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Egypt courts Somalia islamists



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Egypt courts Somalia islamists

Egypt courts Somalia islamists

Mulugeta Alemu

16 February 2007

While the new Prime Minster of Somalia Nur Hassan Hussein is concluding his talks with EU officials in Brussels, a lose network of islamists and members of the Union of Islamist Courts, now repackaged as the Alliance of the Re-liberation of Somalia, left their nest in Asmara and are busy in an itinerary involving Middle East capitals such as Doha and Cairo. Credible sources suggest that in the Egyptian capital, the group met and held extensive talks with intelligence and government officials. This is not the first time Egyptian support for the Somalia’s network of islamists came out in the open. In 2006, the UN panel of experts monitoring the organisation’s arms embargo on Somalia had enlisted Egypt as one of the countries amassing weapons into Somalia in violation of a 1992 resolution.

The Egyptian government is unusually open in its criticisms of Ethiopian intervention in Somalia. In their typical way of doing business, Egyptian authorities are fielding government linked media outlets to communicate their views. On the official visit by the seven member delegation led by Sheikh Sharif Sheikh Ahmad, Abdullah Balak, editor-in-chief of Al-Ayam newspaper noted that "Egypt wants to fashion a formula to bridge gaps between the opposition and government."

Somalia’s Prime Minster has already declared his intent in perusing an inclusive dialogue including with the islamists. One wonders whether there is any connection between the talks in Brussels and the one in Cairo. In an apparent attempt to spin the development, Al-Ayam editor-in-chief quipped that Egyptians and the EU share similar stance on the issue and stated that the islamists will be met by Egyptians and EU officials.

Though Egypt’s opposition to Ethiopia’s influence in Somalia has largely been deftly covered in diplomatic niceties, Egypt has been increasingly critical. Several months ago, a statement appeared in the website of the Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where Ethiopia is verbally clobbered for Somalia’s woes. Immediately numerous pro-government media attack against Ethiopia followed. The harassment became so intense that the Ethiopian ambassador in Cairo was forced to release an elaborate public statement as a response to the myriads of media triads against Ethiopia over Somalia. Now from their five-star treatment in Cairo, the Islamists are throwing their trademark jabs against Ethiopia.

Egypt’s official invitation of the Alliance for talks in Cairo is the latest sign of its intent to work for a greater influence in the Horn’s most troubled nation. There are numerous hurdles facing Egypt to sell itself as an honest broker though. The UN panel of experts had identified Egypt as one of the countries supporting Islamists well before the Ethiopian intervention in Somalia. Officials within TFG consider Egypt to be biased toward the Islamists. Egypt also carries the burden of proving that its role adds value to a process of dialogue that is already unleashed. This is imperative given that its initiatives come in the hell of positive political developments in Somalia. A new cabinet is established and the new government under the leadership of Prime Minster Nur Hassan Hussein has shown an interest in taking aggressive measures with the view to broadening the base for peaceful dialogue and continuous engagement based on the agreement that was reached during the National Reconciliation Conference in September 2007. Early indications suggest that the Egyptians are encouraging the Alliance to hold another conference.

Though the African Union has made several decisions to support the TFG and its process for dialogue, Egypt is in an apparent route of thwarting the same decision. Egypt signed up to AU resolution which characterised Ethiopia’s intervention in Somalia in 2006 as creating ‘positive opportunity’. Rather than proliferating talks, African countries can do Somalia a big favour by strengthening the AU peace keeping mission in Somalia, and consolidating government institutions so that commitments under the September 2007 commitments are carried out.


Comment from: hamerenohe [Visitor]

Egypt had been,is,will be Ethiopian enemy for long time to come as long as they rely on our water and as long as they consider as a threat to their bullshit arab centered political interest.
The good news is they can’t do nothing about it.

02/16/08 @ 14:51
Comment from: Yeha [Visitor]

Egypt had been Ethiopian enemy for a centuries. Now,if Egypt get any one who aganist Ethiopia, its willingness is obvious to cooperated with. Death to EGPYT an SHABEYA. Yeha

02/16/08 @ 15:25
Comment from: Italo [Visitor]

Egypts attitude to Ethiopian progress is well known, that is why these gangsters (like OLF, ONLF etc.) are getting all this hoepladi hoeplada in the imaginory state called Eritrea. I wonder if Issayas has any brain in his ugly head. If Egiptians want to come we will remind them of the great Alula and the great Yohanes.

02/16/08 @ 15:30
Comment from: sana [Visitor]


02/16/08 @ 15:35
Comment from: Yager Lig [Visitor]
Yager Lig

It must be known Egypt was, is and will be Ethiopia’s enemy for the obvious reason. It will always aid any and every one that stands against Ethiopia.

02/16/08 @ 16:24
Comment from: free [Visitor]

what is the ethio gov say on this?


good point.

02/16/08 @ 16:25
Comment from: Eshatu Daba [Visitor]
Eshatu Daba

Egypt does not care for a burned face Somali that it was killing in south Sudan and now in Darfur. Egypt is famous in betraying its friends in a twinkle of an eye if the price is right. Ask the Palestinian Arabs, that it incited to leave their home behind and to go not to Egypt but to Jordan, Lebanon and Syrian refuge camps, so that it could one day liberate their land for them!! The day came and went in the six days war when the Egyptian Air Force did not even bother to take off to defend itself, it was routed by Israeli fighter bombs like a helpless impotent locust colony of the desert.

Sub Saharan Africa, should not take no more of these patternization of the desert Negro who denies that he is not a bastard of indigenous Negros and Arabs that came with the spread of Islam under the Turkish Sultanate in the 10 century A.D.

Today they are prostituting the history of the African civilization of the Nile. They sell it not as Afrocentric as the artifacts and the mummy’s show but in the image of not even an Egyptian Arab but that of the Syrian and Lebanese Arab which is the mixture of Turks and Albanians or Albinos. 90% of the Egyptian people depend on the alluvial soil of the banks and delta of the Nile. They are also have dark skin as Sudanese or the horn of African people in skin color. Nasser, Sadat and Mubarak have Negroid features for the taste of Europeans. You can see how the white man treats them in the French slums today. However, they entertain the killing of black Africans, and black slavery is rampant from Mauritania to Sudan to this day and the killing goes on an abated in Darfur and else where in Africa purchased from the sale of camels, palm fruit and the petrodollar.

Let every body identify either with African Union or Arab League one can’t eat with two knives at the same time. Throw the bastards out of the AU.
Africa needs to get unified and have its own defense forces, there is no place the Arab run when the oil is all consumed or replaced.

Egypt has done all it can to destablize Ethiopia and has threatend Ethiopia. Ethiopia should go in the defensive-offensive and build a capability to turn the direction of the nile with several strategically placed banker busting bombs. Only then will Egypt sees fit that Ethiopia will be able to plant trees to stop the erosion of the land and to tame and use the waters of the nile to feed its people and to generate power for local consumption or export.

02/16/08 @ 16:27
Comment from: philly [Visitor]

egypt has every right to support or not supportl any coutry they want. they dont’ have to abide by an ethiopian or an american law. tplf rats egypt is not the only talking to the oppostion that started by your master PIA. the u.s is also talking to the oppostion in secret. the secret is out mles was used by america like a condom. kikikik lol meles respect the rule of law and leave somalians alone. you’re not the POLICE OF THE HORN. EVERY COUNTRY SHOULD POLICE IT SELF.
come tplf rats, accuse egypt as a terrorist nation since they are helping the opposition. ITS REALLY FUNNY BUT PIA IS ALWAYS IN THE RIGHT SIDE OF HISTORY. SHAME ON TPLF RATS FOR DOING THE WHITE MAN DIRTY WORK FOR A FEW DOLLARS OR A BREAD OF LOAF. TPLF RATS YOUR HANDS ARE SOAKED IN BLOOD. YOU WILL BE BROUGTH TO JUSTICE SOON. YOU’ARE wanted in the north east south west and with in ethiopia. no where to hide, no where to run.

long live eritrea, ethiopian people minus tplf rats , somalia and egypt

tplf rats are a desease, urine, parasites that needs to be eliminated. PIA WILL ELIMINATE YOUR SO CALLED EMPIRE. we didn’t forget what you stole from us and the girls you raped or the people you killed. you will pay sooner than later

02/16/08 @ 16:31
Comment from: Arbaminch [Visitor]

This psedo-intellectual masscearding as a Woyanne analyist is doing a diservice to the Ethiopian foriegn policy.Every individual or country that dosen’t tow the Woyanne line ie either a terrorist or an enemy. From the outright stupid comment of the Woyanne PM, that Orthdox Ehiopia is surrounded by ill willing Shikdoms, to that Egypt is our enemy, is politcal hysteria. As if Ethnic cleansing and Ethnic Aparthide is not enuogh the Woyannes are dead bent to add relgion to the mix.

02/16/08 @ 16:32
Comment from: H, Seyoum [Visitor]
H, Seyoum

as a matter of fact,as far as Egypt is in it,it will be worse, before it become better. Because no matter what Egypt always does not want hear or see about Ethiopia, it is good for Egypt to do the opposite, and this is not new it has been there since 1888 when Egypt tried to take part of Ethiopian Land. Egypt was badly defeated and shame for it action, since than indirectly her action is against Ethiopia she does’t wan to see peaceful Ethiopia, I know it,I was a Diplomat In Midel-East During the the Ethiopian Emp, Hailesilase. So this is not new, they are indirectly supporting any one against Ethiopia, they are not even good for Somalia they are good for there mission. befor she was supported Eritrea for it’s mission and after mission is accomplished,today which is Feb,16th the Egypt started killind Eritrean women, mother of 8,and 10 years of chidren,thing about it why they helped them be for and why they kill them now? Becaouse one mission is accomplished. I can say more but let me stop here for today.

02/16/08 @ 16:47
Comment from: Akaki Zeraf [Visitor]
Akaki Zeraf

Arbaminch, Sana, and Phily, don’t worry we know you are here to sow your garbage seeds but no one is listening to you. We know you are paid for by Issays and/or Mubarak to write your garbage here. We Ethiopians know how to unite when outisders like you come in our middle. So, without knowing it, you are really helping the cause of Ethiopia.

Long Live Ethiopia.
Death to Shabiya and death to Egypt.

02/16/08 @ 17:08
Comment from: ፊታውራሪ Free [Member]

What is new here Ato Mulugeta Alemu? We are very much aware of the works of the bloody Egyptians, if possible to destroy, if not to weaken Ethiopia irreversibly. Our knowledge about it goes to the extent not only what you are narrating here but also to the darkest secrets that you have sworn to hide. It is Egypt who has founded Shabeans who were then responsible to brainwash and arm Tigrayan Ethiopians who have successfully achieved plan B of their handlers when they made Ethiopia the biggest landlocked country in the whole world. And today, we have the likes of you who has been trying to portray the sold-out bandas of all time as the saviors of Ethiopia from external enemies. As far as your pinhead and big mouth concerned, landlocked Ethiopia is on its way of achieving a powerhouse of East Africa. Who are you trying to fool, you stupid hodam!? I wish what you are saying were true, but this is (just one among the many miseries of ours) the Ethiopia we have today and very much uncertain of its future. And, you Mulugeta Alemu, preaches the glory of Meles who has failed in every aspects of governance, who has designed and implemented a system that has been destroying our social fabrics. That just makes you a criminal like the Nazi intellectuals once were.

02/16/08 @ 17:22
Comment from: Nardos [Visitor]

Arbaminch, Sana, and Phily–go to bread line and leave us alone
Mad Eritreans leave us alone This site is for Ethiopians What ever we say we are brothers and sisters please go find u’r people and talk about u’r issues To all Ethiopias please dont answer to this war monger Eritreans and let us have our own discussion among us Why are they so obsessed with us? it makes u mad that we are not at u’r level, has it occurred to u when u thought u can make it hahahaha no more honey and milk from Ethiopia get the fact in to u’r head and go dig u’r stone
support terrorists or wag u’r tail to Egyptians we ont care we can take care of our resources. Abay was, is and will be Ethiopian

02/16/08 @ 18:18
Comment from: woldeyesus [Visitor]

I wouldn’t lose sleep for egypt. What worry me more is if Ethiopians are unable to eliminate every source of distrust among themselves. Now that the warriors of the northern highlands (our Tigrayan people) are not fighting the central goverment and instead they become at the driver’s seat instead, Ethiopia is much more safer than it was a couple of decades ago. Still, the current government has to work harder in building trust among the many nations and nationalities of Ethiopia to make Ethiopia invincible to her historic enemies. If you look back in Ethiopia’s history, the country was vulnerable at points where there were internal rivalries among the different regional kings or chiefs.

02/16/08 @ 19:33
Comment from: [Member]

Can Ethiopia be a regional leader? (Mulugeta Alemu)

Egypt courts Somalia islamists (Mulugeta Alemu)

Which hole this fool got out from?

02/16/08 @ 21:03
Comment from: Zena II [Visitor]
Zena II

Don’t hate on Egypt. Egypt is one responsible country, while Ethiopia is many country with no responsible government for the people.

For me, I never felt I’m Ethiopian, and they are millions alike. Who do you “Ethiopians” provide for us? you what I’m saying. right?!!

02/17/08 @ 01:41
Comment from: Tewodrow Salsawi [Visitor]
Tewodrow Salsawi


I read your response to my appeal. (on another article)

Here is my response.

We need to reach in to consensus on which Ethiopia we are talking about.
As of my understanding the Ethiopia you always talk about is Menilik II’s Ethiopia.

Well that is an Ethiopia too. But it is an Ethiopia created based on the remaining parts of the empaire after the scramble by Europians. In this Ethiopia Menilik and his succesers tried to create one Identity of Ethiopianizm by Amharization. I urge you to read some of the books by Nibure’id Ermias Kebede. But that state of Menilik failed to create this assimilated people of Ethiopia.

The Ethiopia I am talking about is the empire which once was called by Homer UTHOPIA The kingdom of “Angabos", The Sabean Kingdom, The DMT kingmom. (for your information DMT kingdom’s capital was YEHA the oldest surviving city, you can go to Tigray and visit), The Punt kingdom, The Adal, The Gada state of different regions and so on. All of this Kingdoms had their chance to rule at least once in a time line of the history of the people at the horn. But most of the states had comparative independence from the ruling kingdom. So a federal system is not a new thing for the people.

When the Axumites were in Power the Empire reached its pick in civilization.

Now here is how the struggle of Tigraians started. Every child in Tigray grows learning the history of their fore fathers namely The Axumites and DMT and How great Ethiopia was then. While Yohannes IV declared that from Northern Nubia to Puntland is his Empire Menilik II agreed with Europians and consolidated with what we know as Ethiopia now.

Now the question is how do we re-establish that great Empire. It is by allowing people to govern their own states as in the old days. By that I mean by allowing all the old kingdoms to resurrect in modern political forms. And then since these people have more in common the necessity for the union of states will be inevitable. That is how I expect Somalia, Puntland, Somaliland, Djibouti and Eritrea will join the union in the future. But for this union to be realized the platform for federal system should be constructed. So people organized as a state (Whether Geographically, economically Ethnically) (Unfortunately most of the political intiatives are organized Ethnically) can participate in the union.

That is How the Woyane ellits reached to a conclusion that they should respect the nations and nationalities right to establish their own state and to choose whether to join or leave the Federation (Union).

This is the Ethiopianism I am talking about.


Tewodros Salsawi

02/17/08 @ 01:45
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

ARAB EGYPT had invaded ethiopia morethan 18 times through it’s colonizers in THE LAST TWO HUNDRED YEARS only to be defeated by brave ETHIOPIANS.RAS ALULA the general of africa fought the OTTOMON EGYPTIAN in many occasions & humiliate them not ever to invade ethiopia.

ETHIOPIA is a country that defeated facist italy in world war two with bare feet and old muskeet against nerve gas,thanks,air plane,and 700,000 facist troops most of them happend to be erterans.

Ethiopians as a whole we should not come to conclusion by continuing to blame egypt as enemy do to the historical past or current issues.We must continue to solve problems with egypt through dialog in a civilize manner ,if ther is any,as far is ethiopia she never harmed egypt in her entire history except giving NUBIAN CIVILIZATION.

All these hula bula mulugata is writing about nothing new ,but maybe for himself & ome readers that are not familier about ethiopian history.Blaming others for our short coming is nothing but slave mentality.

Egypt will continue to do whats best for thier long term interest ,while some ethiopians are working against thier own country & at the same time belittling the orginal ethiopians for thier self serving agenda.Mr mulugata stop writting about others until we address and solve all the problems inside ethiopia.

All ethiopian enemies have the right to do what they want to do in thier own country…We like ir or not.

02/17/08 @ 01:45
Comment from: AGAM [Visitor]

FREE [MEMBER] it’s the TIGRAY PEOPLE that saved ethiopia in 1991 when you were hiding under the bed or saving your skin for a better life for your self.You are repeating the same discourse as the past two regimes by not giving credit to the saviour of ethiopia tigray people.Free if you miss ertera why dont you pack up and move over there?

02/17/08 @ 02:09
Comment from: Sami [Visitor]

Yeha :

Why don’t we jump in Egypt to fight the long time enemy to stop them supporting enemies why?
Would that be it is a chalenge to fight another country who has defence not like somalia with no government and Eritria with only 3 to 4 million people vs Ethiopia 80M?

Let us be peacful country with fairness.

According to the agreement we signed we must abide and then negotiat in good faith to gain even may be more by friendly talk. In the other side we are giving land away to SUdan becuase both leaders have the same mentality in the other we blaff blafff…

Have mercy in you and Meles!

02/17/08 @ 02:45
Comment from: [Member]

Its true Ethiopia has enemys who dont want her progress. But let us not forget we Ethiopian are also our own enemy. This i say cos we bite eachother a lot of the times but instead we must unite and stand together and work towards change and development.

United we stand divided we fall!

When our enemys see us united they will realize they cant break us apart. We all know this is what they want. Let us not give them the satisfaction.!

02/17/08 @ 04:14
Comment from: mabuutu sekseko [Visitor]
mabuutu sekseko

as en congolien i see you ethiopian are so called nation of insulting peoble you never read the real history you peoble are ingorant most of you think u`re smart inteligent but let me say this you nothing but bunch of stupid let the real african solve their problem you are ni african ni european ni arab what are are you? and yet you talk like african u sell u blood to america ooooooh i know bush`s busterd that is it..

02/17/08 @ 05:14
Comment from: Qolexam [Visitor]

Italo,judging from your rubbish comment,
you sounds bloody stupid tigrean gang!!

02/17/08 @ 05:25
Comment from: kumsa [Visitor]

I couldn’t understand your comment.
HIV/AID is not only Ethiopias problem.
Today in Washigton DC only more than
400000 people live with AID’s Virus.
I don’t know why you try to relate AIDS
and Egypt’S evil work.

02/17/08 @ 05:47
Comment from: Ogaden Fella [Visitor]
Ogaden Fella

This is yet another attempt by the Woyanes and their supporters to divert attention and try to mislead the public.

This is by far the worst distortion of reality I have encountered so far, The Woyanes seem not to be bothered about telling falsehood when we live in an information age where access to the truth is a mouse click away.

The not so honourable author who concocted this piece of lie has failed to tell any truth of the fact of the matter or even substantiate his lies with any kind of logic, to blame Egypt for Woyanes quagmire in Somalia and bush advised proxy war will not solve the problems.

Lie number one, the Alliance of Re-liberation of Somalia is not exclusively composed of ICU and other loose Islamists as the author puts it, but the majority of the Alliance members were members of the TFG (Transitional Federal Government of Somalia) who could not agree with their country being invaded by the Woyanes.

The alliance of Re-liberation has been actively engaged with the world diplomatic circles advocating their positions and withdrawal of invading Woyanes terrorising the civilians. They are constantly consulted by UN (UN Special representatives Ahmedou) and the EU. These two bodies tried specially EU to bring some sort of negotiated settlement between the ICU and TFG but Ethiopia and USA have actively sabotaging the process by encouraging their puppet TFG not to negotiate.

The latest round of talks between TFG of Somalia and the opposition Alliance for Re-liberation of Somalia was part of new strategy by Prime Minister of the TFG to pursue an inclusive dialogue with the opposition and his effort has been endorsed by the UN, EU and all countries who wanted peace in the horn including Egypt. It looks like Woyanes have been infuriated by Egypt taking the leading role as the mediator of the Somali conflict.

It looks like the World has noticed the Woyane regime are the source of conflicts in the horn, the issue of Ethio-Eritrea war is still unresolved despite the Boundary Commission’s verdict in awarding the flash point town of Badme to Eritrea and numerous UN resolutions. In Somalia no single country in the world has contributed to the agony and suffering of Somali civilians than this “rogue” minority led regime in Ethiopia by flooding weapons to the feuding warlords in Somalia and preventing any constructive peace making to take hold.

The most recent violating was the UN Resolution 1725 (Dec 2006) while permitting African Peace keeping Force to be deployed in Somalia, the resolution particularly excluded neighbouring countries from taking part of the peacekeeping force (ie. Ethiopia, Kenya and Djibouti). On What capacity are the Woyanes regime in Somalia?

It is just little bit strange to me how an aggressive regime whom many analysts consider as the architects of death and destruction in Somalia expects to be consulted on how to make peace in Somalia a very wicked Woyane mentality.

Please read the following piece by the Independent newspaper on 09 Feb, It will elaborate many things I have talked about.

Ogaden Fella

02/17/08 @ 06:44
Comment from: Uzawa [Visitor]

Wake up, try some thing else,

this mornon woyane man is trying the failed attempt of justifying the invasion of Somalia. Fix your internal problems first - change the sectarian and clentilist regime to more inclusive one. We first need to have in place a regime that is for all Ethiopians, not for sections of society. Then every Ethiopian will rally behind a government of its own, and let alone Egypt, forget the so called Islamic court mornons, Ethiopa’s interest will prevail what ever comes. So long as we pretend and keep on our internal problems simmering and fermenting, let alone Egypt, a slight wind can blow Ethiopia into pieces.

May God give us the Wisdon


02/17/08 @ 07:50
Comment from: tser [Visitor]

I tghink Egypt can play changing face game in politics, in GOOD TIME FRIEND and In BAD TIME FOE, this strategy might help to ARAB and ZIONIST countries.
But I don’t think makes effective towards in ETHIOPIA, learn what had happened to TURKISH in 1500’s, DERBUSH (SUDAN) in 1800’s, ITALY in 1800’s and 1900’s and recently SOMALIA in 1977 by military might and tactic with help of GOD.
And these time with the smart leader of PM Melese, not only crash the enemy by fire power including economy too,like ERITREA my made criple in economy and politics, my advise to EYPTIAN fellow don’t play a game to these PM MELESE ZENAWI on the security of ETHIOPIA nothing can stop him to use all un precedent means like reducing the volume BLUENILE river just making enough to our friend sudan before his last resort war

02/17/08 @ 10:49
Comment from: omo [Visitor]

Egypt will always be the enemy of Ethiopia, and Ethiopians should always be united to avert the danger that might come from our enemies. It is not only the waters of the Nile, but also because Ethiopia is a secular country where Christians and Moslems could live together in harmony, contrary to the wishes of the Egyptian fundamentalists. We should not forget that, if the dictators of Egypt and Algeria were not bought by American money, these two countries could already have been under the control of the blood thirsty Moslem extremists. The long term aim is the creation of a Moslem dominated Africa, a theocracy ruled by sword and fire. Let’s remember the stoning and amputations carried out by the Sharia law in places like Nigeria.

02/17/08 @ 11:27
Comment from: Somalian [Visitor]


02/17/08 @ 13:55
Comment from: [Member]

I think supporting the ICU is too much money for eritrea that is why the ICU is moving to egypt but as long as the somalian people dont want them what is the point that the egyptionsare supporting them

02/17/08 @ 14:48
Comment from: nooneleasson [Visitor]

Ethiopias enemy is its own government! The others won’t bother us more than Meles is bothering us. Please, stop saying Egypt is enemry because our peoopel are being treating in their own country as enemry. To list enemesis of so called by Meles; CUD, ONLF, UEDF, OLF, Seeye, Arena, etc. These are oppositons who wanted to bring democracy to our country before we even think about other countries as enemie.

We don’t buy Meles strategy as he is our number 1 enemy.

02/17/08 @ 15:39
Comment from: mola [Visitor]

fuckin egptian police killed eritrean women and arrest her chidern which is 8and 10 years old.guys look at this stupid police,why are they arresting innocent childern,they know nothing about it, do you guys say this fair,it’s so disgusting i ever seen,by theway iam not eritrean it’s just make me mad when read it in i hope almighty GOD will punish them for their cruel doing, because whatever they are doing GOD is watching them,
secondly egypt is enemy of our country b/s of abaye that is why they want to destbalize beautiful and historical country of ethiopia,
may the lord be with childern who lost their mum in cruel shooting of egyptian police,

02/17/08 @ 17:33
Comment from: ogedenian [Visitor]

How stupid are some of your comment in here. Egypt has every right to support somalia and its people as somalia is part of teh arab league. Secondly , egypt hasnt done enough to support somalia. Imagine if they decide to send troops to somalia, who would b able to stop them? Ethiopian Army? are u joking?.
Arab support for somalia hasnt been great but at some point in the future it will change. Ethiopia are in trouble in somalia and 2008 will be a good eayr for both ogaden and somalia..after all bush is gone

02/17/08 @ 19:13
Comment from: EthioSomal [Visitor]


You need a mirror to look at yourself
You are not an Arab by any means. Do not
fool yourself, you are a Habesh, black, unless you peel off your skin. Forget
about this religion staff,Muslim/christian
All Arabs are not muslim. There are christian Arabs too. For us, Ethiopians
and Somalis our main enemy is poverty and
ignorance. Let’s work hard in harmony
together for a good feature. The boarder
is a colonilism regime residue. Very soon
we will boarderless and travel free from
Mocadisho to Addis, Djubuiti, Hargessa,

02/17/08 @ 23:20
Comment from: Somali [Visitor]


What part of you is Arab? Do not fool
yourself look at the mirror. Your are Habesh, black, whether you like it or

02/18/08 @ 04:20
Comment from: Almaz [Visitor]




02/18/08 @ 09:14
Comment from: ogedenian [Visitor]

Ethio/somalia….i never said i was ARAB…. i said somalia is part of the arab league. Nobody said u have to be arab to be in the arab league. Secondly , u habashi apologist..trying to tell me poverty is our problem? what kind of stupidity is that. Poverty is ethiopian problem ours is Ethiopian occupation. No country in africa has got entreprenuer skills like somalia. Within 10 years somalis will be far and ahead of ethiopia today had we still have UIC in ower. Ethiopia new that and thats why they went into somalia. they feared stable somalia for a year would be too much for them. REgarding Arabs… i will pick them ahead of habashis any day after all they are my fellow muslim. In addition to that, Arab themselves arent free and controlled by dictators. Can u imagine hamas, or muslim brotherhood in egypt allowing ethiopia to invade somalia? nevr ever. So before u diss arab ..just look which arab your talkin about..u uneducated animal

02/18/08 @ 11:49
Comment from: Qorqoro [Visitor]

For 17 years when somalia need help where is the arab league? when a christian government of libanon have any problem the arabs r always there to help them they payed bbbiilions of dooolllaaars to rebeuild the country but not muslim somaliya Ogadenia
Today kuwait,UAE,Saudis,Libnan,Yemany etc…. r investing bilions of doollaars in ethiopia
The arabs they don’t care about somalia whether somalia member of arab league
or not i think they like habashi more than somalia b/c habashi is from south arabia haa haa hahaha

02/18/08 @ 16:31
Comment from: Ethio/Somalia [Visitor]


Well, let me tell you this. I will be very happy for a peaceful and prosperous Somalia.
There is no animosity between Arabs and Ethiopians. We have lived side by side peacefully for thousand of years.
Can you imagine in our world neighborhood countries making no major religious , boarder or ethnics war living geographically as close as Arabs and Ethiopians. Read history of the world.
After the raise of Islam, the Arabs went all the way to Spain and east Europe to spread (by force, war) the teaching
of the prophet Mohammed. It was easier to cross the Red sea and invade Ethiopia.. This shows there is a mutual respect. When it comes to Egypt of course there
is mistrust of Ethiopia from the Egyptians side. This is understandable. Because the livelihood of Egypt depends on the
Nile river. Ethiopia as the main source the Nile, whatever happens in Ethiopia it wearies Egypt . I do not blame them. It is natural to weary about the well being of oneself.
The main river in Somalia, Wabishebelle, also flows from Ethiopia.
You know it is ironic Egypt and Somali depending on Ethiopia’s water but not trusting Ethiopia.
Let me add something. Religious fanaticism has no place in our modern world. If you fanatics Muslim or Christian believe you will go to heaven how do not you make suicide as soon as possible to join
your Lord. Leave the world for the rest of the people who like to live in harmony.

Ogedenian, I do not think I should say so much to you, but one other thing,
Ethiopia is not a Christian country. Ethiopia is a home for Christians, Muslims,
Jews and so on. My self a Christian I do not like it Ethiopia leveled as a Christian country. That is not the fact. The western media called Ethiopia a Christian nation to polarize the situation in the region.

Ogedenian, you said, Arabs are your Muslim brothers, what about Muslim Ethiopians?

02/18/08 @ 17:35
Comment from: Somali Patriot [Visitor]
Somali Patriot

Somalia and Ethiopia are true friends no matter what Egypt do. Horn africa always stay strong. Ethiopian people showed Somali people what is true friend.

02/19/08 @ 07:29



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