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Distrust of regime places ECX’s boss in unenviable position



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Distrust of regime places ECX’s boss in unenviable position

Distrust of regime places ECX’s boss in unenviable position

By Genet Mersha

August 28, 2009

I read with great interest and sympathy Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin’s two articles “This is my Ethiopian story” and “An idea whose time has come” of August 8 and 25, respectively. However, I cannot hide my disappointments on two levels. To start with, I was dismayed by the focus of many of her critics on her presumed ethnicity. Equally disappointing was Dr. Eleni’s failure to make a convincing case for ECX’s independence and neutrality.

Let us treat separately these two issues. A record 440 Ethiopians have responded to her first article, both for and against, as did nearly twenty percent of that to the second one ( The responses can be categorised into two broad groups. The first one focuses on Dr. Eleni’s presumed ethnicity and the second arguing from a position of strong its doubts about ECX’s neutrality in bringing together buyers and sellers to the market. In other words, the distrust is in the capacity of the Exchange to facilitate the emergence in the country of a modern trading platform that cultivates the practice and tradition of free market in the current political environment.

The ethnicity criterion

Some of those opposed to Dr. Eleni give the impression that her ethnicity is their primary concern. In so doing, they failed to address head on the substantive issues that for some time now are being debated. That has made them sound oblivious to the fact that the ethnicity criterion cannot help in either measuring her contributions or non-contributions to the country’s development. It is not sufficient criterion to accept or reject a person or idea. Nor could it show the degree of Dr. Eleni’s involvement in contributing to the unhappy reality of our country. In no way could ethnicity show whether ECX is relevant to the Ethiopian economy and the evolution of a well-functioning market.

Dr. Eleni’s frustration is understandable. The hounding she received because of the presumption of her ethnic origin was sickening. Based on name’s sake and association with the ethnic group of the core of the ruling party, she has been berated mostly by unwarranted presumption. That in the end has forced her to reveal her many blood ties with the various constituent elements of Ethiopian society (her first article). The revelations have not helped her; on the contrary, they encouraged more demands—this time her husband’s ancestry.

So what even if Eleni was what she was presumed to be ethnically! It should have been nobody’s issue so long as she is not partner in the crimes of those who loot the country, or continue to violate the human and civil rights of our people. Not all Tigraians should be condemned for the crimes of the few. At this point, it is worth mentioning that our Tigraian brothers and sisters need to take serious note of this. At the same time, it should be recognized improving inter-ethnic relations is a two-way traffic. Tigrayans should also traverse to improve their relations with other Ethiopians. If their response is mere finding a scapegoat to blame, it should be apportioned entirely to the TPLF regime, which has poisoned their relations with other Ethiopians.

There is no doubt that Dr. Eleni’s negative experience that forced her to reveal herself is symptomatic of our country’s continuing dilemma and unease with the increasingly poisoned and unhealthy state of inter-ethnic relations. Ethiopians are engulfed by fear and insecurity, two human emotions not known for forging human solidarity and societal cohesion. That is what the many conflicts in the country and the broken friendships and inter-ethnic marriages attest, even amongst the educated and high calibre professionals. In brief, at risk are Ethiopian-ness and the unity of the country, not individuals per se. The concern many citizens have is the fear that this phenomenon is threatening to weaken our country by diminishing the common bonds amongst Ethiopians and what we can do as individuals and groups for our country.

What is interesting in this process is that, Dr. Eleni’s revelation has put an implicit distance between her and the ethnicity of the core of the regime. Even then, some see it as a deliberate ploy perhaps to win acceptance through her aplenty blood ties from different ethnic groups. Looking at it dispassionately, however, one cannot help noticing her pleas asking her readers and her critics to think for once beyond ethnicity, if possible, or to leave her alone to carry on what she has been doing.
Dr. Eleni is in the most unenviable position. She finds herself in the suffocating vortex of a repressive regime. Should she reconsider her return to Ethiopia, she seems to have no place to hide from her nagging commitment to her country’s development. Although I cannot speak for her, Dr. Eleni’s various needlepoint—her ethnic tapestry and her professional commitment—are fused together as her driving force. After all, her decision to return to Ethiopia after three decades is obviously to give back to her country from which she has taken less than most of us did.

Thus, behind Ethiopia’s mismanaged ethnic policies is lurking a well-nurtured ‘ethnicities’, ethnic nationalism in its ugliest forms that the regime systematically encourages. For instance, we learned just recently about the ugly experience of a multi-ethnic opposition political party that officially was permitted to hold its meetings in Adama, as part of its effort to pull itself together for the 2010 election. Its meeting was disrupted no sooner than it started. The cadres of the ruling party opposed the use of Amharic allegedly showing preference to Afan Oromo, which many say is merely a pretext. The ruling party knows why these things happen.

Nonetheless, as government, it has failed in its duties. It has neither condemned it nor restrained its cadres, whose attributes are both thuggish and robotic. What more is there to speak of about the wrong-headedness of the regime’s ethnic policies? When it wants, it encourages narrow nationalism to fan division to suit its purposes. There have been several reports of similar disruptions of opposition meetings under different guises in Debre Markos, Hawassa and Mekelle, among others. I wish I could remember the person who finally confessed that he could not dismiss the evils he had summoned.

ECX’s independence and neutrality

Others critics of Dr. Eleni have seized the opportunity to condemn the TPLF regime’s ethnic polices with which they strongly disagree—some as a matter of habit others out of conviction evolving from principle. If one takes Abebe Gelaw’s response ( 25 August) as a representative view, he cogently articulates that group’s misgivings about ECX, all that without resorting in any form to stinging Dr. Eleni’s because of her presumed ethnic origin. In fact, Ato Abebe stresses,

“The reason why Dr. Eleni’s scheme is overwhelmed by doubts and scepticism does not seem to be due her ethnic origin, as she suggested in one of her latest articles [!], but the unruly behaviour of the ruling Tigrian People’s Liberation Front, an ethnic party whose grand design has turned out to be to control, manipulate, dominate, stifle and monopolize the fragile economy through its monopolistic companies and fake NGOs like the Endowment Fund for the Rehabilitation of Tigray [EFFORT].”

The neutrality and independence of ECX is under severe questioning in view of the current political environment, whose governance is mostly characterized by parochial politics, policy and operations shrouded in mystery. Had Dr. Eleni dealt with a couple of issues upfront, she could have deflected some of the darts directed at her now. For instance, her article, “An idea whose time has come”, could have explained ECX’s role in the coffee debacle. This refers to the unfortunate and politicized marketing problems that at the beginning of this year ended up with the axing of a good number of dealers’ licenses and forced them out of the market. Recall in this connection that government had acknowledged and rewarded the brilliant performances of those businesspersons in the previous year. What transformed them from good businesspersons to enemies of the state is a territory in less than a year? Dr. Eleni could not and cannot thread safely into that, at least not now, perhaps not at any time in the future.

Instead, she made the mistake of turning to of injecting the panache of theory of “price discovery”, “supply and demand” and “monopoly” and the claim of EXC’s separation form government to seek cover from her vulnerability. For many, Dr. Eleni’s unwillingness to point at the regime’s excesses has only portrayed her, if not a co-conspirator, at least as an apologist for the regime. It conveyed her as someone on a mission to push under the rug the political intrusion and its cardinal sin of disrespect to property rights in connection with measures taken against the properties of those coffee dealers. At the same time, the untenable position she took now stands in clear contrast to the admission by the prime minister who at the time characterized the difficult choice the coffee dealers had made as hoarding. Dr. Eleni also echoed it, into which government read desire/attempt to unseat it. “Sabotage” was the exact word that was used at the time.

The coffee dealers were in a tight squeeze because of declining international prices. Even the domestic market situation that still is reeling from the severe macroeconomic dislocation had its appeals to some of the exporters as a lesser of two evils, as some of them had sold their beans there. A government desperate for foreign exchange was infuriated. That marketing strategy ended up in the expropriation of their properties and their delicensing. It does not end there. To cover up its misguided actions, the prime minister exercised his unrestrained powers and initiated trumped up ‘legal actions’ against those individuals.

This has worried many Ethiopians who reacted at the time, including this writer, who at the end of last March questioned the wisdom of the regime’s desperate actions in her article, “Troubled country and troubled times”. Government was in despair because of its depleted level of foreign reserves. Could it not have used incentives of some form to encourage the coffee dealers to export their beans? Unfortunately, bad habits do not die easily. Policy options in Ethiopia are examined not to address the reality of a given problem with open-mindedness and alternative solutions, but often to break an imagined conspiracy or defeat a non-existent enemy.

This in view, what guarantees are there to show ECX’s independence in a political environment that rigidly demands loyalty, even from schoolchildren through membership of the ethnically oriented ruling party? It seems to me that Dr. Eleni’s inadequacy to make her case on that has taken the wind out of her sail, irrespective of how important what she had to say. This is not to say ECX‘s time has not come. The problem is government’s lack of credibility has rubbed on the Exchange. The absence of rule of law and an outside regulatory body to ensure the Exchange’s transparency and fairness is a multi-pronged handicap.

Experience has shown that government’s guarantees of neutrality and support for free competition may sound good on paper. In reality, however, those laws, regulations or procedures are seen and being seen often overridden by the corruption of politics. That is what the latest World Bank report “Ethiopia toward the Competitive Frontier” (Report No. 48472-ET of June 2009) has attested. I know Dr. Eleni is distinctly familiar with the report as one of its peer reviewers. Presumably, she is acquiescent to the report’s findings.

In that report, the World Bank concludes that Ethiopia’s products remain “uncompetitive in international markets.” The report attributes that to low level of productivity, which partly is due to inefficient resource allocation across firms and at the country level. It is engendered by the lack of competition in the country, despite the existence of numerous laws and regulations supporting competition. Politely and delicately, the Bank since the 2006 Country Assessment Strategy is for the second time putting its fingers on the problem that it thinks is narrowing Ethiopia’s competitive frontiers, in the following words.
“Endowment-and State-owned firms confront an investment climate that is substantially different from that faced by private enterprises, which may partially explain the fact that they appear to have greater access to policymakers, government as a market, and the state-owned part of the financial sector. The investment climate limits or distorts competition [in] a number of ways, including through directed credit, industrial policy, state firms, and barriers to entry. Ethiopia has approved a competition law to regulate anti-competitive practices, but this regime was not used to address the significant questions of competition with state and endowment-owned firms.”

On the other hand, in her second article Dr. Eleni tries to assure her readers that all is well, not successfully though.
“Unlike any other publicly-owned enterprise in Ethiopia, the Board of Directors is composed in almost equal part of representatives of the owner (state) and the private members of the Exchange as well as the CEO as a non-voting director. The Exchange’s CEO is appointed by and reports to this Board of Directors. Thus, without any doubt in the law or in practice, the Exchange is managed independently of any government organ and is a service-providing entity to the private market actors. There is no interference or intervention in any aspect of day to day ECX operations, whether it is the warehousing and quality inspection, the dissemination of price information nationally and internationally (which relies mainly on the systems that ECX itself has developed), the financial systems, or the trading sessions.

ECX regulatory board is accountable to the prime minister who is also chairman of the TPLF with its business empire EFFORT, two of whose corporations are founding members of the Exchange. As party members, the members of ECX board are also duty bound to accept instructions. For an intelligent woman, I would be hard put to believe Dr. Eleni was unable to see or feel what was not coming forth in her latest presentation of ECX, its functioning and the prospects of convincing our people, both at home and abroad, about the values of law protected free market operations that could contribute to national development.

ECX and the new investors in virgin agricultural lands

Our country is now at the forefront encouraging international investors to produce, among others, cereals, pulses and oilseeds on lands leased to them by government. ECX already trades in agricultural commodities such as maize, wheat and corn, to which sesame was added on 5 May. Five days, after trading in sesame began and one thousand quintals passed through the Exchange, Dr. Eleni was quoted as saying “the surprisingly strong trading of the produce has reaped enormous benefits for the ECX.” Moreover, it is estimated that, according to the Ethiopian Oilseeds, Pulses and Spices Exporters Association, the country aims to export “more than 720,000 tonnes of oilseeds, pulses and spices which translates into $715 million in earnings, a ninety-four percent increase in the previous years revenue” (AFRIK.COM 10 May 2009, Africa News Network, May 11, 2009).

Although dominant position in trading of sesame is held by EFFORT’s commercial farm in Humera (Hiwot Agricultural Mechanization Plc and trading by Guna), with improved productivity of small scale farmers, the hope was that Ethiopian farmers could benefit a great deal from the production and export of sesame. Guna’s general manager on 18 July announced that she “would export 30,000 tons of sesame worth 40 million USD in this fiscal year increasing both its export volume by 10,000 tons and the amount of foreign currency the nations gets by 13 million US dollars when compared with that of last year.”

In my article, “INTERNATIONAL AGRCULTURAL LAND DEALS AWARD ETHIOPIAN VIRGIN LANDS TO FOREIGN COMPANIES” of 12 August , I had expressed my serious concern about the terms of the deals with international investors on land lease and how that would affect the livelihood of our farmers. We are aware that most of the farmland deals with international investors are not bilateral arrangements in the most with other governments but private companies. The likelihood is these companies would sell their produces in domestic markets in their respective countries or on the international market. It is not clear whether the agreement signed between the regime and these companies designates ECX as the gateway for their produces out of Ethiopia, or they can ship it out on their own.

I do hope in earnest that in her next article that Dr. Eleni has promised she would tackle this issue. This is very important for the country and for any future discussion on the matter and especially in giving us confidence in what she says about the independence and neutrality of ECX. Part of the problem is that the terms of farmland deals are hardly made public. Although a theoretical possibility exists in a few cases for some transfer of technology for agricultural development, as I mentioned in that article, risk also exists to peasant farmers who cannot compete with well-resourced commercial farms.

The major export destination for Ethiopia’s sesame has been China, although Israel, Japan, Turkey and Korea also import from Ethiopia in varying quantities. So far, Ethiopia has been first in Africa and fourth (after China, India and Burma) in the world in sesame production. India’s Business Standard says that of late, because of the natural quality of Ethiopian sesame—whitish Humera (TPLF owned) and Wollega—“the European Union and the US who buy sesame from India have already turned to Ethiopian sesame.” With unmistakable resentment, Suresh Chandarana, an Indian exporter says, “it is a fact that Ethiopia has broken Indian dominance for now” in sesame export (Business Standard, 2nd August).

Take, for instance, the case of barley and oilseeds producers in Ethiopia. China is given an unknown size of farmland to produce oilseeds, sesame especially. Saudi Arabia is also given unquantified land to produce barley and wheat. In the case of China, if our country’s experience to date were of any relevance, Chinese workers would be the ones to do the job. Not only would this deny Ethiopians the employment opportunities, but also minimize the transfer of experience and technology, if at all exists, which otherwise FDI is credited for usually.

China uses sesame for chocolates, biscuits, and extraction of oil for both its domestic and external markets. If China were to satisfy its enormous needs for oilseeds and its export revenues through its own production in Ethiopia, the marketing disadvantage would surely be to Ethiopian producers, mostly small-scale producers. There is also the possibility that this may drive prices down on two accounts. First, the major importer, china, may not need its share of Ethiopian exports. Secondly, Chinese possibility of over-production could drive prices down. On top of that, Ethiopia’s weak export capacities are undoubtedly a determent to competition with China, eventually on both the production and export fronts. It is obvious that this would hurt millions of small-scale farmers in Ethiopia.

For instance, land under oilseeds in 2008 fell to 707 thousand ha from its high of 797 thousand ha (CSA), because of price discouragements to small-scale farmers. With it also declined the export volume and foreign exchange earnings, at a time when international prices were still attractive and more countries were interested in Ethiopian production. Surprisingly, over the years small-scale farmers’ production of sesame has shown consistent but limited productivity growth.

Perhaps, decline in international prices was one of the factors affecting decline of sesame farmland sizes in 2008, compared to 2005/06. Land under sesame by small-scale framers in 2008 was 186 thousand ha, which is 26.3 percent of the total land devoted to oilseeds, down from 211.3 ha in 2005/06, according to the CSA. Therefore, the emergence of a highly competitive partner now in sesame production may end up being another discouragement to million of small-scale farmers.

Dr. Eleni Gabre-Madhin has been carrying out her job in an environment that is terribly constrained. Nevertheless, I remain convinced that, as an educated person who wants to help her country emerge out of poverty and backwardness, she would not be an accomplice to any crimes, or show obliviousness to the importance moving our country along the path of genuine equality and democracy in order to achieve meaningful development. The most dangerous enemies of Ethiopians today are corruption, absence of rule of law, the persistent collusion and machinations of institutionally backed emergent narrow-minded ethnic nationalism and ultra chauvinism the system has fed and bred as part of its policy actions or political jugglery to enable a few individuals stay in power permanently.
As far as Dr. Eleni’s commitment for Ethiopia’s development is concerned, I have no reason to doubt her sincerity. For that, I take her on her freely and publicly given words. She has noted on occasions that that is why she has abandoned the luxury of the developed world to return home to share what she knows best.


Comment from: Mored [Visitor]

Ms. Genet, I think you have not read the article you mentioned titled “An Idea who’s time has come", in that article Dr. Elani explained the role of the ECX and how it was established and who its there to serve. She also gave us examples of other trades and how they operate. You are asking her to explain why the coffee traders were arrested, she told you that in any country when a new trading platform is opened the government must force all trade to occur there otherwise there will be no use of the newly created platform. She gave examples of the Chicago and New York exchanges, did you not read that? Your article is not useful just a bunch of over exaggerated stuff about ethnicity government and stuff that don’t pertain to ECX, in fact your not helping the situation at all. If you right an article about ECX stay on point, just because this lady went back to help her country does not mean she is supporting the government, and what does her ethic background have to do with her work? You accuse others of playing ethnic games but yet I can sense that you never stopped playing. A person’s ethnicity is no more important than the color of their cloth, stop associating everything to ethnicity. I sense a lot of jealousy towards this wonderful woman who only dreams of helping her people.

08/28/09 @ 18:43
Comment from: Dorcha [Visitor]

What a well articulated article! Thanks Genet. My comments are not on the substance of the issues raised rather on article writers. I personally would like to appreciate you both (feminist cognant philosophers, Dr Eleni and Genet). I believe a continuous debate such as this would provide a good opportunity to convey messages across, and possibly would result in promoting culture-of-engagement rather than confrontation among contesting ideas. After all, highly admired to read such an article from Ethiopian Women!

08/28/09 @ 18:45
Comment from: DEJAZMACH [Visitor]  

Dr. Eleni is doing favor for Meles and Bereket because now don’t have hard currency from Birr to USD to put in their bank account outside of Ethiopia bank so as a citizen she is doing her obligation directly by help leaders. Instead of working directly how Ethiopian people can eat food three times per day hahahahaha one times per day

08/28/09 @ 19:00
Comment from: agerwedad [Visitor]

As much as I admire Dr. Eleni’s academic and professional achievements I am not sold on the idea of the ECX due to the very big elephants in the room.
Market freedom especially from political manipulation cannot be guaranteed in Ethiopia at least under this regime’s mentality.

Political cronyism is the order of the day in Ethiopia and the market will become another tool for punishing opponents and rewarding cheerleaders and caught in between will be Dr. Eleni who is already walking on eggshells. I also believe that she is way to intelligent not to recognize the huge red flags, since sooner or later she is bound to fall out of grace with this paranoid regime.

08/28/09 @ 19:19
Comment from: mesfin [Visitor]

Well, Dr Eleni was the right person. But knowingly or unknowingly, she associated with wrong people and that makes her status from right person at wrong place to associating with dictators and tyrants. Regardless of her interest to emancipate the country from poverty and create a market place to farmers, she should be able to portray her opposition to dictatorship and failed econmic policy of Woyane. We do not care whether she is from Tigray, Amhara or Wolayta. For that matter only woyane belived in racial profiling and she followed their route on describing her ethnic background. It’s not too late to clear her good name by dissociating from Woyane. It’s very clear choice and the decision is her’s. Clearly speaking, we do not want to see her as part of people who are committed crimes in Ethiopia and we want to see her change of mind. I’m clearrly stating this because I belive she’d be one of potential future leaders of Ethiopia.

I hope she’ll listen.

08/28/09 @ 19:31
Comment from: The Python [Visitor]
The Python

It is good to leave our children an institution started. They must not start from a scratch tomorrow because we act irresponsibly today.

The idea of ECX is nice. Let us not be delusional. Anybody is welcome to argue with facts and concrete evidences against the establishment of ECX. However trying to abort it with pity reasons are inexcusable.

This institution ultimately belongs to the Ethiopian people. Meles and co will ultimately get a call from nature, the latest. So let us not be short sighted. Let us not be judgmental.

08/28/09 @ 19:43
Comment from: Mr. Zane Kent [Visitor]
Mr. Zane Kent

Super job Ms. Genet Mersha. If
Ethiopia is a true freedom
country most people already have
returned long time ago.
Dr. Eleni only prolong this
crazy brutal gov’t. They used
her for their own impowerment.
We have to give the gov’t credit.
They are the smart one, not Dr.
Eleni. When the gov’t abuse
innocents traders, she should’ve
left the ECX. By keeping quiet,
she support this brutal gov’t.

08/28/09 @ 19:49
Comment from: Monde [Visitor]

“She has noted on occasions that that is why she has abandoned the luxury of the developed world to return home to share what she knows best.”

Woyzero Gennet,

Firstly, you should have gone through her recent article which clearly states that they have ‘a different salary scale which is financed by Western donors’–which means that she and her colleagues are lavishly paid in US dollars. Hence your misplaced sympathy that Eleni forgave her luxurrious lifestyle in the west is simply wrong. In fact, given the low cost of living in Ethiopia compared with, say, that of the US, earning in American dollars is more luxurious than we could imagine.

You appear confused, am afraid. The fact that she is a Woman like you does not mean that she should qualify for positive discrimination to indulge in crimes. As much as we have the Meles-Bereket-Sebehat mafia group, we also have the Women mafia club led by the ignorant, ill-groomed Azeb Golesh (whose father we recently learnt happened to be Sudanese). Eleni is simply the pseudo-scholarly version of of dim-witted Azeb Golesh.

I assure you Ethiopia will not make the slightest dent on poverty as long as the leeches, the blood sucking looters, the Tigray bandas and thieves remaon on Ethiopia’s body. Eleni and her likes are the very instruments used to lure western donors and diplomats. EFFORT has controlled every sector of the economy and with ECX they finalized the monopoly control by forcing farmers and traders to trade sesame and coffeee–the two commodities that earn the country’s largest foreign currency–through ECX.

Gennet, unless you are sleeping on your ears, Tigreans are wining and dining in fiests and spectacles while the rest of Ethiopians are exposed to every kind of misery from famine to poverty to epidemics. Side with the people of Ethiopia and try to help get their voice heard or buckle up your mouth!!

08/28/09 @ 20:05
Comment from: teddy [Visitor]

leave Eleni alone. She is doing great for this coutry what she thing good. She is one of genuine ethipian that left her luxury life behind in US and came to he be love coutry Ethipia to help the people.

08/28/09 @ 20:13
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Genet ,

At least Dr. Eleni is trying to do something good for Ethiopia even if you and the rest of the diasporas who reads the same books as you don’t agree with her or like what she is trying to accomplish. My question is: what are you doing for Ethiopia besides crying foul? It is very sad how so many naïve Ethiopians who spent decades of educating themselves abroad are wasting their time attacking anyone who tries something good for Ethiopia and Ethiopians. The record of 440 you are quoting who responded by the way are some like you who responded 15 to 20 X using multiple user names and some reposing over and overt insult otherwise for not agreeing with them.

I hope and pray that ECX becomes successful and Dr. Eleni proves everyone wrong. All I can say is, please keep on doing what you are doing and don’t listen to any of these cowards like Genet who just recently learn how to put report together. Regardless of those kind of slogan by some of those cowards, you will show them that you are far better person than them.

Genet, show us your evidence that the UDJ meetings was disturbed by the government? You see this is the type of arrogance assumptions that is keeping us backward. It is very sad to see an Ethiopian mother gave birth to people like you.

08/28/09 @ 20:47
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Balanced article. What everyone has to understand is that tplf will not do anything that will not benefit EFFORT in one way or another. Eleni knows this. She is doing it because she is getting money. She brags as if she is doing a humanitarian job. It is not! OK that may be acceptable though. Working for money is not a bad idea. The thing is that the work is not enviable. At best, for her, it is like trying to be a good actor in a bad movie.

08/28/09 @ 21:07
Comment from: Mulugeta [Visitor]

Thanks for this illuminating article. I still believe Dr. Eleni is doing what she is doing to help her country. I admire her resolve to work in such a restrictive and opressive system.

08/28/09 @ 21:13
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Humera belongs to Amhara. It is confiscated by force and given to tigray. tplf with the help of GTZ has settled its ex-soldiers in the area. Killed and forced out Amhara and other non-tigre residents.

08/28/09 @ 21:18
Comment from: aklilu [Visitor]

Genet has shown us the value of intelligent analysis to solve
our country’s problem of ever declining agricultural production. In my
My opinion, agricultural economy requires subsidy of inputs like
fertilizer, irrigation scheme, credit and government purchase of
surplus production during bumper production years. Of course this is
in addition to the market that Elaine working on, and a relatively
Stable land tenure system. Countries that have raised agri productivity
inevitably have subsidized agriculture, indian farmers get huge
subsidy on fertilizer, and gas for the ground water pump they use.
I am sure you all know that USA, Canada, Europe and Japan subsidize their food
Production by as much as 30 percent of the final sale value.
The current tilt towards large foreign farmers is puzzling.
Who is going to subsidize them? Look at the flower farms.
They gave them 70% Credit and most of them failed
as soon as the market collapsed, they are no less risky
Than peasant farmers. Archer Midland company in US makes profit
Only as much as the subsidy it receives from USDA

08/28/09 @ 21:59
Comment from: miller [Visitor]

this article has no point at all.

08/28/09 @ 22:07
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

There is no question about the significance of organized and modernized market place for farmers and buyers to meet. ECX answers that question in Ethiopia or perhaps even in Africa. However, ECX’s role in terms of increasing productivity is not fully explained in its profile or even by Dr. Eleni herself. Market and productivity are not parallels. Market with out enough production has no life or merit. In other word market utterly depends on production to function. It is a bit odd establishing a market place for agricultural commodities of such magnitude in country farmers are still using their hand and domestic animals to plough or implement agriculture. Simply modernizing farming and increasing it’s out put comes first than succeeding market for it. In many countries they go hand to hand. If ECX endeavors to accomplish both increasing agricultural productivity by modernizing Ethiopia’s traditional farming method and creating a prevailing market, it is a sensible move and mission at its best. If not improving the nation’s agricultural system is well founded priority than crafting market appetite. I admire the effort of Dr. Eleni and her colleagues. I think she is a woman with strong ambition, resilience and stamina to make the necessary economical changes in Ethiopia. I believe she is nothing but sincere in all of her attempts. Nonetheless, if she single handedly focused in forming only a market place with out finding solutions to improve the life and production of the farmers and farming, I am afraid her relentless hard work may turn in to another cash cow venue for TPLF hooligans instead of striking its aimed target.

The author of this article eloquently expressed a feverish issue in the minds of many anxious (to the least) Ethiopians. She said:

“I had expressed my serious concern about the terms of the deals with international investors on land lease and how that would affect the livelihood of our farmers. We are aware that most of the farmland deals with international investors are not bilateral arrangements in the most with other governments but private companies. The likelihood is these companies would sell their produces in domestic markets in their respective countries or on the international market. It is not clear whether the agreement signed between the regime and these companies designates ECX as the gateway for their produces out of Ethiopia, or they can ship it out on their own. I do hope in earnest that in her next article that Dr. Eleni has promised she would tackle this issue.”

Just to emphasize this burning subject and the author’s point, I am also one of the millions of Ethiopians apprehensively awaiting the response of Dr. Eleni’s in respect to this matter. She can be the voice of our concern or symbolic figure with in the government she associated to magnify the dissent of majority Ethiopians. This off course requires enormous task of courage.

Finally, I don’t think Dr. Eleni has to explain her ethnic roots or where she comes from to any soul or group. What count is, what she stands for and her allegiance, commitment and solemn dedication to the best interest of the Ethiopian people. It is shame and disgusting that her ethnic back ground would become topic and she had to go extra length to elucidate that. It is however appropriate to question her purpose and intention to serve in the corrupted junta run by street thugs carrying out a well orchestrated malice to undermine the existence of our nation. But, it is by no means has to be linked with hers or her spouses ethnicity. Answering this doubts by itself probably a hard chore to the good Doctor and we must take her answer as worthy and candid because there is no reason to perceive it otherwise.

08/28/09 @ 22:11
Comment from: Abyot [Visitor]


Endew Min Largesh. Mamamia bicha malet new.

I am so proud that we have intellectuals like you and Dr. Eleni in our country. What a beautiful writing. Your grasp of the Ferengi language and the subject matter is very impressive. May I ask if you attended Ye Gil Timhirt Bet?

You are a great asset to Ethiopia.

08/28/09 @ 22:50
Comment from: Dani [Visitor]

Genet and all who despise Tigrean,
We (Tegarus) don’t appologise for our ethnicity. We are who we are and just like anyone in teh country, we have the right to support or oppose any political party. If Oromos support olf , and Amharas support Kinjit, why is it then wrong for Tigreans to support TPLF? Just because TPLF is in power, it does not make it that we are all doing well at the expense of others. Yes, we are getting more education, more health care, better life than what we used to have during Haile Sellassie and derg. Stop race baiting you chauvenist Amharas. There is an old saying in your own language …"Beseferut kuna mesefer ayekrim….” The systematic hate mongering you are deciminating will come and bite you. I guearantee that. Dr. Elenni should be judged by what she does and not what her ethenicity is. Infact, Now I see more people supporting her just because she told them that she is not TIGRE. This is despicable. I have always been prowed of my Ethiopian identity but when I see comments that portray Tiggreans as enemy of the state, It makes me angry. May be we should punish every Amhara who benefited under EPRDF. This is purly a chauvenist Shoa hate monegering…… Stop pretending to be more catholic than the pope. We are all equally Ethiopians.
Hates, Go to Hell

08/28/09 @ 23:15
Comment from: tezebet [Visitor]

Z-Mike (Z-Monkey)
The Dadabit Monkey can you please sometimes use God given mind and try to examine and put your fact if you have one about the article or the topic instead vomiting your hate speech, every time when concerned Ethiopians write about their concern without if and but you go against them just because they question the narrow nation regime, I know you are diehard Woynae who you work for single ethnic superiority, by the way most people who write article such as the writer here her concern is not only there’s concern it is a million Ethiopians concerned…their question is a very rightful question however immediately your response is what are you doing for Ethiopians? As an Ethiopian they have every right to question… let alone the TPLF regime the regime that fought Ethiopian unity Ethiopians have a right to question if there is a regime that choice by the people of Ethiopia. So especially a guy like you and any TPLF member has no moral background to question other Ethiopian what he or she did to help her country. Because of you guys today Ethiopian lost so many thing, because of you guys today Ethiopian lost her water access, because of you guys today our land divide and given to other nation just like a piece of bread. The credibility is not in your side… just you go ahead and BS till Ethiopian rises up for their right… I can’t wait to see that day.

You said, “.I hope and pray that ECX becomes successful and Dr. Eleni proves everyone wrong.” I am for it I am wishing every Ethiopian to be successful for what s/he does. However the writer has a very legitimate concern to question Dr. Eleni…

What is your response (since you know well how the TPLF works) for the above statement…?

“ECX regulatory board is accountable to the prime minister who is also chairman of the TPLF with its business empire EFFORT, two of whose corporations are founding members of the Exchange.”

Do you want us to believe the playing-field is equal for all Ethiopian while the EFFORT and Melese is the one that control the ECX? What is wrong to question that if she is not a part of the TPLF government? Let me tell you my friend today in Ethiopia most business do business with fear, today TPLF control every business in that country… no one can compete with Melese & Negga unless you sell your soul and bend yourself to the mafia family… so please this is my penny worth of advice if you hear me, you and you like has no a moral back ground to question any Ethiopian motive… you guys one sellout people who sold that nation to other.

For Dr. Eline if she wants to be trustworthy and if she want people to support she has to stay away from the mafia family. If not Ethiopian people easily drop her like hot potato…

08/28/09 @ 23:32
Comment from: abrahampetros [Visitor]

Dear Genet,
In a perfect world all of us would like to work for a perfect government. Let alone Ethiopia, so many of the so called democratized countries have done and are doing undemocratized things to their people. For example the 2000 election of the United States. Despite all of that the educated citizen like Eleni try to make some thing out of the unperfect government to help their people ease their life. Eleni could have criticize publicly the government of Ethiopia the minute she arrived in Ethiopia for all atrocities done to the people. If you observe any ruling party in any country including the United States, an individual who have desire to work with the ruling party have some other way to oppose the ruling party the wrongs it is making. The reason is opposing any ruling party for this matter Ethioian Government by boycoting to work with them does not work. Look at Berhanu Nega who refused to take his position as addis mayor is in the United States teaching. Instead he should have taken the position the puplic chose him to do and oppose the government some other way for things the government is wrong. Because if you look at the Hitory of Ethiopia forexample, When Mengitu was our leader those who oppose him went war it only brought destruction, death, femine, poverty, disease, and 17 years misery. Meles who came to power by over throwing Mengistu is smart enough to avoid war to the degree of Mengitu time but those oppose him by boycotting to work with him done nothing to ease the life of their fellow citizens. It has been almost two decade Genet since Meles took over our country. I am afraid we all retire and die in wherever we are before we get a chance to help our fellow country men and women who are in misery.

08/28/09 @ 23:58
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

Expecting Dr. Eleni to operate in a vacume is unrealistic. We are living in the nation state world order and there is always a government over looking behind every shoulder in the country.

Leaving aside the political issues you raised on which i will never agree with you such as
trashing the beauty of ethnic federalism you definetely have genuine economical (if it is possible to differentiate the economic from
the political) concerns when you say “It is not clear whether the agreement signed between the regime and these companies designates ECX as the gateway for their produces out of Ethiopia, or they can ship it out on their own.", that is a good question but, don’t you think this and many of your questions are directed on the wrong person?

We all know ECX and Dr. Eleni have nothing to do with land leasing and foreign agricultural investment agreements so, why raising this question with her and ECX?

In my opinion you are asking the right
questions to the wrong person and also you are asking too much to Dr. Eleni. Most of your questions are outside the terretory in which the Doctor operates and are beyond her capacity to do any thing with them, after all Dr. Eleni is not a politician but an economist.

I think asking policy and political question with ECX is an abuse of her an all round decent motive to contribute to the Ethiopian poor and an open approach to reason with the public.

After reading some your articles i know i don’t like the type of government you like similarly you also will not like the government i like, then when are we going to work for the Ethiopian poor?

I do indeed appreciate your attitude but there is more should be done to help this women.


08/29/09 @ 00:39
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

“Fussing & Fighting”
lyric by Robert Nesta “Bob” Marley (February 6, 1945 – May 11, 1981)

Why’s this fussing and a-fighting?
I wanna know, lord, I wanna know
Whys this bumping and a-boring?
I wanna know, lord, I wanna know now

We should really love each other (love each other)
In peace and harmony (peace and harmony), ooh
Instead, we’re fussing and fighting (fussing and fighting)
And them workin iniquity (… iniquity)

Why’s this fussing and a-fighting?
I wanna know, lord, I wanna know (… know), I wanna know now
Whys this cheating and backbiting?
(I wanna know …) I wanna know, oh, lord, I wanna know now

(stop your fussing and fighting, stop your fussing and fighting)

(stop your fussing and fighting, stop your fussing and fighting)

We should really love each other (love each other)
In peace and harmony (peace and harmony)
Instead, instead, were fussing and fighting (fussing and fighting)
Like we aint supposed to be (… supposed to be), tell me why

Whys this fussing and a-fighting?
I wanna know, lord, I wanna know, someone, please
Whys this (… bumping and …) bumping and boring?
(I wanna …) I wanna know (… I wanna know), lord, tell me now …

አራት እግር ያለው እባብ ወደ ዝንጀሮ ተለወጠ።

08/29/09 @ 01:24
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

I like the way you present your article. But you analysis is not based on the reality, i mean you failed to show the reality on the ground. As you said a record 440 Ethiopians have responded to her first article, both for and against, as did nearly twenty percent of that to the second one (

My point is who do you think are these 440 so called Ethiopians, who have an access to internet. As to my understanding most of them are people who have political problems with the current gov’t for different reasons (needless to mention). So what ever positive development in Ethiopia is a bitter for them. The job that Dr. Eleni is doing is great which can be a good lesson to the Diaspora who spend most of their time in demonstrations demanding sanction on their own people.

Had had your analysis include the views of the Kaffa, Illubabor, Harar, Yirgachefe, Humera farmers it would have been fair.
The success of ECX has to be evaluated interms of the benefits millions of producers and the country (interms of foreign currency), not interms of few exporters who got wealth at the expense of the farmers and the countries FC.
With regard to ethnicity of Dr. Eleni it is senseless to comment.

Please, people let’s follow the foot of Dr. Eleni whatever her ethnicity is.

08/29/09 @ 01:38
Comment from: Dr Negasso Gidada [Visitor]
Dr Negasso Gidada

here is the evidence to who disrupted the meeting in Adama/Nazret.

“The mob was not a spontaneous disturbing group. There were some OPDO/EPRDF cadres among the mob. I my self could recognize at least two OPDO cadres with whom I worked in the organization before I resigned from it in June 2001. It is obvious that the disturbance was an organized one.”

Dr Negasso Gidada,

08/29/09 @ 01:51
Comment from: yeha zeteg [Visitor]
yeha zeteg

You comment on Z-Mike’s idea seems childish. All what you put there is what you are told by the called KINIJIT party some years before, a party for nothing.
All your idea is senseless including this ‘’because of you guys today Ethiopian lost her water access,….. ha ha ha ha ha. You are still thinking like the Dergs.

I want to tell you and other people who iack to understand the reality…. Eritrean acheived their independence during Menilik II, and regained their freedom through 30 years bitter fighting, not through charity from EPRDF.

08/29/09 @ 01:52
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


In your lengthy easy, you did not get to the point as to how Dr. Eleni should manage and run the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange without the government’s envelopments. You might want to read little business book and understand why there has to be government oversight and regulations to protect assets. Dr. Eleni had mad it clean in her well written easy why the government goes hand in hand with ECX to regulate and have OVERSIGHT of the business to make sure that all concerned bodies will live up by the rule of the business and the rule of the land. Instead of jumping up and down and chocking from your own spit, tell us how in the world can she or anyone put together such system (business) without the government oversight? You don’t get because your mind is already stuck in disagreeing with me since I have different political views than you. My God given mind works just great and need no examination my friend and you need to speak for yourself for that matter. I suggest you first learn how to line up the alphabets from A to Z, study them well and quite barking at me and challenge us with your ideas that are better for Ethiopia/ns. What is wrong if I am supporter of EPRDF? Is that a crime for supporting to whomever I wish to support or are you simply out of ideas and you want to bluff on the same topic over and over? Better yet do you think I have to hide and put skirt on like you and act tough only behind the keyboard? No, I don’t thing so…I can speak my mind and stand for myself and for what I believe is right. If you don’t agree with me fine thus I beg you to challenge me with your DERG aka CUD/G-7 ideology. I am sure you will quickly distance yourself from them due to the failure of their movement to grab power in Ethiopia but many of us are not going to be surprised because we know how you people are.

Millions of Ethiopians are thankful to have a government that is working hard to improve the nation’s economy so lives will be better soon. Yes, millions of Ethiopians are glad to kick your asses out of Ethiopian and let responsible Ethiopians rebuild Ethiopia. We’ll watch your progress of anti-Ethiopian including the role models like Dr. Eleni who are dedicated and passionate Ethiopian-Americans who are making scarifies to support Ethiopia/ns alongside with the GOVERNMENT OF THE DEMOCRATIC REPUBLIC OF ETHIOPIA. You can repeat the some song over and over but the only person I am aware does such is a deaf-ear one like you! Now, I am not going set here and argue with deaf-ear people like you but I have to make a point. Although I don’t expect you to correctly spell my user name, I’ll remind you again to get it right and it is Spelled Z-MIKE! Once you learn how to properly wipe your rear you will learn how to proper write it. Until then, I expect you to struggle with it as usual (the same way your leadership in the opposing has struggled). Give me favor, ask Mr. Berhanu Nega…what he has accomplished by arrogantly stating he will support any illegal activities to overthrow the government of Ethiopia? Your problem is simply clear…you’re brainwashed him and the likes of him who are robbing you in the name of political movements.

In the end, Dr. Eleni will succeed and the government will always have the oversight in working alongside with our brilliant sister and Ethiopia will move forward. Yet, you folks will continue on barking, crying and complaining to foreign nations to take action against the Ethiopian government. You have been reminded time and again that Ethiopia is a sovereign nation and its fate depends only on its citizens. It is really pointless to discuss Ethiopian issues with brainless people in the first place.

08/29/09 @ 01:56
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Dear Genet,
what make different between your idea and the anti Ethiopian elements of Kinijit? that is why we had been saying for years now the sick diaspora. Dr.Elli is at least doing good things to her country whether it is good or bad. What have you done to the coutry you called my country? nothing but full of mouthy bull shit. Yeha

08/29/09 @ 03:12
Comment from: mesafent [Visitor]

while every one is eating each other Ethiopia is suffering. i think Dr Eleni has a good move working and solving problems in the process rather than just complaining from very very far . isn’t that?to be part of the solution !

08/29/09 @ 03:13
Comment from: Belew sil geday [Visitor]
Belew sil geday

“You accuse others of playing ethnic games but yet I can sense that you never stopped playing.”

Well said by Mored!

08/29/09 @ 03:15
Comment from: addiiss [Visitor]

Another diaspora good for nothing critic.
What have you done for Ethiopia lately, Genet?
Ethiopia has never been short of elite doctors, actually we have too many of you crowding the diaspora web sites.
In a country where there are many new universities which are short of real qualified professors, what our country needs is those who could contribute their fare share.

08/29/09 @ 03:54
Comment from: OROMIA [Visitor]

the so called genet your article is wack!!! i hear same old story all over again. move on NEFTEGHNA bla bla bla blaaaaaaaa….nonsanse to proud OROMO like me.INJIFANO UMATA OROMO!!!
oromia shall be free!!! victory to oromo people!!!

08/29/09 @ 04:13
Comment from: Dr. Tesfa Tadese [Visitor]  
Dr. Tesfa Tadese

Ms. Genet, if u have potential and great ambition like our hero Eleni, you can work and serve serve for your motherland, i saw from your article you are so hopeless and worthless for ethiopia.
Ethiopia needs more brains and more hands to work and to change her face in globe, not long toungs and fast lips to talk.

08/29/09 @ 05:42
Comment from: Habesha [Visitor]

The writter of the article is confused for him self. He is invited Dr. Eleni to think like him. You hate woyane but there can be som who supports woyane. There is no one head for many poeple. I kan not think what you think. That is the strong disease that we have in Ethiopia. They force us to think what they think, to believe on what they believe and to hate what they hate. This is the bigest falacy argument which makes so many problems in Ethiopia. When do you think that this biased ideology will be changed?

08/29/09 @ 05:55
Comment from: toogood [Visitor]

Too good to comment on.

08/29/09 @ 05:56
Comment from: Saba [Visitor]

The house(capitalism) Miss Gebre-medhin pretended to build has come down crashing on her turning her bones to dust and squeezing the life out of her because, lo and behold, she has knocked down its central pillar (the right to property.) She might beg and plead all she likes but she has lost credibility when she sided with the Butcher of Addis in his appalling mistreatment of coffee exporters.

Her hopeless attempts to set the record “straight” have turned out to be nothing but screeching noise of agony and desperate cry for help. Nothing she says makes her an unsuspecting prey to the ever expansive TPLF spider web , or unfortunate victim to its deadly poison that has blinded her eyes and turned her deaf, sucked all reason and objectivity out of her brain, rendering her one of Meles’s zombies who rush to accomplish his wishes at the click of his fingers.

She has proved to the world that she is devoid of honesty and principle, just like one of those hired hands who are bought and sold for loose change, those petty criminal thugs(the cadres, spies, federal police, the security service, TPLF members, TPLF solders, “teletafi” parties, money smugglers, … who have made life in my country unbearable.) The only difference between her and them is she does it from her lavish air-conditioned office of a benign looking institution through “legally” smuggling the nations wealth, while they roam the streets eavesdropping on law abiding citizens, harassing and beating us up, confiscating our properties, extorting our hard earned cash, imprisoning us and shooting us dead like stray dogs on the streets of Addis.

The stench(the lies, the deceit, and the misinformation) coming out of her mouth is proof, as if we needed one, that she has sold her soul to the devil(Meles Zenawi) for a small price. The author of the article is too generous not to doubt her sincerity.

Often times the deadliest enemies of Ethiopia are not the Arabs, Eritrea, Egypt, Somalia, or Frengies, but her own sons and daughters, those who are quick to sell their souls to the lowest bidder, people like the good doctor.

It is entirely understandable(not excusable!) if the twisted, the brain dead and the staunchly loyal cadres and foot solders of TPLF act as they do, killing protesters, raping women, burning villages, harassing and imprisoning citizens, smuggling currency, miss appropriating public property… because they do not know any better. They were “born” through violence and injustice, they thrive in violence and injustice, and they will die by violence and injustice. But it is incomprehensible that Gebre-medhin and her likes behave the way they do because there’s is a matter of choice and not necessity or ignorance. Their actions are deliberate and calculated to make maximum damage to the very existence of Ethiopia as a thousands of years old civilization.

08/29/09 @ 06:06
Comment from: addis zemen [Visitor]
addis zemen

A well written analysses.eventhough the author tend to contradict her self in many issues.she also seems to blame the seasame trade or the ECX in that matter for the downfall of the world’s acknowledge the success we have in the country but ignore the fact why and how we get agree with Dr Eleni’s idea ,but you blame her for cooprating and working with the woyane gov’t. The world is strugling to come out of the economy crunch,meanwhile Ethiopia has shown a positve outcome in every field since it came out of the ashs of the brutal derg regime.mind you we have faught a nasty war and still fighting against some elements who don’t want our existance.dispite all this the infrastracture being built all over the country must be taken into I see it you are the same person like those who are still dwelling with the grudge they have with the woyane gov’t and will never accept the reality what ever it takes.Dr Eleni chose to take the the chance she is given to be near her people and walk the walk with the poor,instead of wasting time by just writing a beautifull essay like and the likes of you are waiting for A MAJIC CARPET .TIME IS PASSING YOU BY.IT IS NOW OR NEVER TO MAKE A CHANGE FOR OUR COUNTRY WE CALL EThIOPIA.

08/29/09 @ 06:29
Comment from: Abba Mocha [Visitor]
Abba Mocha

Genet(Mrs do little)
What have you done to your Ethiopia? You have studied abroad. You speak and write English. That is it!

To highlight what has been said(about eleni) by some unemployed ,state benefit dependant,hopeless and shallow minded Ethiopian/Eritrean migrants in Europe and USA is to add salt to injury.

Apart taking Eleni’s words in good faith you sound as if u r not clear about what Eleni wants to do? I have reservations about your motive and inductive argument you formlated in this article

May god help migrants get a real job!.

Abba Mocha

08/29/09 @ 07:40
Comment from: [Member]

Look guys! Let us stop praising those who come up with all this junk of confusing people.

These is 2009. We need to deal with real issues. In the last 20 years we have seen the collapse of East Europe..from USSR. Why ? Think about that.. the civil war in America and assenation of Jfks etc…

In any society the majority should rule.. then you will get the peace and development you are talking about.

To takle the real issues in Ethiopia…do not ran around the bush..get to the point…history will not give you anything..except what happned in the past…we want somethin to eat least derek injera on our plate.

All this trade junk will not happen unless you stop your patriotism. People say why oromo speak in their language etc etc….when you all come to the realisation of how many oromos live in Ethiopia…then, not only the all should be speaking Oromigna….I do not speak oromigna nor iam full oromo.. but guys this is the reality…Majority rules in any society…then we will be in peace! The rest is junk!!

08/29/09 @ 07:44
Comment from: benjamin [Visitor]

Nicely organized article. For me, its one of the best articles regarding the commodity exchange. Besides, its informative. for example its my first time to learn that the ECX’s Board of managers is directly accountable to the Prime Minister, which in my opinion could seriously undermine the neutrality of the exchange. i think Dr. Eleni has to address some of the issues raised here in her upcoming article. the most important of which would be regarding..

1. the role of the ECX in the “coffee debacle”

2. her personal belief about the credibility of the “Private property” hoarding by the government against some coffee exporters.

3. We know that farmers are currently forced to trade through the ECX. We would like to know if this is not considered as a violation of the basic principles in which the ECX is built on. We hope Dr. Eleni would not deny the existent of such “forced trading". if she did, we would consider her as a Liar.

4. and finally how does the ECX is helping ending hunger?? we know that the number of starving people have raised by 30% since last year…

08/29/09 @ 08:02
Comment from: JJ [Visitor]

DEAR GENET You Are A Hater. you wish you were Eleni. so>:XX off

08/29/09 @ 09:14
Comment from: JJ [Visitor]

N>:XX this is what you call HATERRSEM

08/29/09 @ 09:17
Comment from: John [Visitor]

Ms. Genet,

Instead of being critical of those who initiate action, why don’t you do something what you think can aleviate Ethiopia and Ethiopians out of poverty? Ms. Eleni is doing what she thinks is best for the Ethiopian farmers. If you, Genet, have better idea come on with your better idea and stop critisizing those who are working their gutts out to help their country and their people.
Thank you.

08/29/09 @ 09:53
Comment from: Bale Goba [Visitor]
Bale Goba

Again Eleni has to address the question why the most influential Board Member is the TPLF security guy Debre Tsion? That is why Ethiopians don’t buy the talk about independent institution.

Meles also said that he ‘will cut-off’ the hands of coffee traders .

Unless one is high in Qat like our PM, the objection that most Ethiopians have to Eleni’s coziness with the Shabia trained Meles will continue.

08/29/09 @ 10:10
Comment from: tatta [Visitor]

Remember Meles, not only did he propose that Tamrat Layne should be the PM of the then Ethiopia, but also argued firmly that he was the right person for the position while Shaleqa Admassie kept saying otherwise. Meles was also the one to anounce that Tamrat had been getting advises repeatedly that he shouldn`t have been corrupted.

It is not paranoia that makes ethiopian question what so ever EPRDF is doing, but the sickening deeds of its` members.

08/29/09 @ 10:41
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

Eleni or any ethiopian for that matter doesnt need the permission of the sira fet diaspora to do some thing good for the country.

the comodity exchange is only a year old and its bound to have problems but what matters is its goals and what it can achieve for the country in the future.

lets move on!

08/29/09 @ 11:22
Comment from: Tobia Bugale [Visitor]
Tobia Bugale

Genet Mersha wishes to help Ethiopia by blogging frequently and freely expressing her opposition to the current rulers of Ethiopia. Isn,t this her personal choice and democratic right?
Even Elias Kifle thinks he is standing firmly for ‘democratic Ethiopia’ with President Isais as head of the ‘confederate Ethiopia and Eritrea’, transitionally off course till an election is held if & when the president for life changes his views on the suitability of free elections for modern states. Isn’t this also a personal choice and ‘democratic’ right.

Other Ethiopian émigré chose to work or setup businesses ranging from luxury lodges to tattoo parlors in Ethiopia. By choice and by right. None had their ethnicity, nationality , place of work or motives questioned. And rightly so.! Dr Eleni,s case some how is treated differently. I wonder why?

Dr Eleni, chose to head the first commodity exchange in Africa, the ECX, which:

“ is a marketplace, where buyers and sellers come together to trade, assured of quality, delivery and payment.“

Shouldn’t we all congratulate her and jointly celebrate this monumental and historic achievement rather than deny her the right to freely choose how, when and where she wants to serve Ethiopia best!

I for one propose to rename the exchange , the DEECX: Dr Eleni Ethiopian Commodity Exchange in her honor.

I smell the strong stench of : Ahiyawun ferto dawulawen when it comes to this particular story instead of the sweet smell of success of a true Ethiopian rose!

08/29/09 @ 11:48
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

Has eleni told us her husband’s ethnicity? She said that she comes from all but tigre. People trusted that? I do not. It is very difficult for a non-tigre to work for a government that works only for tigres. Specially someone like eleni who can work and live in another country. No way, that is a made up. She must be a tigre. How can one work against his own people with clear mind? How can one be a banda in this 21st century? No eleni, you owe us the truth. Say it.

08/29/09 @ 11:57
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

ወይዘሮ/ወይዘሪት ገነት: የዶክተር ኢሌኒን ደረጃ ለመድረስ ብዙ ይቀርሻል::

የትግራይ ጥላቻሽን ብቻ ነው በዚህ ጽሁፍ ያሳየሽን:: ኢትዮጵያውያኖችን በተለያየ ኣይን ማየት ለ ኢትዮጵያ ኣይበጅም::

08/29/09 @ 12:21
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]

Dr Negasso Gidada,

I appreciate your attempt to answer my question however after visiting the website you have provided to us (me) as an evidence, I found it being as nothing less than he said she said typical anti-Government propaganda. It is a good way for UDJ to blame the security forces (government) for its own failure to unite and implement a leader that can unite the party and carry them through the next election. The OROMO group who demanded the interdiction to be held in OROMYNA had no affiliation with the security services and the group (UDJ) should has requested security protections from the local authorities before hand to avoid such problems. UDJ however is looking for any excuses for its failures and think the blame game will change the hearts and minds of responsible Ethiopians. Though I believe most if not all Ethiopians have seen enough of it and they are sick and tired of it. Ethiopians (including those who don’t support EPRDF) have mostly given up hopes and are siding with EPRDF and supporting them because they don’t believe another party will have the well to challenge EPRDF. Dreams and hopes are broken in the minds and hearts of our people and I am one of the persons to openly can state it here. I am willing to bet you my 2 cents that UDJ will not even have the ability to choose their front-runner leader for the group let alone to challenge EPRDF for the 2010 general election. Sadly, after CUD’s reasonable challenge in 2005 election, we’re going to see EPRDF re-elections in 2010, 2015 and possibly in 2020 without any viable opposition/challenger. That is not what I hope/wish to see happened but my gut tells me otherwise! It is very sad we’re only interested for our own personal and ethnical agendas more than Ethiopia’s unity and agendas and continue to fail in forming national pride and unity. I hope and pray we’ll see wiser and responsible Ethiopians soon forming [United Ethiopian People] for the sake of the nation and restore Ethiopians confidences and respects to all human beings. I also pray that the next Ethiopian leader will wisely protect Ethiopian interests and stand firmly with the people for the people when territories are taking by Sudan and SHABIYA. It is time for us to wake up and stop the blame games and work together and build stronger Ethiopia. When people oppose even hard working people like Dr. Eleni whose only crime is trying to help her country her people, we’re clearly failed people and only good for BS. So, Dr. Gidada, I beg you to not give up hope of our country and run away from the challenges we face today.
Thank you,

08/29/09 @ 13:41
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

Ms genet,

Ethiopia is moving fast out of poverty, people like you are obssessed with ethnicity. The fact of the matter is Dr Eleni does not obssessed with ethnicity and she is focused much like Meles and EPRDF eradicating poverty from Ethiopa. You mentioned TPLF and EFFORT as culprit to Ethiopia’s backwardness but failed to understand, or deliberatly avoided to mention the crime commited by Haile Selassie and Mengistu against the Tigryan people.

Tigre was devestated and deleberatly neglected by all the previous leaders to punish the Tigryan people who resented their illegitment government. TPLF fought to all Ethiopians and mind you it is Tigryans determination and unweavering support that makes TPLF successful in relinquishing Dergues 1 million strong army. You need to understand the fact if you are serious about discussing ethnicity and why EFFORT is important to Tigray. BTW do you know 48% of EFFORT’s employees are non-Tigryans ??

08/29/09 @ 14:04
Comment from: i-am-he [Visitor]

Can Ethiopians comment on an article with out writing 15 pages(or improve that to an article).I read many blogs from different parts of the world,none seem to have more than 5 sentences as a reply.

08/29/09 @ 14:11
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

I fully agree with the conclusion of one of our dearest sisters, Genet Mersha, who is playing, as of late, an active role from afar to shape the future of our common country Ethiopia. Dr.Eleni has earned our respect and patience when she abandoned her comfort and security in the West to help the country that has hardly contributed to the highly educated successful woman she has become. When almost every single university graduated citizen seeks for a way out of the country that has mightily invested in him/her, Eleni made the choice to start the TOUGH JOURNEY of building an Ethiopia that wont be abandoned, betrayed, and ridiculed not just by her enemies but her tens of thousands of children, an Ethiopia that is capable of providing the chance for her children to work and succeed not in middle east or the west but right at home. Ethiopia needs more Elenis with the potential to create/establish the foundation for tomorrow’s successful business empire or company like EAL. There is no doubt in my mind that most of the morons here would have cried foul had they had the chance to say an opinion concerning the establishment of EAL in feudal Ethiopia. Their reason would be it is a means for the king and family to transport Ethiopia’s resource to another country… and more blah blahs, very typical of shortsighted and cynical individuals. Take for instance Saba, the commentator who is pretending to live in Ethiopia while soaking the comfort of the West in one of the most advanced cities of the world. It is as if she was born to criticize anything and everything under the sky. According to her previous comments, before she disappeared into the blue, almost no one in the opposition leadership is worthy of Ethiopians’ trust and encouragement, and no one except saba herself is ready to lead the country for all of them lack the experience especially the honorable Birtukan Mideksa. Needless to say look where Birtukan is today while Saba is still lashing her long tongue from West to unfairly criticize and blackmail yet again another objective Ethiopian. Dear Saba, you don’t have what it take to confront the dictatorship so that it can be fully abolished which is exactly what Birtukan has been doing nor to methodically work with it and exploit the existing system so that at least one good can be done for the country in close to two decades which is exactly what Eleni is doing currently. I understand that you are for unregulated free market or a market that is created for the benefit of the few riches at the cost of the country, you wanted a nation that protects private property even if the owner is engaged in a market practice that threatens the financial security of the country, but it seems that you are unaware of the fact that the kind of market place in a poor country like Ethiopia demands a dictatorship similar to Indonesia’s under Suharto or Chile’s under Pinochet or a toothless, defeated, aimless and mercenary regime like Russia’s under Yeltsin to name the few. In light of that, the deeds of a pro state ownership regime like eprdf on the market or Dr.Eleni’s vision compared to the infamous/famous so called friedmanites(Dambisa Moyo, as she was introduced to us by the sometimes naive folk/s at ethiomedia, being the new member) who are responsible for the outrageous whole sale of the above countries among many, is very saintly. Based on what she has accomplished so far, the vision that she has made public since day one and her sincere regard for the concern of her fellow Ethiopians(the reason why she is addressing some of our questions), she, Dr.Eleni, deserves at least our benefit of doubt and patience to let her help the country we have abandoned for the sake of personal comfort.

08/29/09 @ 14:29
Comment from: tezebet [Visitor]


I am strictly wrote about your comment not about Dr. Eleni, since I know you well and read your comment every time I am visiting this website there is no surprise you and me have two opposite ideas.

You said, “Ethiopian Commodity Exchange without the government’s envelopments…” exactly my friend the problem is the involvement of corrupt government like TPLF, most Ethiopian (take me out since you know my stand when it comes to this government) has the same problem with this government have the involvement of Meles in this process, most Ethiopian don’t like to have any organization or business establishment to associated with TPLF. The writer said she wants to know how much the ECX is independent from the TPLF particulary the business that control by Sebhat/Melese… it is well known today the country major business run and control by directly by the TPLF or people associated with this party. So my friend as an Ethiopians and as a free market believer the fairness of this ECX is very questionable. It is not Dr, Eline I have a doughty she is wonderful women and I give her all the trust and chance… my issue is learning and knowing TPLF how much they hijack that country wealth and how much they are corrupt her association with them is very crucial/essential to her success in this business… you don’t believe me read most of the people who wrote about ECX (I know they have to be TPLF in order you to believe them)

You said, “You might want to read little business book and understand why there has to be government oversight and regulations to protect assets…” Yes in the real world and a place where the check and balance of the government institution function properly I agree with you oversight is a nice thing to do at least it keep the greed not to abuse the system. While we know a country like ours the government is everything how you telling me government is trustworthy? Mr. Z-monky i know for sure you problem is to get out from the ethnic sickness otherwise you know perfectly how the low business and free market function here in the U.S… Always what TPLF say it on paper look great the reality is totally deferent. Accountability is the foundation of everything especially in the free market.
You said, “What is wrong if I am supporter of EPRDF?” I have no problem just change from EPRDF to TPLF… in practical mater there is no EPRDF

You said, “Once you learn how to properly wipe your rear…” you know what these days I have a problem to see my rear so I need some one to do the business what do you think you start doing that for me. You been doing it before nothing wrong if you do it for me…:))

You said, “Mr. Berhanu Nega…what he has accomplished by arrogantly stating he will support….” you know this is your problem you guys worshiping individual and you think every one is like you. I know for sure you read my response to the opposition I tell them how I feel and what I feel… i will say you are the one brainwashed but to be brainwashed you have to have one…

08/29/09 @ 15:38
Comment from: mamush [Visitor]

Dear Eleni,

my daddy has been sick for a while and we didn’t harvest a thing this year. we have nothing to give to you.
please tell ababa meles not to cut off my daddy’s hand.

08/29/09 @ 17:17
Comment from: Addis Girl [Visitor]
Addis Girl

Thumbs up elcad, eloquently put!

Superb article, very well thought of arguments and analysis of ECX’s/Dr Eleni’s position in relation to the despicable regime and its evil endeavors. Putting aside ethnicity of its boss, the idea of Commodity Exchange in a totalitarian, petty mafia like regime is a joke to say the least. It would be virtually impossible for Dr Eleni /ECX to stay neutral and transparent hence is and will always be in a very suspicious and questionable position.

[Welcome back Addis Girl, you were missed. Glad to see you back, only I wish Gundan comes back. He was a great asset on this page Admin]

08/29/09 @ 17:45
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Free, what are you trying to say man? When are you going to think and communicate past the obvious? Neanderthals never thought past the tip of their nose and that is why they became extinct. The “deep thoughts” you are trying share with us are stuck in the primordial cranial cavity.

Cheers pal

08/29/09 @ 20:41
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]

I envy her and her position. Not for lack of schooling but I wish I was gutsy, motivated and as willing as her with experience to match. What Genet has is a biased opinion based on hate for Tigrians. Not hate only for TPLF or Meles the skunk. Dear, G, I suggest you go back and read who she says has a higher share of ECX. If you want to put out your thoughts out there, thats fine but do not shoot down what others can do and YOU can not.

Eleni has stated the government of Meles Z started this, The Z government basically controls it. I mean, what does one expect from a dectatorial regime, to hand over power? Wake up and smell the coffee.

As for the rest of the haters of progress, try and see that Eethiopia is not Tigerai alone nor is any progress achived by Tigrians for Tigrians. I say this to all because we seem to be stuck in this vortex of sludge that is neither going up or down. We seem to be stuck in time. What is being done to improve the nations markets, power shortages and other life improvements must stay free of being injected with this tribal poitics Genet speaks of but she herself injects in her essay anyways as do most of us here.

Too bad. I see your long and boaring derset no different than those who spew hate politics here… in a few words. Just to show you what I mean dear G… you said,
“What is interesting in this process is that, Dr. Eleni’s revelation has put an implicit distance between her and the ethnicity of the core of the regime. Even then, some see it as a deliberate ploy perhaps to win acceptance through her aplenty blood ties from different ethnic groups….
Dr. Eleni is in the most unenviable position. She finds herself in the suffocating vortex of a repressive regime. Should she reconsider her return to Ethiopia, she seems to have no place to hide from her nagging commitment to her country’s development. Although I cannot speak for her, Dr. Eleni….”

Well, from all this you said one thing right. You can not nor do you have what it takes to speak for her or do what she does. Those like you are who give most of us in the… “Diaspora” the name, the label… if you klnow what I mean. She was nice enough to address the issue raised by tribalist on many fronts. I for one would have told you all to go suck an egg if I were in her shoes (and what a great pair to slide in to…) but she did not. She explaind to the dedebits here and elsewhere who seem to think they own the right to other peoples privacy and selfworth.

And here is more on the Ethnic points you made G…

“At this point, it is worth mentioning that our Tigraian brothers and sisters need to take serious note of this. At the same time, it should be recognized improving inter-ethnic relations is a two-way traffic. Tigrayans should also traverse to improve their relations with other Ethiopians. If their response is mere finding a scapegoat to blame, it should be apportioned entirely to the TPLF regime, which has poisoned their relations with other Ethiopians.”

Why even bother to mention this if you do not have a thing for it er… to blame the Tigrians? Why do Tigrians alone have to take note? It is ECX and not TCX. I Mean, I am an Ethiopian who never questioned the Ethiopiawinet of Eritreans levae alone Tigrians… Why should you? Who is you? What is the point here and what does all this have to do with ECX?

Well, in your conclusion you eluded to Eleni “not to commit a crime… what is that? People like you who negate every little progress to improve the lives of our people are the criminals next to Meles and his Tplf goons. Hell with you and your like who will write and say anything to hear yourself talk. People who talk are a dime a dozen… but people like Eleni, those who grace us with their dedication to help the poor, who are selfless and devoted, come once in a life time.

In my conclusion I say, if you have nothing constructive to say, shut the hell up.

Eleni, ignore these fools and do what you do best. Be the true Ethiopian you are… you owe no one an expalnetion to anything you do any further because it will not make change in their thinking.


08/29/09 @ 20:51
Comment from: G [Visitor]

I have simple resolution for all Ethiopians, this will stop rebels being created in the country, it will stop etnic hate. ” adopt American system. Each state will have it’s own gov’t, sentar, and congress. No president shall pass 8 years of the power. And so on. ” sorry I am just dreaming”

08/29/09 @ 22:40
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]


I understand you are a Tigrian, misinformed, yes, never the less a Tigrian who thinks TPLF stands for Ethiopian Liberation Front. Get it right dear. TPLF was established by Shabia to break away Eritrea. Keep in mind those 1 Million soldiers you mention are Ethiopian boys Tplf helped to kill on shabias behalf while they were fighting to avoid the same crap your meles is dealing with now. If a separetist movement like OLF was to get the upperhand on your TPLF what would you do? Oh wait… you are doing exactly what Derg did to you to the Oromo people. Right? Talk of being a hypocrite.

As for those who think progress in Ethiopia means TPLF or Tigrai, and must stop, I am with you. As for the “illegitimate” previouus leaderships you mention, none were more illegitimate than the TPLF you support. Its name “TPLF” speaks the fact.


08/29/09 @ 23:11
Comment from: straight shooter [Visitor]
straight shooter

Black Stalin by Alex Shoumatoff, Dispatches, from November 1991 issue of Vanity Fair

With platform shoes to make him look taller, he was a bantamweight dictator, but did some heavyweight damage. He destroyed what had been a promising country, if slightly behind the times, the oldest black civilization and the only African nation besides Liberia never to have been colonized. Raising his clenched fist in the Black Power salute, his chin jutting out il Duce-Style, his eyes suffused with feline sangfroid, he would promise to crush into rivers of blood the secessionist traitors and tribal bandits, the sinister external forces and internal conspiracies bent on dismembering the country, while the men in the conscripted multitude chanted “Forward!” and the woman fluttered their shoulders and ululated in the traditional fashion. Now the square is deserted. No one is standing in the bleachers where Mengistu’s generals, ministers, and what was left of the Dergue , the committee of 108 idealistic junior officers who overthrew Emperor Haile Selassie seventeen years ago, had applauded nervously, not knowing who among them would be the next to be eliminated. Conspicuously absent is the huge, detested statue of Lenin, like Mengistu himself one of the last casualties of glasnost…. The whereabouts of the statue are unknown, shrouded in mystery like the whereabouts of Haile Sellasie’s body, and even the simplest, most harmless piece of information in this almost impenetrable society. Perhaps the way to penetrate it is to start with the Ethiopians who have withdrawn from it. I’ve heard from the Columbia University anthropologist William Bushell about these amazing hermits who are Christians – eremitic Christians (from which the word “hermit” comes) – but are more like Hindusadhus or Tibetan crazy yogins. They spend years in caves or trees (the latter are known as dendrites), using breath control to generate body heat and alter their consciousness. People claim to have seen them streaking across the desert at superhuman speed. A few weeks before Mengistus’s flight, one of these barefoot, wild-eyed desert mystics looking like John the Baptist with his dreadlocks and animal skin, appeared in Addis prophesying that a big black snake was going to fall from the sky, and it would soon be followed by lots of little snakes. Some of these hermits wall themselves up in tombs, living with the decaying corpses to remind them of their own mortality. People put their ears to the tomb, and the hermit speaks to them. We’ve gotten directions to one who has inhabited a succession of tombs since the revolution of 1974. His take on recent events ought to be interesting. The hermit’s current domicile is in a graveyard of the forested mountains outside of town. It is a flat, dressed-stone crypt, we discover, with an epitaph chiseled in Ethiopic script, and it is shaded by ancient tel cedars. The scent of frankincense and myrth drifts over from the nearby church. He comes down to meet us in a sort of consultation room below the tomb, where he receives his visitors, and old man wrapped in a wrinkled tan blanket, with matted coils of hair under a black qob, or monk’s cap, and metal staff – the sort of dude who wouldn’t seem at all out of place these days in any good size American city. We belong to one of the most backward people, the hermit begins. God has blessed you with wisdom and peace. What is it that you want of me? I begin by asking, what make you renounce the world and become a bahitawi, a hermit? He is eunuch, translates Asefa, the young Ethiopian who has come with us. When he was child, he was castrated. Some of the tribal people in the backlands still castrate anybody they can find, as proof of their machismo. They present the balls to their prospective father-in-law when asking for his daughter’s hand or, reportedly, wear them around their necks. Next question: Do you ever pray for an end to the suffering of the Ethiopian people? Yes. But in monasteries all over the country, men of treat prayer present this issue to the Almighty, so his role, he says, is insignificant. Are you aware of the suffering Mengistu caused? Yes. He followed events through the newspaper, and nothing escaped his attention. He had visions of impending disaster, so Mengistu’s overthrow came as no surprise. But Mengistu and his people were not righteous, so God did not reveal the future to them. Why has there been all this terrible suffering? What have the Ethiopians done to deserve the famine and Mengistu? It is Ye-Egzihabher Fird, the judgment of God. If the people had genuinely called the name of the Lord, the famine and Mengistu could not have happened. Our faith is questionable. Our nations is like a tree burned by fire, whose leaves have fallen. Will the leaves return? He is dead-sure, Asefa says.

08/29/09 @ 23:41
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

. . .let her give chance to prove what her objective for the betterment of our country, we need new leaders with vision for real change. . .

. . .what is good for us accept it and what is bad for us refuse them!. . .

08/30/09 @ 00:27
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


Precisely my point, your head is stuck in your dark rear and cannot see a think. Once you pull your head out of your ass, you will start to see things better and will understand better about the point of having ECX and why it goes hand in hand with all businesses and why the government needs to have an oversight. However until you pull your head out of your ass, you will remain in that dark-hole and Dr. Eleni will achieve her goals before you know it and the government of Ethiopia EPRDF/TPF will regulate ECX like all businesses. Beside, Dr. Eleni does not have the power to conduct such business in Ethiopia or anywhere else without government oversight therefore your assumptions are dead wrong. You like it or not, EPRDF is the party ruling Ethiopia and its government is obligated to review her work and chambers of commerce in Addis will continue to regulate ECX like all licensed businesses in Ethiopia.

08/30/09 @ 03:56
Comment from: Hagos [Visitor]

Both Genet and Eleni are trying in their own right to serve their country. Eleni is helpless to oppose Meles Zenawi and co. she tries to use the opportunity to establish an institution, which will not funtion properly now due to the one man-dictatorship. I wish Eleni was on the side of the ethiopian people who are loosing thier country day by day. Ethiopia lost her ports to a former province which was occupied by italy for 50 years. Sudan took a large tract ethiopian sovereign land with the support and acquiscense of the self-appointed Meles regime, which Eleni is part of. We leave it to history as to the future of our country. But we should all try to be part of the people of ethiopia and stand for the sovereignity and territorial integrity of Ethiopia. Errecting a market mechanism is a child’s game. You do nt have to a genius to do that. But it takes much effort to stand for a sovereignity of one’s country.

I wish Eleni was not part of the traitors led by Meles Zenawi (eritrean), Sebhat Nega (eritrean), Berekt Simon (an eritrean) etc. We should have the courage to speak and fight for our own people. Dr. Eleni has betrayed the Tigray and ethiopian people by working for a fascistic government whose declared aim to weaken and fragment Ethiopia.

08/30/09 @ 06:23
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

The magnificent Addis Girl -

Thanks & I sided with the moderator in welcoming you.


08/30/09 @ 09:33
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

lilkim, I apologize for opting out dedebit’s preferred economic units and terminologies such as Ambasha, Beles, and Limena for once in my commentary. This is one of those times that i consider even your parasitic existence as a trusted woyane hooligan irrelevant for the issue at hand let alone your oft worthless ranting and squeaking. Apparent is your defect to understand issues past the dedebit lowly wisdom of tribalism, outright denial and blame game. Simply put, this is beyond the scope of your irreversibly programmed and remotely controlled Meles worshiping little head hence i recommend that you start seeking the assistance of your seldom intelligent partner. Until then, please leave the thread with the squeaking lil pet, the mice, in your pocket and let those with the brain discuss the issue.

08/30/09 @ 12:11
Comment from: Addis Girl [Visitor]
Addis Girl

Thanks a mil Admin, I am honoured. At most respect to and its non TPLF participants.

I am sure Gundan will be back too; he probably took a long vacation and decided to leg it back slowly in true Gundan style :D:D

08/30/09 @ 12:49
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Addis Girl, congratulation on the extended vacation, big daddy must have been very generous this time. Next year’s vacation is on me :)))

08/30/09 @ 12:56
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Lekim -

Your generous offer to Addis Girl will become certain only if you able to obtain more allowance from your Challenged boy friend. That off course depends on how you perform in bed. :)) Then, may be you will qualify to hold Addis Girl’s candle.

08/30/09 @ 13:49
Comment from: ene [Visitor]

This is a reasonable analysis of ECX. I do not envy Eleni because she is in a no-win situation. She wants to help Ethiopia and the only way she can accomplish it is by being on the good side of the government.

In her “can do” attitude, she has chosen to respond to most of the concerns raised about her relationship with the government and the role ECX playing in enabling the government to have a tighter control on commerce… This shows her willingness to convince Ethiopians that her intentions are genuine and that every Ethiopian has stake in what she does. I must admit, however, that I was a bit disappointed by her first response because I felt that it was basically saying “I am not a Tigrean". THen again, if she has not responded to the question of her ethnicity in the bold way as she did, the noise could have been damaging.

08/30/09 @ 14:05
Comment from: sami1 [Visitor]




















08/30/09 @ 14:07
Comment from: kafficho [Visitor]

Letekemach, semaye kerbu new!.
Genent, rater than spending time in gosip , use your skill to write business plan say doreo erbata dukem! you can make money out of it.

08/30/09 @ 15:15
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Eclad that is the worst pickup line I have ever heard. You need a crush course in humor.

08/30/09 @ 15:59
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Lekim -

It hurts. Doesn’t it? … I thought so! I can see you are mad. Relax dude! You are easy and frail. My tip is - stop being a crying girly man and learn how to take the heat. Force yourself to hilarity old man!.


08/30/09 @ 21:03
Comment from: tezebet [Visitor]

Z-Mike, sorry the Z-Monkey

The point is first I never believe that there is a party name EPRD F in practical matter it just a cover up purpose the bench of monkey’s like you cheer Melese… let us talk to about TPLF there are the real deal… why not Dr. Eleni tell us that she is working with TPLF and ECX is the other wing of TPLF economy empire.. Anyhow as I told you I will give her all the benefit of doughty… History will tell us why she is there. If she is there for helping her people I will always there to support her and defending her, but in the name of that nation and people there are so many crime been committed.

My D*** head friend let me ask you I am really confused your sexuality these days every time you talk you like Ass with it do you have something against A**…))

My Dadabit cadre friend as I told you I give you the privilege to wipe my ass and I will make sure you will be paid for it. The last few years I did change a deeper and that was not a fun job, but since you born for that kind of job I let you to do it and you will fit well…

You said, “you will remain in that dark-hole and Dr. Eleni will achieve her goals…” which dark-hole you referring my friend thank God for this great nation I used all the opportunity this country offer and live a wonderful life. I care more my people to have what I have in my adapting nation. I care more my people not to die in the ocean to run away from evil TPLF I don’t forget how my family and I run away from Derug, I care more my people to live in their country without fear and starvation…

till i see you in other topic with y our BS have a nice week…

08/30/09 @ 22:16
Comment from: King [Visitor]

It is kinde of diperessing reading most of the comments. I wish God give us the tolerance respect on each other.

08/31/09 @ 00:47
Comment from: yiba [Visitor]

Dr Eleni went home to help her people. NO DOUBT FOR THIS. I hope simply that she would not be discouraged by all these critics. As one of you said, she might be the RIGHT person at the RIGHT place but with WRONG people. But, if this is the case, let her discover and understand this by herself. If she is free of any governmental intervention, as she said, so let us wait for the outcome.

08/31/09 @ 03:18
Comment from: Addis Girl [Visitor]
Addis Girl


I believe your economically challenged sounding frail self may need the vacation more than anybody! You would be doing your frustrated self a huge favour if you took your long overdue vacation to relax your low level politician wanna be self outta the cyber world my dear. As my fellow countrymen say “Sew Tira Bilut Erasu Meta”. :p

elcad - you are a diamond!

08/31/09 @ 08:59
Comment from: Birabiro [Visitor]

You wrote the article as “Gennet” and commented it as “Saba". Why? Many of you bloggers here sound unhappy in your lives. Sad!

08/31/09 @ 09:45
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Gennet is entitled to her opinions.

I am just wondering if the loud dispora ever adapt a different career than A CRITIC??? Critisism is okay if you all lifetime critics do something positive on the side…i mean beside being critics of those you dont like….

Critisism is acceptable if we can see some alternative ACTIONs from your camps.

For those who admire Dr. Elleni but not necessarily the Ethiopian gov’t, may wanna give credit for the first time in your life credit to the Ethiopian gov’t for allowing the Dr. do what is good for Ethiopian ppl…


You seem to be an intelligent person from your writings…regardless of i agree or disagree with your analysis and assumptions…

Dont get me wrong as ur paycheque may help some needy member of ur family back home BUT AS I SAID YOU MAY HAVE MORE POTENTIAL TO DO BETTER THAN WHAT YOU THROW HERE ONCE A BLUE MOON…

Move a little higher than a position you designate yourself in cyber…

give yourself a promotion and go see what you can do for Ethiopian ppl you deerly cared about…the reward you may get is better than some applauding you here.

You may have noticed that most of us here already know exactly who will write what and what kind of critics we will read the momnet we hear a development in Ethiopia…GETTING SOOOO PREDICTABLE…am yawning here!

08/31/09 @ 12:27
Comment from: Mesalemia [Visitor]

Dear Editor:
I understand that it takes much of your time to go thru the comments that we write. Please read the comments pepole write before you post them or do not post it altogether. This is a very sensitive issue and to some degree it requires us have some basic economic concepts. People learn from the ideas that are being entertained by professionals or people who have read a great deal about the topics that are being discussed.

Please be more selective when you post comments on topics such as this one. I would expect the writer as well as others be more interestd to read people’s opinions.

Some write just for the hake of it; not on such topics.

Do your best to be more selective. We learn a great deal from commentaries if they are worth reading.

Thank you,

08/31/09 @ 14:33
Comment from: lekim [Visitor]

Hey Eclad, according to Addis Girl it sounds like you are in for a big treat. Just watch out though my friends, one little slip and you are in pile of mess.

08/31/09 @ 14:36
Comment from: EthioMan [Visitor]

I for one disagree with your suggestion, Mesalemia. If you forgot, what you are suggesting is called sensorship/selective reporting/bad idea. One can not choose and select what one favors. everyone has a voice here, even if it is as bad as… well, what we have here. I commend Nazret for their ability to take sides and yet stay on course and let all say what they feel… yepppie….!
that is why we seek democracy… you know?

Just curious Mesalemia, does this mean you support what Tplf has done to journalism in Ethiopia?

Comment from: Mesalemia [Visitor]
Please be more selective when you post comments on topics such as this one. I would expect the writer as well as others be more interestd to read people’s opinions.

Some write just for the hake of it; not on such topics.

Do your best to be more selective. We learn a great deal from commentaries if they are worth reading.

08/31/09 @ 17:17
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Lekim -

It sounds like Addis Girl has excellent taste. Sorry, you had to be disqualified from the competition; it requires a man with 2 working balls. Start your slow journey to man hood before it gets too late, who knows the magnificent Addis Girl would smile to you after a very prolonged future. Miracles do happen, don’t you think?

08/31/09 @ 20:18
Comment from: elcad [Visitor]

Addis Girl -

Big LOL @ “Sew Tira Bilut Erasu Meta”. That exemplifies the old cadre.

08/31/09 @ 20:55
Comment from: Z-Mike [Visitor]


The dark-hole I referred to you was the same dark hole where your head has been stuck and unable to see a thing. Once you manage to pull your head out of the dark-hole (your rear) you will then be able to see things better without blurry and perhaps have a better argument regarding the brave Dr. Eleni and the government of Ethiopia. Dr. Eleni need no support or approval from haters like you, instead she will continue on her journey and make a difference to the lives of our poor people.

As far as the job offer, thanks for the offer but I defer myself and I suggest you start searching for the nearest nursing home so that you can have better caregiver that can train you how to put on/off your diapers. Good luck with that…

By the way: why do you people always try to play the victim? You most be delusional and out of your mind. You really think we are going to believe you that you were victim of DERG? Humm, I am sure your fingerprints tell different story otherwise while you play that victim card. Your hands are too thick with the poor blood of Ethiopians whom you terrorized during your RED TERORR era and no matter how many times you try to was and ears the truth, its too thick and time will catch on to you and the likes of you. You cannot even admit your membership with Ginbot-7 while you enjoy the privileges to travel to Ethiopia back and forth while you trash talk behind the keyboard… keep at it and we’ll see what you will accomplish.

08/31/09 @ 23:33



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