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Ethiopia Launches Telephone Network Targeting 12 Million Subscribers

April 7th, 2009

Ethiopia Launches Telephone Network Targeting 12 Million Subscribers

APA-Addis Ababa (Ethiopia
) ­Ethiopia launched on Sunday a multi million mobile telephone network to increase its mobile telephone subscribers to 12 million from the current 4.1 million.

Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) said that a six million expansion work for the mobile telephone is being carried out in the first phase of the project.

Ethiopia, home to 77 million people is still among the countries with low telephone network in Africa.

Ethiopia is also known for its expensive price of mobile telephone SIM card.

However, the corporation announced a price decrease as of April 2 2009

The previous $ 36 cost for the prepaid mobile phone SIM card was reduced to $ 16.

The price is still expensive compared to other African countries where SIM card is available for $ 5 and less.

The charge for replacement of lost or damaged SIM card was also lowered to $ 1.2 from $ 2.5 previously.

“The move was aimed at benefiting the public from the ever expanding telecom services in the country,” said ETC.


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Ethiopia Telecom slashes mobile SIM card prices

April 4th, 2009

Ethiopia Telecom slashes mobile SIM card prices

By Hayal Alemayehu

The Reporter

The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) slashed the prices of mobile phone SIM cards as of Thursday, according to a statement the corporation sent to The Reporter.
The corporation made a 54 percent discount on the prepaid mobile phone SIM card to 169.10 birr while it reduced the different set of prices ranging prices from 1445.13 to 1171.13 birr paid for acquiring post-paid mobile phone SIM cards to a uniform price of 414.40 birr.

The corporation also lowered the price for replacement of lost SIM cards by 40 percent to 15 birr.

ETC took the move in a bid to attract more customers and expand its service as well as bring closer the tariffs paid for such services to that of other African countries, according to the corporation.

Currently there are more than three million pre-paid and post-paid mobile phone subscribers.

Ethiopian Telecom introduces new service

March 30th, 2009

Ethiopian Telecom introduces new service

By Tagu Zergaw


The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) has launched a pilot for notifying post paid mobile phone subscribers of their bills through text messages.
"This message is for testing purpose notifying postpaid customer's bill through SMS, your bill for Feb 2009 is Birr……Thank you. ETC," runs the first message the corporation sent on March 24.

ETC has allocated different time periods for postpaid subscribers to pay their dues. The payment period extends for seven days which will be followed by disconnection of the line.
When the line is disconnected, subscribers are able only to receive calls. After 45 days, ETC cancels the contract with the subscriber and its legal department deals with the issue.
A postpaid subscriber told Capital this system saves him the 20 birr he pays every time his mobile phone line is disconnected.

"I always forget the time I have to pay my bill, I know it when I call and a woman's voice tells me my line has been disconnected and will be reconnected when I pay," said the Corporation's long time subscriber.

The state monopoly ETC has 1,215,032 mobile subscribers as of March last year.
Just recently, the corporation announced that it has launched a prepaid WCDMA 3G mobile phone service in 50 selected areas in Addis Ababa.

To get access to 3G WCDMA service a customer is required to buy a 3G WCDMA mobile apparatus and WCDMA SIM card which costs more than 500 birr.

Ethiopia ranks 129th in Networked Readiness Index

March 27th, 2009
Ethiopia ranks 129th

Ethiopia ranks 129th in Networked Readiness Index - Ethiopia's performance in the latest Global Technology Report is a very disappointing one, as the country continuously lags behind the rest of the world in the Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) by a wide margin. The latest survey from the World Economic Forum, puts Ethiopia at 129th out of 134 countries in Networked Readiness Index. According to the report, Ethiopia, with a population of 79.1 million people, has 0.4 internet users per 100 population as of 2007 and just 1.5 mobile subscribers per 100 population, one of the lowest mobile usage per capita anywhere in the world. In the report, Ethiopia is ranked 134th out of 134 countries in the number of mobile subscribers. The only bright spot in the report is that Ethiopia ranks 26th in "Burden of government regulation", which measures compliance with administrative requirements (permits, regulations, reporting) issued by the government in the country.

Just this month, another report released by the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), puts Ethiopia at 147th in Global IT Development Index. Despite the lackluster performance of Ethiopia's telecom monopoly, the country refuses to liberalize the telecom sector.

In readiness survey, Ethiopia’s science and math education is ranked 104th and the quality of its education system is ranked 88th.

The report ranks Denmark and Sweden as first and second, followed by the US, Singapore and Switzerland.

Read Complete Report from World Economic Forum

World Economic Forum

U.S. tells Ethiopia to liberalize Telecom and Banking

March 20th, 2009

U.S. rep to WTO tells Ethiopia to liberalize Telecom and Banking

A U.S. trade official said Ethiopia should liberalize its banking and telecom sector as a step towards full membership to the World Trade Organzation (WTO).

“For a country like Ethiopia, this is extremely important in establishing the competitiveness of its economy,” Peter Allgeier, the U.S. representative to the WTO, said at a press conference in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, which was reported by Bloomberg news. “Our expectation would be there are some movements in these areas.”

According to Bloomberg news, Mr. Allgeier met with Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi and urged him to consider liberalizing the telecom and banking sector.

Last February, Ethiopian Trade Minister Girma Birru said Ethiopia has no plans to liberalize the telecommunications and financial-services industries to gain access to World Trade Organization (WTO). “I don’t see any plan” to break up or sell Ethiopian Telecommunications Corp. to private investors, Birru then said.

Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) is the sole telecom provider in Ethiopia and a recent report by the International Telecommunication Union, puts Ethiopia's ICT development index at 147th in the world. The country has only 35,000 internet users and has one of the lowest mobile phone density in Africa.

Bloomberg reports, Ethiopian Telecommunications’s monopoly enables it to charge $35 for a mobile-phone SIM card, which is required to obtain a phone number. In neighboring Somalia and Kenya, which have private mobile services, cards cost less than $5.