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Can Ethiopia be a regional leader?



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Can Ethiopia be a regional leader?

In the shadow of new expectations on its regional role, Ethiopia looks inward

Mulugeta Alemu

9 February 2008

Kenya’s sudden decent into a nightmarish political mayhem and Chad’s surreal and astonishing fight for regime survival pose questions on how domestic developments in surrounding countries affect Ethiopia, one of the continent’s oldest and most populous state which, in the past, had suffered myriads of crisis of its own. Protracted conflicts in Sudan and Somalia did negatively impacted Ethiopia. Conflicts in Gambella national regional state in 2003 and the most recent terrorism by ONLF within the Somalia national regional state were in one way or another related to developments across Ethiopia’s international border.

Foreign policy reforms were introduced by EPRDF, which improved Ethiopia’s relations with its neighbouring countries. But the 1998-2000 war with Eritrea introduced by far the most significant setback. Not only had the war pitted Ethiopia against a natural partner, it has resulted a ‘no war, no peace’ post-conflict scenario in which Eritrea actively worked to destabilise Ethiopia by assuming the role of regional pariah and spoiler. Though Ethiopia has handled Eritrea’s provocations deftly, the latter’s actions severely undermined regional cooperation and stability.

Many observers comment that despite these challenges, Ethiopia maintains the only plausible regional and continental promise for leadership. It is an active and prominent play in the AU whose headquarters it hosts. It is a leading member of IGAD and helps run some its important programs. It not only confounded Horn of Africa’s sub-regional standby brigade (EASBRIG), but host its headquarters and provide it with much needed capacity development assistance. Ethiopia is also slotted to provide around 5,000 troops for the UN-AU hybrid peacekeeping force in Darfur. Several thousands of its troops are helping the transitional government of Somalia run a government after several years of political crisis and state failure in that country. It cooperates with the United States and other western countries in fighting terrorism.

The US think-tank, the Council on Foreign Relations recently run a couple of stories on the unfolding ‘continental leadership vacuum’ in Africa as countries such as South Africa and Nigeria start looking inwards. Nigerian president Umaru Yar'Adua replaced the internationally-known and ambitious Olusegun Obasanjo who was playing a prominent role in African platforms. South Africa’s intuitively rich and pan-Africanist leader Tabo Mbeki is set to take exit from his leadership role in 2009. The Council predicated that Ethiopia, unlike mid-sized nations such as Ghana and Tanzania, can play a more nuanced and influential role in Africa.

Though such expectations are widely shared, it is profoundly remarkable how Ethiopian government reacts to them. Officials from Ethiopia are extremely aware of their country’s ‘true’ challenges of survival and prosperity. EPRDF’s foreign policy is the most inward in the country’s diplomatic history in that it identifies poverty as Ethiopia’s most important challenge and that addressing it should be not only the principal goal of its domestic programs, but also its foreign policy.

The government is intensely reorienting the Foreign Service establishment with the view to enhancing the latter’s role for the promotion of investment, technical assistance, and tourism. Diplomacy of prestige is debunked and increased attention is given to diplomatic diplomacy where Ethiopian diplomatic missions are expected to spend most of their time and resource recruiting investors; solicit assistance for domestic development and encourage promoting the image of the country.

Ethiopia is growing by an average of 9 percent annually which is by far the largest figure in the region. Major joint economic and infrastructure development projected have been undertaken with neighbouring countries. Ethiopia is expected to export electricity to Kenya, Sudan and Djibouti by 2010. It has enacted laws encouraging Djiboutian citizens to have myriads of incentives to work and invest in Ethiopia. There is now an amazing array of trade and other economic relationship which are furthering economic integration between the two countries. The government holds that its foreign policy should primarily be targeted to address Ethiopia’s challenge from within. Only then, its officials contend, can Ethiopia live up to the emerging expectations on its regional and continental role.


Comment from: Samsom [Visitor]

Mr. mulugeta Alemu you are making a sick joke. Tsidku kertobegn bewegu bekonenegn yebalal. We have to take a lesson from Kenya and avoid a nightmerish catastroph rather than the illusion of being “regional power". The nightmare in Kenya is a big lesson for the Tplf regime’s political and economical dominance in Ethiopia. Do not cheat yourself. You better wake up from your dream before it is too late. The domino effect from Kenya willengulf Ethiopia sooner than later if you don’t take corrective measures soon.

02/09/08 @ 14:52
Comment from: hammere [Visitor]


What the hell are you talking about man? . The writer has verbally shon us whta is really happening in Ethiopia- yes In ETHIOPIA.

As an enemy, it is no wonder that you can not swallow the pill- the truth.

On the contrary, it is you and only you not the writer who has to wake up from his deep sleep.

Samson, wake up! The alarm is ringing.

02/09/08 @ 15:10
Comment from: Florad [Visitor]


Thank you!

02/09/08 @ 15:10
Comment from: Anbessaw [Visitor]

It is a positive and very encouraging news to hear. a well versed assesment of the current political situation in the east african region. As the author Mulugeta stated, the Ethiopian leadership must take note about the political development of the region and exceedingly encourage the development initative within the country. As observed still a long way to go to cut all the buerocracy and some corruptions. There is only one way to be economicaly powerful. All ethiopians without any exception to ethnic background must given the opportunity in all part of the developments. With the current trend there are encouraging signs. Thanks Ato Meles for your new vision and wise leadership. It is only when we are economically strong we can be able to play a significant role in this troubled region. It looks we have hope and the courage to do it.

02/09/08 @ 15:11
Comment from: hammere [Visitor]

For Alemu, the writer:

There is a star on the yellow strip of the flag, the Ethiopian flag.

You forgot to include that.
Please do not forget again.

02/09/08 @ 15:12
Comment from: ENOUGH TO WOYANE [Visitor]

Aite mulugeta u cant afford to disregard the following achievements of TPLF as part of your argument that highlight why TPLF should BE A REGIONAL LEADER :

1. TPLF Killed 198 innocent civilians who protested against a stolen election and incarcerated thousands of others in the country’s over flowen JAILS.

2.TPLF wittingly introduced very dangerous political scenario in ethiopia,which was nonexistent in the countr’s long long history-ETHENIC POLITICS. They envisage to divide the people with ETHENICITY and RULE FOREVER

3.TPLF is heavily present in every sector of the staggering economy. This changed the economic land scape of the country, into one with very few HAVES( TIGRAYS) and vey large HAVENOTS(NON TIGRAYS). Such economic inequality is unheard of earlier regimes, t least veryone was equally destitute!!!

4.TPLF managed to transform TIGRAY into an economic power house of the country at the expense of the rest of the country. A research by one expert who work at ETHIOPIAN INVESTMENT OFFICE(this research is a confidential document that i accessed while i was working on a contractual project undertaking for the office and it was meant for top TPLF policy decisions) found out that 80% of the countr’s private sector investment is directed to TIGRAY AREA. Now most industrial export products of the country,about 50%, come from TIGRAY.

5. 11 out of 16 GENERALS of the NATIONAL ARMY OF THE COUNTRY ARE TIGRAYS.These generals are in power not because of their expertise rather because of their closeness to meles in particular and TPLF in general. While 60% of the countries MINISTERIAL positions are occupied by incompetent cadres again from TIGRAY.

7. Ethiopia under TPLF 17 years of tyranny has become the worst country interms of free media. Although the country has a population of 80 million, there is only one TV station ( pakistan has 40+ tv stations, while kenya has about 7, and sudan 3). To make matters worse the country has NO trusted private press very at all(while neighboring sudan has about 55 daily and weekly press outputs while kenya has about 20 +). Similarily the coutry has just one telecommunication service provider that is deadly ineffecient but very expensive interms of service provision. surprisingly this giant TPLF run comapany is pretty versatile in blocking independent websites that are critical of TPLF. Simply TPLF is a TYPICAL ANTI-INFORMATION DIVISIVE GROUP!!!!!

6. This year alone TPLF approved reports put the number of people who need immediate “food assistance” around 8,000,000(By the way the word “people that need food assistance"is TPLF’S version for PEOPLE THAT ARE HUNGER STRIKEN AND STARVED).

02/09/08 @ 15:27
Comment from: Ganamoo [Visitor]

Mulugeta’s Article clearly shows the true picture of Ethiopia’s Commitment to poverty reduction and realization of development. Such opinion is, of course, unpalatible for those who want to see the weak and poor Ethiopia, have their cows grazing on Ethiopian land, but give milk to Eritrean sabboteurs. Yes Ethiopia is doing well, will continue her bitter fight with poverty and be a good example for the region. To realize prosperous, stable and strong Ethiopia, lets join hands and work hard.
We shallnever take rest before this is realized.

THANK YOU MULUGETA. I appreciate your orderly, beuatifully and convincingly written comment.
Itti fufii, ketil, Go ahead!


02/09/08 @ 15:37
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Of course ethiopia can lead the region in the horn of africa. in fat its aleardy happening:idea:

it just a matter of time before ET becomes the power house in Africa. You people don’t get it do. The arabs and Eritrea are shittying in their pants becasue they’re scared to death when they see ethiopia’s growth. be patient and you will see the reality becoming true:!:

in the meantime our enemies will be blinking 24/788|88|88|
thank God we have wise people running the counrty.


02/09/08 @ 15:43
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Yes indeed Ethiopia is the only regional leadership politically ideally as well as with massive economically infrastructures under the leadership of EPRDF.

Also Ethiopia has been known for some times now is the regional super power house for its military cabapility and superiority too.

The Prime Minister and his excellent leadership has been proved that not only in Ethiopia but he is also an example of an African too. Ethiopia through her good governs now days Ethiopian image around the globe is fantastic.

We understand some times there are a problem understanding between Ethiopian politicians but that can be defined only as a short term problems. Yes Ethiopia is regional leadership these days.Thank you Mr. Mulugeta Alemu good article.


02/09/08 @ 15:55
Comment from: ehhron [Visitor]

We are already the regional leader.

02/09/08 @ 16:12
Comment from: MACK [Visitor]


02/09/08 @ 16:21
Comment from: jas [Visitor]

Wow, what an illusion. Hopefully, the following will help to awaken the intentionally ignorant.

• There are an estimated 4.8 million orphans in Ethiopia with up to 1.2 million of those caused by HIV/Aids, making Ethiopia one of the countries in the world with the highest number of orphans.
• 1 out 10 children won’t see their first birthday. 1 out of 5 won’t see their fifth birthday.
• Only 22% of the population gets improved drinking water.
• Primary school enrollment/attendance is at a dismal 31%.
• There are 3 doctors for every 100,000 people.

Regional power????? Of What???? I wish we could just take care of these and other pressing problems. The fact is, dictators are always trying to find ways to distract from the tragedies that they are partly the cause. And EPRDF/TPLF is no different than the gutless dictators of the past.

Please stop the hallucination since each day that passes by is detrimental to the lives of thousands of innocent Ethiopians.

02/09/08 @ 16:34
Comment from: cafamo [Visitor]

Thank you Mulugeta for your accurate assesment.
We have for the first time in the history of Ethiopia very wise and clever leadership.
.Again we have well educated and brave Ethiopians in the Ethiopia.
We have only problem with few ignorant diaspore Ethiopians.Every anti-Ethiopians used them as an instrument to
hurt Ethiopia’s interests.

02/09/08 @ 16:59
Comment from: Dawit [Visitor]

i remoemer when mother ethiopia was synonym with famine. it was heart breaking when every freakin people ask you whether your family are safe frome the engulfing famine that killed 1million ethiopians. now ethiopia is refered by the same people as “regional power", “power house” etc,,yhank you GOD.

02/09/08 @ 17:28
Comment from: Tewodrow Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodrow Salsawi

Ethiopia is already the Power of the region.

But the government should have a long term strategic plan to re-establish More powerful union of people who share same geographic region, culture, relegion and who have blood ties. By that I mean Union of djibouti Afars, Somalis, Eritean peoples together in to theier mother empire ETHIOPIA.

02/09/08 @ 17:34
Comment from: peace 4 ethiopia [Visitor]
peace 4 ethiopia

Fellow Ethiopian please we don’t need to focus on the mistakes we need to look for the improvements but as well we need to fix tthee the mistakes that we did. I know that the EPRDF leaders did some minor or major problems but we need to give them the credit for what they did. So brothers and sisters we need to have a patiency and constarctive agreement for a better change not by finding mistakes through needle holes.
I know corraption is the biggest head ach that we need to deal with all africans.the problem is not only on the leaders but olso on the people too. As a citizin we need to work hard to bring these corrapt officials to justice.
RESPETION RESPECTION RESPECTION that is what we need. I see most nice agrguments but there are some uncivile so brothers and sisters we to work on our weakness and strengthen our strength. Then it is not gon’t to be that far that our people will eat three meals a day.

02/09/08 @ 18:10
Comment from: armacho [Visitor]

your long boring article is noyhing but has nothing to do with the article and non of the accusation is right.your hate driven comment is stincs.whether you like or not we w will be the power brokers of the regon.thanyou mr asfaw.

02/09/08 @ 18:12
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

you are not better than the other cry babies that we had been raising them here. Believe or not we are already the super power house in the horn African as the writir and other world jounralists put it out about Ethiopian know days.

I believe as long as EPRDF is in power, the country will trun in to giant the African biggest powerful country if not in the world.This is not a fiction story rather based on reality. Under prime minister Melse leadership, our country should be fine.

Guess what? what would happened if the one month sebseb project Kinijit was in power today? I think it would been have desasterous all the way through. Even the unity of the nation would be up to question. I am glad non of that had happened to the god blessed nation.

you retarded liar where do you find this statistics figure? don’t talk bull shit that something you don’t even know about things. Yeha

02/09/08 @ 18:21
Comment from: Andualem [Visitor]

Mulugeta is expressing the reality on the ground, founded on comprehensive and well thought development and foreign policy strategies. Those who object to his writing are still wobbling in the clouds in the hope of turning back the clock. Let them keep wobbling, while Ethiopia is moving forward.

02/09/08 @ 18:27
Comment from: Legal Nensenss [Visitor]
Legal Nensenss



02/09/08 @ 18:39
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

Do u know that most african heads of states recognize meles by his nick name that the then zambian president gave to him, “THE PROSTITUTE". U know why??? guess

02/09/08 @ 18:42
Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]


There is no lesson Ethiopian can learn from Kenya on matters pertaining to the current sad state of affairs in the country. On the contrary, Kenya and in fact most African nations, would do well to draw lessons from Ethiopia. I am sure you would agree with me that the frustration we saw in Kenya was a result of economic deprivation and lack of political representation of different ethnic groups. Ethiopia is working hard to address these issues and has done a commendable job in this regard, even though I grant you that there remains much more to be done. In fact much would have been accomplished if the Ethiopian elite were willing to contribute their share instead of focusing on grabbing power under the guise of promoting democracy at a standard we see in western countries today. If we continue to fight each other on the question of who should be the prime minister, then we will not serve the cause of democracy nor will we serve our own agenda. The democracy that we yearn to see in our country will require the building of institutions and their development and is not something that can be imposed by decree.

02/09/08 @ 18:46
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

I cant see why MELES cant be a regional leader. I mean as far as we are talking about a region typically known for a wealth of its dictators, tyrannts and killers, then it is THE BEST DICTATOR, THE BEST TYRANT, AND THE BEST KILLER, that should LEAD SUCH A REGION.

Can anyone think of a better man TO CHAIR THE CLUB OF DICTATORS THAN AITE MELES ZENAWI, but I argue ALBESHER should be his VICE.

02/09/08 @ 18:53
Comment from: soma [Visitor]


The author should tell us what contractive rolae tigrian people liberation army done .

Is it regional astability,democratic goverement,free press or human right this mafia gorrela done.

The author should tell us what this ethnic and tribal dominated group done to Ethiopia first before he write about the regions,


02/09/08 @ 19:10
Comment from: Broos [Visitor]

Reality check!!.Walking to work at 1300 hrs today,I was asked for a Quarters(25 cents)by 2 people, Cigarette by 3.Saw 2 homeless sleeping on the sidewalk.Place is the most Famouse & rich city in the world.Do I have to compare it with Ethiopia?no.Why? ‘m in none communist capitalist state where Class is? Fill in the Blank.

02/09/08 @ 20:43
Comment from: Brooks [Visitor]

corrections(Name broos) is Brooks, Sorry.

02/09/08 @ 20:53
Comment from: Truth be Told [Visitor]
Truth be Told

The only good thing I see about “the region” that aite Mulugeta is boosting about is its thousands of miles away from where I
live now. What a relife…

02/09/08 @ 21:13
Comment from: Muslim Ethiopian (Ethiojegna) [Visitor]
Muslim Ethiopian (Ethiojegna)

Eritreans on here trying to rain on our parade in the disguize of ethiopians objecting to EPRDF rule.

i say to you cowards, stop hiding your names and admit you are Eri.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia is improving (80 million strong)

02/09/08 @ 21:37
Comment from: HABESH [Visitor]  

to all the haters enjoy reading and don’t forget have loads of tissue beside it may help lol

02/10/08 @ 01:13
Comment from: meriet [Visitor]

D0 u think they should go to ‘eri’ the hell on earth, that even when in the event of a loss of a love one u can;t seat & get comforted?
i bet u now you are bribing somebody to get u family out of that country if,IF u have any left.

02/10/08 @ 01:37
Comment from: MACK{TRUTH TO BE TOLD} [Visitor]


02/10/08 @ 01:44
Comment from: meriet [Visitor]

I love my eritrean friends/!

I think they don’t follow the reality or the news they bussy in trying to twist the truth day and night about Ethiopia.
BUT the fact of the matter is Ethipia is heading in the right direction the first time in our recent history and the credit is due to the People and their Leaders.
As for your litlle eritrea, u know better than the news we will train and send u leader ‘if’ u behave right only.

02/10/08 @ 01:49
Comment from: Ethiospear [Visitor]

dahlakislands! Your message rings a bell to us. Where did you get all this courage to advise us? Do you remember how much you were looting us through your agents and were exporters of coffee? We can deal with our problems by our own-leave us alone!!!

02/10/08 @ 02:06
Comment from: Kiflom [Visitor]

Although I don’t want to make the scapegoat for all it’s problems, I acknowledge Eritrea is the headache of Ethiopia. Otherwise, Ethiopia was, is and will be the powerhouse of Africa without any hesitation. The power play and power struggle have given the way for those who want to divide and conquer us.
God will save Ethiopia:oops:

02/10/08 @ 02:22
Comment from: Moti [Visitor]

Dear Mulugeta Alemu,

It seems that you copied and pasted the TPLS propoganda of the TPLF regime has been sent to its Embassies around the world and given to its Cadres like you to confuse Ethiopian people.

The fact is that:

First, TPLF has stolen whatever elections held from 1991 to 2007 and destroyed numerous independent political organizations, like OLF, CUD, among others. As a result, TPLF has killed and imprisoned thousands of its citizens.

Second, Ethiopia is on the brink of civil war due to its apartheid policies towards various ethnic groups; didn’t happen yet because of overwhelming military power of the Tigryans/Agazis.

Third, Ethiopia is the source of destruction and mayhems unfolded in Somalia (by supporting puppet government, a collection of former warlords).

Fourth, great disaster is looming in the north were Ethiopia continued to occupy the territory awarded to Eritrea - the outcome of the war would be the start of civil conflicts both in Ethiopia and Eritrea

Fifth, TPLF’s military is engaged in ethnic cleansing/genocide in Ogaden, Gambella and Oromia, etc.

You tell me the rest … as an insider!

02/10/08 @ 02:29
Comment from: mahari [Visitor]

ethiopia is in the good hand of tigrayans soon will be better than america and china it is the future supper power of the world.

02/10/08 @ 03:29
Comment from: ethiopian man [Visitor]
ethiopian man

Ethiopia is already a regional power, no question about it, the only country trying to stop us is Shaebiya’s Eritrea. ki ki ki

02/10/08 @ 05:06
Comment from: Fish [Visitor]

Yes ato Mulugeta,
Ethiopia can the leader of the region if all ethnics groups have the same apportunity. Du you ever think once again what kind of government we have in ethiopia? I don`t think so.They are developing their region and who knows what will happen next? I am so sorry for next generation when they hear what they did in Ethiopia. Please tell us what kind of development have AMARA region? They tok the most fertilized and economicaly strong region like Humera and Welkait land to tigray. What du u tink on that? Read the turist guid book, Tigray is highliy represented than the hole land. du u get it? separation with the name of INDEPENDENS. Swall it :>:>:> Have a nice day

02/10/08 @ 07:25
Comment from: el [Visitor]

I don’t want to get in to a detailed history, but yeha, ethiopia has every potential to be , not only regional but africa’s power house, there is every resource, human, and material, it is a blessed country, some thing others don’t want us to know,
Remember, out of thousands of years history , Ethiopia’s past misery only started when the Italians came in the late 19th century and created some maggots in the north.
we don’t even have to go far back in history to understand how much the parasite affected ethiopia, just look at the last few years since we got rid of these scams, despite their desperate effort to destabilize ethiopia, ethiopia is moving forward like no other. do I care if any body believes it? not at all.
yes well written.

02/10/08 @ 08:28
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

Muluget Alemu,
What the hell are you saying? Did u write it in “mirkana"?
I wish many of the things you said were true.
Number one, our government’s main strategy of survival is lies integrated with brutal force. They control the national media, they talk whatever they want. R u gonna dare to say the ETV and other media are free from EPRDF? U know they r not. And the Central Statistical Authority (CSA) is not free either. They report what Meles says them not what they collect. They r just wasting our money (of course creating jobs ha ha) when they take national census. But they would know the report before the collect the data, they don’t need the data at all, after all they report a fiction about the economy, the population, etc.
Then, cadres like you echo whatever they say. I wish Ethiopia was growing the rate it is being reported, but u bulshit they way Haileselassie and Derg were bulshitting, just because u want to build ur emage. We Ethiopians like developing, but we don’t want a false development report.
By the way, one of ur points were that Olesegun and Mbeki r significant leaders whose departure leaves power vacuum… First of call, when was in history that there wasn’t a power vacume in the Afrcian Union. We r not united, we don’t have power even the UNMEE came from outside the continent. Besides, these two leaders, unlike ur implication, have been replaced by what more transparent (Umaru Yar Adua) and More Patriotic (Jacob Zuma). I’m not saying the previouse ones didn’t do anything good, but the current ones have better reputations in therms of the transparency and black empowerment, respectively.

One thing I tell u is, u will never achieve trust from the people by lying, because u lie under the help of ur military force. U r in denial by trying to believe that we believe ur report, but the truth is that people r tired of listenning to u guys, people r tired of listenning to ETV, Ethiopian Radio, CSA… anything to do with EPRDF, people just want to live EPRDF free life.

02/10/08 @ 11:23
Comment from: Mohammed [Visitor]

The star in the flag stays there only as long as EPRDF stays in power. Many of us don’t like it, and I think u shouldn’t care.

02/10/08 @ 11:30
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

The lady that posted a comment about the flag, go to hell and burn! That’s all I have to say to you, legesse discarded it and called it a ‘piece of cloth’ and then changed it provoke and insult the ppl of Ethiopia and you are shameless enough to still complain while seeing the real Flag of mama Ethiopia even in abroad (hellooooo the site is banned Ethiopia, moron). May your soul be forgiven despite the fact I despise you so much! If boneheads only knew, the middle color is already about what that piece blue dirt you put on the flag is all about i.e. sign of peace and co existence of all Ethiopians!

Tnx Mohammed

Igzer Ethiopian 1 Yargat, Kekfum Yitebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that am an Ethiopian.

02/10/08 @ 14:49
Comment from: ethiopatriot [Visitor]

Hey Truth Be Told, you and the Zambiam prez can kiss my proud Ethiopian Ass, sell out Banda

02/10/08 @ 14:53
Comment from: ethiopatriot [Visitor]

Hammere and Mohammed,

88| do you even know what the star in our flag stands for? just cause you have no clue about something and you are too dum to research it, does not make it bad, The 90 degree pentegram is a devine symbol, the Economic boom you see now has its roots in this symbol, research it Maggots,
there is more life than the materialistic one we live in now

Knowledge is Power

02/10/08 @ 15:03
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

Mr. Mulugeta and all agaminos on this forum have the right to dream and dream big for that matter. But the truth is “A dream and Reality are two different things.”
One can say Ethiopia is a reginal power as many time as they wish, but in practical aspect of being a reginal power Ethiopia is not and can not be a reginal power at all. This is a country where a minority tribe is hanging on power by the mouse of the gun. A minority junta completely given up the pride of its people and country to be used by foreign powers. The whole africa is (ordinary people) are ashamed of Ethiopia. Keep dreaming Agaminos, but you will discover that you are nothing but agaminos for ever.

02/10/08 @ 23:10
Comment from: Yassin [Visitor]

Hi All;

Ethiopia is now on the right track. Worldbank/IMF experts are justifying and producing the statistics and reports!!!

The Diaspora, lead by, w/o Zebyideru and etye Askale’s phone call evidence can get anywhere!!!!

Most of the Diaspora are old and couldn’t even go with the current situation in Ethiopia!!!

The Ethiopia the knew (the land mass) is totally different from the current Ethiopia (people recognizant).

Fro me, there will be constructive dialogue or discussion only if the ignorant, selfish, non-materialist, garbage-in-garbage-out Diaspora has distanced itself from Eth.

Yassin from Addis.

02/11/08 @ 02:42
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

ethiopatriot (aka ethio’s kehadi)

Hellooo, go read article 3 moron (of woyanes constitution), before you open your big disgusting mouth!

“The 90 degree pentegram “? What do you mean?

The blue dirt with the yellow star is supposed to ‘reflects the equality of the Nations, nationalities, peoples and religions in Ethiopia and their aspirations to live in unity.’ but the yellow band is already there to serve the same purpose including peace and harmony. The disc with it’s pentagram is more likely to recall that woyanes are still in power, nothing more! And it’ll be scrapped away from the true flag along with woyane!

BTW woyane only kept dividing the ppl of Ethiopia suppressing, killing, harassing and subjugating the ones that have been opposed during the monarch and derg!

Dividing the country in federal states using ethnicity as base isn’t progress but a crime against Ethiopia and Ethiopianism! It only, purposely, made things worse than it’s predecessors b/c that’s its ‘tel’iqoe’ i.e. destroying Ethiopia for good.

Those DIKALAS’ fathers and ancestors like Graziani, the Pashas’ family, Sadat, and Mussolini would be proud in their respective grave while their souls are burning in hell and Boutros Boutros-Ghali is laughing right now!

Don’t worry though there ‘ll be pay back time and Ethiopia will prevail! Mark these words. We WILL laugh out loudly NOT b/c of your coming misery but our success in bringing down your tribalism and uniting ourselves for the common good and progress of our country and people.

“the Economic boom you see now has its roots in this symbol”

Which economic boom? The fact that becoming a woyane gives a big pay off? What about my poor sisters and brothers? Your are one of the maggots here but don’t include the guy that opposed the shameless lady! You twisted bigoted moron!

Igzer Ethiopian 1 Yargat, Kekfum Yitebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that am an Ethiopian.

02/11/08 @ 05:35
Comment from: jas [Visitor]


Sorry to disturb your high, but reality has that effect. Just because you are bent on being ignorant to the reality, it doesn’t make it so. I’ll tell you what you and others like you remind me of. If you’ve played with children “hide and seek” or “Ayehuh/ Ayehush”, they cover their eyes when they don’t want you to see. That is, of course, their level of understanding. By covering your eyes, you think the world can’t see you. What a waste of brain cells, I’m assuming you’re older than 5.

I’ve some sympathy for people like you, people that are not just uneducated, but intentionally ignorant. And I feel I’ve some obligation to help you break out of your shell, the ignorance.

There is a report put out by UN that ranks Nations in the world on all aspects of life. And Ethiopia right now is not ranking well, **169 out of 177**. Read it here:


02/11/08 @ 07:22
Comment from: Ghion [Visitor]

I waste no time and space to answer this very simple and a straight forward question.
Ethiopia is more than half way there to become a regional leader. It is rather fascinating on how Ethiopia emerged out off so many obstacles and claimed the upper hand to become at a regional leadership position. May BOD bless our country and Africa.

02/11/08 @ 07:27
Comment from: M.T. [Visitor]

if we become leaders of ourselves, that is great. Triumphing over backbreaking poverty and misery.


02/11/08 @ 08:02
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Of course Ethiopia can be a regional
leader if the country is governed
by patriotic ,democrat and qualified
leaders .Unfortunatly with such corrupted ,minority tribal based
more and then mercenary regime as Woyane it is not the case .

02/11/08 @ 11:34
Comment from: mojo [Visitor]

How can one be a regional powerhouse when you can’t even survive w/o foreign assistance?

EPRDF must go and a new government must be installed that answers to the Ethiopian people 1st, not outsiders.

02/11/08 @ 12:32
Comment from: kb [Visitor]

A country can not come up with its anuual budget, and feed its people on its own.. and wasting time thinking regional and internation role…. You cann’t make a wining argument based on the countries long histry, population size and so on. This country has a potentiol to play impotant role out side of it border, but first thing first: get your house inorder; pecify the country, feed your own people and end the chronic dependency of food aid so to gain poletical freedom. then you can talk a roll your country can play both regionaly and internationaly. Talking or trying to get into this emotionaly not only it is unsustanable but may even push this country further to the time of uncertainty and darkness; as it would use its scarce resources to silence oppositions and bulling neigbouries instide of taking care of domestic issues.

02/11/08 @ 15:47
Comment from: moses [Visitor]  

Mr. ENOUGH TO WOYANE, You baseless analysis filled with hate to Tigrians and other ethnics is one expected from a looser neftgha’s offspring.

I value any life including those who killed 2003. However, when there is any civil unrest as you know the government in power end up using forces. But do you know how many Ethiopians died under Derge and you Emperor Hail Silasa? I don’t want you to have impression of if Derge and Haile killed so it is ok for EPRDF.

What is real sad is your neftgha attitude against Ethiopian ethnics. Your comment “political scenario in Ethiopia, which was nonexistent in the countr’s long long history-ETHENIC POLITICS. They envisage to divide the people with ETHENICITY and RULE FOREVER” is the outcome of the previous Ethiopian rulers beginning Minlik II, Ras Mekonen, Haile Silase and then Mengstu’s discrimination and isolation policy lead to current ethnics based democracy. As minority, not a Tigrian, I have witnessed how Haile Silase’s Ethiopia for Amharas only overall policy left so many pain and suffering across all non-Amahra Ethiopians buried in a dormant volcano waiting to erupted. As the
Result of injustice done to non-Amhara Ethiopian ethnic, EDRDF had no choice except to come up with a policy that satisfy the oppressed ethnics. I am sure you will say that EPRDF took advantage of the situation just to stay comfortably on power. To me and many oppressed ethnics, EPRDF did not take advantage of the situation but brought justice and equality to oppressed ethnics.

I think either you are uneducated naïve neftgha who has no knowledge of past Ethiopian Feudal system or stupid ignorant who denies past Amhara political, economic and social exploitation of non-Amhara ethnics for you to say “TPLF is heavily present in every sector of the staggering economy. This changed the economic land scape of the country, into one with very few HAVES( TIGRAYS) and vey large HAVENOTS(NON TIGRAYS). Such economic inequality is unheard of earlier regimes, t least veryone was equally destitute!!!”

Don’t just write something that is not true about investment office, go and visit different part of Ethiopian, if you can afford it, and you will be surprised how many Ethiopians including those who are living abroad in addition to foreigners are investing with full confidence. Brother eat you heart you are not one of them.

Ok, now you are crying for neftgha Generals “11 out of 16 GENERALS of the NATIONAL ARMY OF THE COUNTRY ARE TIGRAYS.These generals are in power not because of their expertise rather because of their closeness to meles in particular and TPLF in general. While 60% of the countries MINISTERIAL positions are occupied by incompetent cadres again from TIGRAY.” What a disgrace comment to make. I think Haile Silase used decorate his inexperienced Generals with so many medals based on family relationship and loyalty. If what you said is even true that 11 of the Generals are Tigrians, these Generals have or gained enough experience when they wiped out Mengstu’s largest African army.

Were where you when Haile and Derge were in Power? “Ethiopia under TPLF 17 years of tyranny has become the worst country interms of free media. Etc” You probably was
not born or did not finish sucking you baby milk for you to talk about free press.

“This year alone TPLF approved reports put the number of people who need immediate “food assistance” around 8,000,000(By the way the word “people that need food assistance"is TPLF’S version for PEOPLE THAT ARE HUNGER STRIKEN AND STARVED). “ Well, you probably don’t have any idea how many Ethiopians died
In 1974 and in 1984 starvation. Go and read. At least My Hero PM Meles is not hiding
the needs like Haile back then in 1974 while decorating Addis Ababa for his 80th birthday
nor he is denying them assistance like butcher Mengisto.

02/11/08 @ 23:03
Comment from: Ethio-Vistor [Visitor]

I hope Ethiopia can keep on growing in the right direction. It has all the potentail to someday become a African/world power in the future

02/12/08 @ 00:17
Comment from: Tewodrow Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodrow Salsawi

It hurts me to see people like you who have that much love for ethiopia hate another Ethiopian fellow that much.

Woyane has never been against Ethiopianism. How can the Original Ethiopians be accused of being against Ethiopianism. Tigraians are founders of Ethiopia and WOYANE means struggle of Tigraians for freedom (from Poverty & unjust rule) not from ethiopia. Because Tigrai is Ethiopia & Ethiopia only. If there could ever be a separation of states (God forbid) Tigrai will be the last state to remain Ethiopian. Because it originaly is Ethiopia and will remain Ethiopia frorever.

please cleanse yourself from the hatred that filld your heart.

Tewodros Salsawi

02/12/08 @ 02:19
Comment from: General Wuchu [Visitor]
General Wuchu

Yes, Ethiopia is a regional supper power on its own right.
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on Poverty
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on corruption
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on prostitution
Ethiopia is a regional supper power killing demonstrators
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on imprisoning oppositions
Ethiopia is a regional supper power AIDS infected population
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on aggression towards its neighbours
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on boot licking of other supper powers’
Ethiopia is a regional supper power on illiteracy
Help me please, on building this “super power database of ethiopia”

02/12/08 @ 04:37
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

General Wusha

Leave Ethiopia for Ethiopians and just shut your mouth. Ethiopia is the pride of Africa whose flag is adopted by many African countries so save your hate propaganda for your own monkey brothers in the ‘pretty’ and ‘proud’ country of yours! Where do the leaders (all dictators but still…) of Africa go to ‘discuss’? in Asamara or Adu Genet? We have different mentality than you slaves (this doesn’t include other nations but your dirty desert and some sub Saharan staates like your creaters egyptians).

C’mon hating us won’t get you anywhere but trying to concentrate on how to build your own so-called country might help the poor brothers and sisters of yours and someday when woyane is removed they might be considered as my own cosines too, who knows? Only time will tell. The true sons of Ethiopia living in Eritrea will be free and the rest of can live in your shitty land! You bastards make me sick!

We don’t have forgotten our brothers/sisters in Eritrea no matter how much you twisted bigoted shabias and woyanes try to fool us and wish to make us believe that all Eritreans like you, are our enemies! We know better than that and they will be liberated and come back to and join Emayee Ethiopia with whatever piece of land they deserve to take with ‘em, I don’t care whether it includes our lost sea ports or not but the people shall decide their own destiny not you shabians or woyanes!!!

Now get lost from nazret and don’t never come to a website which is intended serve the people of the country “The whole africa is (ordinary people) are ashamed of” unless you, yourself wouldn’t want to be associated with the people you so despised! BIG MOUTHED moronic monkey!

How in hell can someone be slave of obsession and jealousy without looking at himself? I can’t even imagine how degraded and degenerated your mind has to be to force you embarrass yourself every time you try to open your filthy and depraved mouth. One might wonder if you even are human being b/c even broken gramophones can repeat themselves! Wusha ye wusha lij!

Igzer Ethiopian 1 Yargat, Kekfum Yitebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that am an Ethiopian.

02/12/08 @ 05:40
Comment from: [Member]

It is very good to dream an excellent dream. You people please be fact and youself. Let me ask you one thing. Is it Ethiopia tries to be the regional leader or Americans want Ethiopia to be the regional leader? Even Djibouti could have been the leader not only the region but to the whole africa if they are receiving the assistance and relief what Ethiopia is getting now from USA, EU …….So what are you telling us. Please be real and tell us facts.

02/12/08 @ 08:10
Comment from: abebe [Visitor]

Truth be Told [Visitor]
I cant see why MELES cant be a regional leader. I mean as far as we are talking about a region typically known for a wealth of its dictators, tyrannts and killers, then it is THE BEST DICTATOR, THE BEST TYRANT, AND THE BEST KILLER, that should LEAD SUCH A REGION.

02/12/08 @ 10:04
Comment from: wollo [Visitor]  

Hey Mack! hundreds of our Ethiopian brothers and sisters are langushing in Libyan detention camps, and hundredes of them are drowning in the Red Sea and Indian Ocean to cross to Yemen, how do you like that.

02/12/08 @ 16:59
Comment from: Newte [Visitor]

Thank you Mr. Mulugeta Alemu for your visionary article. I agree with you that Ethiopia will be regional leader as well as the “Super power of Eastern Africa"(SPEA) owing to its huge human resource potential and fast growing economy as China and India are in Asia. In my opinion the other African countries to be super powers are Egypt, Nigeria, Republic of South Africa From North, West and South Africa respectively. Central Africa?
I am not happy with the flag posted in your article it is the flag of Ancient Abyssinia
(the current Eritrea, Northern parts of Ethiopia including Tigray and Amahra States. It was also the flag of Imperial Ethiopia ( 1630-1974) , and Socialist Ethiopia ( 1974-1991). It is also used by some religion groups in Ethiopia. It doesn’t represent the current Federal Republic. According to the supreme law of the land in the centre of the flag there is a star. Therefore, the old one is unconstitutional flag. If we are not happy with the star it is better to change a new one to represent all federal states like the USA, India and Germany or change it to represent the will of diverse groups of people like Republic of South Africa, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. We should have a new one representing the dynamic generation and the new modern Ethiopia.

02/12/08 @ 22:35
Comment from: wepe [Visitor]

Tewodrow Salsawi

I gave you an answer back in the other thread but I don’t know why it didn’t/doesn’t got/get aired. The last few days the comments are taking days awaiting for moderation so you can read it when t appears and reply me on another thread if they shut the other one (and of course it’s if you still don’t agree with what I said)!

Igzer Ethiopian 1 Yargat, Kekfum Yitebikat.
Wakes up every day proud that am an Ethiopian.

02/14/08 @ 17:12
Comment from: koster [Visitor]


02/16/08 @ 08:52



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