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Cholera spreads in Ethiopia



  03:38:53 pm, by Urael, 358 words  
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Cholera spreads in Ethiopia

It’s not official yet but a meeting of state representatives and international organizations concluded that the acute watery diarrhea could be Cholera. This on the basis of new laboratory tests. Addis Ferenji, who to my knowledge is not a medical doctor, concluded this already a couple of weeks ago. So for undisclosed reasons this conclusion was kept away from us and the veiled language Acute Watery Diarrhea was chosen. I remember that a long time ago, a cholera outbreak resulted in strict travel restrictions. Up until now it’s unclear which measures are taken to avoid further spreading of the disease.
Probably first international funds have to be addressed. It wouldn’t surprise me if the Disaster Prevention and Preparedness Authority(DPPA), also known as the Whenever Sometime Awful Happens We Start To Beg Authority (WSAHWSTBA), will be saddled up with this task.

There is growing unrest under teachers that are attending the seminars that the ministry of Education and that of Capacity Building organized. Tefera Walwa, Minister of Capacity Building, is now claiming that the civic education course that is added to the curriculum expressed the constitutional equality of women and nations and nationalities. Last year this mafia member launched a furious attack at the Amhara population in his guidelines for teachers. Now he claims that quote “ the policy is designed in such a way that children could acquire basic knowledge and skills in order to transform the agricultural sector so as to lift the country from poverty and backwardness” unquote.
Many teachers are refusing to teach this politically motivated civic education. And right they are.

It’s no wonder that the country wide introduced plasma screens that are used for several courses including this one, powered by an optic fiber network, were being smashed at high schools. When these kind of excellent tools are being used for the filth of the TPLF/EPRDF, that’s where the anger is aimed at. Let’s hope that teachers and children will keep their dignity like they did last year. With spies everywhere it useless to risk unnecessary burden. At the moment they are digging their own pitfalls.

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Comment from: Mazash [Visitor]


You always talk about “Animals Farm". Those plasma screens remind me the book from the same author “1984″, they are used to control people.
Take care!

09/26/06 @ 10:22




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