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Ethiopia - ESAT: What is in a name?



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Ethiopia - ESAT: What is in a name?

Ethiopia - ESAT: What is in a name?

By Hindessa Abdul

Ethiopian Satellite Television (ESAT) has been making headlines for the saga related to its interruption. The latest announcement that the station is ready to roll once again is good news for the public as it is a source of alternative news and views. Various TV stations have been launched only to disappear with measured success. The Ethiopian Worldwide Television from London, the Washington D.C. based Ethiopian Television Network are just recent memories. ESAT is the latest to test the water, albeit in different shape.

As private television broadcasting in Ethiopia is not allowed, all these projects have to be launched from abroad. Taking advantages of the technology and the network of professionals in the Diaspora, they launched the 24 hours TV programming last May.
ESAT is the latest addition to the more than 300 TV channels that air programs through the Riyadh based Arabsat satellite service provider. The Eritrean government run Eri-TV is arguably the first one to enter the Ethiopian air waves through satellite back in 2004 first in Amharic then in Oromiffa. VOA also - after the jamming of its transmission - recently joined the Arabsat spectrum to broadcast its transmission. Now it is ESAT’s turn. If they prove successful, expect more stations to follow suit.
The bulk of the journalists serving ESAT are from Europe and with some help from their colleagues residing in the U.S. Most of the journalists are experienced professionals, some with prison stunts.

Signs of Success?

Since its first broadcast, ESAT proved to be a force to reckon with. It didn’t take long before the Ethiopian audience called them esat (fire). While the role of the media shouldn’t necessarily be grilling the government, the perception somehow indicates they are playing that part.

Three weeks into the launch their transmission was knocked off the air. That happened a couple of times before they were silenced for almost a month. Speculations still going on, the main suspects being the authorities in Addis. Addis Neger Online said that it has obtained information which indicates that “ESAT has successfully been jammed by Ethiopia’s Information Network Security Agency (INSA).” The source also disclosed Chinese assistance was instrumental in silencing the station with an installation of a 700 MW jammer. Ethio Media Forum refuted that and quoted a professional: “The theory that a Chinese gadget from Sar Bet jammed ESAT doesn’t hold water and it is rubbish.” They also added: “ESAT was not jammed. It has nevertheless been sporadically interrupted by undetermined electronic interference.”

The service provider has been cautious from putting the blame on anyone for the “undetermined electronic interference”. Nevertheless, ESAT spokesperson Mr Abebe Belew, told Awramba Times: “We believe we are jammed,” without actually saying who was behind it. In recent interview with the VOA, he again refrained from pointing fingers. “The service provider is still investigating,” was his response.

Who is watching?

Television is a tricky media for most of the African audience. In Ethiopia, it is even much trickier. With around 30 percent of electric coverage, the other 70 percent is excluded from the benefit of such media by default. Even more, the cost of TV is prohibitively expensive for an overwhelming majority of Ethiopians. At the moment the number of television sets in the country is estimated to be around 400,000. That is a ratio of 1000:5. Most of these owners are concentrated in major towns. What makes matters even more challenging to satellite broadcasters is that all these TV sets cannot receive their signals without additional satellite receivers which normally cost half the price of the TV sets. That shouldn’t be a cause for concern though. Think of the Internet a decade earlier!

The most important advantage of the satellite transmission is that it is not hindered by lack of transmitters. ETV which uses transmitters (and satellite lately) currently covers 43 percent of the country. Fortunately, that is not a problem for satellite broadcasters. That is the advantage of the extra cost of having a satellite dish.

Over the last decade satellite dishes have been sprawling from the roof tops of many Addis Ababa neighborhoods. They are also constantly growing in the regional states. These days the cost of satellite dishes in Ethiopia has shown a drastic increase. In most cases up to 50 percent, hitting the 2000 Birr mark. Many people say ESAT has been one of the “culprits” for the price hike. Others attribute that to the recently concluded World Cup tournaments in South Africa.

As such, ESAT is costly to viewers, which for the foreseeable future makes them the media of the urbanites. Most of the Ethiopian private press have also been targeting this audience. What matters most is the existence of an alternative voice.

Smear Campaign

While it is too early to talk about their success, they seem to have gotten on the nerves of the powers in Addis to be a target of incessant smear campaign.

The TPLF owned Walta Information Center called ESAT “an emerging terrorists’ media.” They also claim “this television is funded by the Eritrean government and international terrorist groups.” Walta, however, didn’t provide any evidence to sell this claim. When ESAT was knocked off air the first time, the cadres quickly ridiculed them by extending their wish to “Rest In Peace”. Then another one came which said ESAT was actually not fire but a moth (Yesat Rat). Then came: ESAT = Esayas Afeworki TV. The latest one comes with some ethnic flavor added to it, in the classic TPLF style. It reads: “If Amharic is not your language why give your money to ESAT?” That is a reaction to the various fundraising activities the station is undertaking. The propaganda is not expected to end anytime soon.

To keep up

• One of the most important advantage, it is a 24 hours transmission which can be viewed anytime of the day. Sure it is a monumental task to sustain a project like that.

• The reporters strive to balance their information by trying to get the other side of the story. They show that they at least tried. That is one big step to create credibility. They are doing their best in hunting down the contact numbers of the news makers. Some of the responses from Ethiopian officials sound dramatic, to say the least.

• The availability of their broadcast online through their website. They are also a constant presence in the video sharing websites of YouTube, EthioTube, and DireTube. The Internet presence allows audience to watch the programs in their own terms.

To reconsider

On the downside though, there are a couple of issues ESAT should be addressing:

• As a European based media, ESAT could benefit highly from the advances in media in those countries. Unfortunately, starting from the presentations, the title of their programs, even the attires seem to have been borrowed from ETV.

• The need for plan B. ESAT should be ready for any measure from Addis Ababa. Depending on their success, that could range anywhere from tampering with their frequencies to taking legal actions on satellite dish owners in Ethiopia. VOA may have the budget and the diplomatic clout to tackle that but ESAT is vulnerable owing to financial constraints.

• Its advisory board composition is also a bone of contention. The regime in Addis is attacking them claiming that since the owners and the advisory board members are known government critics, ESAT cannot be an independent media. The broadcaster insists it is owned by Taskforce for Ethiopian Democracy and Human rights (TEDH), which is a nonprofit organization.

At this juncture, we should also remember that the supposedly public media which is paid for by the Ethiopian tax payer is exclusively controlled by the ruling party cadres. Instances: the board chairman of the Ethiopian Radio and Television Agency is none other than Mr Bereket Simon. His deputy Mr Shimeles Kemal sits on the board of the dying Ethiopian Press Enterprise and another top TPLF official Mrs. Netsanet Asfaw chairs the board of Ethiopian News Agency. So much for independence of media preached from Arat Kilo.

All said, ESAT should still reconsider the members of its advisory board.
How far ESAT goes depends on a number of variables. Finance being the top most issue. Will they continue to entirely rely on handouts from donors and good Samaritans? Well, that is sure to put the station in a difficult position. They are planning to charge the Internet audience a monthly subscription fee of $ 10, as explained by the spokesperson of the station on VOA. That perfectly makes sense. Major dailies and weeklies like the Wall Street Journal, The Economist, Newsweek and others have long begun charging for access to their content at a much higher rate. If we come to the Horn of Africa, the Indian Ocean Newsletter charges an average of $3 per news item for its online content. In that regard, ESAT is just following a trend which befits their services. That is not to forget that they still should seek other sources of finance to sustain this bold project.
Whatever the fate of ESAT, they surely will take credit for showing that it is still possible to penetrate all the blockades and become alternative source of ideas. All it takes is a bunch of dedicated and resourceful citizens which ESAT’s team has surely been.


Comment from: alo [Visitor]

ESAt is supported by some westeren colonalist to spread hate in ethiopia and creat strife and war.

ESAT+ an axis for fasist colonalist in the name of defending democracy it is trying to distablize ethiopia
and make the life of 80 million ethiopians miserable

ESAT we shall not forget ur crime against the ethiopian people

07/22/10 @ 02:48
Comment from: ferenge afkari [Visitor]
ferenge afkari

This is good start for Ethiopian people whose has no ideas what’s going on in there own country rather than listen and watch woyanes false media telling un happened thing by undermine entire Ethiopian people so know people can get independent news more than ever and I like to say god bless you all whose come up with this great idea. Thanks

07/22/10 @ 03:35
Comment from: justin [Visitor]

ESAT fits this media outlet perfectly - it describes the TERRORIST media to the T!

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

07/22/10 @ 03:45
Comment from: AAA [Visitor]

ESAT doesnt look any diffrent from Government /opposition medias.They give almost most of their Air time to opposing the government and ofcourse to music.I would like to see an independent journalism and professionalism and objectivity.Hope ESAT will listen

07/22/10 @ 03:53
Comment from: haddis [Visitor]

“ESAT” is the mouthpiece of the Modern Bandas",and it is not as important as the other medias.All the Bandas who organized the TV station are interested to satisfy their white laords,not the Ethiopian people.Take my word that they will be out of air (business) after few months or collapsed like their friend Isayas Afeworki.

07/22/10 @ 05:27
Comment from: [Member]

The bottom line As the writer of this article admits it, the main issue with ESAT is financial problem. Even Isayas of Eritrea with his money he collected by pan-handling and bending over for the Arabs can not cover their expences.
The spokes person of ESAT, Abebe Belew a pathological lier,right up front said,"we believe we are jammed".
It is sad to hear this lie echoed by all ESAT supporters,as if Ethiopian govt is capable of jamming a single satelite transmitted program out of 100s of satelite stations.
Any way the main issue is accountablity. That is why VOA amharic service can not meet our standard. By talking trash,name calling of our leaders,unprofessional unfounded aligations and accusations. Most of all the hate mongering and violence instigation. Some times they act like children. By saying unapropriate words,like Elias kifle of Eri Review.
They know they can not be held accountable for any damage they do to the soverighnity of the country as long as they broadcast their program in amharic,they will deny it and the rest will be lost in translation. Or there is no jurisdiction to prosecute them at all.
We have 100s of stations in the US who are free to say anything either opposing the govt or supporting. But none of them cross the line to attack the president personally by name calling. They will automaticaly lose their license. That is why we need accountablity.everything has its limitation.

07/22/10 @ 07:20
Comment from: abi [Visitor]

Why too much worry for ESAT just to propagate hate.

Hate leads to disintegration!

07/22/10 @ 08:13
Comment from: Dani [Visitor]

No matter how much lipstic you put on a pig it is still a PIG.

Esat is made for the consumption of those denakurt who has nothing but hate towards the gov. how in hell is Esat gone be an *independent* media while they have Abebe Belew as their spokes man and the other loosers and known haters like prof. ALTEMAREM on board……they are by default biased and doomed to fail as CUD and ETN because the only thing that is motivating them is hate and hunger for power.

Woyane is too bussy to jam loosers like them….soon we will hear something like,,,,,some member of Esat has run away with the money collected from subscribers….bunch of idiots…Ethiopia is better of with out you loosers.
stay tuned.

07/22/10 @ 10:39
Comment from: positive thinker [Visitor]
positive thinker

Is this an AD or opinion? You can not increase audience by spreading bunch of rumors. Please come clean and focus on your work. NO SHORT CUT PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

07/22/10 @ 10:44
Comment from: solo [Visitor]

good staton

07/22/10 @ 10:47
Comment from: ethiopiawi [Visitor]

ESAT: stands for Eritrean Sponsored Arab TV. We know what the Arabs and Eritrea wants to do with Ethiopia. The sad thing is watching this Bandas be a mule for Eritrea and Arabs. Real sad!

07/22/10 @ 11:13
Comment from: Arbegha [Visitor]

TPLF cadres stay in your cacoone Tigrhe{ADIGRAT} provice have your red&white flag
up worship your creator EPLF out from real Ethiopian voice or website
you saw hate among tigrea poulation &the rest of Ethiopians you came to distroy ETHIOPIA from its foudation
as was your pricple all along from sahel desert lecture you got from your mentor{EPLF]END !!Do you think we buy your daily pretence you hate EPLF? DEATH to TRAITORS long live Ethiopia

07/22/10 @ 11:23
Comment from: Tushta [Visitor]

look how the woyane thugs are making a lot of noise. The advice for ESAT is to duplicate the effort and open another station from US, Canada and Australia too. This will make jamming extremely expensive that the rotten regime in Addis couldn’t stand it any more.

Those barbarian so called TPLF supporters go hell with your tribal sensation which poisoned your blood.

go ESAT go!

07/22/10 @ 11:24
Comment from: Tefera [Visitor]

dont you people have better things to do or better places to invest your money:?::?:

07/22/10 @ 11:26
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

who cares why E-SATAN fails, what matter is the failler.

07/22/10 @ 11:41
Comment from: long life for mama [Visitor]
long life for mama

ESAT fits this media outlet perfectly - it describes the TERRORIST media to the T!

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር
i am afried for ethiopian pep and for the country i don what they think if u want to teach the peopel and for the gov its good but always to commplein and to make bad thing for the country and the peopel plz plz if u have good idea and some thing to change life for the peopel its good

07/22/10 @ 11:41
Comment from: long life for mama [Visitor]
long life for mama

u don have some thing special for our peope just poltics
tell me what is the meaning of figthing and poltics `?
u now wht its beter sett and discus with the oppostion and the gov its big deal other wise our peopel suffer fro every side

07/22/10 @ 11:44
Comment from: TIBEBU [Visitor]


07/22/10 @ 12:18
Comment from: Hailu Belew [Visitor]
Hailu Belew

What in all seriousness amazes and boggles my mind is that the ever growing separation and disenchantment between governments of countries around the globe and the ever radicalizing global and spherical media outlets in every aspect of media tribulations intoned global communities.
The general media outlets around the world (electronics, print, television etc.) news organizations Specially in Ethiopia have completely divulged from their honest reporting, ethical, moral responsibilities either by serving and catering to their financially supporting constituencies and or imbedding themselves to whom they fill obliged too, by virtues of political and social affiliations.
The controversial Ethiopian news media communities has been totally alienated and discredited to its dismay due to young, unprofessional, unaccredited and unlicensed status quo reporters producing unsubstantiated, controversial as well as sham reporting’s against the government to gain disputes and arrests to claim audacious arrests and abuse by the government, infect causing chain reactions reporting’s by their fellow reporters to gain international attentions which will undoubtedly trigger the so called self appointed international human right organizations effectively granting these unqualified disgruntled reporters as an endangered reporters finally to be pushed out of the country so falsely and precariously granting them an deniable political asylum status visa to a country of their choice to immigrate too and therefore creating a kit cat copy of systemic failer in to our countries news organization to be seen as credible and authentic reporters and their reporting’s, the public digesting these reporting’s with anxiety and suspicions.
From the government’s stands points of errors of rules and regulations of engagements in pertinence, as to these unqualified reporters manipulating in free lance reporting’s, the government of Ethiopia and the ministry of information has a great responsibility to lay the ground of rules and regulations in black and white to the information medias in general to follow and abide with, otherwise it will be counterproductive to the creation and a flourishing of civil and a just society in mother land Ethiopia, or else we all have failed as a people to glorify and accelerate our Ethiopian indignation to proof it ourselves and to create a defining moment for the forthcoming generations as well as our beloved nation.

07/22/10 @ 12:45
Comment from: Akakizeraf [Visitor]

When woyane fells there is a real danger coming he sniff it from a mile and do whatever it can to stop it.But this time,poor woyane,it is a nightmare you will never recover when the people you in-slaved come to know the full crime you committed on him and on the country the final curtain will be close and be judged by the entire country so to make sure you will never be able to hurt anybody again . .

07/22/10 @ 12:56
Comment from: alula [Visitor]

I donate $200 every month for ESAT, our people need it very much. GO ESAT GO

07/22/10 @ 13:51
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Whatever TPLF Thugs are spreading lies
and propagandas ,at least ESAT transmission is a fresh air of Liberty
comparing ETV and any other TPLF medias of propagandas .This is the only reason that these bandits are trying to jam ESAT TV as they ‘ve done
against VOA Amharic programms .As said
our dear elders :"Fes yalebet zelai ayetchelem” ,that ’s all are TPLF Thugs and Aderby Bandas a Bunch of coward criminals Shaking each
time they hear words as Freedom ,Democracy ,Free medias ,opposition
forces ,G7 ,ICC ,Birtukan Mideksa ,Berhanu Nega ,Professor Almariam ,Diaspora ,United Ethiopia ,Arm struggle …

07/22/10 @ 14:10
Comment from: nile [Visitor]

for me e-sate is current affair (pal talkers) on tv esat is not independent
source media they are loser

07/22/10 @ 15:37
Comment from: bymeno [Visitor]

“I send $200.00 a month to Esat…”

Your families are living with the help of other family, you send money to Esat? Shame on you!! I advice you to send that money to your mama so that she doesn’t have to scrach her stomach due to starvation.

That $200.00 will help to renovate “Yadekibetin hulet kifil yekebele bet.” Ekekam!

As to Esat, Abebe Gelaw and Al Mariam will run away with the money they recieved from shamless Alula and others as a result, esat will fail like its predesecers Tamagh’s Ethiopian TV net work.

God Bless Ethiopia!!

07/22/10 @ 17:55
Comment from: selam [Visitor]

esat is a piece of garbage. It’s main purpose is to distablize ethiopia.
we have to say enough is enough to those blood suckers…

07/22/10 @ 20:19
Comment from: gebreab [Visitor]

Woyane dogs started to bark at ESAT.Let them continue to do so. Democracy loving people should continue to support midia like ESAT.
I like thier fund raising strategy also. This one seems sustainable.’yemiwota Injera kemitadu yastawokal’

07/22/10 @ 20:27
Comment from: Andinet Betegbar [Visitor]
Andinet Betegbar

ESAT is a good start for a free and independent media in Ethiopia. More than 80 million people have been cursed by Meles led totalitarian terrorist regime to just one super-tightly controlled TV and radio station. This is not for lack of funds but it is a delibtrate policy to keep the people in the dark. ESAT is a good hope to help the Ethiopian people break out of the darkness but in order to be accepted by the cross section of the Ethiopian people and have a significant impact, it NEEDS to allocate time out of the 24 hours airtime to other languages of Ethiopia such as Afaan Oromoo, Tigrigna, Somali, etc. That shows a true change of heart on the part of Amharic speaking Ethiopians (Amharas) and fosters confidence among all sections of our people. People are looking for tangible measures more than a wolf cry and lipservice for unity. Respecting and allotting air time to other languages goes a long way in inspiring confidence and bringing about the genuine unity we all aspire for. ESAT also NEEDS to work on launching a radio broadcast in various languages because with that it can reach wider audience. I hope and believe that ESAT is working on these two very important and high priority action items and I cannot wait to see it realized.
Andinet Betegbar

07/22/10 @ 20:51
Comment from: Aba Kebeda [Visitor]
Aba Kebeda

Alo, who was supporting TPLF? Why do you consider them, they are enemies for Ethiopian people?
Justin: for sure your parents were “lemagn ” or tererist.
Hadish; wey lekey! Yebanda enatum abatum semien Ethiopia nachew. Shewa, Gojam,Gondar,Wello and sidamo never had banda. Ask Meles father he will tell you his mates.

07/22/10 @ 22:33
Comment from: Jegnaw Gondre [Visitor]
Jegnaw Gondre


07/22/10 @ 22:48
Comment from: zi [Visitor]



07/22/10 @ 23:01
Comment from: ESAT in Chid [Visitor]
ESAT in Chid

Dear Alo please come back to your sence and think bout it !!! You said ,"ESAT+ an axis for fasist colonalist in the name of defending democracy it is trying to distablize ethiopia
and makethe life of 80 million ethiopians miserable” here comes the question ,for what benifit??? I think you need Hulet sebat Tsebel.

Peace to our land, Go ESAT , but responsibly.

07/22/10 @ 23:06
Comment from: ESAT in Chid [Visitor]
ESAT in Chid

Dear Alo please come back to your sence and think bout it !!! You said ,"ESAT+ an axis for fasist colonalist in the name of defending democracy it is trying to distablize ethiopia
and makethe life of 80 million ethiopians miserable” here comes the question ,for what benifit??? I think you need Hulet sebat Tsebel.

Peace to our land, Go ESAT , but responsibly.

07/23/10 @ 01:00
Comment from: nesanet [Visitor]

hi all this comments aginst ESAT (indipendent media)I don`t no when are you stop thinking like animas?only thinkig of yourself you are black too no matter how much you hat united ethiopia(africa) and working for tigray indipendet still you gonna live in africa becouse you are not white!those who only thinking of thir stomack you gonna live only few years don`t live more poverty for next genrations! you stupid.

07/23/10 @ 02:31
Comment from: Bereket [Visitor]

Very good article. It gives us a good insight of ESAT. I hope the TV owners read the article and take the advise. I am really surprised to see a lot of woyane cadres crying out loud whenever they see the name ESAT. Why don’t they do same to ERiTV who clearly is a mouse piece of Afworki. Each anti ESAT tv comment makes me support ESAT more and more!!! We Ethiopians leaving in the west should support ESAT.

07/23/10 @ 02:53
Comment from: Kebebush's Somali Husband [Visitor]
Kebebush's Somali Husband

good development. people must hear the other side of the story. TPLF doesn’t believe in this kind of space. They are thieves, ans thieves do not like those who make noises amid a heist.

07/23/10 @ 03:30
Comment from: Ozzy [Visitor]

ALULA- Im not even sure If u make 200box a month!:crazy: And If u do Its to bad that U pay that kind of money to teach ethiopians hate:no: and Esat, You guys are bunch of loosers:no: from know on every body should call U FOX NEWS In Africa:))

07/23/10 @ 06:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:)):crazy:TPLF Thugs you’re SHAKING and shiting
on your pants just because ESAT is presenting
the Sadest facts of the country ,the evil
side of your leba ,and the meanings of
Democracy and freedom .Your medias of Tribal
based Ideology of Hates are used to spread
unfounded accusations against the True
Ethiopians ,advocating the crimes comitted
by your leba master and his agazis ,and
baseless futile childish propagandas .As
said one of my bros on this web ,ESAT IS
HOT ,it’ll BURN TPLF Bandits and
their Bandas at the whole .As said our
dear elders :"Atem Tchekaigni neberek ,
Tchekagni aweredebeh ,ende Gena dabo ESAT nededebeh..” or “Belekosubet ESAT mekatel
ayekerem” so TPLF Thugs ,Aderby Bandas ,
Wodam Fool diaspora Peoples ,Facist Agazis
and Leba Tigrai Mafiosos :Ende Seratchew,
Ahunem Akattelo ,Leblibo Yageyatchew ,BUNCH

07/23/10 @ 12:17
Comment from: Jegnaw Gondre [Visitor]
Jegnaw Gondre

ALULA go brother for giving donation for ESAT…..
and me and about 10 friends of mayans made a pact to give each $50 US dolares a month that is =$500 u.s i am sure others will do same whatever they can afford to give.
free Ethiopia from this WOYANE banda forever.let us say never again this will happen to our beloved country Ethiopia eradicate Woyane.

07/23/10 @ 13:17
Comment from: yoni [Visitor]

Why is Admin being bias???
My opinion should be respected as much as YOUR GOONS HERE…

07/23/10 @ 13:26
Comment from: Fikre [Visitor]

ESAT makes ETV look like a stone age, ESEPA like communist party propaganda media.

It is refreshing to watch something different and creative than the boring communist propaganda that comes from ETV. I do see no difference between the Mengistu ETV and the woyane ETV. They are all the same boring party propaganda shit!

Every time Woyanes hear about Dr. Birhanu or G7 or ESAT they start barking like a mad dog.

This tells me I’m right by supporting ESAT with my monthly contribution. Additionally I will also subscribe their online services as soon as they start it.

Wayane Dogs :p:p:p

07/23/10 @ 13:41
Comment from: Friew [Visitor]

We,Ethiopians need true media not terrorist media(ESAT).This media is a very bad for our country.The owners are bad too.They are founders of G7.And,it’s funny,they try to tell us non poletica media/free media.They cann’t fool Ethiopian people any more.People understand everythink,we’re in 21 century.

07/23/10 @ 14:58
Comment from: mershiti [Visitor]

please don’t say ethiopia lezelalem tinur YOU DON’T HAVE THE MORAL GROUND TO LOVE ETHIOPIA even to be Ethiopian for that matter you WEYANNEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

07/23/10 @ 17:46
Comment from: [Member]

All ESAT supporters now understood that after all,ESAT was off the air because of financial problems not as their spokes person said “we believe we are jammed". That is why some of the supportes are pledging to contribute.
Well we welcome the so called media long as you stay where ever you are,salivating and crying about our progressive, prosper and peacefull stable nation,Ethiopia.

Enentem woreachihun qetillu,egnam serachin ena edgetachin yeqetilal.

07/23/10 @ 19:57
Comment from: feqer [Visitor]  


07/24/10 @ 01:16
Comment from: Jegnaw Gondre [Visitor]
Jegnaw Gondre

…..Dani………….. yes i heat WOYANE to the core and people like u yewoyane BUCHILA.. for what they stand for not the person. loser like u…you say heaters, but u love your Woyane banda but u heat Ethiopians who dont agree with Ur WOYANE so really who is the heater hire i think u are moron.peace i am out.

07/24/10 @ 02:54
Comment from: Werner2010 [Visitor]

@ferenge afkari,
no one needs to be told from Riadh about what is going on in Ethiopia. People in Ethiopia see the new roads, bridges, power plants, water supply facilities, schools, health centers… that has been built recently. It is really sad that our government stifles the press, but to mention ESAT or ERI-TV as exemples of free press (or as TIBEBU [Visitor] put it FREE MEDIA) is simply bull***t.
@ bymeno,
$200 a month for ESAT? I wouldn’t put much trust on what alula says

07/24/10 @ 06:40
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

:lalala::crazy:Adgi Banda ,why are you so concerned so much by ESAT TV .Of course that the
True Diaspora Ethiopians shall give all financial and material assistance for
a FREE and PATRIOTIC MEDIA defending the rights of the Ethiopian Peoples .
Afterall ESAT is not your leba master’s medias of Hates from Aiga ,to

07/24/10 @ 14:41
Comment from: ababu [Visitor]

ESayas Afeworki TV (ESAT).

እስካሁን ካየሁት ብፈርድ: የገገማ ግርግር የበዛበት: የደርግ ትርፍራፊ የተከማቸበት: ድርጅት ይመስላል::

07/25/10 @ 04:15
Comment from: salsad [Visitor]

I dont understand those who oppose esat u want to watch etv!!! wow no this proves again our country leads by dump and dumperers of tplf cadres
i dono how much money they spend to am esat and will continue to spend keep it up esat or any other media

07/26/10 @ 07:24
Comment from: hatter [Visitor]

:oops:i’m telling u guys starting from 2day monday esat is out of service from ethiopian air wat a shame for z ppl who is doing zis!!!!

07/26/10 @ 09:58
Comment from: Shewarega [Visitor]

I have not watched their program not a single day. But seeing all the vicious attacks directed from the occupiers, I certainly will do so now.

By the way, what about the Mussolini TV, ETV, that is being fed to Ethiopians overseas. Ye Amara TV, ye Somalae TV, ye Tigrae TV, besbes banda. You think Americans will watch silently if they are facing, Anglo Saxon TV, TV Hispania, Mexicani TV, African American TV, TV for Cherokee what have you? Mengistu murdered all the people that count, leading straight into the hands of these secessionist looter pigs.

07/27/10 @ 22:20
Comment from: justin [Visitor]


Woyaneeee is the greatest thing that ever happened for Ethiopia.

ኢትዮጵያ ለዘላለም ትኑር

07/28/10 @ 01:17
Comment from: Agamino [Visitor]  

ESAT, Hate TV OFFFFFFFFF AIR once again!

07/28/10 @ 21:19



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