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Ethiopia - ETC appoints top level executives

February 16th, 2009

Ethiopia - ETC appoints top level executives

By a Staff Reporter

The Reporter

The Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation (ETC) announced yesterday that it has appointed five individuals to top level managerial positions.

The corporation said in a bid to sustain and implement its ongoing reform process, it assigned Tesfa Gebre-Michael as deputy chief executive /operations/, Worku Guta as deputy chief executive /technique/, Frehiwot Tamiru as deputy chief executive/ internal support service/, Endeshaw Getachew as chief finance officer and Zelalem Bekele as chief planning officer.

According to ETC, the appointment of these individuals took into consideration the relevant criteria and it is believed that it will have a positive impact on the corporation’s plan to expand telecom services throughout the country.

The corporation added that currently it was carrying out telecom infrastructure expansion projects based on next generation network (NGN) in order to enhance distribution and coverage of telecommunication services.

Ethiopia launches 3G network

January 13th, 2009

ETC launches 3G network

Ethiopian Telecom Corporation (ETC), Ethiopia’s sole mobile operator, has announced that it has launched 3G services in the city of Addis Ababa. The operator will offer commercial pre-paid services over a W-CDMA network, offering speeds of up to 384kbps. The network infrastructure will initially be limited to 49 regions of the city, but coverage is expected to grow, although the operator has not announced any specific details of its expansion plans. ETC has also noted that it will launch multimedia messaging services (MMS) and a voice mail service in the near future.

Internet services resume in Ethiopia

January 6th, 2009

Internet services resume in Ethiopia


Internet services resumed as of Sunday in Ethiopia and the other countries affected by a mediterranean cable damage which occured for the second time a week ago, the Ethiopian Telecommunications Corporation said.

The undersea cable damage was occured between Alexandria, Egypt, and Mazora, Italy, which is 1,400 kilometers apart from where the first damage had occured.

During the past week, there were signal delays, congestion and other problems related to internet service connection, ETC corporate communications manager Abdurahim Ahmed told ENA.

The service resumed after the damaged cable was repaired, he siad

Ethiopia - ZTE set to transfer technology

December 17th, 2008
ZTE set to transfer technology, strengthen people-to-people ties between Ethiopia, China Photo ENA

ZTE set to transfer technology, strengthen people-to-people ties between Ethiopia, China

Source: ENA

A Chinese business company, ZTE, said it has been offering capacity building training to Ethiopians in a bid to enhance technology transfer and strengthen people-to-people relations between Ethiopia and China.

ZTE country chief representative, Zhang Yanmeng told ENA on Wednesday that the company will offer training to 1,000 workers of the Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC) on ‘Code Division Multiple Access’ (CDMA) network installations.

The company is already offering short-term training to more than 348 technicians at present, he said. ZTE has imported training equipment worth over 10 million US dollars for the same cause.

The representative said ZTE has been participating in telecom network installation activities in Ethiopia besides launching various investment projects in the country.

Moreover, he said, the company has been sending lots of Ethiopian professionals to China for training.

According the representative, close to 83 percent of the workers of the company are Ethiopians.

The Ethiopian government has been providing all the necessary support for ZTE to enable the company meets its objectives.

Furthermore, he said, the company has been offering training on Chinese language, music, and culture to Ethiopians for free with a view to improving people-to-people relations between the two sisterly countries.

The company, which operates in Asia, Europe and Africa, develops and manufactures telecomm equipment for fixed, mobile, data and optical networks, and interlink networks.

Foreigner caught in telecom scam in Ethiopia

December 5th, 2008

Foreigner caught in telecom scam in Ethiopia

By Groum Abate

The Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC)of Ethiopia arrested eight individuals for alleged involvement in a telecom scam.

FEACC apprehended eight individuals, including a foreigner, for allegedly providing telecom services using devices that were banned from entering the country[Ethiopia].

The suspects, who were put under custody on November 21, 2008, allegedly were making international calls without the recognition and permission of the Ethiopian Telecommunication Corporation (ETC). In doing so, the suspects amassed considerable sum in foreign and local currencies that could have otherwise been collected by ETC.

According to the information obtained from the FEACC, four of the suspects were considered as the major actors while the remaining four were in one way or another linked with the crime.

One of the major suspects was a foreigner.

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