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Ethiopia: 2011 in the Republic of Corruptistan



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Ethiopia: 2011 in the Republic of Corruptistan

Ethiopia: 2011 in the Republic of Corruptistan

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

In December 2008, I wrote a weekly column entitled “Groundhog Year in Prison Nation” summarizing some of my weekly columns for that year. I used the “groundhog” metaphor from a popular motion picture in which a hapless television weatherman is trapped in a time warp and finds himself reliving the same day over and over. I wrote:
“2008 in Ethiopia was Groundhog Year! It was a repetition of 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004... Everyday millions of Ethiopians woke up only to find themselves trapped in a time loop where their lives replayed like a broken record. Each “new” day is the same as the one before it: Repression, intimidation, corruption, incarceration, deception, brutalization and human rights violation. Everything that happened to them the previous day, the previous week, the previous month and the previous 18 years happens to them today. They are resigned to the fact that they are doomed to spend the rest of their lives asphyxiated in a Prison Nation. They have no idea how to get out of this awful cycle of misery, agony, despair and tribulation. So, they pray and pray and pray and pray... for deliverance from Evil!

In December 2010, in another column summarizing some of my weekly columns for that year, I rhetorically asked:
It is December 2010, the end of the first decade of the 21st Century. Are Ethiopians better off today than they were in 2009, 2005...2000?

Does bread (teff) cost more today than it did a year ago..., five years ago? Cooking oil, household fuel, beef, poultry, gasoline, housing, water, electricity, public transport...?
Are there more poor people today in Ethiopia than there were a year ago... five years ago? More unemployment among youth, less educational opportunities, less health care?

Is there more corruption, more secrecy, less transparency and less accountability in December 2010 than in December 2009...?

Are elections more free and fair in 2010 than they were in 2008, 2005?

Is there more press freedom today than five years ago? More human rights violations?

Is Ethiopia more dependent on international charity for its daily bread today than a year ago...?

Is there more environmental pollution, habitat destruction, forced human displacement and land grabs in Ethiopia today than there was in 2005?

Are businesses paying more taxes and bribes in Ethiopia today than in years past?

Is Ethiopia today at the very bottom of the global Index of Economic Freedom (limited access to financing, inefficient government bureaucracy, inadequate supply of infrastructure)?

Here is a recap of some of my weekly commentaries for groundhog year 2011 in the Republic of Corruptistan:
The Art of Bleeding a Country Dry

“The people of Ethiopia are being bled dry. No matter how hard they try to fight their way out of absolute destitution and poverty, they will be swimming upstream against the current of illicit capital leakage”, wrote Economist Sarah Freitas of Global Financial Integrity (GFI). US$11.7 billion was stolen out of Ethiopia between 2000 and 2009, according to GFI.

Ethiopians are poor because they have been robbed, ripped off, flimflammed, bamboozled, conned, fleeced, scammed, hosed, swindled, suckered, hoodwinked, victimized, shafted and taken to the cleaners by those clinging to power like bloodsucking ticks on an African milk cow. The fact of the matter is that absolute power corrupts absolutely. Zenawi has absolute power in Ethiopia. Pleading for transparency and issuing moral exhortations against corruption will have no effect on the behavior of Zenawi or any of the other African dictators. Indeed, to plead the virtues of accountability, transparency and good governance with Zenawi and Co., is like preaching Scripture to a gathering of heathens. It means nothing to them.

Death of the Great Ethiopian Patriot Yenesew Gebre

On 11/11/11, Teacher Yenesew Gebre, a 29 year-old Ethiopian school teacher and human rights activist set himself ablaze in Southern Ethiopia. He died three days later from his injuries. Yenesew was protesting the politically-motivated illegal detention of some young people at an official town meeting. He demanded their immediate release. Officials offered him hush money to “go and enjoy” himself, but he refused: “I am not going to sell my conscience. I do not want money. I want my people released.” Yenesew could not take it anymore. Before setting himself on fire, he spoke his peace: “In a country where there is no justice and no fair administration, where human rights are not respected, I will sacrifice myself so that these young people will be set free. I want to show to all that death is preferable than a life without justice and liberty and I call upon my fellow compatriots to fear nothing and rise up…”

But they were not satisfied looking at Yenesew’s ashes; they had to kill him a second time. They scandalized his name claiming he killed himself because he was insane. Yenesew was not insane; he was mad. Mad as hell at dictatorship, human rights violation and abuse of power; and he was madder than hell at state terrorism. Yenesew Gebre had only one choice: “Give me liberty or Give me Death!”

Awramba Times: More Powerful Than….

Awramba Times, the last popular independent weekly in Ethiopia, stopped publication after its outstanding managing editor and recipient of the 2010 Committee to Protect Journalists’ International Press Freedom Award, Dawit Kebede, was forced to flee the country. Napoleon Bonaparte said, “Four hostile newspapers are more to be feared than a thousand bayonets.” [Ke shee toregna, aand gazetegna.] For dictator Meles Zenawi, Awramba Times, the tip of the spear of press freedom in Ethiopia, is more to be feared than ten thousand bayonets. Thank you Awramba Times! Thank you Dawit Kebede, Woubshet Taye (recently jailed by Zenawi), Gizaw Legesse, Nebyou Mesfin, Abel Alemayehu, Wosenseged G Kidan, Mekdes Fisseha, Abe Tokichaw and Mehret Tadesse, Nafkot Yoseph, Moges Tikuye, Tigist Wondimu, Elias Gebru, Teshale Seifu, Fitsum Mammo and [not pictured] Ananya Sori, Surafel Girma and Tadios Getahun.

The SEEDs of Hope in the Ethiopian Diaspora

The truth is Ethiopia’s young people are Ethiopia’s future. Nearly 70 percent of the Ethiopian population of 80 million is estimated to be young people (50 percent of them under age 15). An old Ethiopian proverb reminds us: “Our youth are today’s seeds and tomorrow’s flowers. (Ye zare frewoch, ye’nege abebawoch).” For me, the most important question today revolves around these future flowers in Ethiopia and in the Diaspora. Young people want freedom, peace and equal opportunity. They are deeply offended by unfairness and injustice and despise those who abuse their powers. When I look across the proverbial “generation gap,” I see a gap in thinking, attitude and perspective, not age. I became a hopeless idealist [by following in the footsteps of young people]. When you become an idealist, you stand up for your convictions. You preach and teach what you believe in. So I do my best to promote democracy, human rights and freedom in Ethiopia and Africa and elsewhere. I try to be the voice of the voiceless, though some may think I am just a voice in the wilderness.

Why is Ethiopia Poor?

In what Zenawi describes as “one of fastest growing non-oil economies in Africa,” inflation is soaring; and by mid-2011, Zenawi’s Central Statistical Agency reported that the annual inflation rate had increased by 38 percent and food prices had surged by 45.3 percent. There are more than 12 million people who are chronically or periodically food insecure. Yet, Zenawi is handing out “large chunks” of the most fertile land in the country for free, to be sure for pennies, to foreign agribusiness multinational corporations to farm commercially and export the harvest. This past July, the U.S. Census Bureau had a frightening population forecast: By 2050, Ethiopia's current population of 90 million will more than triple to 278 million, placing that country in the top 10 most populous countries in the world. It just does not make any sense.

Poor governance, lack of accountability and transparency (a/k/a corruption), lack of citizen participation and the absence of the rule of law are the root causes of extreme and widespread poverty, underdevelopment, aid-dependency, conflict, instability, starvation and injustice in Ethiopia. Have free and fair elections, allow the independent press to flourish, institutionalize the rule of law and maintain an independent judiciary, professionalize and depoliticize the civil service, the military and police forces and Ethiopians will be well on their way to permanently defeating poverty and making starvation a footnote in the history of the Ethiopian nation.

Why are Ethiopians Starving Again in 2011?

On December 21, 1987, Time Magazine on its cover page asked two timeless questions: “Why are Ethiopians starving again? What should the world do and not do?” Famine is not merely a humanitarian catastrophe in Ethiopia; it is a powerful political and military weapon. Ethiopia has been trapped in an endless cycle of dictatorship for decades. Its dictators do not give a damn if the people die one by one or by the millions. Famine is a structural part of the Ethiopian economy because the “government” owns all the land. Famine persists in Ethiopia because massive human rights abuses persist and because Zenawi has succeeded in keeping the famine hidden from public view in a “conspiracy of silence” with Western aid agencies and timid NGOs.

The Fakeonomics of Meles Zenawi

Zenawi’s economic planning is based on juggled figures, massaged statistics and irrational exuberance about overrated and illusory economic development. Systematic falsification of economic data, fraudulent statistics and creative accounting in economic reports have largely gone unchallenged for years by the learned Ethiopian Diaspora economists. The lack of systematic and sustained critique is all the more surprising and baffling given the fact that the economic swagger and wind-bagging about stratospheric economic growth and development comes from a regime not known for its economic “literacy”. Zenawi seems to follow the old principle that “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.” (Who believes in make-believe?)

Dictatorship is State Terrorism

Lately, Meles Zenawi, the dictator in Ethiopia, has been rounding up dissidents, journalists, opposition party political leaders and members under a diktat known as “Anti-Terrorism Proclamation No. 652/2009”. State terrorism is the systematic use and threat of use of violence and coercion, intimidation, imprisonment and persecution to create a prevailing climate of fear in a population with a specific political message and outcome: “Resistance is futile! Resistance will be crushed! There will be no resistance!” State terrorism paralyzes the whole society and incapacitates individuals by entrenching fear as a paramount feature of social inaction and immobilization through the exercise of arbitrary power and extreme brutality. In Ethiopia today, it is not just that the climate of fear and loathing permeates every aspect of social and economic life, indeed the climate of fear has transformed the “Land of Thirteen Months of Sunshine” in to the “Land of Thirteen Months of Fear, Loathing, Despair and Darkness”.

Why Do Things Always Fall Apart in Africa?

Things keep falling apart in Africa because over the past one-half century of independence it has been nearly impossible to hold Africa's so-called leaders accountable. For fifty years, African “leaders” have been telling Africans and the world that Africa's problems are all externally caused. Africa is what it is (or is not) because of its colonial legacy. It is the white man. It is imperialism. It is capitalism. It is the International Monetary Fund. It is the World Bank. The continent's underdevelopment, poverty, backwardness, mismanagement are all caused by evil powers outside the continent. The latest re-invention of the old African Boogeyman is “globalization” and “neoliberalism”, which Zenawi claims has “created three consecutive lost decades for Africa”. Things keep falling apart in Africa because of the lack of competent leadership with vision, purpose and integrity. Indeed the common thread that sews the vast majority of post-independence African leaders is not steadfast commitment to good governance and democratic practices, but their incredible sense of entitlement to rule forever and ever and ever.

Thugtatorship: The Highest Stage of African Dictatorship

If democracy is government of the people, by the people and for the people, a thugocracy is a government of thieves, for thieves, by thieves. Simply stated, a thugtatorship is rule by a gang of thieves and robbers (thugs) in designer suits. It is becoming crystal clear that much of Africa today is a thugocracy privately managed and operated for the exclusive benefit of bloodthirsty thugtators. In a thugtatorship, the purpose of seizing and clinging to political power is solely to accumulate personal wealth for the ruling class by stealing public funds and depriving the broader population scarce resources necessary for basic survival. Africa's thugtatorships have longstanding and profitable partnerships with the West. Through aid and trade, the West has enabled these thugocracies to flourish in Africa and repress Africans. The fact of the matter is that the West is interested only in “stability” in Africa. That simply means, in any African country, they want a “guy they can do business with.” The business they want to do in Africa is the oil business, the (blood) diamond business, the arms sales business, the coffee and cocoa export business, the tourism business, the luxury goods export business and the war on terrorism business. They are not interested in the African peoples' business, the human rights business, the rule of law business, the accountability and transparency business and the fair and free elections business.

Out of Touch in the Horn of Africa?

Western diplomats meeting in Berlin agreed, “The Ethiopian political opposition is weak, disunited, and out of touch with the average Ethiopian.” Who is the "average Ethiopian" whose contact is so highly prized and coveted? It seems s/he has an average life expectancy at birth of less than 45 years. S/he lives on less than $USD 1 per day. S/he is engaged in subsistence agriculture eking out a living. S/he survives on a daily intake of 800 calories (starvation level). S/he can neither read nor write. If s/he is sick, she has a 1 chance in 39,772 persons to see a doctor, 1 in 828,000 to see a dentist, 1 in 4,985 chance to see a nurse. She has little or no access to family planning services, reproductive health and emergency obstetric services and suffers from high maternal mortality during childbirth. She is a victim of gender discrimination, domestic violence and female genital mutilation. She has fewer employment and educational opportunities than the “average” man and is not paid equal pay for equal work. S/he is likely to die from malaria and other preventable infectious diseases, severe shortages of clean water and poor sanitation. The “average” Ethiopian youth is undereducated, underemployed and underappreciated with little opportunity for social mobility or economic self-sufficiency.

It is true that the Ethiopian “political opposition is weak and disunited”. But Western governments seem to be conveniently oblivious of the reasons for the disarray in the Ethiopian opposition. For two decades, Meles Zenawi and his regime have done everything in their power to keep the opposition divided, defeated, discombobulated and dysfunctional. In 2005, he rounded up almost all of the major opposition political and civic leaders, human rights advocates, journalists and dissidents in the country and jailed them for nearly two years on bogus charges of genocide, among many others.

Karuturistan, Ethiopia: The Fire Next Time

“Karuturi’s First Corn Crop in Ethiopia Destroyed,” announced the headline. Karuturi Global Ltd., the Indian multinational agro company, is today the proud owner of “2,500 sq km of virgin, fertile land – an area the size of Dorset, England-” in Ethiopia. Truth be told, Karuturi did not ask for this bountiful giveaway, nor did it lay eyes on it when it was presented with a 50-year “lease” on a golden platter by the ruling regime in Ethiopia. Karuturi was offered the land together with generous tax breaks and other perks for £150 a week ($USD245). Karuturi’s business model is simple: “Ask not what Karuturi can do for Ethiopia, but what Ethiopians can do for Karuturi.” Karuturi is in Ethiopia for only one thing: Profit and more profits. Just as it has built “dikes to enclose its plantations from flood water”, it also maintains a social, psychological and security enclosure to insulate itself from the local Gambella community.

U.S. Africa Policy: Empty Words, Emptier Promises

When Senator Obama became President, his “Africa Agenda” revolved around three basic objectives including “strengthening relationships with those governments, institutions and civil society organizations committed to deepening democracy, accountability and reducing poverty in Africa.” Over the past two years, what we have seen in Africa is a whole lot of deepening repression, human rights violations and corruption in Africa. We have seen very little “accountability, democracy building, the rule of law, judicial reform” and the rest of it. Much to our dismay, upon becoming President Obama morphed from a “confronter” to an accommodator of Africa’s notorious human rights violators. The U.S. should stop subsidizing Africa’s thugtatorships through its aid policy and hit the panhandling thieves in the pocketbook. If the Obama administration is committed to battling corruption as ‘one of the great struggles of our time’, as it has so often declared, it needs to undertake a thorough and complete investigation of aid money given to African dictators. In November 2009, U.S. State Department spokesman Ian Kelley stated that the U.S. is investigating allegations that “$850 million in food and anti-poverty aid from the U.S. is being distributed on the basis of political favoritism by the current [Ethiopian] prime minister's party.” No official report has been issued to date on the investigation. (Is it unreasonable to suppose that the results of the investigation have not been publicly released because the allegations of misuse of U.S. aid are confirmed?)

The Ultimate Question of 2011 in Ethiopia

The ultimate question of Year 2011 in Ethiopia is not whether “.04” percent of the Ethiopian population is living in the lap of luxury and wallowing in a bottomless ocean of stolen cash. The ultimate question is whether “99.6” percent of the Ethiopian population was able to keep its head above water better than it did in 2010, 2009, 2008…, 2005...2000….

Previous commentaries by the author are available and


Comment from: Gragn Ahmed [Visitor]
Gragn Ahmed

What is luxury has to do with freedom.

Weyane has now surpassed the Atse style of controlling Ethiopians by importing a Lebanon based Ah bash found by Abdulahi Harari of Harar.

Now, Ethiopian Muslims are controlled by Israeli advisors of Lebanon based cultish Islam.

I think this is the year of success for Weyane.

Are we going to go through the same thing over again?

12/26/11 @ 01:12
Comment from: Dagnache Koru [Visitor]
Dagnache Koru

What is Ali Mariam’s concern? Ali Selato had plan to take back Badame to Eritrea, that is why, Ali is writing day and night attacking Ethiopia’s government for the sake of Esayas Afworki. He never commented on Esayas Aforki even when he was reporting all Africans dictators.
So, Ali you think that Esayas is democratic? Your support for Esayas is unfolding and not stoppable, for me I can see your evil mentality, but how come the rest of Ethiopians never opened their eyes?
Yih Selato Dictator in the DC, preaching useless bugaboo lie every week to confuse everybody. Is he saying that, Americans, or Europeans lying about Ethiopia’s growth? Does Obama or Mrs. Vicki were lying about Ethiopia? So, for him, Congressman Black man, OLF, ONLF, Shaebia, Ginbot 7, or Tamgn Beyene are talking truths? As I know 80% (minus 20% Amharas) Ethiopians never listen to this garbage.
His agitation never works, because Ethiopia is far away from this kind fake propaganda.

12/26/11 @ 02:45
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

What a SHAME while most of the peoples are starving the Arat Kilo
mafia Gangs and Tigre Mafiosis with their bandas are selling the lands for Intrnational Exploiters opressing the poors .With such “Doubteful Company” the crime minister and his Agazis are filling their pockets .And here and there their thuggy supporters with their
puppets are glossing over such dramatic situation , inviting us to remain silent about what is really happening.Anyway all these traitors

12/26/11 @ 02:51
Comment from: Werner2010 [Visitor]

The author must have gone crazy, he quotes himself to prove that he is right all the time. “I said this in 2008, and I said this in 2009…” He has not been to Ethiopia for deecades, why should one trust a word of his hateful analysis about the economy or the government? I admire and follow those who are changing Ethiopia for the better, and I deplore those who chose to stand aside and make cynical comments about the peace, infrastructure, universities, health centers… In our country.

12/26/11 @ 05:39
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

It would have been better if your article came without your twilted but arrogant looking face. Watch out this Almariam. Did you take any mathematics course in your life? What is this “whether “.04” percent of the Ethiopian population ..the ultimate question is whether “99.6” percent of the Ethiopian was…”

What is this arthemtics man? How idiot you are to fail to know that .04 and 96 does not make 100. If you could not calculate this ABC mathematics, you would not have the slightest clue to try to rule Ethiopia. So just hush up and do not nag us here any longer.

12/26/11 @ 06:48
Comment from: go [Visitor]

A desperate man. He is so mad he does not know what he is writing anymore. I think even his supporters may be wondering.

12/26/11 @ 06:56
Comment from: chala [Visitor]

fact for the last 4 years when you wrote about African leaders you never ever mention even ones Isayas your master who pays your salery.
I wonder what type of moral you have to teach us democracy while you are getting paid from one of the top dictator.
OW I rember why the website you own with Elias kifle made Isayas person of the year to ethiopia.
So he is your hero.
Who ever pays you become your hero.

12/26/11 @ 07:16
Comment from: butamo [Visitor]

don;t be pesmist.

12/26/11 @ 07:46
Comment from: Enarge Enawga [Visitor]
Enarge Enawga

Biggest Economy:

Rank 2011

1 US
2 China
3 Japan
4 Germany
5 France
6 Brazil
7 UK
8 Italy
9 Russia
10 India

Yet, who is causing troubles and think is all that? Little UK/England. They are Living the present with the past legacy that was slavery, colonization and taking others country/continent and they are still proud of it.

Almost all Muslim terrorists in Europe including so called the backward and nomadic Ogaden are freely and comfortable living in London or other Cities in England. They are living with Income support with their many children while preparing terrorist act against Ethiopia.

The English themselves are losing ground year by year. Yet, they are using aid propaganda (which is not there) to affect other nations. Talking bad and negative about others seem give them good feeling about themselves in this bad time of their never faced before.

Everything with them is only propaganda and when you try to find the fact it is empty and nothing. For sure, the situation will get worst in the future.

So, the Ethiopian government must see the reality and aces its relation with England that has no mercy to humiliate Ethiopia in international arena for many years using own media while calling it world service.

Germany, France and even Italy are much better, trust worthy and useful to Ethiopia than England. England will be useful when she distances herself completely from the Ethiopian matters and stay away.
As far as concerning al Mariam concern. I have nothing to see, hear or say. He acts the same way as if he is…. So, for this type, I have no time and i gave no shit at all. Yet, i fell sorry for him for being this way.

12/26/11 @ 08:23
Comment from: Toommaa Ekkaa [Visitor]
Toommaa Ekkaa

We are used to watching Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam’s Diatribes coming on regularly as Nazret’s weekly showcase. But give me a break. This one time Derg cadre and today’s boot licker of Issayas Afeworki continues to desperately spread his hate and ethnic feud diatribes in Diaspora. Sad enough, together with Elias Kifle, Birhanu Nega, and Nazret, he tries to gang-up on behalf of Issayas Afeworki and continue to spread far-fetched fabrication stories and pessimistic propaganda ploy. Sleeplessly, Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam writes his diatribes from his comfort zone. Well this is easily done; as he and his likes can only offer pessimistic talks like talking robots. They simply bark negative words and pessimistic messages every now and then. As paid agents to Issaias Afeworki they are among us in Diaspora making their contractual tasks. This is an open secret. They never dare utter a word against Issaias Afeworki. But if they dare stand-up for the truth, then why not scribble at least a slight comment about the plight of the Eritrean refugees suffering the world around as a result of Tyrant Issaias Afeworki. Since they adore him most they refrain from doing that. If the likes of Alemayehu G. Mariam deliberately ganging up along with cowards like Birhanu Nega, Andargachew Tsigie that were a onetime EPRDF cadres for revenging the incumbent government, then they are mistaken. No one is to be fooled and guided by your bogus baby cries in Diaspora. Alemayehu G. Mariam, if all the time what comes out of your pack-packs is pessimistic and negative messages about Ethiopia and its peoples’ I wonder how democratic you are among your close family members and friends. Or are you a lone standing wolf angry at everything around you? You must see a councillor as you are too much infatuated with pessimism. Why is your brain so sick and fixated on showering us with your pessimistic outlook? Ato Alemayehu G. Mariam, the hell with your pessimistic diatribes and the hell with your sick mind!

12/26/11 @ 09:04
Comment from: Wedy Tigrai [Visitor]
Wedy Tigrai

Dr Al Mariam.
my name is Wedi Tigrai.
I’m not going to write about you a lot but I would like to say something about you Doc.I know you and your friends like Fekade shiwakena hate Tigreans but you can do nothing about it.Tigreans are Ethiopian.So the only way you can do is to kill your self.Teddy Akaki zeraf go to hell.

12/26/11 @ 09:51
Comment from: prince of konso [Visitor]
prince of konso

al al al
you can not quote yourself as a proof to your argument. i tought law school tought you an extensive use of logic. the funny thing is whenever almariam barks so does teddy,(the illegitmate son of a tigre who holds responsible the whole tigres for the action of his father)

12/26/11 @ 10:44
Comment from: Hullish [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu aka Ali of PFDJ, I admire and follow those who are directly facing the challenge at home and yet changing Ethiopia for the better. I simply disapprove of the likes of you who chose to stand aside in Diaspora and continue desperately to make cynical and pessimistic comments; without even giving weight for the relative peace, development in terms of infrastructure, education, health, agriculture, cultural and tourism, transport and empowerment to local governments, etc. But sad, since you are once pessimistic, you are bound and fixated to remain pessimistic. Please keep your depressing talks to share with your wife in bed; don’t spoil our days. The likes of you are only to write and inculcate sick-mindedness.

12/26/11 @ 10:50
Comment from: Uloos [Visitor]

To Heny——————-You’re the one who needs to take arithmetic 101 not the learned professor Al. 99.6+0.4= 100% Use a Calculator

12/26/11 @ 10:51
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

How can like who has proven yourself to be an idiot call others idiots?

Dude go get some true education!


12/26/11 @ 11:49
Comment from: biz [Visitor]

Dear Heny,

Wow! You no your addition very well, is that all you are disputing from the summary of articles Dr. Helimariam presented? If so you are coming to your senses.
I see your stupid comments in all postings that are critical of the Melese goverment don’t you have any better thing to do?
It is obvious that you are full time smear agent,what puzzles me more is that who ever is paying you couldn’t find a better writer at least how make sense. My poor country money best at work.

12/26/11 @ 12:17
Comment from: Melaka Worer [Visitor]
Melaka Worer

Alemayehu G.Mariam your Eritrean /Ethiopian / Review propagandist agitation never yields any tangible results; for the concrete and evidential reasons that the progress inside Ethiopia is far away from your kind of revenge politics and fake propaganda ploy. No one with a ration mind will buy your blinded shit. Enjoy this kind of rubbish talks during evening hours at bars and restaurants together with other pessimist Issaias Afeworki agents like Elias Kifle, OLF, ONLF, Shaebia, Birhanu Nega of Ginbot- 7 (Gimmo-7), or Tamagn Bienne of ESAT. You will end up zumbi simply day dreaming; as you have been doing for the last 20 years.

12/26/11 @ 12:19
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF THUGS bunch of ignorant moron
bandits swallowing as dirty pigs your leba master baseless stupid propagandas .After 20 years of power your leba master is accountable for all the crisis that have occured during all his terms .In no way you can no longer play your usual stupid music of what
is happening actually wrong in the country is because of the late Derg
Regime not us .The same evil game that the Junta mengistu played accusing the Haile Regime about the political headheac he created himself .Prof Al is stressing point by point the problems :political ,social ,ecomic crisis by pointing those who have the responsibility .By the way inviting your leba master and his cabinet members for more deciency and pragmatism .

12/26/11 @ 12:28
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

By the way Dengayatchew who the hell
are your supposed 80% supporters .You mean Oromos slaughtered by your leba master and
his Agazis ,Afars assassinated in 1991 for the sake of his Shabyan plus Djibutian despot masters ,Anyuak victims of the Crime of Genocide even Tigres whom children and relatives assassinated by your Leba’s master’s Adwa and Shabyan gangs .Do not expect forgiveness or Mercy from peoples whom ,you the TPLF bandits with your puppets ONLF Derg reckage beggar militias assassinated their relatives at Bedeno and many many other places .Also don’t forget the
parents and relatives of the victims
of June and November 2005 including
the Ogadenis killed slaughtered and actually starving by the savage repression of your
Nazi Master with his SS Agazis !!!!
as said the Great Theodros “Engideh
Sewhuyehu Tekwatchtwal!!!” with all
his evil crimes comittted against the peoples your leba master with his agazis shall receive the proper punishement the sooner and for the sake of the Ethiopian Peoples in the early days and monthes of 2012 .

12/26/11 @ 14:39
Comment from: ethiboy [Visitor]

You just embarrassed yourself…. You can’t even calculate 99.6 + 0.4 = 100%
I advise you to finish your fake degree from DEDEBIT collage before you criticize the almighty Alemayehu.
Good job ATO Alemayehu and I hope 2012 will bring good things to mother land Ethiopia.

12/26/11 @ 15:53
Comment from: Madem [Visitor]

I admire his proficiency in the English language and word selections to attract readers. However I sensed some thing frivolous in this particular article when his analysis of critics on Ethiopian regime started from year 2000; that was the time TPLF fought EPLF and hundreds of thousands of young brothers parished for meaningless war. Also, that was the time TPLF leaders split in half. I wonder where was Mr G. mariam on those pre year 2000 when the country was really in bad shape? Is he saying Ethiopians were better of under indirect SHABIA rules and defected WOYAN leaders.? This is my personal thought I could be wrong.

12/26/11 @ 16:10
Comment from: red [Visitor]

Professor Al Mariam is the voice of the voiceless Ethiopians. Meles could try but he cannot succeed in silencing him and his sharp pen. No matter how many cyber-Woyannes Meles dispatches to America under the guise of scholarship, refugee, diplomacy, and business, none can stand next to the Professor. Meles can enjoy his ETV and his Walta forums forever. We have Al Mariam and his likes.

12/26/11 @ 18:28
Comment from: [Member]


You stupid asshole shabian, why don’t you just take your pills and go to bed? Whatever you’re trying to say doesn’t make any sense, except your usual shabian curse words which is coming from your shabia master easyass aforki.
We know you’re angry when the woyanes deported you. It was your own fault and choice when you voted for “freedom", and dreamed your sing-a-poor. Why is it woyanes problem if your dream becomes a nightmere and landed you in a mental institution. Blame your delussional leader easyass.
The worst part is, you and your kind of asshole shabians who are crying night and day on this website whenever Ethiopia moves forward millions of milles away from your looser artera, instead of trying to bring some attention to your poor people in artera and instead of freeing the suffering people of artera from the tyrrant easyass.
Anyway get of this Ethiopian website, TEDDY the asshole shabian, lekami, gudafi, asshole adgi banda, ganteshekami, kiliflif, mafiosi, etc…..

12/26/11 @ 19:45
Comment from: YHD [Visitor]

Mr Al confessed in his doomsday article that, the Western diplomats meeting in Berlin agreed that the Ethiopian political opposition is weak, disunited, and out of touch with the average Ethiopian. In my view, they are not only out of touch with the average Ethiopian, but also terseness. I could not believe reading a totally unacceptable and negative comment made by Mr Al in his ill-fated campaign against the construction of the Grand Renaissance Dam.

12/26/11 @ 20:02
Comment from: Girma [Visitor]


There huge community of Ethiopians reading your regular publications.

Thanks for your wonderful work! Maybe everybody doesn’t agree with your views. But most people appreciate your dedication and handwork.

I am sure the immature comments of few would not discourage you in any way.

Please keep this up and I expect further from you in 2012.

wishing you and your loved ones a happy christmas and new year.

12/26/11 @ 22:29
Comment from: Yohannis [Visitor]

Professor Al:

I wish you and family a very Merry X-mas and a Happy New Year.

I would like to say how lucky and proud we Ethiopians are to have you as a fellow Ethiopian. To me and millions of Ethiopians, you are a patriot and a hero who have been fighting the enemy on behalf of Ethiopians for more than a decade.

Your intellect, coherence and power of the command of the English language has little or no parallels. The silent majority of Ethiopians are mesmerized by the breadth and depth of your knowledge and aspire to contribute a fraction of your wisdom to the struggle for freedom in Ethiopia.

You are our unsung hero!

Last but not least, Thank you so very much and continue sharing your guidance and leadership in the final assault against the Meles and Woyane fascistic rule over Ethiopia

12/26/11 @ 22:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Madem ,it’s not as all these TPLF Thugs,Aiga Mafiosis gangs and ass hole bandas have days and nights spreading their usual lies against Prof Al .Alemayehu never said that
the Shabyan Tyrant is better than the TPLF bandit .On the contrary he
wrote on many occasions about the
evil games played by these Tyrants in the Horn of Africa .It’s not Aiga
Forum or Ethiopiafirst which denounced
the mercenary roles played in Somalia by these twin bros ,but Alemayehu .Even how the Eri Tyrant is financing his arms shipment with the Eri Diaspora ’s money in Gulf States by Alcohol Smuggling .TPLF thugs with all their bandas have no
arguments than spreading lies and insanities on this website against Patriotic Tue Ethiopians .

12/27/11 @ 00:59
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Wedaki Tigrai ,if you really Happy about your evil Leba Master “SO GO BACK TO HIS HOLLY LAND !!!” .Certainly not in Ethiopia ,but in your own Dersperate Rocky Land .Only good of FURNISHING DENGAYS AND BANDAS !!!!
KEEP ON BARKING FEREFARRI SHIWAWA LEKAMI BANDA !!!!Don’t forget your Master Issayass is waiting for you too !!!!

12/27/11 @ 01:09
Comment from: Dere [Visitor]  

“Poor governance, lack of accountability and transparency (a/k/a corruption), lack of citizen participation and the absence of the rule of law are the root causes of extreme and widespread poverty, underdevelopment, aid-dependency, conflict, instability, starvation and injustice in Ethiopia.”

Yes, these are the problems we have in Ethiopia, but problems we couldn’t change. Ask me why, it is like fighting a system that chooses to jail/torture/frustrate those who oppose it. You are mad if you choose not to live in a country where a system does every evil to citizens that belong to the land.

“Have free and fair elections, allow the independent press to flourish, institutionalize the rule of law and maintain an independent judiciary professionalize and depoliticize the civil service, the military and police forces and Ethiopians will be well on their way to permanently defeating poverty and making starvation a footnote in the history of the Ethiopian nation.”

Sure but all these ended up in living in exile(as in the writer of this article)or committing suicide and being called ‘mad’ (as in Yenesew)or being jailed (as in Wubishet)or being killed (as in those demonstrated against vote rigging).

We should not keep quiet; we will not have any future otherwise.

We don’t attack those who write against ‘the evil a system causes’ as we don’t do the same to those who praise ‘the good things the same system brings’.

12/27/11 @ 02:19
Comment from: A. Kassa [Visitor]
A. Kassa

@ Phony a.k.a Heny: You can’t even calculate a simple number correctly and how dare you open your filthy mouth? You are knowingly or ignorantly reveled your utter ignorance right here. How can you grasp the depth of professor Al. Mariam article with such ignorant? TPLF thugs you guys are beyond amazing across the board ecko. Embarrassing to say the list it’s adding you moron 99.6 + 0.4 = 100. Did you get that? You simple bastard! A retarded ethnic thugs like you is in charge of many office in Ethiopia just because they belonged to a Tigre ethnic. It’s a damn shame how you thugs demonized my people and hopefully the Citizens will have their say how you going to remain in the future. We’re not going to be dragged backward anymore with backward retarded and uncivilized ethnic thugs.

@ Toommaa Ekkaa: last time I checked all TPLF supporters are Tribalism thugs Tigre why are you hiding in Oromo name to hide your identity? You still think you are fooling people? Its open secret only thugs Tigre support the criminal-looting front. I never met any single Oromo who’s happy to see his people are for been looted, killed, tortured, etc.… a.k.a (Hagos) come on out you are busted… As far as Ethiopians are concerned, Only TPLF (Tigray parasitic looting front) and its bloodsucker cadres are the real impediment for peace, freedom, progress & unity. No enemy has done so much harm on Ethiopia other than the Tigre bunch of criminals’, and you-the blood-sucking followers.

The rest of you Weynne thugs making empty nose by thinking you’ll frustrate the brave professor. Nazret is thoroughly swamped by the riff-raff Tigre goons. 
To all the sworn Enemy of Ethiopia particularly the riff-raff Tigre leeches: You can tell us so many and so much illusion, but you can, never, hide a single fact stated by the magnificent & the true son of Ethiopia professor Alemayehu G. Mariam. 
 TPLF (Tigray Parasitic Looting Front) through its network of treacherous & exclusively Tigre Cadres are busy with their disinformation campaign against anyone in general & the prolific & remarkable commentator of Ethiopian politics professor Almariam in particular. Nothing-new here! They are desperate and are firing in all cylinders from all directions, which is a sign of an ultimate demise. I think there should be no room to bargain with a group whose exclusive aspiration is to build up hegemony of minority tribe over the entire nation. Murder and harassment has been taken up as models to impose their venomous ethnic rule over the Ethiopian people. Most if not all of the Tigre tribe are belligerently participating in a plan to impose their brutal rule and suppress the people of Ethiopia.

12/27/11 @ 04:27
Comment from: Blange [Visitor]

Guys, read the last paragraph: 0.04+99.6=99.64.It does not
matter anyways, but let us just concentrate the idea behind.

12/27/11 @ 06:38
Comment from: tazabi1 [Visitor]

why are ethiopians poor???
the main reason why ethiopians are poor is because we have a culture that promotes lazines and treachory while looking down at those who work hard. this is true when the king is in power, during mengistu and even now too.

12/27/11 @ 11:20
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

I am not against this writer but can he take a break? No one can confirm or denay what he says which he sau=ys too much, I think he is an internet junkie. The minority governemnt of the Wayane are not affraid of anyone except of course the Eritreans.

12/27/11 @ 11:37
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Hey hey, dude.. Either you are a blind one or you do not know the difference between 0.04 and 0.4. Your problem sees more likely the latter one - you are a little baked grade 6 drop out. Here you have again the excerpt if you want to see it for yourself again, dedeb, senef.

“The ultimate question of Year 2011 in Ethiopia is not whether “.04” percent of the Ethiopian population is living in the lap of luxury and wallowing in a bottomless ocean of stolen cash".

12/27/11 @ 15:08
Comment from: Eksindir A. [Visitor]
Eksindir A.

Alemayehu G. Mariam /Aka Ali Abdu Ahmed/ of the Ethiopian Review has gone too far and to an extreme end of the spectrum; where his hatred has become the centre piece and key commodity consumed by readers. Ali maintains spreading antagonistic and narrowly focused ethnic-politics not only on his Ethiopian Review pages but also through his blind supporters within Nazret that herald his articles consistently. In a nut-shell, Alemayehi /Ali / keeps on repeating his cut and paste hate-mongering-diatribes tierlessly; while his blind supporters blatantly dub what he broadcasts and clap-hands; and simply repeat whatever Alemayehi /Ali / produces without seriously reading between the lines the Shaabia mission he spreads as paid agent in Diaspora. Just as in Ethiopian Review pages within Nazret Alemayehi /Ali / takes the liberty for broadcasting any and all sorts and aspects of revange politics on Ethiopian affairs. At the same-time, the hand-clapping few Diaspora supports provide him the bravado to produce confusing diatribes by painting anything and everything that has to do with Ethiopian affairs deliberately pessimistic. But his attempts to manipulate peoples’ anger and emotions towards Eritrean political entrepreneurial advantages will come out to the fore; and no longer be possible to make substantial financial gains from Alemayehh’s /Ali’s / covert and avert political actions.

12/27/11 @ 18:50
Comment from: Sam [Visitor]

Al Mariam qouted western diplomats who labelled “the Ethiopian political opposition [as] weak, disunited , and out of touch with the average Ethiopian.” Al Mariam disagrees with the characterization. I do not have any problem with the two adjectives used to describe the opposition. In fact it is pretty much accurate. As for not having touch with the average Ethiopian, I might say the westerners chose to speak about a subject they hardly knew. What is really “average” mean? If by average that they mean the destitute, hopeless, and voiceless, I would say if not the whole opposition parties some parties do have touch. But having been in touch with the mass is a grave mistake with dire consequences. EPDRF does not tolerate. The westerners should have seen the issue from that angle as well.

12/27/11 @ 19:33
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda ,keep on barking touthless Hyena Lekami ,Banda .Now you havre already admitted your Shabyan Origin ,worst Issayass afworki ASS LICKER .Better you take a rope and hang yourself .YOUR DAYS ARE OVER !!!!WHILE THE DAYS OF YOUR LEBA MASTER ARE MORE THAN EVER COUNTED !!!!SHABYAN ASS HOLE WOYANE

12/28/11 @ 01:16
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]

addis zemen,

. . .when you will change your attitude? its already 2012 your garbage and gematam words you used are very unprofessional. . .do you have still SHAME remaining in yourself?. . . .look at your ugly comment its reflected what YOU ARE!


12/28/11 @ 05:00
Comment from: teacher seyoum [Visitor]
teacher seyoum

henny is right the difference to 99.6 should be 0.4 not 0.04…

12/28/11 @ 09:17
Comment from: Fekadu Deresse [Visitor]
Fekadu Deresse

Why is Ethiopia So Poor?
According to PFDJ’s Minister of Information, Ali Abdu Ahmed [aka Alemayehu G. Mariam] Ethiopians are poor because they usually forget eating their cakes on daily basis. Otherwise, Alemayehu argues hungry Ethiopians are faster than a cheetah to run and catch anything eatables.

Why Do Things Always Fall Apart in Africa?
As far as PFDJ’s Minister of Information, Ali Abdu Ahmed [aka Alemayehu G. Mariam] is concerned, the reason is simple. Africa has lost its most important lawyer Alemayehu G. Mariam for serious service demands coming from hell. So I could imagine Alemayehu G. Mariam standing by the Devil’s Lawsuit working on a story and collapsed to fell 15 stories down to his bloody death. I’m sure when he arrives at the pearly gates St. Peter would say to him: “Oh, I am sorry, my son. But you have been sentenced to hell.” And when he arrives at the Devil’s door, the devil would look at him and say: “Ah Alemayehu! Welcome. We shall burn you and throw you in the fiery pits.” Then Alemayehu would reply: “Let me finish my memoirs about Ethiopia first; and then you could throw me in the pit afterward.” Satan intrigued may ask him: “What else can you do?” Alemayehu would respond quickly: “I can fabricate and lie on anything you ask me to!” So Almayehu goes on about his writing and makes many fabricated tales admiring hell; in fact, by the time he would be done with his funny story telling, the story about hell would look as if one is living in a paradise. Wow, Hell has air conditioning, pools, balconies, beautiful cars and scenery views, you name it. Within a few days, God could phone Satan and ask: “I think there has been a mix-up. Alemayehu was originally supposed to come to heaven.” Satan would then reply: “No way! Alemayehu has written all sorts of useful stuff about hell for us. We’re keeping him.” God then would say: “Oh, yeah? Well, I’ll see you in court. We’re going to sue you for this man’s soul; and damages committed on him.” Satan would just laugh and reply: “And where are you going to find a lawyer?” That is the Alemayehu G. Mariam we know for the last 20 years! Appointed by PFDJ as Minister of Information, Ali Abdu Ahmed of Eritrea!

12/28/11 @ 10:47
Comment from: [Member]

Many thanks to professor Alemariam for deligently, and out of your patriotic character depicting the true nature of meles and his regime.
The whole world now knows this midget “chimpanzee” is nothing but a tyrant, looter, lier, and every possible evil characters.Of course his servants on this site tell us otherwise. They try to make us believe that a rock is bread. they try to lie to us that Our ethiopia is free of natural disasters and soon will surpass China and India as a richer nation.Well all I say for these rifrafs
“ke ahya yewalech gider".
Death to meles and his looting circle.

12/28/11 @ 13:09
Comment from: Bethiu [Visitor]

All Ariam, the shabia’s paid cyber cadre!! You are funny that you are trying to remained the audiance of this web about what you have been hilusinting or preaching hate against the Ethiopian government… LOL.

If you want to know the truth, most people don’t even read through your article or hate propagandas. You, with your shabia slaves are the only group would think that they are achieving something out of nothing…

Therefore, you have the right to keep being slave of the mad man of the Eretrian dictator until the end of his day….otherwise, Ethiopia is in good hand, and your cry will impact 0!!!

God bless the worled!

12/28/11 @ 15:23
Comment from: MANRUL [Visitor]

Al can’t even add let alone critisize the gallant sons of Ethiopia- this is the problem and this is why Ethiopia is starving- those who’re doing the work quitely do their work, people like Al the sera fet barks like an angry/hungry dog- this is why we’re starving folks….

12/28/11 @ 16:08
Comment from: Ye Woyane Zemen [Visitor]
Ye Woyane Zemen

Hay guys I have to be honest with you.

I as one stanch supporter of Meles cannot be happier.

I don’t have to be educated, strong or skillful. My ethnic id will get me all the money I need. Now my government gives me money because I am one of them.

Me and my people are buying properties, apartments and houses all over America while Oromos and Amharas are crying for democracy sh..t.

Derg and Haileselase did not gave us that chance. We were very poor then. I will support Meles because without him all the money will be taken by Oromos and Amharas and the rest. We will get nothing.

12/28/11 @ 18:39
Comment from: jigajiga [Visitor]

@ RED,
you said the prof is the voice for voiceless Ethiopian My friend,I think that you mean it the professor speaks for voiceless Ahmara Neftengna and that Not for other Ethiopians.Because the man is obsessional hateful to the PM Melese Zenawi and may be to his ethnic Tigray.That it doesn’t reflect the concern of the other Ethiopians except his colleague chauvinistic ahmara,the feudal ahmara and those remnants of the Derg.

My Goodness,We are Ethiopians and we didn’t share such narrowed backwardness vission with professor.The Tigray ppl,the Ogaden Somali,Afar,Hareri,the dhabuub southern hisboch,the Gambela,the largest ethnic Oromos etc and those all in the past oppressed Ethiopians are not sharing with same vision of their past oppressor mentality governing system and that whoever still believing like this crazy prof,we totally disagreeing and ready to oppose at each coz.

What I wonder is that Ato Alemenyahu is an educated man but he lacks the vision of the wisdom.The Q is why? I really don;t understand but he is way behind from the reality.He doesn’t know even who is Ethiopian and who is not at this modern time.He is the kind of ppl in the old days if you don’t speak Ahmareric you are not Ethiopia. And of course,Mr Red you are typically the same of those Neftengna I’m talking to and that the prof is the Chauvinistic amhara group speaker Alemenyehu but fortunately he doesn’t how to grasp others and its because of his ethnic and person hatefulness makes him blind when he tries to write about Ethiopia’s politic.Until today.we could read it between the lines of his long articles Ethiopia is ahmara or the alikes.What damn prof.PM Melese is very sharp smart man and believe it or not none of you guys could be matching with politic games.That it doesn’t mean it the PM is a perfect man,although he is the best leader that Ethiopia ever has it.

Happy new year to all of you!happy happy

12/28/11 @ 18:41
Comment from: belew [Visitor]

Prof Al, thanks again for your superb descriptions and writings. Many need your weekly in depth analyzed and very informative articles to understand more about the heinous acts of this regime. You write the hearts and minds of millions of Ethiopians. In your articles, you tell with your hone and articulated words about the untold stories of this regime (corruption, treachery, irresponsibly, unaccountability, arrogance, tyranny, robbery, lawlessness, non-patriotism etc) to the Ethiopian people. If you were living in Ethiopia, for all this writings, I can’t imagine how many times you would have been sent to jail and had asked pardon if not killed. But thank God, you are in a democratic country that you can write your mind. Often times I see some undisciplined commenters who try to ridicule, discourage and insult, with a hope to silent you. But I implore you to continue informing the millions voiceless Ethiopian and be their voice in the coming year by exposing the despicable acts of this regime.

For those who try to dispute the professor’s writing, instead of stupid and idiotic insults, I ask you (if at all you listen) to write your counter arguments, supported with facts and evidences and debate in proper language (English or Amharic) and civilized manner. It is only then one can listen to you and we all can learn. This is not ETV, Radio FANA or whatever forum that only one ideology is entertained. Instead, this place, I believe, is a place where you present your idea, debate and defend the idea. I hope in the coming year, you will do that.

Happy New Year

12/28/11 @ 22:17
Comment from: Bayou [Visitor]

Oh boy, what a disgracefull man. He keeps on writing negative about his own people and country for long-long time.Is this man realy OK?

12/28/11 @ 23:06
Comment from: Gobez [Visitor]

I hate EPRDF and the current government but that doesn’t qualify me to work against my own country and people. What our good professor has been telling us is completely based on his hate to Ato Meles Zenawi. In all his articles, if you call it an article in the first place, he spent so much time to reflect negative thinking towards our beloved country. I don’t believe he is writing such accusations day in day out because he stands for the people but for his personal benefits. I don’t care whatever reason people would come up but how in the world he never utter a single word about our sworn enemy and the mad man - Ato Esayas Afework while he went an extra mile to inform us about the current and past dictators of Africa? Is this the kind of information we expect from our good professor?
Let us all face reality!! Let’s call a spade a spade. Professor Al Mariam, the next time you post your lengthy “Thesis” on this website, please substantiate your claims and have one standard for comparing and measuring either dictatorship, economy, or democracy.

12/29/11 @ 00:16
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi Banda nobody cares of your stupid childish commentaries !!!You and your Thuggy bros are wasting their times on this website for “NOTHING” Go back to Agazis and Tigre Mafiosis websites as Aiga and Walta where you’ll find your Banda clients as parasite TPLF supporters kersam bandas and also Shabyan reminesances as your banda Pa and your bros Bereket Simon !!!!
Pig Ben’s website too is the proper
place for a “SHABYAN ASS HOLE” ,’FORMER DERG CADRE” and “ACTUAL TPLF THUG” BANDA !!!!Worst all Donkey ,AHYA as in your banda Pa and Prostitute Ma Language
“ADGI” !!!!!!

12/29/11 @ 00:22
Comment from: Lameak Tewelde,Sweden [Visitor]
Lameak Tewelde,Sweden

I am so bad for your sorry deki Komerti Tigria.Here,there is no one thing he right about Eritrea this prof,but he hite you bloodly in your digalina head and you cry like always here"wayee waayo”
You know prefectly your time is now and the end of you will be very damage for your tiny grasskopper land and we will harm you ’till into grav.We will never let you down without you pay your frish blood.

12/29/11 @ 05:08
Comment from: jemil yasin [Visitor]
jemil yasin


Please try the following revolutionary democracy mathematics: Every day meles and azeb smuggle under the cover of alamoudi ivestment 10000 kg of gold from ethiopia. How much will this be in a year. U can call addis zemen if you need any help.he is seasoned in these things.

12/29/11 @ 06:37
Comment from: Toommaa Ekkaa [Visitor]
Toommaa Ekkaa

Alemayehu G. Mariam and Elias Kifle became Issias Afeworki’s clandestine waged propaganda mediocre that could reach stakeholders in Diaspora in all forms of manipulative facilitation; an entrepreneurial agreement reached to produce consistent defamation articles on Ethiopia on weekly basis. This manipulative two-pronged political enterprise is perpetuated by using the Ethiopian Review (Eritrean Review) as a carrier by critically focusing on divisive and hate mongering messages reaching the Diaspora Ethiopians since 1993. Anyone who wishes to check facts on two-pronged penmanship operatives done thus far one can take a look at the long-standing editorial pages of Eritrean/ Ethiopian/ Review in which both Elias Kifle’s and Almayehu G. Mariam’s names are officially mentioned in rank and file order, as Editor and Associate Editor; and as standing contributors of articles (The two fellows are purely delusional by character; producing periodically classified and listed consistently by negatively painting every move taking place inside Ethiopia as bad). Alemayehu G. Mariam and Elias Kifle have been vigorously trying to fool the Ethiopian Diaspora in order to meet their entrepreneurial- contractual-agreement with Issaias Afeworki who stands generously for their clandestine entrepreneurial-bucks throughout the past two decades. These two men have no Ethiopian-nationalist feelings in them; and they have no professional ethics or moral-obligations to stand as rational advocates about Ethiopia; a country that they know by proxy.

As Ethiopia is a poor-spot on the map of Africa, in which, Alemayehu G. Mariam and Elias Kifle deliberately found the condition quite easy and natural to adjust to and jump-start a two pronged, two man shows on the political-band-wagon by spreading their ethnically loaded hateful-political-ruling. As self-appointed external-referees on all aspects of Ethiopian affairs, Alemayehu G. Mariam and Elias Kifle act as if they are above the law and above any judiciary actions and continue their two-pronged malicious political entrepreneurial work by shading negatively inclined ethnic-politics via Ethiopian / Eritrean / Review.

12/29/11 @ 09:54
Comment from: [Member]

To All
May the new year bring the end of the evil Meles “thugtatorship” and we shall have a genuine people’s government at Arat Kilo!
Professor alemariam we are really indebted to your unrelenting effort in bringing to us all the fact of the current evil mafioso/shifta regime.
To Heny
the hen of meles the “chimp” , the last paragraph had a typo. It was meant to be “0.4″ to complement the “99.6″ nothing else.

12/29/11 @ 10:27
Comment from: Alibaba [Visitor]

Ato Alemayehu,

Please know how to balance matters with fairness in your articles. Don’t step on extreme edges. Why cut and paste from your old articles of previous years and shuffle old crticisms dressed in new bottles? Why not write something constructive? Or why not leave the subject area for those who can think and produce rational opinions? You seem to have reached a point of no return to see light at the end of the tunnel. All you see is dark spots just like your editor friend Elias Kifle of ER and write issues from an extreme exaggeration of views. when you do so, your article loses the truth and honesty; as well as your readers. They may even label you as: ‘Sirra Yefetta Menekosse Kobun Keddo Yisseffal!

12/29/11 @ 10:50
Comment from: Abiy [Visitor]

This is an excellent article that informs about the overall state of affairs in Ethiopia. Thank you very much for your untiring effort of exposing the irresponsible regime. We may need still to ask ourselves what is to be done to the company of thieves who are determined to plunge the country to further chaos? The only deterrent against the mother of all evil regime is a unified armed resistance. I find it senseless to see the various opposition leaders being content in the usual form of struggle when it becomes clear the regime is marching in full gear to wreck the country?
It is even becomes very important when we consider the determination of the regime to cling to power by all means and the atrtitud the payed cadres and their bravado.

I like to submit to ,at the expense of being called irresponsible by the cyber fricks, all Ethiopians let us make the liberation of our country the New Year resolution, and work towards that end.
I have no time to dwell about the ills of the country assuming that it is an open book to every citizen.
It is sufice to point out the following. We badly need to comncidert armed struggle as the best option. In order to raise a resistance national army ,though,we first need to aim at acheiving unity among all segments of our people at least with those who are willing to embrace this call. One means of achieving this end is to bring all the differing armed wings under one umbrella so that it can be commanded by an all inclusive representative leadership. The regime is one of the most hated cabal ever in the history of that nation. Its purpose,and goal to amass the country’s wealth in to the hands of the few at the expense millions is not secrtet but somthing fully understood by the ordinary citizens. It is lingering around thus far for no other reason but for lack of unity and vision on our part.

Once this objective is reached and the movement begins to march in this direction in the coming years, we can anticipate a TOP DOWN SPLIT WITHIN EPRDF MEMBERS WHO MOST OF THEM COME TO SEETHEIR ROLE A MERE TPLF TOOLS.What is moreincrising armed confrontation with the regime will likely lead to an intensification obf both domestic and international pressure against the the government to deal with the problem.In such amoment as this a FISSURE WITHIN THE TPLF CABAL is the most likely scenario.Followed by a further to suffere erosion of public support from its own home base.On eof the reasons that Tigrians appear to be backing TPLF is the absence of unified armed struggle aginst the Legese,Bereket,Samora clique.We need such a resolve inorder to effect the immediate removal of TPLF.Other wise the longer we halt by refusing to switch to fresh strategic gear, the greater will be our lose of credibility. If we fail to act speedily this this could be the alternative that is awaiting us. Can we really afford loosing ublic trust?

Consider this, take the U.s as an example she has fought her Revolutionary War against Great Britian.She has fought her own Civil War. She fought th Spanish American War, the Firist and Second World Wars, Vietnam, Korea, and Iraq under the guise of preserving democracey and her way of life. Beside, most of these wars are fought over sees not at home that is when there was no any immidate threat from the the enemy. If the U.S or any other country believes fighting for national interest is a just cause, ,how much do we Ethiopians who have suffered so much and are at the verge of losing our nation hood must fight for our freedom.

TPLF has run its full course, and has proved not just to the world but to herself that she is a failure. It is highly unlikely for her to retract from the dire Economic, political and Social problems it finds itself at the present. We the people need to assume the responsibility of liberating our people, and not blame the west for failing us. Only when we stand tall in our own, and begin to register meaningful gains in the battle field then only then we can expect the U.S begining to speak with different tone and candor.

12/29/11 @ 17:08
Comment from: ELSA [Visitor]

We need to chase them Woyane out of the country and confiscate all their wealth at once. We need to get more wealth for us . Ethiopia has a bright future but it is definitely hard times for Ethiopians until they rise up and claim Ethiopia for Ethiopians.

12/29/11 @ 21:02
Comment from: Seleme [Visitor]


12/30/11 @ 00:31
Comment from: visitor [Visitor]

If Let’s Occupy Arat Kilo was ot an anti competitive speicial interestclaimant and very dude opponent of Al’s 99.6 math, 0.06% of the remainder could be dudes. If A’ kehareme and Ha ke’Areme…., A’ Had Ababa could be Ha’ Ad Ababa Adai.

Happy New Year.

I do not agree with the Seven House Distortion of History, may be Sebhatu Le’ Egzeabher and liberty is not Nazret. Free!

Play it right because I do not have anything against both Karituri and Al. They both math and hand. Ai Tigre, gedelem since 1135.

12/30/11 @ 16:03
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Anchi betetam. You said
“We need to chase them Woyane out of the country and confiscate all their wealth at once.”

How is that you chase us hahaha America honesh be remote control new?

12/31/11 @ 07:36
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Lameak Tewelde,
Do you want us to give you another lesson: “bzeyqal alem temahirna allona?". haha if it is the dooms day of that cursed land/country of you, you shall fire a single bullet towards Tigray/Ethiopia - the land of warriors.

12/31/11 @ 07:47
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hey Adgi Banda (Tooltoolah banda)representing himself as a Southern Ethiopian guy .Never Prof Al or any other patriot neither Dr Berhanu nor anyother true Ethiopian used ethnic hates politics.But you the TPLF Thugs with your Agazis and Bandas via your evil
medias of propagandas (Aiga ,Walta ,ETV , of your banda puppet Pig Ben .From Mirtu Ye
Tigrai Lidji and Talaku Tigrai of Agazi Bandits and kilib TPLF Thugs
insulting 18 millions of the part of the Ethiopian Peoples as the whole as Amhara Neftegnias or Kigne
Geji .By the way trying to fool peoples by masking their own activities of treason for the sake of the eri Tyrant .It’s not Prof Al
or any other who did advocate Shabya
stupid affirmation of ERI Land being colonised by Ethiopian Peoples
(the Amhara nefetegnias)as they are
used to say .And your leba master inviting peoples to celebrate until
1998 ,ERI fake Independance day ,as a day of political Renaissance in Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa .

12/31/11 @ 15:33
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Mesfin B,
ezih yemttsfewn say mogn tmeslegnaleh. mogn neh aydel?

01/01/12 @ 07:49
Comment from: Ye Woyane Zemen [Visitor]
Ye Woyane Zemen

Mr Alemayehu please have mercy on those who are rolling back and forth, scratching their heads to come up with a word against your scary publication.

I love Meles and his supporters and your articles are making our life difficult. We are about to lose all the lootings and happiness.

My appreciation to those who lost sleeps over this scary article. I admire their ability to divide and split as a mutated chromosomes right on this forum to appear like many.

They are,

Toommaa Ekkaa
Fekadu Deresse
Eksindir A.
addis zemen
Melaka Worer

01/05/12 @ 17:28



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