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On the State of Higher Education in Ethiopia

July 6th, 2010

On the State of Higher Education in Ethiopia

Ethiopia has made a huge progress in the access of higher education in the past 20 years. The country now boasts more than a dozen public universities and several private colleges and universities all over Ethiopia. According to government data cited by Capital newspaper, more than 185,000 students are pursuing higher education at public universities in Ethiopia.

But critics and as well as government data shows, quality of education is lacking as many of the instructors lack advanced degrees in their respective fields. Less than 10% of the instructors hold PhDs in their fields and more than half of the instructors have only first degree.

According to the report, there are 17,064 instructors in public universities and colleges and 11,238 are currently teaching, while others are pursuing their education. Of these, half or around 5700 of the teachers, only have a Bachelors in their respective field.
Masters degrees are held by 4,528 and 1,004 have a PhD.

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Ethiopian American High School Senior honored for accomplishments

June 8th, 2010

Ethiopian American High School Senior honored for accomplishments

Ethiopian American high school senior, Eden Mesfin, has been awarded the Grand Altar award, the most prestigious award given by her high school in California. The Grand Altair requires a student to be outstanding in every aspect of high school – academics, leadership and public service. This year, the prestigious honor was awarded to Stanford-bound Eden Mesfin.

She was named homecoming queen, played varsity lacrosse, was student body vice president and an active participant of several clubs, all while maintaining exceptional grades. “I worked hard, but I never dreamed that such an honor would be given to me,” she says. “The fact that the students and staff of Clayton Valley chose me for this prestigious award just makes me feel like I did something right through my four years of high school.”

Along with the support of college advisor Cheryl Long and Spanish teacher Susan Oksenendler, Eden drew inspiration from her parents to achieve her dreams.

“They are immigrants from a Third World country, Ethiopia, and worked endlessly to produce the lifestyle we are living today,” she says. “I aspire to be half as amazing as my parents have proven to be.”

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From the fields of Ethiopia to Cornell

From the fields of Ethiopia to Cornell

June 3rd, 2010

Wheaton High senior Leuk Woldeyohannes has been around medicine all his life.

From the fields of Ethiopia to Cornell

Wheaton senior one of six county students to win Gates Scholarships a young boy growing up in Ethiopia, he visited rural hospitals in Africa's vast countryside with his parents, both doctors performing charity medical work. And when his mother got sick and eventually died from breast cancer, 9-year-old Leuk was by her side.

Then, when his family moved to the states two years ago to give Woldeyohannes and his older brother a chance at a better education, Woldeyohannes saw a chance to come into his own. He joined Wheaton High's bioscience academy, earned a prestigious Howard Hughes Medical Institute internship to research autism in mice and recently won a Gates Millennium Scholarship award that will pay for his four years of tuition to study medicine at Cornell University in New York.

It's all been a whirlwind ride for Woldeyohannes, who has only lived in the United States since 2008.

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Ethiopia - University project back on course

April 13th, 2010

Ethiopia - University project back on course

By Yohannes Anberbir


The Council of Ministers has approved an additional 1.86 billion birr for the ongoing construction of 13 new universities.

The new funding agreement comes following a rescheduling of the project by the German implementing agency after it suffered various delays. The government has established a University Capacity Building Program, which is regulated by Ministry of Education (MoE) and Ministry of Capacity Building, for the new institutions being built across the country.
The MoE hired the Germen Technical Cooperation International Service (GTZ IS) in 2005 as an implementing agent for the 13 low cost projects. GTZ IS is responsible for providing on job training for local contractors, together with managing and overseeing implementation of the projects.

The government has been paying 3,000 birr per square metre for the management and implementation contract and it has been covering 20 percent of the administrative cost of GTZ IS; 10 percent for building capacities of local contractors; and another 10 percent for its services, according to sources.

The completion date was projected for September 2009, however, different constraints, including a shortage of construction materials, delayed it. Subsequent to these problems, it was GTZ IS’ responsibility to evaluate challenges and set another timetable, Mrtin Hansen executive director of GTZIS Ethiopia told Capital.

“In line with this we made an evaluation in February 2010 that led us to project 2012 for overall completion of the project” he said.
The extension of the project has affected over 80 local contractors that have been working on the project for the last four years. The contractors could not obtain their payments for the last three months, which prompted them to complain to GTZ IS.

Wondwesen Kiflue, state minister of MoE and director of UCBP confirmed the delays of the project and the contractors’ payments.

“We have been making budget adjustments. That is why the delays occurred,” Wondwesen said.
The hold-up occurred due to financing problems, however, the Government of Ethiopia and GTZ IS have now resolved these and approved 1.86 billion birr for this and the coming fiscal year, added Mrtin.

Indian publishing firm wins textbook contract in Ethiopia

March 21st, 2010

Indian publishing firm wins textbook contract in Ethiopia

By Groum Abate

Addis Ababa, March 21 (IANS)

Ethiopia’s ministry of education has awarded Indian media house Laxmi Publications a contract to print and distribute textbooks and teacher training guides.

The ministry had issued a tender for the publication of civics and ethical education textbooks and guides for high school students, which attracted nine international and local companies.

Laxmi Publications was selected for its offer of $1.44 million, as this was the lowest offer that met all the criteria, officials said.

Ruwi Modern Printers of India offered the highest price of $4.87 million. But the offer was rejected at the initial bid process itself for its failure to submit the $30,000 needed for bid security, officials said.

Even though the lowest financial offer of $1.19 million was submitted by Pitambra Books, also from India, it could not meet the technical requirements, officials said.