was the trend for 2000 years. I hope I’ve not misquoted him.

07/24/13 @ 16:03
Comment from: [Member]

where is Mr. akbar and Mr. martin reserch about the genocide and suffer of balck egyptians till now with white arab hands? how many black ejyptians are in power? many balck egptian in higher military position? zero. they are second class citizens,so where Mr.akbar and Mr. martin or aljezira when it comes to this racist egyptian way of life? let mr. Akbar reserch how many black egyptins killd by white arabs in egypt.

07/24/13 @ 17:32
Comment from: Annole [Visitor]

One should not read more than one pragraph of your crappy article to find out how ignorant you are:

HERE is why:"The Oromo and the War on Terror in the Horn of Africa” and claimed that Emperor Menelik from 1860-1900 killed 5 million Oromos. This is unknown to many Ethiopian and many historians….YA except for 30 million Oromos, atleast a dosen of Oromo artists sang about Calanqo and ‘Annole harma mura’, at least one book is written about it, and do you know as there is a monument to commumerate it? 2) ‘’The article is based on hearsay and lacks credibility ….'’ this clearly show how stupid you are, i am not historian ‘’ hearsay’ is one of the methods to collect historical datas 3)'’…The population of Ethiopia was only about 9 million in the 19th century…'’ this clearly shows me your educational background which is most probabily a highschool drop out, because the SOURCE you used. Any 20 year freshman student knows as wikipedia canot be used as a valied reference!! plus can you locate the spatial borders of Ethiopia in 19 cent., even that of many countries of Africa? dont go far away before 1992, Eritheria is part of ethiopia. last i checked you were even controlling Yemen in those days hehehe you are just a worthless close minded Neftenya. You even think Oromos will buy your rotted Amharization propoganda of ethiopianism today. If you care about unit start by aknowledging the wrong doings of yesterday

07/24/13 @ 19:11
Comment from: Tazabi [Visitor]

Truth be told, nobody would have heard of the name Menelik II today if he didn’t have Oromo generals at his side.

07/24/13 @ 19:19
Comment from: Annole [Visitor]

You despirate neftenyas crying like a 12 yr girl these days all over the place, first on Jawar, because some one talked about Oromos on an International media, and now about a well know scholar by an ignorat ‘’writter'’!! You will get more in the future, so get ready!! the new Oromo generation will not accept your bloody ethiopianist propoganda and we will tell all the racist wrong doings went/going on non-habeshas to the world i that empire!!!

07/24/13 @ 19:19
Comment from: Ted [Visitor]

We need to see both our good and bad history in context, that is in light of the social, economic & political settings of those days. I am not at all in favour of the killings of even a single human being.
But we need to focus on our future destiny taking notes of our past mistakes to build an inclusive and democratic Ethiopia. I genuinely believe Oromos to play pivotal role in Ethiopian politics, even more than what they’re playing now, taking into account the size of their population.
Our historical enemies are miscalculating to use Oromos as destabilising force of Ethiopian state. Conversely, most Oromos are eager to see the renaissance of their country where they live in equality with their sisters and brothers.

07/24/13 @ 19:31
Comment from: George [Visitor]

This is a fake story, with agenda for conflict and weakening of our country. Some of us were not born yesturday. We are born,bred and educated in Ethiopia and have never been told such non-sense. Menilik II was not known for brutality like Mengustu. He was a hero and unifying figure who began modernasation of Ethiopia. We have seen many who condamn past leaders like Theodros and Yohannes even though they gave their lives for their country.

Why not these fake researchers tell us how many black people were extreminated when Arabs and Turks made Egypt their home.

We know what you are try to achieve here. So Go away.
Long live Ethiopia.

07/24/13 @ 20:20
Comment from: Aba dula [Visitor]
Aba dula

The only thing makes me angry is when idiot people who have very little knowledge about oromo ethnic put all oromos in one mukacha pound them together, no no no! oromo population over 30 millions imagine the variety of oromos, all squeezed together for political purposes. the only thing in common is the language, even the language different hard to hear some dialect. I bet many of you have oromo ancestry down the line if you check. shewa and wello oromos are the same as amaras no difference, wolega oromos similar to shewa but many converted to pentecostal religion, Arsi where Jawar claims to be from many are christans such as Tafari banti, kenenisa bekele, tirunesh dibaba, derartu tulu, etc. when OLF launched its first ever terror was in garamuleta east hararghe where Qottu muslims live, actually the original OLF was founded in yemen with the help of somali youth league who were educated in egypt and syria. later on the struggle over taken by educated christan oromos. there is huge gaps between oromos internal divisions. Jawar clans are somali backed islamist who killed with mencha thousands of christains during 1977 ethio-somali war, he is hiding behind oromo to satisfy usa anti terror law, but his true color is jihadist. Jawar is opportunistic trying to take advantage of the current situation between egypt and ethio. Jawar is neftam boy lacks experience. how could he say ” we use mencha to behead non muslims"? come on jawar try us i chase you allover the place ante lafiso somale. jawar said he is oromo first second ethiopian forced upon him which is ok, but jawar never ever will say he is oromo first second muslim?

07/24/13 @ 20:49
Comment from: john john [Visitor]
john john

Nothing news they all stand by their own national interest no matter what and it’s our time to turn the unjust able rule up side down.

07/24/13 @ 21:29
Comment from: Bora [Visitor]

I am an Ethiopian, Muslim, and Oromo. I am also by profession a demographer. I do not need to be told about my country’s history by any “Paki” and by “Ibn Khaldun Chair Research Fellow” an Egyptian funded organization thank you very much. Ethiopia is the first Christian, and Muslim country in the world where the two communities have lived harmoniously. Every little incident should not be exaggerated, fabricated and distorted with false and unjustified facts. These two individuals lack the knowledge of the history of the country. Minilik defeated decisively a colonial army the first of it’s kind in “Africa” with an army of which the Oromo’s play a significant role and as a matter of fact his defense minister was an Oromo. Minilik to us “Ethiopians” was and will always be a defender of her independence and nation builder.
The “ambassador” should concentrated his “Islamic” study on Pakistan and Pakistan only and their tribal politics. As for Mr. Frankie Martin, just writing on Islamic issues by visiting however many mosques does not make you an “expert” and you really have no knowledge on the history and demographics of Ethiopia. Last but not least Algezira should start their investigative journalism from home “Quatar", your broadcasting is sometimes narrow like your name “small island".

07/24/13 @ 23:46
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hi Ethios,

Menelik-II doesn’t deserve all this bullshit smear campaign from some brain-dead Gallas (OLF ) and Egypt’s thugs.

NB: During Menelik’s time, the word Galla never meant an insult. It is Meison from Wollega (again) which equated Galla to an insult. Meison was the right-hand of Mengistu (the Barbarian).

1. For starters, Menelik tried to abolish Abba Jiffar’s slavery of Gallas.

Proof: Read archives or Paulos Gnogno’s book/memoir (or something like that).
Paulos Gnogno is an Oromo from Wollega who reserached much about Menelik-II. He once presented Menelik’s letter (from archives) addressed to Abba Jiffar. The letter ran something like this : “Wedajé Abba Jiffar Hoyi, Gallochin ende Bariya Meshet Tew Biyeh Alneberem Weyi?” In English it goes something like this: “Dear Abba Jiffar, didn’t I plead with you to stop selling Gallas as slaves?”

2. Who liberated Tigres at Adowa from Italian occupation? Wasn’t it Menelik’s Oromo Cavalry from Shewa? That’s right; Menelik liberated the ungrateful Tigres from Italian occupation with his Oromo Cavalry from Shewa. Do you think Menelik put a gun to the heads of these Oromos to go as far north as Tigray to battle Italians at Adowa? Do you thik they would have done that had they had grievances with Menelik?

Helloooo, it is the Menelik’s Oromo Cavalry that brought us the world-wide glory of The Battle of Adowa! None other! Remember Balcha Abba Nefso : “Gebeyehu bimot teteka Balcha, Medf Agelabach Bicha le-Bicha”… That’s why you have the Dejazmach Balcha Hospital in Addis Ababa (at Lidetta).

3. I may agree that Menelik’s “real estate IQ” was a little low for his real estate transactions regarding Djibouti and the French shows that: Menelik sold Djibouti to France for about 10 machine guns (to chase Italians out with the machine guns).

4. Look, Oromos are intlellignet people! If they had believed a single word of OLF and its Oromia crap, it wouldn’t have taken a week to declare “Oromia” a country. Why didn’t the OLF liberate a single square inch of land after “30 years of armed struggle”? It is because no Oromo bought the OLF’s Oromia crap!

5. Conclusion: Oromos’ only enemies are Abba Jiffar (Galla from Jimma), OLF (good-for-nothing Gallas from Wellega and Harer), Weyane (barbarians from Tigray), Shabia (savages from Banda-Land), and Egypt the worst ungrateful bastards of the universe), etc.

So long! God Bless!!!

07/25/13 @ 00:09
Comment from: [Member]

Nothing is new about the article written by the two scholars from America university sponsored by Al Jazeera. It’s fact that Menelik II is considered one of the most powerful black person in modern history.He defended his country from Italian colonizer and transformed his country to modern empire state.It’s also true that Menelik is one of the deadliest leader in the modern history.He murdered millions of his own people.Every Oromo knows about what Menelik and his ‘ general’ Ras Gobena Dache did to their people.Most Oromos think Ras Gobena was a traitor for allying with Amharas to conquer Oromo land.Here is a song,an examle of Oromo expression that Gobena betrayed his own people:

” It is strange, it is strange, it is strange,
women do not raid houses;
she who gives birth to a dog is strange.
Relatives do not hurt each other,
the haft of an axe is strange
people of one stock do not sell each other
that of the son of Dacche is strange.”

May God truly blessed the soul of all Oromos who brutally murdered by king Menelik and his military chief Ras Gobena Dache.

07/25/13 @ 04:32
Comment from: prince-somali [Visitor]

Abdul you remind me of the high calibre meeting held in Mogadishu before invading Ethiopia in mid 70s. After a long and deliberate discussion and restless debate among the highest ranking military officers and politicians, the outcome was unanimous, if USSR becomes engaged EThiopia-Somali war, we would create rebels within Ethiopia and topple the derg regime from within.

Abdul by just reading your article reminds me of the day we reached agreement on who to support. All the attendees except one rooted for Tigrey/Eritrea rebel group, while the rest refused claiming that Oromos were more likely to side with the derg regime.

I am glad that we supported Eritrea and TPLF in toppling the evil derg regime. Abdul the likes of you who blindly support a junta that kills, maims and displaces Oromos despite being the majaority and denies atrocities committed by menelik in the genocide against Oromos will keep you enslaved forever.

Finally in a note of conclusion, Wikipedia is purely not reliable and valid and as such your counter argument cannot withstand authentic and well researched article based on empirical evidence.

07/25/13 @ 08:17
Comment from: Oromticha [Visitor]

@Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu, you are simply a typical son of Qomaxa who is born on the street from begger mother. you didnt learned a manner.

galla doesnt mean qomaxa or begger or cannibal!! but what comes to my mind when i hear habesha is a qomaxa begger on on our gate begging for a handout or a prostitute in a local hotel. stupid racists

07/25/13 @ 10:07
Comment from: Ganamo [Visitor]

The first comment of mine gave a reference to a Book that says much more than what is said by recent article. The Book clearly describes horrors of crimes against humanity massacre, brutality, and genocide. As I said it above one of many books regarding this Oromia in Introduction To The History Of The Oromo People by Gadaa Melbaa has much more data on stated number 5000000 masacares and other past crimes aganist human Oromo. The book has more than adquate data for those who are willing and ready to know about their past. However, since cadres are paid agents whose interests are being attack dogs for their daily bread what ever they chant has diversions with no connection with the subject historical crimes. Some are so ignorant that they attempt to calculate using post genocidal population figure to arrive at pre genocide level which is an egnorance. Year 1800s are not 1900s are not 2000s.Backword intrepulation is not mathematical possible without pre genocide number. Book isbn=188651318X Oromia An Introduction To The History Of The Oromo People by Gadaa Melbaa has information on stated number 5000000 and other crimes on Oromo.

07/25/13 @ 11:01
Comment from: Abraham [Visitor]

You can find the book in
Akbar Ahmed’s book The Thistle and the Drone: How America’s War on Terror Became a War on Tribal Islam

Tell readers how dishonest the author is.

07/25/13 @ 11:30
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Well the anti Ethiopians are trying to insight civil war. I hope the Oromos by now know the malicious design the OLF, TPLF,Shabia, Egypt and West are setting up to destablize our region. They must be vigilant to see the game of divide and conquer and most of all Jawar is not their hero. Let us know that OLF/Arabs/West/Egypt/TPLF/Shabia if they decide to destablize Ethiopia they only way they could do it is by insighting dvidision Oromos versus the rest of Ethiopia, or Muslims versus Christians. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to show that.

Recently I saw a video where an Oromo Muslim was presenting speech in a meeting where I hardly recognized any Ethiopian descendant from Oromo for that matter, every attendants were very light skinned and almost you could say Arab like. I realzied the OLF Muslims seem to cater to certain OLF groups or could even be Arabs staging as Oromos I guess they must be trying to create their own elitism against other Oromos. If the Jawar Mohammeds win, the Oromo Christians will be in big trouble. So what I am saying is that make sure who the powers are behind these OLFites it is the ones I mentioned above. If they decided to break up Ethiopa it is through Oromo versus the rest of Ethiopia. This is the time for especailly Oromos and Amaras to work more together than ever before and say no to evil against our society.

07/25/13 @ 12:23
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

What is also strange is that how is it that PM Desalegn normalized relationship with Qatar and now Aljazeera is campaigning against Ethiopa? The only reason is that Ethiopian governments: EPRDF/TPLF must also be working to destabilize Ethiopia as well. So we have our own government as an anti Ethiopia working against the interest of Ethiopia by diplomacy with Qatar that is day and night helping Egypt destabilize Ethiopia on Aljazeera.

What I am also tired of is the sleeping of Ethiopia and every time articles against Ethiopia comes out, we are always on defense. Why? What are we waiting for? Why can’t we do our own offense. What is sickening is that there is no one to counter any thing against Ethiopia taking place right now. OLFites, Jawar and other Ethiopian traitors are being given international media to spout their propoganda, any Ethiopians being present to counter this propoganda? Why the silence? Talking to eachother and posting on Ethiopia doesn’t hold water, we must interantinally be on the offense, on interantional media to support Ethiopia’s case and let us not wait until we are on defense and ridiculous. It is time for Ethiopians to come out of their cocoon and must represent Ethiopianism. After all it is who is strong that is going to win. Silence will continue to kill Ethiopia.

07/25/13 @ 12:31
Comment from: [Member]

Take it easy dude. What is in a name calling to offend you like this and make you to curse a whole country.
It is all in your head, to be offended if someone calls you names.
If you feel good about yourself and have confidence in yourself, believe me, you will discover how all men are created equal.
I had some Oromo friends back home, some of them my bosses and seniors. Would I dare to call them any kinds of names, they will only laugh at me and make me feel foolish.
I always wonder why this OLF minded guys here in the states think every Ethiopian is their enemy?

Where is SHEWAREGA the historian when we need him?
He may had a say or two on this topic as half Oromo.
When it comes to this one, I’m 100% sure he comes squeaky clean honest and to the point.

07/25/13 @ 12:38
Comment from: Goorsha [Visitor]

We need to ignore any hate publications coming out of Egypt (or by Egyptians and their slaves).

Giving attention to such hateful articles ( written by these bone headed so called scholars) is acknowledging that they are in fact experts in the field.

Can a Somali or an Ethiopian sit in his country and write a “research” about, for example, Norway or the UK? Absolutely no. What this person will do is either repeat what has been written online or come up with a false theory to get the readers attention.

So, let these losers cry day and night. Ethiopia is now unstoppable!!!

May God bless Ethiopia!

07/25/13 @ 15:07
Comment from: gonfa [Visitor]

A corny, feckless, tasteless, cheap propaganda piece by two morons on a dishonorable mission paid for by Aljazeera to serve the Egyptian Nile concern [by proxy]. As we say in Amharic:
1. A donkey husband cannot save [his mare lover] from Hyena.
2. We don’t hold noses for donkey’s _ _ _ _
All in all, Aljazeera’s venture is futile. This is only sign that the media giant is now heading downhill. At this point, if at all Aljazeera should engage in saving any one, it should rather be its own self first [and then may be Egypt if it could] – and better look for and hire smarter asses. There are quite better ones out there at such clumsy a task, willing to undertake for a mere pittance.
Money intoxicates; excess money thickens the head

07/25/13 @ 15:52
Comment from: AXUMAWIT [Visitor]

Menelik was a nation builder.He not only put the foundation for modernization, but also , defeated colonialists.The oromo people enjoy the freedom since then.He fought Jimma aba jaffar of kaffa against forcing northern merchants convert into Islam.He stop the arusi leaders from making other Oromos slave once defeat them in battle.He was against Dejach Jotte of wolega who over tax his people.He confronted his own inner circles who are anti-modernization.
No nation,organization,or individual come out winner by rewriting history.Learn from Issayas &co.
Everyone should demand the university these clown teach to stop their unti Ethiopian unity propaganda.

07/25/13 @ 18:48
Comment from: Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu [Visitor]
Ayalew Mognu / Sew Amagnu

Hello Ethios,

Menelik-II is an honorable Ethiopian hero of all times! Here are Menelik’s Declaration of the Abolition of Slavery and Menelik’s letter to Abba Jiffar (as chronicled by Paulos Gno Gno and as posted on “The Ethiopian Book Column” by a Theodros Kidane) and other articles.

1. Menelik founded the first modern bank, postal system, introduced electricity, telephone and first motor car,_painting.aspx

2. Menelik’s Proclamation (Awaj) to Abolish Slavery
“I have told you … to stop selling and buying slaves… abolish this inhuman practice… If you are found buying and selling slaves, I will remove you from your land… “

3. Menelik’s letter to Abba Jiffar
“…The Oromo that came to your administrative region from Jangero should not and must not be treated as a slave… No human being is as such a slave…Just because one is destined to be a ruler, it does not give this person the right to be inhuman to others…. The poor should be free to live wherever they wish.”

4. Menelik’s proclamation (Awaj): ” Appointment is according to one’s experience and record."… Dejazmach Gobena Dachew, Dejazmach Balcha, Ras Wolde-Ghiorgis

Menelik to Gobena: ” I give you Wolde Giorgis (Menelik’s own cousin) as your servant so that he learns to work hard and learns how to fight…”

5. Menelik’s Proclamation regarding respect for craftsmen

6. Other links to Menelik’s works:

So long & God bless!

07/25/13 @ 19:55
Comment from: Dima Dimanco [Visitor]
Dima Dimanco

By any cost necessary we have to fight the evil blood trusty extremists. Every body who loves his country have a responsibility to expose this. we don’t need to go back words. we may have our own problems and differences. our country might not be perfect to day. but we still have so money good values like living with respect of one another. This fabricated and distorted history is spreading thru the young Oromo’s mostly Muslims like a virus. we have to fight it from it’s sores. this panic actions of Egyptians is causing so money damage not only for Ethiopian but also for Egyptians themselves. I don’t think the same kind of tactic they use in 60′s and 80′s use to day they might hearts us her and there but they will never succeed. things are changed. Ethiopians how love our country despite our differences we are spared through the world an we can make an influences of the bigger players. now is the time for the current government to reach out those how believe in our unity. now is the time for redemption. now is the time to release those political prisoners how believe in the unity of the country. now it the time to listen different approaches to tackle our problem. still our enemy is ignorance and being a poor. I ask the current government sending our sisters and brothers to Arabian counters legally or illegally this is a disgrace of our nation if you protect and chair for your people start from this. help those desperate man and women to start some thing at home. instead of wasting the money for unnecessary thing. like mitting, gathering, spending for a t-shirt, hat and banner. stop that extravagant spending for the show. spend it on the people. humans are bran washed easily by the thing they sow every day. please try to bring our national pride back.

07/26/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: mamo [Visitor]

” Ethiopian stretch their hands to God".
Egyptian want to destabilize Ethiopia.
there weapons are . AL JESERA ,ESAT, and some selfish Ethiopian. like

07/26/13 @ 05:16
Comment from: [Member]


ABOUT Menelik
There is a church in the center of the city of Harar known as “Medhane Alem.” This church used to be a mosque before the Abyssian colonization of Harar. After defeating the Oromo and Harari Muslim at the battle of Challanqo, Menelik proceeded to the city of Harar. There, he entered the Mosque, and went up the minaret of the mosque. He then pulled out his genital infront of a French reporter and his servant and passed his urine in the mosque. And before his return to Shewa, he ordered the conversion of the mosque in the center of Harar to a church, that is known today as “Medhane Alem.” Not only that, Menelik also converted an Oromo shrine at Kulubbi to a church in commemoration of his victory over the Muslims and Oromos at Challanqo. The damn Abyssinian pilgrimage to Qullubbi in “Tahsas” is nothing more that the memorial of the Challanqo victory over Muslims and “Gallas.” I believe a day will come, when the Nafxanyas will be kicked out, and the churches at Kulubi, and Harar “Medhane Alem” will go back to what they used to be.

07/26/13 @ 17:11
Comment from: Lenjiso [Visitor]

By the way why u hide yourself under the beautiful Oromo name, DULA. You better name yourself GIZACHEW BELEW.

07/27/13 @ 10:39
Comment from: Habtemariam [Visitor]

A good friend of me from Jordan was really excited about the news of Building the Dam on Blue Nile and he said we were planning to destroy Egypt who is a pride of the Arab world. He was told that the Dam would be built by the Chinese while Israel and Ehiopias Army were taking care of the security.
I understood that such a hostile rumor was let to spread in the Arab World. I told him that we are all brothers. If used in a mutual understanding, Nile has adequate resource to be used by all the concerned. we understood eachother.
Gadafi of Libya has left billions in Europe and America and they let him vanish without speaking the last word.
This money would have plunged the whole of the Arab world and Africa forward in an equitable civilisation.
If we dont take care they would push us in an endless war and we will buy their expensive weapons.
I think the Saudi- Ruling- Class has already paid for the fighter planes from USA. Please let us learn to talk with each other. The academicians (the children of the third world / the opressed ) should try to understand the people.
The mighty unused Nile flows freely in the Mediteranean anyway.
I think to see a child sucking a breast of a long- died- mama is an unbearable tragedy to humanity. The people of Egypt would understand that.
Give the people the chance to communicate.
I think to enhance our long known brotherhood would be respected by the posterity

07/27/13 @ 14:24
Comment from: leo [Visitor]

we Ethiopians we don’t need this arab satellite channels and dstv south African channel to be broadcasted in Ethiopia they turn our people to couch potato and religion fundamentalist we want channels broadcasting more about technology and education.

07/27/13 @ 14:57
Comment from: [Member]

Despite their internal problem, the Egyptian intelligence has not kept quite . It goes beyond what they call their national security boundaries to hire some scholars and manipulate and reverse the Ethiopian history to make chaos and spread hate among Ethiopians.
Ethiopians who are accounted to current united Ethiopia, whether you are Oromo, Amhara, Tigray, Wolaita or other ethincity tribal society be aware why is this false article written by so called hired scholars at this particular time and what it instigates and to whose advantage it is. Don’t give chance to these ill sectorians and defend united your country Ethiopia at any cost.

07/27/13 @ 15:35



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