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Drama ETV



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Drama ETV

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Comment from: Hana [Visitor]

A very nice film. I admire the writer, Regisour, the Actors and any one involved with this film. It shows the true nature of life among the society and teaches a lot in order to do the right thing.
I hope Ethiopians and the govt and the international community including the NGO’s would support the Ethiopian film industry to grow especially with financing. It teach the community the right way of life. Especially Ethiopians have to learn to support our actors, writers, and the artists buying their product in order they be able to improve their work.
Buying one book or watching a film costs not more than the price of few drinks or one dinner. So, Ethiopians need to ask themselves about their approach with our writers, actors and artists. We need to know how to support each other in order to improve our way.

01/16/08 @ 05:20
Comment from: termoose [Visitor]

The best Ethiopian commedy drana i have seen. the actores are real actors keep it ethiopian film idustrty should grow support is essentail

01/16/08 @ 19:14



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