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Ethiopia from melting pot to a leaking pot?

May 22nd, 2007

Ethiopia Immigration - A leaking pot

By Getachew T.A.

Ethiopia from melting pot to a leaking pot?

Statute of Liberty

Being an Immigrant daunted with culture shocks, trauma of loneliness and pressure to earn more, work (longer hours) and send back meager savings, has also its effects on children’s performance at schools due to lack of quality time with family or being mentored by TV, internet, snooping neighbor…with out going into further details.

My friends, this topic is not about civic bi-nationality or the theory of a melting pot outside our borders and producing children who speaks nothing but Ebonics. No.

This is about you and me and our future as Ethiopians. Are we going through a slow extinction…? Is there any thing left for us to do? Yes, my friends!

If you are “outside” due to political, economic reasons or came out to study and stuck in transit due to bad political weather, we are all the same. Victims of the “beast.”

At present state, we are all “aliens”; Illegal or Legal (tolerated illegal) aliens.

According the Federation for American Immigration reform, state governments spend an estimated $11 billion to $22 billion to provide welfare to aliens and they are very much worried. Various calls are being made to have amendments on State/Country constitutions all over the civilized world. (Your existence either in public housing/ghetto or a mansion in an affluent “white” area is increasingly disturbing today.)

Several advocacy groups also argue why tax dollars/resources are given to governments of these developing nations if they are “encouraging” their own citizens to flee. The concern is much greater than economics, though.

When banks and corporations start to re-write the Geneva Convention chapters, I do not expect any thing better than a “fairness” displayed during the slave trade era. So what are my options?

Despite sordid news and atrocities in “host” countries, many people would still chose to get out of Ethiopia and see it for themselves. (Is it better out here, for all?) The exodus seems to create big mobs all over the globe. (If I were in the current government, I too would be worried. Why is there such a rush of leaving? Is there some thing I do not know? Am I that bad? Am I keeping with the population growth…Can I create livable jobs?) I am not putting the blame on one side and would like to see others asking themselves,… Am I getting the most out of my current existence? Am I really providing a future to my kids? Am I ready to help the poor in that country, if and when peace prevails? Do I really have any choices…?)

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Ethiopia - Political pornography By Getachew T.A

April 30th, 2007

Opinion: Ethiopia - Political pornography

By Getachew T.A

Hi my esteemed friends, here is yet again my two cents on similarity of politics and porn; especially in its application to our miserable existence.

Politics has become a common place and any body over 18 years old can exercise it freely. Just like the actors in porn movies.

Porn movies do not need any strong plots or probable story lines. The main thing is the hype and climax. No one will question why the girl did not wait for the second bus after she missed the first one. She gets an offer to spend the night till the next bus is due…I know the fans of such movies would not appreciate the reasoning or the cause and effect relations behind every action. Just give me the action!

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If the girl in that movie declines an offer for a free bed, it would be a boring drama or a useless documentary.

“…No I will wait for the next bus, Mister. Thanks for your generosity” That is an outrageous blunder to the story. Very amateurish! Go to the point maaan. We cannot wait.

Any body could be a star on these movies. Black, white, tall, midget, thin, fat, old young…anyone. The only requirement is to be a human. No spelling test.

The person, who has studied Agro Engineering for years, does not want to leave the capital, once returned from abroad. What? You do not have a video conferencing…fiber optics backbone to the farmers… and wireless APs on trees, transmit to their Ipods? I would rather join the revolution. “Free my people..Ipods to all!”

The guy, who failed his 10th grade exams on his first trail, would not want to try it again. What for? He can go into politics. He can propose a curriculum change. The math is too confusing, chemistry boring, let us learn only home-economics, and use calculators to solve every equations. Down with reason and logic!

Supporting a cause does not make me a politician. I support the cause and leave the execution to the politicos. I, for instance, support the politicians, who with their ideology mange to create real jobs. I do not support the other ones, who promise me a provision of free surplus cheese from the storages. I will vote; and I shall not expect to get an office and a free meal for the rest of my life.

If all of us are looking to be a “politician” then we all are standing inline for the free cheese, which would dwindle in a short time as no one is creating the surplus.

I am not suggesting all politicians should be only those who studied political science or history, but give way for those who can play the game and to those who knows the art of maneuvering in the local and international arena.

I know every thing could be politics. Local, International, Government ,Non-government. Office politics, church politics, etc and it has never been a matter of being right or wrong.

It is a decision of wise people to pick among a set of choices given at a certain time. Those choices picked are not always the “right” ones. That is why, it should be a concern to you that anyone over 18 years old should not have a say on every thing under the sun.

There are things you put out for referendums; there are some which should be dealt inside closed doors, like intelligence briefings or a decision to join parliament or not.… The righteous…does not have place in politics, not even in church politics.

I know a young priest who was reprimanded for teaching the tenth commandments. Specially, for not skipping the 8th in his fateful sermon. “Thou shall not steal.” He finally apologized to the congregation, after it was made clear to him that he had disappointed the patrons. Lack of discretion! (Poor-Abba)

Now, we know there are 9 commandments in my area church. I wish he had apologized for all of them and gave us some peace of mind! (The Episcopal church of the free!)

I am not suggesting only liars should be in politics, but being able to vote and serve as a politician should be separate issues.

It is boring but I will say it again. Let us work on continuity.

If I start from a very recent history; the late king Haile Selassie, may the good lord rest his soul in peace, did not have a heir to the throne; the crown prince was out of league and out of the country, shortly after the failed coup attempt in 1960. Colonel Mengistu was pushed very high to the top of the ceiling, and was unable to get down and see the fruits of his labor…I am not sure what would be coming after today, as the song “We or death!” is still the top, on the billboard charts, yet again, for a 1000th times as it was the case for the last 1000 years. Only one song in generation?

Every attempt from- “Hero to Zero”

What can be done? Here, I will throw my two…no, I will make it three cents…

The old/traditional political parties… please show some dynamism. Things have changed. Some of your “fresh” slogans have been answered, 50% here 95% there, and 100% over there… Join alliance, and show us that there is still blood in your veins. Your flexibility should not be taken as infractions on your trade marks. Politics is not like religion, you can change the course or direction any time you see a benefit to people. I should not be afraid to live, and afraid to die…Live on!

Those of you, who have the caliber and knowledge to help the poor farmer, get closer to him and give a helping hand. Do your researches, teach the young, help the poor. Use your trades as far as the system allows you to go. Learn to push for more with out going to prisons.

Those of you, who returned home after buying your Degrees, Diplomas and currently trick the poor people with your shady PhDs and masters degrees from “accredited” universities; my only hope is for a stronger evaluations of your yearly performances other than your ethnic backgrounds.

Those of you, who are in Eretria to liberate Ethiopians…three words “use your heads”

The government-Please free all political prisoners, whether their actions qualify as “political” or not. You still could maintain a majority and let those in prison come out and take their seats in parliament and city councils. It does not matter if they declare “Victory” on their news papers and dance the whole night. The people of that country are learning from experience. Have faith in the people. Until you do that, you will never have a full legitimacy to your actions and all your good intentions would never be translated as such. I do not need to tell you, we are all by-products of suspicious and contemptuous culture. Don’t let any one, including your own supporters; take you from Hero to Zero. Stay a hero and be my hero too!

For the loyal opposition members in parliament- I know you cannot call cabinet ministers to get briefings, but watch scheduled shows by majority. Not enough hours to speak on the floor… It is same every where; but do not despair and stop taking notes. It will be your platform for your next push. You are the only reasonable people in unreasonable mind set of ours. “…forgive Thou the Muhajirs and the Ansar..forgive Thou our lapses.” And thanks!

For the “stars of all the shows”-I understand, if you label me as pacifist, spreading defeatism or a “lone idealist” in era of “Shoot First”, opportunist, Buddhist, Nihilist…but look what has transpired out of the revolt mentality. Let somebody win this round, please.

For the rest of us, 10th grade dropouts, let us go back to school, as politics is best served when it is left to Politicians; to the craftsmen who know the art. No more creating a hero..-Learn to read. Get off the pony.

Was there a time of peace and stability for generations? I do not even see “generations” but only one single “generation” extended for the last 100 years. Please, get me out of here! I know, I am selfish.

Some famous dictionaries, like “Teyeq Mezegebe qalat” and “ABC of socialism”, printed in Amharic during the beginning of the Derge regime, gave us some words to grasp the concept of “socialism” and struggle in general. A large number of politicians never bothered to get beyond these “solid” dictums of jargon. It is sad; the ability of using those few words in a sentence had qualified many of us to be politicians then, as it does today. That is the highest (Lowest?) stage achieved so far; and that is also, probably why you see any one jumping on the band wagon, because it is so low to mount it. A 1000 years old pony!

In area where I live now, there is an Ethiopian Restaurant, which changes its owners faster than the napkins on the tables. It changed hands a minimum of three times in the last few months. It is killing its customer base at every transaction.

I cannot tell you the name of the restaurant as there is a probability of its name being changed yet again, between the time I am editing this 40 pages of free flow of my sub-conscious, and the time it takes to publish it.

The problem with this Restaurant, I learned, was mismanagement and mistrust between the owners. This owner does not trust the other owner. The other owner suspects the other owner of some “misappropriations.” Same issues; with the previous owners and the ones before them…I wonder, why they could not hire a manger, qualified as a hotel manager, and place controlling mechanisms? This is America, or is it not?

Allow the manager call the shots on every thing from who would be the DJ or a performer for Friday nights; “happy hour” provisions… and all the tricks to get us there.. Fire those waitresses who sneak in their own liquors and sell it at “half price”… All owners to keep their hands off the cash registers,…add a system of book keeping?...little elbow grease…Fire the manger, if he does not deliver on his promises in a period of time.

I would buy a share to that kind of business, as I see a prospect of franchise Ethiopian restaurants in every state. I love food and hungry all the time.

I know some of you “English and Politics Majors”, would say, ze last few paragraphs do not follow one anazer… Politics, Hotel, 8th commandment, Dictionary and hungry…Zat iz krazy tok!

Well… Professor Jack, if you cannot conjure up a single image, from the above entries, you should not involve in politics, other than contributing money to your leaders or a cause.

Honestly, if you have only two sets of categories, “either” “or” and nothing else, you are a danger to your own political party with the same revolt mentality of your daddy, which has dragged the country on the same bloody path for years.

Stay away from politics and play a few word games with your kids or neighborhood kids. (I am not sure, if you have time or if the kids feel comfortable playing with you.) Remember, don’t scare them away and try this…
“Lucy, Chosen, Bird” say it three times
…Lucy, Chosen, Bird…
…Lucy, Chosen, Bird…Do you see any thing? A singe image?

Zat is dizazozachen and outrajosly childish!...Try a little harder, Maestro, you cannot buy a vowel here…wrong show.

BTW, where did you buy your “credential”? Graduated in “Duct Tapeology”, from School of Domestic Sciences? Wink, wink.

Seriously, “we can win as a team or die as individuals.” I forgot who d’ said that.

Getachew T.A

Ethiopia - On Politics and Poverty By Getachew T.A

April 17th, 2007

Ethiopia - Politics and Poverty (Pov-litics)

By Getachew T.A.

Hi friends, again the same old me; with my usual two cents on politics and poverty; their love-hate relationships and a no-divorce situations unless we all pitch in and save the poor.

In a country where the majority gets its bread and no-butter from one source, called “Government”, it becomes a necessity to be in politics as it is the only avenue to pay bills and live as a human being. To be in “Politics” is simply translated to “want to live”. A one way thicket, away from poverty seems to be, Pov-litics.

You can’t live with it, and can’t live with out it. Another tough luck!

The term pov-litics is a lingo, I borrowed from one of my little kids, in a failed attempt to say “Politics”. So…if by the end of this article you fell every thing is childish, you would not be too far from the truth…Zat iz truz!

As a resident in the beautiful USA, I watch the news…What do I lose if they fire the county police chief? What will happen if the congress shuts down the government? Would I stop paying taxes because the govt. is “shut down”? Would I lose my check and social security benefits? I am very far away from zat!... Love USA!

There is also a different type of Pov-litics in every nation developed or not. We stick to ours which has become a cancer to our co-existence.

When the only trade to afford a decent living is, by becoming a “public official” then it becomes pov-litics, and there is no way to get down the ladder as it translates to quitting on life. Who would do zat!?

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In a civilized world, they can go on for weeks with out a “government”. In this case the government is not a person, the PM or the President is a face of that institution.

The American government was closed a few times in disputes with congress on budget and other issues. Very recently, Germany did not have a chancellor and cabinet ministers for about a month or so, due to some “technicalities” on forming a government. You can add other incidents where a body of parliament was dissolved, or the whole cabinet ministers were fired. Why …these events did not followed up by riot or “revolutions”

Until our economy is strong enough to absorb the fall of these “public officials” from above, and guarantees the continuance of their “existence.” It becomes an uphill bloody battle on every election year.

The election year is ugly, even by the standards of those civilized nations. Politicians would do almost any thing to discredit their opponents, but the fighting stops around midnight on Election Day; as one congratulates the other for being “very graciously courageous opponent.” That might not be the truth…But you “schmooze” for the sake of country.

The loser of that election can easily become a consultant or a lobbyist to one of these big firms. Short of the spot light, and daily C-SPAN news coverage, he can manage life on a luxury yacht some where… till the next election.

Assume this “gracious loser” to be in a country like Ethiopia. Could he afford to say any thing good to his opponent? In the absence of these basic infrastructures, he resorts to clinging to his old job at any cost necessary. I would not call him a “power monger”, as he is a “survivor” from hunger.

A system which is enjoyable “from above” would suddenly become a very unlivable condition “from below.” Now…he becomes a “revolutionary” and vows to redo things again. Tell the Gennenar, zat we nid a chaaange! Down with all of you!!

I lived in exile for a little more than a decade, and I have no illusions of going back home; knowing well, my former boss is still very much in charge…what if he reduces me into a name on the “missing persons” list?….so I would safely say, I love my “dollar Sushi” here, and as victims of “circumstances” I have another buddy who has been in the struggle for more than 30 years and we are…good friends…

I would not dare compare myself to any thing he has done, but we seldom agree on issues. I wonder why we do not have a “common enemy” and a common vision of a “country”…He has a small shop and I some times go to “hang around” with him and listen to one of his favorite pal-talks. Misery loves company!

In my sporadic attendance to these “talks” I found the “moderators” saying...”Wow! the last speaker has put a very judicious understanding of the law..bravo my brother ..Ethiopia needs a Justice Minister like you!...What a splendid idea on economic diversification, from our sister! ..You should be in charge of running the Ministry of Finance,… than this clue-less guy we have now!.... Wonderful idea from the last speaker…Absolutely! one day you will lead that country!...What a splendid idea on…”

It is like these fortune telling shops you find around French quarter in New Orleans. Like that joke about a poor soul, who was eager to know what the future holds for him and found out that he would be “poor and miserable until the age of forty!”... and after that?...he would “get used to it!”… not bad at all!

I have no doubt that we have numerous people with great calibers to fill those ministerial positions, but the country has only a limited number of offices and what would happen to the rest of us?

If “The rule of law” is so bad, you should not find yourself on the receiving end of “justice.” And I do not blame any body for wishing to be on top and serve their country. I want millions to think of those few positions and dream how they would have done things better than they see it today. As long as they are not “frozen” and stuck on only a single direction and refuse to see other alternatives.

Speaking of “frozen”, I would like to tell you my personal experience. As a kid, I went to junior high and high schools around the area called Merkato, in Addis. I used to have many friends, who frequent a some what sinister game called “freeze him!” and bet between themselves on how long this “frozen guy” would stay in that state. It goes like this…

A poor and unsuspecting soul comes around to sell his/her used item or a coat, to the area right behind “Meerab Hotel.” Those “naughty” friends of mine would approach the person before he/she hits the inner market with “the coat.” In a real market situation that coat would have brought a maximum of say…ten bucks; but my friends would “praise” this coat like,… Wow this coat must be from French! This must be from Moda Nova!...a rare quality!... and they beg the poor soul to pay him twenty bucks!

The poor soul, assumes… Hmmm “I probably mis-underestimated” the value of “the coat” and wants to hit the inner market for the “kill”, than selling it to these “first bidders”. Then you can hear this poor guy tell the story of his coat (Made in French, Moda Nova!) to every bidder and gets frustrated at anyone who offered any thing below twenty bucks.

Once they “Froze” the subject, my old friends would bet their money on how long the person stays around before “unfreezing” himself and grab the real value…ten bucks!

I some times wonder… are there any “frozen” souls with unreasonably high expectations and failed to see other avenues to achieving their goals?

By the way, almost all of my “old” friends have died of HIV/AIDS after my exile. You can imagine, I am a lonely man.

I some times wonder, if there is an authority on this HIV/AIDS today?... Can any one who is “notified to have the virus” can spread the disease knowing he is delivering a slow death to our poor sisters and brothers? Do we have a law in that country? Or just distribute the free condoms and only “watch out” songs and poetry on the radio and DVDs?

If there is no strict law or an ordinance from city/local governments on “businesses,” then I am missing the very basic law to protect the right to live in that country where every avenue leads to newly opened modern brothels.

What if there are hidden organizations of “Infected People for a Revenge on Society!, (IPRS)?” How can you infiltrate these groups and expose them…Get infected?

As a majority of you, I too am concerned about this whole thing. If the AIDS authority is doing nothing but write poetry on “The cruelty of HIV/AIDS” That would be a great attrition, . which amounts to purposely limiting a capability and do a lame talk on morality…just like the empty clergy talks and revelations. Zamed ze zomme, what?

Morality and poverty never go together. “Take my morality/respect and give me 5 dollars!” that is a known motto for the poor.

If there is no law on “infected People” activities, the Ethiopian congress has to act and show that they are really are giving service to the people who are paying their bills. This would not be called discrimination.

I am not sure if it is true, but I read a horrifying story some where about prisoners forced to sit under contaminated blades and shaved their heads. If that is true, it is a gross violation of human rights. This will not be attrition, or lack of knowledge. This would be a crime.

There is no defense for contaminating a prisoner in custody of law. There would be no excuse to sentence him to “a slow death” through HIV/AID, just because he happened to be at the wrong time and place.(May be with the wrong people.) No “shortage of clean blades” or boilers or electricity would save anyone from justice. Let them keep their dreadlocks, and Afros if you don’t have clean blades.

I hope, I am wrong as usual. I would not imagine our current leaders to be short sighted ignorant fools. I am sure they are taking the current romantic flings with a super power as nothing but a fling which would end as abruptly as it started. I know they are aware of such flings would go sour at any time with out notice.

There were many “poster Childs” for “democracy in a developing nations,” before…for instance, the late Saddam Hussein was a very “admired leader in American politics.” You can add others too. I would not wish his departure on anyone. Not even to my former boss.

My friends, If and when a systematic deliverance of slow death to any group/person is performed on purpose, It becomes a question of “humanity”. This is very far from “please replace the great leader, by our charismatic leader!” campaigns.

If and when that happens we should not write the story, only on Ethiopian web sites and Ethiopian community Radios. You also do not need to go to Ethiopian Embassies and wake up the tenants from their sleeps. Please don’t do that… When you have the facts straight…,(Please don’t lie or fabricate as it hurts your credibility and the cause.)

You write to every liberal and conservative news papers all over the globe. As a crime against humanity all the civic, government and non-government offices will be on your sides. There are many humanitarian lawyers who will file the suit on pro-bono.(Free for public goods!) The “top leaders” may not listen to you because of their “internal dealings” but all are civil liberty advocacy groups would support us and force the “top leader to change his hat. This is far from politics!

As a citizen, I will be at your service. You can take my old VAN and I do also have this cousin of mine from Ethiopia, served in US Marine corps. A decorated war veteran, who recently lost a leg to a cause for his adopted country, he is still Ethiopian. We can take him, in full uniform, and “disturb” every “state of the union address” and parliament proceedings, until we get those who are “shaving the poor to death”, to justice.

We probably need only ten guys. No contributions necessary as we use our food stamps and you can count me, and my veteran friend, in! You can email me at “” (need only eight more guys for my group; do your groups only ten….Again, do not exaggerate or fabricate as it hurts the cause. Please.)

We should also give the government the benefit of the doubt and a presumption of innocence before calling any names. We have to look into existing laws and their enforcements at all levels. Whether they have an oversight on the AIDS authorities; How they spread the aid …providing services to help the poor keep their pants on… I don’t believe, there are many people who have not heard about “the killer disease called AIDS”. They got that part already; they probably are wondering who would provide the means to living with out “bending very low.”

Someone told me there was a very nice DVD show on how the HIV/AIDS…crap! The majority of the victims do not have time to watch “enlightening” shows and I doubt if the majority of “future victims” own a TV set. (They are sitting ducks for crooks!, hungry too.)

I hope the government and current congress will also make the justice system as transparent as it can be. They probably need to establish an independent body to look into prison systems and alleged abuses. It will not be a bad idea to bring that out and show the prevalence of justice and defuse any tensions.

Humanity is a very sticky subject which would haunt anyone forever, and please…don’t pass that curse to your kids. Don’t let them inherit a shame and a debt of guilt to society.

In developed nations, county Judges are ordering the release of any one including convicted criminals, if the state could not provide enough sleeping and other facilities. I hope the Ethiopian Judges would ask any prosecutor, if he/she has adequate facilities to keep the prisoners whenever there is a mass arrest or prison reaches capacity.

Enough of the “bad stuff,” and let me tell you, a very good news I heard lately.

A good friend of mine sent me a link through my email, for me to see some of the positive comments about the quality of Flowers produced in Ethiopia. I could not contain my excitement. My country men making hard currency and be able to play in the international market? That is wonderful news! That is good news to those farmers and a positive contribution in diminishing our dependence from those non-taxing government jobs.

I only hope it is also paralleled by a mechanized means to augment the production of staple food items; so as not to create a shortage of food while decorating honey-moon suits in Netherlands.

As you all know, at the beginning of the industrial revolution (Late 18th-early 19th century England), farmers were forced out of their land to give way for large sheep ranches to provide wool to factories/mills. The only good thing was, those hungry factories absorbed the majority of displaced farmers and that phenomenon was described as “sheep ate the people.”

I do not want to sound like the old Luddist or a Luddite on the flower thing, as long as the displaced “migrants” are taken care of, and some form of mechanization is being applied elsewhere to off-set any deficit on food productions from those rosy farms; that is a great achievement!

If that is not in place…it would be called…Ze flowers ate ze poor!...

Imagine Ethiopia admired for the “exceptional quality” of those flowers produced in her “farms,” standing in line to get a “food donation” to “feed the hungry Ethiopians.” …A complete oxymoron… I apologize for Zat!

I do not know any civilized capitalist country, with no regulatory body, to any thing from the air waves for our multi-channel TV/Radios to cargoes on railway lines. There are regulatory bodies which protect the public from price gauging to unfair business practices. Every thing has a body of oversight from the executive branch to private clinics. Somebdy to monitor their adherence to existing laws and regulations with a body of enforcement.

In short, there is no such thing as free, absolutely free economy, anywhere in the world, unless you want your friends to water-down every thing and distribute mediocrity and hunger in a larger scale.

Let me summarize my thoughts here…, I pray to see that country deliver a child, however ugly. Short of a miscarriage (mass of dark blood), You should also take any baby, even if it has six fingers on one hand. The country has had miscarriages so many times, and we all have to pitch in for a fair pregnancy and deliverance. Big time!

I would like to see the country stationed independently from all Political parties, the wealth of the country independent of the party systems. Transparency and accountability at all levels. Our politicians in government to own two of every thing. Two cell phones, for “party talk” and the other for a “country talk”. Separate bills paid by two entitles. No double dipping!

Many agree to the concept of crawling before walking and we build on top of what has been good and drop the bad “stuff.” That is great …and we do not have to crawl for decades. Have tolerance between us and those who have wealth to go in pairs, Axions, Corps, etc and create viable economic foundations to be alternative shops to jobs. (Non-low-bending-jobs.)

Is there a level field today? May be not… but try a little harder than asking for permission to be an “exporter of Teff and Berberie” Get a little ahead and find a way to mass produce “Teff” and other “commodities” or work on combination of things which could create the same Enjera in an affordable manner!...

The role of the wealthy, which I would discuss later, should be a little better than spreading the ghetto/prison culture from “civilized nations” to the ever receptive middle class of that country. In a country where a “farmer” and his family eat weed for dinner and suffer from cramps every night, you should think of combining your wealth with brains to provide your fellow citizens a some what dignified existence, short of the boogie!!

If you will…help me throw my pov-litics too. Povlitics is killing the country…every one including the clergy is povliticing these days, as if we are immortals and live for hundreds of years to come.

Pray for end of Povlitics in Ethiopia. Oh..lord…Please spare me and my friends from a demon called Povlitics…Allow us not to mix politics with povlitics…give us our daily breads with out being forced to do povlitics… bless thee when thou doest well for thyself. Amen!


Getachew T.A

Ethiopia - Citizenship By Getachew T.A

April 11th, 2007

Opinion: Ethiopia - Citizenship

By Getachew T.A

Hi my friends, just found my two cents again and wanted to throw that on the question of being a citizen to our country and the importance of its simplistic interpretation as basis to a lasting peace.
Citizenship  By Getachew T.A
What are the things that are required for citizenry? Sign a paper? Pledge of allegiance to the constitution? Not to stand/fight against a country to which you are a “Citizen”?

Do I have all that it takes to be a “Citizen”? It seems easier to be a Citizen to some other nation as most of them demand nothing but a company paid day offs . I could easily be a citizen of USA. “Barbeque hotdogs on July 4th” and do some fun stuff on all “public holidays”. Vote on Super Tuesday? Piece of Cake!

Sure, I can commemorate Martin Luther’s Day with out giving much thought about his restless life and dangerous existence, threatened from within because of his “too soft approach to the struggle” and by those who saw him as “too aggressive and dangerous” to society. Give me my remote control and my Bud Light tests delicious!

Can I be a citizen and pay my dues, and be an Ethiopian? Tough luck!

You have to convince those who put an adjective to the term and call some one a “true Ethiopian” and a not so-true-Ethiopian. Counterfeit Ethiopian, Bankrupt…the most discriminatory term I heard is the “Pure (Netsuh) Ethiopian.” as if there is, a some what soiled version of citizenship to that country. The funny one is “disguised as Ethiopians” Can you do that in a day light? Zat iz crazy!

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The majority probably does not want the Ougaden region to got to our Neighbor Somalia, but that tall guy…Abdualziz Budzero,..probably not a pure one? Give me the revenue from that area and let that “Budzero” guy play with his Camels.

These days, USA is warming up for presidential race, probably with a future president whose middle name is “Hussein” as in Sadam Hussein. That is Senator Baruk Hussein Obama. Even the conservative voices are some what mute about the “Hussien” thing. They probably, are wishing for some miracle and kick the “Black Dude” out of the race.

Some of you may not like my comparison of the institutionalized democracy to our infant democracy. Well my good friends, the paradigm for the concept of a citizenry should remain the same regardless of a location. If you are not ready to see a President/PM from Wolayitsa and Supreme Court chief justice from Sidama region whose name could be Saifu-Allah Bodecha, or a Prime Minester Budzero Aldessa. You are probably talking to a minority or to yourself?

Who really is an Ethiopian worthy of being a Leader? Is there any one who loves the country more than the rest of us?

A very long time ago, I had a chance to go to one of the small cities in Eretria, I ‘d met this Ethiopian soldier and ‘d discussed “the current situation”… To be honest with you, I was worried about the periodic mortar shells falling on that city. I was also not happy about the curfew and the forced candle light dinners and lack of “sufficient” cold beers, among other things. Needles to say, the per-diem was good.

This wonderful Ethiopian soldier, talked about the eventual demise of the “Rebels” with an absolute certainty. He was telling me that they were breathing “their last breath”…What shocked me was not his optimistic views, but his commitment to bring the “lasting peace” for us all.

He ‘d confided in me that he and a few other comrades had been “Chosen” to lead the librating army. Chosen? For what? To run over the areas where the rebels d’ planted land mines! Once these comrades “detonated” these bombs with their bodies…the librating army would go over their dead bodies and deliver the last blow!...I nearly dropped my luke warm Beer and ruined my new shoes. Almost.

He also d’ told me how his wife and kids would be taken care of by the Farmers’ Union and his full confidence in the system which would take care of his kids. Under the watch full eyes of the “Great Leader” his whole family would get priorities from commodities at the county super markets to scholarships abroad; and according to him, Peace would prevail for the rest of us through his sacrifice!

That was an ultimate gift to the country you love. I probably would bring the theory of “Division of labor” and station myself away from such “extravagancies” in giving the “gift.” Get her some thing from K-Mart! I know I am cheep.

The distinguished Ethiopian scholar Dr. Melaku Beyan died of pneumonia he contracted while doing a door-to-door campaign in the winter 1940, here in the USA. His country was in trouble, and he had to go and knock doors, in the brutal cold and snow, to secure their support for a free Ethiopia!

Dr. Melaku was fighting not only the aggression from outside but the ignorance and false perceptions from inside. He fought those who believed in the Judea Christian roots of some of our ancestors and the concept of “the chosen People”… endless clergy talks. He worked to the Re-Africanization of Ethiopia as he saw our viable proximity to the black race than to the white Jews or the Romans. May the good lord rest his soul in peace.

As probably many of you did, I had a chance to read a very dog eared documentary about the AMHARA and AMHARIC. The authors of that study have laid out, the historical Proofs to support their conclusion of the Amhara to be a result of a co-existence of many cultures from 7thth to 16th centuries.

According to that study, the northern part of Ethiopia was a center of trade and merchants from around the world, (middle east and far east, the Portuguese and Dutch sailors, French, Anglo Saxons, including thousands of Indians who came to fight Emperor Theodor never returned home.) melted into the big pot. The people of our country moved around a lot with merchants and warrior bandits in search of jobs or a loot.

It also draws a parallel between those historical Architectures found in our country to that of similar technologies achieved else where during that same period of time. The language Amharic is stated to be a direct or a hybrid/fusion of all those cultures from outside and inside our country. Simply multiple ethnic groups from abroad and indigenous Ethiopians from all corners of the map created the AMHARA and AMHARIC. That does not sound a good headline to a story!

It would not be a popular or a politically correct assertion to any one. Let alone those very friendly historians who would call it a “fallacy” to the “Fact.”

Those who think their existence is “wiped out” and those who use the AMHARA as a source of all “evil” would equally fight the assertions. I understand, nobody wants to lose the object of a “BAD GUY” image in their quest to “liberate their people”. Too late for zat! Neftegna is Neftegna!

So, assuming that some of the prominent historians agree on these issues, my ancestral root is going to change now. Suddenly that guy, Budzero, acquires a higher probability of being my ancestor? I need a vacation.

It also brings all the people of that country to the middle and this would not rest well on the majority of our “charismatic” leaders and the clergy,…to mention the few.

By the way, there are other Africans who claim Queen Sheba to be theirs too; and accuse us of “Plagiarism” on that story. There goes my root from King Solomon…Even the Falashas and the “Muras” are questioning that relationship while sitting in Israeli prisons and mental hospitals these days. Is he really my dad’s daddy? Zat iz faakt!

History is always written by the victors, as history is nothing but a fable/joke written by the winners, just to borrow Sir Winston Churchill’s definition of History. I hope my history Professors will forgive me for hiding my self behind Churchill, but a lot of history is changing these days. Even the number and manner of Jews executed during WWII is changing. Not that it makes any different on the cruelty of the Nazis, but some “facts” are being disputed. How about the “historical Fact” of an Ethiopian king’s massacre on a certain tribe? Any dispute to that story? How do we interpret history?

For instance, the “most mechanized Army in Africa” was defeated by the EPDRF. That is, the history as it stands today. I d’ thought the army was defeated by the Ethiopian People, with out getting into many technicalities.

I had seen the “late” army marching heads down with their rifles and full ammunitions walking to the Army depots… just to return the weapons, three days before Mr. Seyae Abraha’s Battalion showed up in Addis.

If you were listening to VOA during the EPDRF,s victory march, there were “virtual” armies marching from multiple directions to liberate us….and I remember a call for “Defiance” from many notable Ethiopians, specially a certain Priest,(I apologize for not remembering his name and rank)..was passing a type of religious “Fatwa” and urging fellow Ethiopians to die fighting than obey the new rulers....Just for a split second I ‘d thought he was talking to me… Could I have some virgins too?

The army which could have fought for months had just fallen for a reason. We should give them credit for that. ..Look what happened when that same theory was applied to Iraqis in the name of “De-Bathification.”. Hell!

Have we ever had an Ethiopian army? Ethiopian Leader? Ethiopian Civic and government institutions? Ethiopian court systems?etc

If we continue on the current course; Ethiopia could never have an Ethiopian leader, an Ethiopian civic and government Institutions, would never have a court system but Kangaroos’ “nests” what iz zat?

The term “Kangaroo court” is losing its meaning these days. Can any body show me a court system which creates its own laws and ignore the ones passed by a congress (Majority)? All this republican and Democrat Judges are all Kangaroos because they interpret the law according to the book passed by congress? Remove my speeding thicket from my record, because 10 miles over the speed limit is nothing in Ethiopia! Please.

Assume Law makers of a country, agree to “grazing on a grass found in a flood prone area” to be a felony, punishable up to five years in prison. And you appear at a court for that offence and the judge who could exercise some leniency, sentences you to serve the full five years in prison. Who is the Kangaroo now? You. Your capability to eat grass else where does not count in this equation. Zis iz rong in Japan!?

If you trash every thing, a service to a country increasingly becomes a no-money-back-guarantee deal at each turn. How do you blame any body for being corrupt? Is there any other choice you want them to try?

The elite force have “mis-underestimated” the People. Our “Great, Charismatic, True” leaders failed to see the poor peasants ability to learn from his surroundings and effectively utilize his past experiences.

Speaking of our “charismatic” leaders I read an article… a reaction from “Diaspora” on the current ruling of the grand jury to indict the opposition political leaders.

For some reason, the article has a congratulatory tone about the whole outcome.

It talks about how the EPDRFs are now “Trapped” because if they release the political prisoners they “will have to face questions about their imprisonment in the first place.” And if they convict them.. “he has to explain the conviction and long sentences to his aid donors.”

Oh Boy…”he” is in trouble. “He” cannot let them go free and “he” cannot keep them in jail. “He” has to swallow them all! Or throw the key to prison and run!

I know I am not one of those people you call “smart” but I read a story about a “Smart Army General” who always gives the enemy an escape route. You do not need to surround them and make the enemy fight you to the bitter end. Give them a slack and they will walk away and you declare victory and write history as it pleases you.

Assuming “He” wants a clean exit out of the situation, but you do not want to give “Him” a chance to save “his” face. Hmmm…The opposition is tough and going ahead of events!!

The great Mahatma Gandhi at one time said..” An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” Have mercy brother. A little mercy can take you a little further. Did you see President George W. Bush and Senator Ted Kennedy together posing for pictures? they are the faces of two extreme ideologies today, but give each other a chance to save face from time to time, because they have a common country and an equal citizenship to it. No one is truer than the other.

Have you heard the Kenyatta International…in Kenya and a Nyrere…Center in Tanzania? These leaders are blamed of favoritism to their own tribes while serving in office, but nobody is asking, today, for removal of their statues or bankrupt every thing they stood for. By the way, there is a Haile Sellasie Avenue in both countries. Can I ask for Kennyata Avenue in your home town area?

Let me add a few more simples of a citizenry and stick my shtick on this topic.… When Elvis Presley died on August 17, 1977, he owed about three million dollars in debt. The American public flocked to the theatres to see his “old” movies. The majority bought two thickets, one for themselves and left the other one at the counter, “Just incase Elvis comes back from the dead, to see his own movies.” The idea was to help his benefactors get out of debt and to show their gratitude for a fellow citizen.

Not only to Elvis any Artist or a prominent citizen dies in the civilized world, people flock to the shops and buy their books, CDs/DVDs. Find a way to show solidarity. (Better than a very nicely composed obituary at his funeral.)

If you noticed it, a lot of people are going to the air ports these days and welcome soldiers from Iraq, regardless of their support to the war. They do not drab on the past and future “revelations” and destroy a country by calling for “removal” of any one who comes to power. They draw the line for ethical fights and know when and where to stop.

Can you do the same to your fellow Ethiopian artists? Can you stop copying their cassettes, burning CDs/DVDs; and allow them to retire with dignity? Do you have any word of gratitude for the poor soldiers who are serving their country, regardless of your support for the war? Can you allow a fellow Ethiopians give services to a country with out calling them any names? Can anyone depend on a system to collect his/her pensions at a given time?

Start by appreciating every “little thing” to the young democracy; like the release of those Journalists. How about Kudos to the judicial system! Thank you sir! One can always argue that there could be enough guilt to keep some of them in jail a little while longer, but this time not justice but “reason prevailed”. Thanks again.

Allow the current leaders learn from their mistakes and turn a blind eye at times and help them “save their face”. Can you give a chance for a peaceful existence, through ethical reasoning than being a smart “dude” in the whole neighborhood? I know you are a good man saying bad things. Thank you sir!


Getachew T.A (USA) Ethiopian.


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Ethiopia - Diaspora struggle

April 2nd, 2007

Diaspora Struggle

Getachew T.A

Hi my friends, this time I run out of my two cents and I just want to bring my two dollars into the equation “Diaspora struggle” and its resembles as a fight with a Kerberos. ( Kerberos is a five/fifty headed beast you find in old Greek mythologies.) Very dangerous? Yes Baaba! I am trembling with fear!
My friends, for our salivation and redemption as a nation, we have to challenge those who chase us away from our country and those who want us stuck here for ever.

If you do not see two forces push/pull you, in opposite directions, then my friends, you probably are not looking. Or you probably do not care. I was just like that until a few weeks ago.

I read an article by a notable Ethiopian, Yared H. Meskel “Diaspora politicians as organisers of defeat.” Which was simply an unadulterated, chronological outline of events since the recent election, held in our country. I have friends in that jail and his article has awakened the dormant gene in me and gave me a nudge to go and search “why?” I salute you sir. I am a different person now.

Allow me to go through, our recent history of migration to illustrate my not-so-friendly points. (Warning: This article could give you a head ache, abdominal discomfort. Consult with your Dr, before continuing further…Read at your own risk.)

In the old days, there were quite a few who migrated for their BAs/Masters/PhDs and these are the once who tested the “Blacks and Dogs are not welcome here!” signs. I admire there strength and wonder how they had survived it with out ACLU, NAACP, and other civil liberty advocate groups. Not even Jessie Jackson?

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Special Section: Opinion and Commentary

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The views expressed in this audio do not necessarily represent the views of or its staff. The views are solely that of the author

The second and the most significant of our migration started after the coming of the brutal Derge regime to power and hundreds of thousands of that country’s youth was flushed out through all the borders of that country.

This time with a few possible exceptions of the educated ones, the majority were juniors, elementary and high school kids and patriots from every walks of lives. These are the heroes who had fought the brute and paid in their bloods and lost their best years by putting their country first.

These are my focus on this article. A group which hitherto is taken for granted and for the lack of a better term, I will call them “the victims then, the victims now and possibly victims forever.” I hope I will be proved wrong!

Imagine coming to USA in 1970s and with out any body providing quality information. The good Ethiopian Mehuran helped those by doing translations from legal works to applications of any sort to enable these heroes settle down. These good “Mehuran” are not the subject for my piece today. Thank you sir!

I have a respect to these scholars and disdain to those who pushed these young souls into further seclusions and into having a “3rd jobs” rather than show them the way how to work the system. They themselves probably did not know??

I came to this country, flushed out by one of those EPDRF cadres, who vilify any one for asking a question. My former boss was always saying “…who is this guy? Why doesn’t some body shut him up?”

I frequently, got summons to his office and grilled on “Gim-gemma” table for some trivial issues. After hours of confusion, I had to witness the pain of my “colleagues” who always had to say “I absolutely agree, one hundred percent!” when ever my boss passes judgment on me. I know they did not mean it, but who dares tell the “loin that he has a bad breath?” I forgive them today as I did several years ago.

That guy did not want to see me around, so I left the country and the people I love. When ever I hear Neway Debebe’s and the late Tesfaye Gebre’s songs of country, my lips tremble and…I think I am sissy!

A simple sentence like that, run me over here, and when ever I see a print or hear those words; specially, from people who have an agenda to “liberate” me? It scares the hell out of me. I do not believe the country can withstand other egocentric maniacs. Can I watch it on CNN? Did my former boss open another “Freedom” shop? That guy must be good!

Now my friends, we have to fight for our survivals. Me?...Boy, I came this far and I am not going to Canada! Too cold and I do not see much opportunity but welfare for me…Believe me I do not like both.

I stood on welfare line a long time ago, to get some free “government cheese”. Believe me my friends; I had to curse like a sailor or (these poor inner-city black kids) to get it. Some loser wanted to make it hard on me, confuse me on some technicality of my qualification and my broken English had almost made it impossible to qualify for the “Cheese”. Give it Jack! And he did.

I do not wish it upon you but if you want it, I know a thing or two… and I will share it you next time. I know some guy is ready to write me a comment on “ Zis iz not our kulchure, you go to heeele!” Easy Jack! Hear me out.

For the sake of this article I divided the Diaspora “magicians” into the following categories.

1. Former Ambassadors, First secretaries, etc: (The guys from Fork and Wine Glass Handling School, FWGHS.)

Ever since the comings of Derge and EPDRF, these characters who until their “Defections” were reading to us, dry political party manuals, never missed all the free cocktails in town and gloated over the “gift packages” in the name of service to the country.

Once they “defected” they love to appear in many shows and lick their lips and relish the title of “Mr. Former Ambassador”. They try to dazzle you with their lengthy renditions of all that went wrong with the system they had been serving for years.

They want us to believe that they were held as “hostages” and locked in wine cellars at the embassy basements. Then one day he gets a letter a summon..“ His Excellency, requests your company to the luncheon ceremony.. at Addis Ababa…” Come down Jack! Eat lunch with me!

Jack sees the invitation to “lunch” he does not even finish it to see the date…Maaaan I am outaa here!..Pheeeew!

I don’t know how many idiomatic expressions they have in our diplomatic circles, like “Lunch” means “Demotion”, and “Dinner” meaning more promotion, “meeting”- relocation to Helsinki. “Tu kold over zerr!!” I would love to read that book and polish my grammar too.

If we had a transparent government,… and have some Freedom of access to information, and declassify Jack’s report just before his “defection” , I bet you money, you will find his report like “..a group of hoodlums had come to Embassy gate and tried to steal the shower curtains, they were also waving bed sheets similar to red, green and yellow, which could also be a Ghanaian flag…I counted no more than 20 or 100 at most. Long live the Great Leader. Every thing is Good and dandy!” Defection? Somebody misspell this word please!

Now they want to sell themselves as men of great valor and want our sympathy and appreciation? That is called double dipping! Back off Jack!

My friends, these people are still waiting in the wings to get back to their old jobs and miss nothing but the free cocktails, gifts and limousine rides. These are also the ones which suck the air out the country and killed the concept of “duty to the country” for years.

My hats off, to those who served in their beliefs and retired when the time was over. You are men of characters at least. I have no grudges against you. I would not judge you for serving your beliefs, as I could absolutely be wrong on mine. Just say, I think I like it here.

I also apologize for those former ambassadors who returned their appointment letters and told their boss, “Listen Jack, I cannot represent the ideology. Let me do my desk job.”

2. Clergy:

The clergy came after the “great exodus” following the kids. It was a very refreshing and a reinvigorating phenomenon. The kids welcomed them and supported them in any way they demanded.

Today, the air of hostility is so thick and you can cut it with a knife. Why are they fighting? Did they uncover another Bible which says.. “Thou shall fight one another…” I guess so.

I know some prominent Ethiopians are having a hard time bringing the warring “Fathers” together. These groups want to hand down their fighting to the public at large, threatening to destroy the fabric which brings one part of our society, together. Do you involve the ACLU lawyers to mediate them? or should you alert the IRS? Just do some thing!...Take away their video games!

They do not seem to appreciate what has been spent and paid to keep their pretty much luxurious, life style. With a possible exception of a few, the majority is not accessible for counseling or family interventions and remedy to our social ills. Maaan you live too far from highway 89!

These “magicians” would justify any thing as long as they get the “piece of the action.”My son, I will pray for you, so that you will get that 3rd job!” “Thank you father..I found it at Wal Mart!” “I will bless your first check. My son, don’t forget to bring my Donuts on your way home. Don’t you think that is more than the 33.3%? How do these guys calculate?

Let me tell you a true story from the north western part the USA, A poor soul buys a new car and wanted a blessing to his new machine. Jack could have sprinkled the holy water and could have, easily made the 3rd of the down payment of that car. That is not a bad deal; but Jack wanted to do this poor guy a “favor” and wanted to “test drive” this car and wrecked it. He almost died.

I understand the need to have a mobile phone to help them be mobile and be able to communicate with their subjects and give counseling for those who could not attend the sermon due to scheduling conflicts. I have nothing against technology, but when I see my Abba, struggling to learn how to download some mp3 files through his, Motorola Razor $299.99 phone. I don’t get it.

These Abbas never seem to have heard about the great Ethiopian hero called “Abune Petros!” They do not seem to understand what was offered to him to shut up and put up. Ask them…I know he waz from zemm who zammed his zom with mazzamm! Say it again?

They also seemed to have read some kind of literature on portfolio diversifications, and they warn you that, you may not go to “heaven” if you attend “certain” churches, even within same denomination. (Specially, the one, two blocks across the street and now run by a “defected” priest? Bad stock!

They never stop telling you Ethiopia’s stature zillion years ago, how we were loved by all the apostles and saints…I do not have any fact to dispute the story, but…this sounds like the gypsy talk before they tricked you with your money. They are asking for “fasting and Prayers” to save the country from EPDRF’s division of the country, but the majority are dividing one province into 10 subsets. Worse than the EPDRFs. I know now, what Emperor Theodor had known in 16th century. It took me five centuries to talk about it. Maaan.

I know I am in trouble now, I can see some of them shelling out their Motorola Razor phones from their side bags, where the “Dawit” used to be, and confer (text messaging?) between themselves and ask “who is this guy?. .make sure he does not get any holy water from you, do not even attend his funeral”.

Well brother Jack, have you seen those dead bodies in the streets of Ethiopia, I give no respect to my body any better than those rotten in several morgues of that country. It will be a sacrilege to my body if you come near it. I may wake up and touch your imported garb! Just kidding!

There are several incidents which I can put here but the point I want to drive is, take charge!

-Get an injunction from courts and take out your money out of their personal accounts and pay them a modest salary ( plus what ever they make on the side.) Make them fill yearly performance eval forms, and see how many souls they saved, Sick and the poor they have visited. When one starts to be a nuisance, ship him back home so that he would learn a thing or two from those true fathers in the monasteries. Most of these Abbas do not co-exist; they will eventually divide the congregation, so... Put a “No Vacancy” sign if you have two in one church. Take charge! Do background checks! He could be a pervert. No kidding.

3. The “Elites”

These are grouped in to four:
• The genius are those who are competent enough to work the system and have insights to help but could only provide limited assistance or have no involvement in any thing, because they have tried it and could not fight the force of “ignorance” led by the:
• False messiahs: These, by and large could not work the system “The ignorant Muhuran.” They do not like the harsh reality of a thing called “competition”. They hate it because they do a job “beneath them”. Never lost the hope of getting on top again though. The majority of these characters serve in different committees but refuse to get down, or recycle on it as a shift work, despite the fact they run out of ideas. The majority of Colonels, Captains, Drunk PhDs, etc can be included in this group. Did they have any idea before? Of course, read their dissertations! Oh boy! They will excommunicate you, if you ask transparency! They will call you a name. Very creative bunch!
• The losers: Mostly aligned with the clergy and suck the air out of those who are doing the 3rd job in a day. My friends, these are the characters you see in any political conference “for or against”. It does not matter which side they argue, as long as they are in the spot light and see a slight possibility of making some quick bucks. You will see them everywhere, and a very closely knit group. (secret society) If you try to create a new movement, they have to approve it. Spooky and dangerous bunch!
They talk the talk of democracy and freedom but the translation is “me, me, and only me.” I have heard some of their names since I was a kid in 7th grade, and I wonder how old some of these geezers are. 200? Please retire Jack!

They do not seem to work with any body and they do not want to alleviate the problems of that country unless the whole palace in Addis Abba is evacuated and vacuumed for their expensive test. If you give em a chance, they will keep you as a pawn or just as a hand in their “Black jack” power games. Just like my friends in Kallity prison. Been to Vegas?

Don’t be fooled by their “Shezel dezel mizel project” talks. Ask them the meaning and how long the process lasts and the amount of fund it requires. If they tell “you do not understand it, coz it iz, complicated..”, then you probably don’t need it. Zis iz outrajos!

You will get more help if you go to some local organizations like Catholic and other Charities to get free legal, social, etc services than face these dumbing groups.

If you have been contributing to a “cause” ask for a quarterly audit reports from an independent firm. They may try to trick you with “ ..our love of the country culture of love…90000 years of Ethiopianess …,” Ditch their history class until you see the report.

• The “Arada”. These are, well wishers “every thing is fine!” the “Investors” who do not involve in any significant investment of that country. They fly EAL three times a year and engage in petty, land and Hit-and-Run transactions. They are “supporters” only to make a few quick bucks. There shady economic involvements have probably contributed to the weakening of the “Birr” resulting in high cost of living for the poor. Compared to “The Losers” these are very harmless.

My friends, do not stop your involvements in political parties but test their promise by asking questions. They may confuse your inquest as “Bad for the unity”. I can tell you a tale about the “unity of the jackals to eat the poor donkeys”, but you probably heard it before. (Zis iz woyane propaganda to divide us, not zee time to ask for zat.) Yeah right!

Help each other and create networking groups to share quality information. Don’t believe these quack’s talks about the “insurmountable challenges” in “Diaspora” They drab so much about their past…“I waz zeee dirrrrector and have five sekritaris and a sekuurity.” Tell me your future. Only Mr. President?

Do not listen to the “Jack has three degrees and drives a cab.” stories. I heard that story in every state I lived, but never met Jack. Even if that is true, it is “Jack’s choice”, not mine or yours. You can improve your skills when you spend time on reading, etc or by going to schools of any kind. There are opportunities, take a two weeks class for a bank teller position and grow from there, get a city government job as a delivery boy and hustle for the training dollars to enhance a career or go to community collages. If you know what you can, there are hundreds of ways to jumpstart your career. Do not afraid the loans. Take em! “Abedari -Woy -Tebedari –Yemotal” Do not waste your time in chat rooms and waste your time on filthy arguments. Those are already duped! You should help them get out. Take it personal.

If you are single, you do not need three jobs just to have a blast by going to Sheraton Addis every year, and tell your poor buddies; you are a “Maharaja” with high risk stocks in New York exchange. That does not help the country. Drop one job and go to night/day school. Some day, the country could use your help and your current situation does not help her. Love of country could be manifested this way too. Are you Ethiopian? Are you going to school? Make here proud of you.

Be honest to your country folks, tell them the truth, so that, when they drop everything and come here, they won’t be shocked and hurt them selves. Prepare them for the initial “shock”, and true, “it too will pass.”

One day the migration direction will change and we all will go home and help the poor.

Help and organize around the good “Mehuran”. Do not give much ado about their titles, other than personalities. Contribute to responsible and transparent Ethiopian communities. Involve in the committees. Ditch those Colonels, and Captains who always think you are a Private First Class. No sir!

By the way, I wrote, a letter to H.E Prime Minister, Meles Zenawi. Among other things, I wrote him to release the free press journalists, as they were the first victims of the “Diaspora ignorance”. They were duped into believing, that they can write any thing as long as it justifies Jack’s ascension to the throne. I wrote him to release them with a free coupon for a two weeks class on “ethical journalism”. I wrote him not to play into the hands of “our leaders” and give them a chance to say “I told you so”. I know the PM wants to keep his reputations as a champion for democracy, and he should not tarnish that because some guy wants him to screw-up the country.

I remember a few months ago hearing on CNN, about a little girl’s “poem” expressing her desire to kill Mr. Bush. She was arrested by the secret service. Our “democratic leaders” in “Diaspora” tell us ... Just do any thing, eat him and his children and let me have my Courvoisier over zer!, Ziz iz outrajos!

If I get back that mail as “undeliverable” I will blame the Post Master General of Ethiopia. I have a few friends, who can look into his asylum petition if he ever “defects”. Perhaps, we may find some “stuff”…Hey we are in the era of terrorism. We should watch out for our kids! How does he miss the address? Palace of Addis Ababa?

Those in jails of that country are fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, and friends to someone and should not be collaterals. No Che-Guevara story please.

Now you know how clear our struggle for redemption should be. Multifaceted, with humongous jaws.

Don’t look far into who is going to start all this.-YOU!


Getachew T.A


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