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Discussing Ethiopia’s Ethnic Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts



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Discussing Ethiopia’s Ethnic Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts

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Discussing Ethiopia's Ethnic Nationalism and Ethnic Conflicts

By Fekade Shewakena

Over the last couple of weeks, particularly following news that the US Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) foiled an assassination plot against Ato Abebe Gelaw, a journalist and political activist who heckled Meles Zenawi at a heads of states meeting in Washington DC last year, a completely misguided and unhelpful ethnic politicking is raging on the internet, Ethiopian social media and community radio stations. While I was nursing a terrible flue last weekend, I had some time to surf through several Ethiopian pal-talk rooms and internet sites. By and large, the discussions, if you can call them that, are ugly , savage and most importantly unhelpful . It is sad that such a wonderful technology that can bring people from different corners of the world on a spot and can be used for meaningful discussions and problem solving actions is being abused so flagrantly.

My objective here is not making accusations but to point out how dangerous and counterproductive the prevailing discussions and views that I observed are. I am in no way trying to discourage discussion on the subject of ethnic politics in Ethiopia. On the contrary, the reason I am writing this is because I favor even more reasoned and civilized discussions on the subject of ethnic nationalism and conflicting ethnic interests that I believe are growing dangerously in our country. We have to discuss this issue even if some parts of it can make us uncomfortable. We can cover the fire with the ash and convince ourselves that there is no fire in there but some wind someday is bound to blow it on our faces. We are compounding the problem by not putting it to reasoned discussion and articulate with evidence and data along with the solutions and with a level of dispassionateness.

Followers of ethicized politics often get their history education from the worst writers of history, ethnocentric politicians. I have once met some nice Ethiopian who told me that Menilik killed 5 million Oromos while expanding to South and East Ethiopia and referred me to an article written by someone as evidence. I was stunned to find out that he believes the story. I asked this person if he was willing to sit with me for less than half an hour so that I can use a mathematical model from the science of demography to show him that there were no 5 million Oromos in Ethiopia at the time and that even the total population of Ethiopia at the time hovered only around 10 million people. It did not take him a minute after I showed him to understand that the person who educated him wanted to make maximum impact in his mind than convey the truth. The narrative of our ethnic political discourse is replete with these kinds of fabrications and lies made by politicians who masquerade as historians. They have a mission of making maximum impact for their cause.

I am not raising this example to diminish the fact that there has always been ethnic marginalization, injustice and inequality in Ethiopia. I am simply trying to show how some people want to convert a legitimate cause into some form of a sickness. It is hard to argue that this maximum impact seeking historiographers have not succeeded in many cases. Consider, for example, the case of what I came across in an Ethiopian pal talk room ironically named “Room for Political Civility”. I had a chance to listen to one individual nicknamed “Dejena”, who said he logged on to the room from Addis Ababa. The guy, an ethnic Tigrean, was so furious about the accusations of TPLF involvement in the Abebe Gelaw assassination plot (which he magically translated as accusation against all Tigreans) told the audience that he knows the origin of ethnic hatred in Ethiopia very well with an air of authority on the subject. He said the origin of ethnic hatred in Ethiopia is what he called “Ankoberism”. I am quoting him verbatim. As evidence, he quoted some writer who lived over a hundred years ago during the time of Emperor Menilik and who wrote pejorative phrases about ethnic Tigreans as his proof. He then went on raging against the Amhara using the usual code words like “Timkihegnoch”, “neftegnoch” etc. His hate mongering made me wonder if these are the kind of people that are capable of committing the kind of savagery we witnessed in Rwanda. Mind you, like the people who committed the savage carnage in Rwanda, this man is on the side of a powerful government that is being led by the TPLF and he is still raging as a victim. Then came an eloquent, self declared Oromo under a nickname “True Democracy” responding to “Dejena” and others who were repeating the fabricated “Tigrean cause”. He said that the enemies of his people today are no more the Ankoberites but the “Neftegna from Adwa”. He said it is the Tigrean elite led by the TPLF who are persecuting and looting his people bare. He quoted researches made by Ginbot 7 to show how, what he referred to as “the Tigrean elite”, is taking over the country in an apartheid system. His limited attempt to make a distinction between the people of Tigrai and the TPLF could not help stop the rants of the speakers that came after him. None of what was presented and the tone with which it was presented was helpful to stimulate any reasoned discussion or educate anybody. Nor were there any mature people that showed up in the room to strike some middle ground or balance. There were over four hundred people logged on to the site. It looks like everybody was speaking and writing to make the other side angry. It was like the Wild West. The whole thing was so disgusting that I turned it off.

In most other Ethiopian pal talk rooms that I stopped by, individuals accuse the TPLF of sending assassins to the US to kill its critics and opponents starting with Abebe Gelaw. Nearly all of them play victim and call for a vigilant response. Yet the ongoing investigation on the assassination plot against Abebe Gelaw has not so far made any definitive conclusion.

For the record let me once again make this clear. I am not one of those who want to dismiss or wish away questions and discussions related to ethnic nationalism from Ethiopia’s political discourse. I believe those who do are not dealing with reality. Ethnic nationalist questions with serious potentials for ugly and totally destabilizing conflicts exist in Ethiopia and are growing faster than many of us may want to admit. We cannot blame anybody for the existence of ethnic nationalist politics in Ethiopia. We can’t accuse the TPLF of creating ethnic identity politics in Ethiopia. It existed in Ethiopia before TPLF. We can debate whether the TPLF had made it worse or better.

I believe it has made it worse. But believe it or not, it is not going to go away even if the TPLF goes away. The Ethiopian political landscape has changed irreversibly with regard to identity politics. The best we can do now is to think hard through the problem and come up with ideas that are acceptable to all sides in the contention. This may even mean going to the left of the TPLF and Meles Zenawi if we can find solutions. There are useless suggestions that I hear coming even from very educated Ethiopians. They say substituting individual rights for group rights would solve the problem. This in my view is a false distinction. Group rights and individual rights can coexist without a problem. Individual rights also include the rights of individuals to form groups if they so choose to help themselves as individuals. But neither group rights nor individual rights are guaranteed in Ethiopia today and whatever rights written in the constitution are fast eroding. In any case, the ethnic question will not go away even if we hate it. These days, I see that even some Amharas are trying to create a non-existent Amhara nationalism from the scratch.

The authorities ruling Ethiopia are not trying to solve the ethnic or national question, whichever you want to call it. They are trying to use it for a short term political end. Accusations that the TPLF has disproportionate representation in decisive positions of government particularly the army, the security forces and key government positions is a public secret and many including many ethnic Tigreans are resenting it. Even the choice of a Prime Minister from Wolayta has not helped diminish the question. It probably made it worse. The officials are neither justifying nor denying or addressing the accusations that are mounting by the day in any form. But the backlash is very palpable.

The Ethiopian authorities should stop that patronizing ethnic groups and ethnic elites is a substitute for addressing the serious question of inequality in the country. Look at what happened at Addis Ababa University only two weeks after that huge, wasteful and useless patronizing farce held at Baher Dar - the so called “Nations and Nationalities and Peoples Day”. There was an ugly ethnic war between Oromo and Tigrean students where many were hurt, and many are still in prison. I am told such conflicts have become perennial and frequent in nearly all schools of higher education in the country. How can sane people expect to have a better, more united, stable and prosperous country while we watch the future leaders already at war? Ethnic groups dancing their cultural dances and showing their traditional garbs and parading together doesn’t move us an inch closer to equality or solve our problems. The officials know this. If that were the case senior officials including Ato Hailemariam Desalegn who addressed the crowd would have come to the celebration in their ethnic dresses instead of their western suits.


Ethiopia is a very poor country inhabited by people who suffer abject poverty. Alleviating this poverty requires a level of stability and hopeful future where every citizen believes that they have equal shot at accessing opportunities. There is also a serious need for a political environment that encourages all of us to believe in our country and participate in helping solve this problem. Many of us outside of Ethiopia have a lot to give given this environment. I for one consider myself as someone marginalized by the regime from helping my country. For example, whatever the motive for the initiation, I believe the building of the dam on the Abbay is a good idea that must not fail. I am denied the opportunity to make contributions. I know many who are in my situation.

Ethiopia’s various ethnic groups or call them nations, nationalities and peoples, will be appreciating their equality only when they have equal access to everything the country offers and feel that they are not treated as second class citizens, and when the historically disadvantaged, particularly the small ethnic groups in the peripheral areas of Ethiopia, are given a little extra help.

The predominance of Ethnic Tigreans in key decision making positions is a central issue of discussion among Ethiopians. In my view this dominance could be reasonably explained perhaps up until about 15 years ago. If there are good explanations justifying this dominance today from the side of the TPLF, I haven’t heard one yet. Some are already calling it TPLF apartheid and this in my view is a serious accusation. I have even heard some non Ethiopian Ethiopia observers use the term. The government cannot dismiss these accusations which are increasingly being shown with the support of figures and objects by its opponents. Attacking the people who raise the issue does not answer the question. Certainly the kinds of discussions we are having about it currently are not helping.

Ethiopian authorities should let students at higher education centers exercise and experience multiethnic student governments by collectively and freely electing their leaders. They should be allowed to discuss everything under the Ethiopian sky. That was how we did it when I and Meles Zenawi and a lot of the current leaders were students at Hailessilassie University. The Ethiopian authorities should be ashamed that the way they handle academic freedom in universities and colleges is far inferior from the one we enjoyed under Emperor Hailesilassie’s Ethiopia. This is not to mention the disastrous quality of education they are providing at all levels. I had hard time believing news that there are students in colleges who have a hard time reading and writing until I heard it from the mouths of respected educationists such as Professors Habtamu Wondimu and Baye Yimam on the Voice of America a few weeks ago from.

The freakish obsession with control by the authorities from small local “idir” to every civic and religious institution is not only unsustainable but also dangerously counterproductive. It can only give you an illusion of control until it explodes on your face.

Both supporters and opponents of the government should not play with this issue as a political football and use it to bully one another. Knowledgeable Ethiopians, professional historians and responsible political leaders should not leave the discussion of this subject to narrow and single minded people who approach the issue only from hatred, anger or sheer ignorance. It is much better to discuss these things in public civilly and confront the reality than trying to push it under the rug and let it simmer. Debating it with an open mind will not kill anybody; shoving it under the rug and denying the reality will. We will all lose finally if it goes wrong.


Comment from: [Member]

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01/24/13 @ 19:39
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]

Dear : Mesfin B,

If it make u any happier even Ginbot 7/11 come to power he still be corrupted…

If u really really want a person who is not corrupted then I will give u one person that peron is Al Almoudi… Just try to bribe Al Almoudi u need billion hence he will be very hard to corrupt but not impossible but next to impossible… Now I know u don’t like Al Almoudi so why not u give ur one name that can be incorruptible that lead Ethiopia. I will not accepte unknown person or imaginary person I need name teddy could not do it even hager Ethiopia could not name even a single name so I am hopping u will give me one name…

01/24/13 @ 20:13
Comment from: Yitshak [Visitor]

Mr. ShewaKena,

The toxic diaspora elements who spew venom against the Tigray people are like the Hutu of Rwanda who committed Genocide against the minority Tutsi tribes. If they get the chance, I am sure they will not shy away from mass killings of the Tigreans like what they did when they were part of the Mengistu regime the systematic elimination of prominent Tigreans (entreprenuer and educated Tigreans in significant government posts)in Addis and other parts of Ethiopia via killing. ESAT and the other toxic diaspora radios are like radio Millie Collins of Rwanda which agitate hate against one ethnic group.

01/24/13 @ 20:35
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Berassu Yissac ,what about Adgi Forum ,Bandalandonline and many more Agazi Medias Of Hates ,the evil Besrate Amare ,Mimi Sebehatu and Co.Even all of you infecting this website and other community paltalks with your Daily “Mirtu Ye Tigrai Lidji” stupid Motto .Here are then the Great Reincarnation of the Defunt Rwandese ‘Hutu Power” ,and Radio Mille Colline .Afterall AGAZI = INTERAMWEE .For your Information not a single word of “Hates” has been chanelled on ESAT TV against Tigrai Peoples as did evil Ethnic Crime Apologists as Besrate Amare and Mimi Sebehatu against Amhara Peoples .The worst thing ,opportunist Bandas like Pig Ben are also linked with them .Ashish you mean ,the Agazi Bandits Financer ,enjoying and prospering from their illegal
business ….LOL !!!!

01/25/13 @ 01:14
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

The Author indicated:

 Whether there is assassination of Abebe Gelaw is inconclusive
 Discussion through internet network e.g. pal talk was unproductive
 Amhara nationalism is to be established
 Individual and group rights are inseparable

The Author Concerns:

• Issues of Tigreans ethnics dominated politics, and administration (e.g army, security, public position).
• The regime overlooked ethnic or national issues

Overview of History by the Author:

 Ethinic issues exists but now worse
 Menilik didn’t kill Oromo to the claimed numbers
 Ethinic Oromo accuse assassination of TPLF

Author’s Goal:

 Solution to bring change political foundation of TPLF and Meles Zenawi
 Stop ethinic groups
 Disallow multiculturalism e.g. dancing

Author’s Conclusion:

 Decrease feeling of 2nd citizenship feelings and increase citizen contributions
 Promote freedom of higher education students for multiethinic discussion
 Involvement of gov’t with various institutions likely produces instability.
 Discussion of the issues are preferable, otherwise undesired outcome will results.

My views:

1)Increase and decentralize multiculturalism.
2)Have two national languages: Amharic and Oromo.
3)Increase economic activities towards industrialization that would employ many people.
4)Increases security services to warrant economic activities.
5)Increase ethical education to respect others ethnicity, language, religions.
6)Equip students with practical education starting toys for children in the day care center.

Otherwise it is very difficult and unproductive to restructure the current governmental structure. For example, Tigray might be less productive to produce agricultural products. But this region may have mining potentials. While Oromia and South regions can produce food products, and Amhara region may have both potentials. Bringing of economic activities and living together is more pleasurable. Notice that through time, the potential of agriculture contribution will decreases. It is impossible to disintegrate the regions but decentralization of economic activities and culture increases integration. As to the distribution of authority at federal level, it is very attractive if every ethinic groups have equitable share.

01/25/13 @ 01:23
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


Re:- Disallow multiculturalism e.g. dancing?

I thought the same thing I say it is useless and waste of time to dance around instead of working…

Then I notes dancing and singing used to work the more they sing the more they work…

Second advantage I saw very old people dancing and singing…

If u ban dancing and singing then u have to tell the same people to go to GYM to train…. The old people will not go to gym but they can dance and sing which is any movement of the body is good…in fact we are very lucky to have a dancing culture because the Chinese they have their carate and the Indian they have yoga…

The sad think is those who are educated thing our dancing culture is very backward but it is a mass sport that keep the socity health why import gym when we have our gym ( dancing) to keep us fit

01/25/13 @ 06:38
Comment from: Wolo [Visitor]

To ShewaKena
I am sorry to say it but Ihave to say it.Let me start from your name it says Shewakena. We know names are symboles for your belive, idea, interst and hope. you know there are some facts that I have to accept that we are diverse and we have to accommedate our diversity(ethinic, religion, politicsetc). The question now is how we can accommodate this diversity. we have three options one is to accept diversity and ansewer it accordingly what EPRDF is doing, the second option we have is the previous one which was excercised that is unity with one language and one religion and one politics and the last option is to separate based on the interst of the population. Accoringly we have commonly politicians which satisfy this three ways of solutions.But the problem is all this three politicians do not recognize each other as an option rather as extreem enemies of each other. For those who follows unity without diversity are people from one ethinic group who had upper hand on other ethinic groups and they were using force to assimilate other groups into the unity and they were preaching one language and one religion and like your name they were head of the country in every aspect of the country. You are blaming the EPRDF for the controll of the military by Peoplefrom certain ethinic group. But in the past all the government system was controlled by one ethinic group including the military. But if you are thinking for good all of them have their advantages and disadvantages. we have to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the options we have.I do not want to conclude that one of the options is good and the other is bad like you because this is a big issue that we have to understan as citizens of the country and the politicians must also understand the politics of the country round around this three optins and they have to understand + and -sides of each option and tray to make the people of the country understand and give the people to select out of this if you believe ın peoples mighty.
The question that I have to ask you is if you parents were to belive only in Ethiopia you name would have been Ethiopianakena.So do you balame your parents for giving you this name and they belive in one locality? In my part you sholud not blame them becuase they want to apreciate their locality but they are not opposing their unity with other locality.
My belive is not Unity without diversity instead Unity with Diversity.
By the way we have to see the USA unity with diversity.

01/25/13 @ 13:05
Comment from: Ash [Visitor]


I think u wasting ur time with this people…

What they are saying is Obama to hire all republican back..can u imagine if TPLF demanding they should be elected in Ginbot 7/11 or cud, OLF, or ONLF

This is like

pepise demanding a coka cole company promot and sale pepise because it is unfavor for cola cole to control the market without pepise present

I don’t mind if Ginbot 7/11 truly want diversity in arm force and demand to be given chance then I have no problem… But this is not their aim their aim is to sabotage TPLF by putting their people at the top…this is like OLF asking TPLF to be army general so that TPLF can arm OLF to teeth and train the OLF army so that the OLF turn around attack TPLF … I know it doesn’t make sense but they ask the opp. Without believing in TPLF ideology…if u put one nation one flag one political believe unity by force guy then u are setting up urself for failing.

In short what they saying is sabotage is my right I am going to sabotage the government and no one should stop me from doing my sabotage because it is God given right for me to do sabotage and remove the TPLF by covering myself with diversity as if I know diversity I don’t believe in diversity but that is my cover so help me god to do my sabotage..

01/25/13 @ 13:43
Comment from: [Member]

It is encouraging to see that, the opposition is starting a reasonable dialog instead of condemnation, insults and tantrums. One can notice such evolution in the writrings of Shewaneka and Professor Alemayehu Gebremariam as evidenced by the above article.That is the only sure way towards acceptance, tolerance, welcoming and respectful exchange. We have to fight extremism on all sides to grow a true spirit in a beutiful land, a beutiful people, a beutiful region with diverse cultures, religions and languages. I am an Amhara, an Oromo, a Somali, an Eritrean, a Tigre, an Agaw and A Gurage. We shall overcome divisivness and hate. Cometogether my people!You have nothing to lose, except hate politics and poverty!LOVE IS PATIENCE, LOVE IS NOT PROUD, LOVE NEVER FAILS, LOVE IS TRUSTING AND LOVE IS ELEVATING! GET OUT OF YOUR MENTAL PRISON MY PEOPLE! YOU CAN BREAK THE PHYSICAL PRISON, POVERTY AND SQUALOR!

01/25/13 @ 16:29
Comment from: Ts [Visitor]

Generosity is a sign of love. Everyone in his/her life have probably melt into his/her dearest love and sent untouchable salutation. Gradually the bond of good overwhelms.

The chocolate color of our ladies: Oromo, Amhara, Tigrie, Gurage, Wolayita etc we shouldn’t to size any opportunity for you emerged from the gardens of Ethiopia. We adore seeing your appearance, we hear your smooth voice like a bird echoed-it never hurt but charms as armed withal. Whatever ethnicity differences, your smiles rapture foams that dissolves into our tenderness.

Mind now we need to fight economic poverty, your reciprocity love shrine in our heart to achieve this. But hate is destruction, bad words are repulsive, conflict is to war, war is to lose once love. This will perpetuate in a painfully scene. This mysterious power will not throw us into ecstasy.

We must have two spectrum and whimper into with melody, courteous and consideration discarding our differences but considering it as a beautiful assets: 1) Everyone can use any language, everyone can practice any culture, everyone can talk tangible politics, everyone must not be imprisonment with injustice, everyday must reconcile e.g. OLF, Ginbot 7, ONLF and EPRDF must prepare and have training with them for what the country should do to uplift all with understanding of foreign policy and ulterior motives, 2) but act on: produce mining and processing e.g. Uranium, gold; explore and produce any economic engine e.g. oil, coal, car, airplane, livestock, computer; enhance security at all levels; construct textual, metal, chemical industries; construct roads etc; employ people and encourage participation; strengthen monetary policy and its transactions; give practical technical educations and match with creation of jobs; export less agricultural products and increase nutritional foods; import less industrial products and export more of it and so on.

In this vein, decentralized practical activities with technical and financial supports. Increase integration of philosophy (of course theoretical politics at federal level with autonomous to regional mandates).

Most of boys must go for more Labours tasks and ladies must take over an office and to the middle level leadership/management roles.

01/25/13 @ 17:34
Comment from: Antihater [Visitor]

I wish there were more articles like this. These challenges have always been there, but ethnic based parties are a big part of the problem today. For example, you can you criticize TPLF without offending the Tegaru? The same goes for OLF, OLNF. Ultimately, this is terribly unfair, especially to those members. It doesn’t mean that one party cannot be more popular in one ethnic group, but it should be rural vs urban, labor vs liberal, etc. Ultimately, political parties should run across ethnic lines.

Ethnicity is overrated, especially in Ethiopia where we are all mixed up!

01/25/13 @ 18:19
Comment from: Yared [Visitor]

Ato Fekade,

First I commend you for acknowledging that ethnic nationalism has always been a major issue in Ethiopia. However,alas, it appears that you are not free from ethnic bias as reflected in your above article. I say this because of all ethnic diatribes and slurs, you appear to have resented the word “Ankoberites” most and you tried to equate the alleged commentator from the Tigray ethnic group with the Hutus of Rwanda. The hypcrisy here is worth noting. For more than two decades it is the Tigray people who have been victims of hate as can be seen from all kinds of diatribes and ethnic slurs and mud slinging against Tigrays through diaspora website forums, radio talkshows etc. The Tigray people have been called “cancers” and “parasites” among other things. Contrary to your assertion, the people who call the ethnic Tigreans cancer and who claim to represent a major ethnic group in Ethiopia (like the Hutus of Rwanda) have more potential to commit genocide if they gain power than the individual Tigrean you mentioned.

01/25/13 @ 20:23
Comment from: بني شنقول [Visitor]
بني شنقول

Thank you very much for the objectives and fruitful topic and discussion, you have highlighted the most serious issues that many of us do not want to recognize even if we understand its impacts. As you have mentioned ethnicity was not brought by TPLF because they have been victimised by it not long ago and so do we.
applying ethnicity policy in Ethiopia was one of the brilliant ideas by the TPLF whether we believe it or not, because Ethiopian is a fake country that was instructed or made by Menilik, he used his forces and western artilleries to subjugate free and independent nations. The previous ruling powers were from one ethnic background, I mean before the fall of Mangisto, and there were many armed oppositions spread all over the country, each of this group got his own agenda, and no one of these opposing group wanted to sacrifice and be deceived by what is called unity because they have been deceived for so many decades. so, for TPLF to govern it had to apply that dirty trick of ethnicity, but finally all Opposition groups were put in a trap which they could not escape from, they forgot that they are dealing with the second side of the coin. Tigrians and Amhara are highlanders, they always in rivals, they disagree on who should rule between themselves but they agree to work together against any other Ethnic.
you have accused politician and divided them into two group, those who instigate and use ethnicity for their agenda or whatever you may call it, and those who work for unity or you want them to work for unity, the most furious thing to me is speaking about the worst writers of history, what do you mean by that? as if there have ever been a good historian in the history of the country, because there are no historians in Ethiopian, all writings we found are bout the emperors, Menilik, Amhara and Abyssinian , nothing written about Ogaden, Gambella, Benishangoull, Afar, or Southern nations and Oromo.
I agree with you that ethnicity will never disappear from the Ethiopian politics, and I believe if a brilliant politicians did not come up with a strategic plan the dream of unity will vanish even under the worst system. those Amhara who pretend opposing the government always want to use others to fight for them and the lead that will never happen, either we have to fight together or we leave it.

01/25/13 @ 21:08
Comment from: RasH [Visitor]

This by far is one of the most positive and actual in explaining what happened, what is happening now and will happen if we don not bring the Ethnic inequality out in the open.

It is disappointing to see how Ethiopians move away from the actual to the hate filled, accusations of what happened. It is imperative the current government of Ethiopia address this situation they have exasperated in the direction of ethnic division from ethnic differences. We must come to a common understanding that we are a nation of people who share a common interest, share different ethnic bases as one people and not divided. The ethnic resentment of a certain group only leads to violence against that group no matter how armed or privileged. The dominance of that ethnic group will cause others to unite against it. Since we are talking in the open, the only thing to do for the Tegray based Ethiopian government in order to avoid ethnic destruction, genocide to be direct, is bringing the different ethnics together, removing ethnic federalism and creating a nation where the people are able to take part as Ethiopians and not as ethnic groups.

I have been reading many posts here, long time, what I have noticed is an increase in hate from both sides. I doubt Ethiopians in the diaspora or anywhere will, as stated by Yetshak, come and do what the Hutu did. I hope that is not your wish and the article pointedly addresses that fact. To be honest the Ethiopian government looks as if it is doing exactly what you fear. If you are a Tegray, you should be in the group that stand against the ethnic grouping of Ethiopians.

I like the way Yophtahae New Thinker expressed clearly what we Ethiopian should do is to come together because we have nothing to lose but the lives and well being of dear ones.

“We have to fight extremism on all sides to grow a true spirit in a beutiful land, a beutiful people, a beutiful region with diverse cultures, religions and languages. I am an Amhara, an Oromo, a Somali, an Eritrean, a Tigre, an Agaw and A Gurage. We shall overcome divisivness and hate. Come together my people! You have nothing to lose, except hate politics and poverty!”

01/25/13 @ 22:21
Comment from: alibira [Visitor]

Fekade you are you still on the ethnic fedral thing. You are almost approchin 90 years and still bl bla

01/27/13 @ 13:54



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