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Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation



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Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation

Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation Photo By Andy Rouse/Stone/Getty Images

Ethiopia 2013: Year of the Cheetah Generation

By Alemayehu G. Mariam

Year of the Cheetahs

2013 shall be the Year of Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation.

“The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young African graduates and professionals, who look at African issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective. They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the ‘restless generation’ but they are Africa's new hope. They understand and stress transparency, accountability, human rights, and good governance. They also know that many of their current leaders are hopelessly corrupt and that their governments are contumaciously dysfunctional and commit flagitious human rights violations”, explained George Ayittey, the distingushed Ghanaian economist.

Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation includes not only graduates and professionals -- the “best and the brightest” -- but also the huddled masses of youth yearning to breathe free; the millions of youth victimized by nepotism, cronyism and corruption and those who face brutal suppression and those who have been subjected to illegal incarceration for protesting human rights violations. Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation is Eskinder Nega’s and Serkalem Fasil’s Generation. It is the generation of Andualem Aragie, Woubshet Alemu, Reeyot Alemu, Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelisa and so many others like them. Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation is the only generation that could rescue Ethiopia from the steel claws of tyranny and dictatorship. It is the only generation that can deliver Ethiopia from the fangs of a benighted dictatorship and transform a decaying and decomposing garrison state built on a foundation of lies into one that is deeply rooted in the consent and sovereignty of the people.

Ethiopia’s Hippo Generation should move over and make way for the Cheetahs. As Ayittey said, Africa’s “Hippo Generation is intellectually astigmatic and stuck in their muddy colonialist pedagogical patch. They are stodgy, pudgy, and wedded to the old ‘colonialism-imperialism’ paradigm with an abiding faith in the potency of the state. They lack vision and sit comfortable in their belief that the state can solve all of Africa's problems. All the state needs is more power and more foreign aid. They care less if the whole country collapses around them, but are content as long as their pond is secure…”

Ethiopia’s Hippo Generation is not only astigmatic with distorted vision, it is also myopic and narrow- minded preoccupied with mindless self-aggrandizement. The Hippos in power are stuck in the quicksand of divisive ethnic politics and the bog of revenge politics. They proclaim the omnipotence of their state, which is nothing more than a thugtatorship. Their lips drip with condemnation of “neoliberalism”, the very system they shamelessly panhandle for their daily bread and ensures that they cling to power like barnacles on a sunken ship. They try to palm off foreign project handouts as real economic growth and development. To these Hippos, the youth are of peripheral importance. They give them lip service. In his “victory” speech celebrating his 99.6 percent win in the May 2010 “election”, Meles Zenawi showered the youth with hollow gratitude: “We are also proud of the youth of our country who have started to benefit from the ongoing development and also those who are in the process of applying efforts to be productively employed! We offer our thanks and salute the youth of Ethiopia for their unwavering support and enthusiasm!”

The Hippos out of power have failed to effectively integrate and mobilize the youth and women in their party leadership structure and organizational activities. As a result, they find themselves in a state of political stagnation and paralysis. They need youth power to rejuvenate themselves and to become dynamic, resilient and irrepressible. Unpowered by youth, the Hippos out of power have become the object of ridicule, contempt and insolence for the Hippos in power.

Ethiopia’s intellectual Hippos by and large have chosen to stand on the sidelines with arms folded, ears plugged, mouths sealed shut and eyes blindfolded. They have chosen to remain silent fearful that anything they say can and will be used against them as they obsequiously curry favor with the Hippos in power. They have broken faith with the youth. Instead of becoming transformational and visionary thinkers capable of inspiring the youth with creative ideas, the majority of the intellectual Hippos have chosen to dissociate themselves from the youth or have joined the service of the dictators to advance their own self-interests.

Chained Cheetahs

The shameless canard is that Ethiopia’s youth “have started to benefit from the ongoing development.” The facts tell a completely different story. Though the Ethiopian population under the age of 18 is estimated to be 41 million or just over half of Ethiopia’s population, UNICEF estimates that malnutrition is responsible for more than half of all deaths among children under age five. Ethiopia has an estimated 5 million orphans; or approximately 15 per cent of all children are orphans! Some 800,000 children are estimated to be orphaned as a result of AIDS. Urban youth unemployment is estimated at over 70 per cent. Ethiopia has one of the lowest youth literacy rate in Africa according to a 2011 report of the United Nations Capital Development Fund. Literacy in the 15-24 age group is a dismal 43 percent; gross enrollment at the secondary level is a mere 30.9 percent! A shocking 77.8 per cent of the Ethiopian youth population lives on less than USD$2 per day! Young people have to sell their souls to get a job. According to the 2010 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report, “Reliable reports establish that unemployed youth who were not affiliated with the ruling coalition sometimes had trouble receiving the ‘support letters’ from their kebeles necessary to get jobs.” Party memberships is the sine qua non for government employment, educational and business opportunity and the key to survival in a police state. The 2011 U.S. State Department Human Rights Report concluded, “According to credible sources, the ruling party ‘stacks’ student enrollment at Addis Ababa University, which is the nation’s largest and most influential university, with students loyal to the party to ensure further adherence to the party’s principles and to forestall any student protest.”

Frustrated and in despair, many youths drop out of school and engage in a fatalistic pattern of risky behaviors including drug, alcohol and tobacco abuse, crime and delinquency and sexual activity which exposes them to a risk of acquiring sexually transmitted diseases including HIV. Poor youths (the overwhelming majority of youth population) deprived of educational and employment opportunity, have lost faith in their own and their country’s future. When I contemplate the situation of Ethiopia’s youth, I am haunted by the penetrating question recently posed by Hajj Mohamed Seid, the prominent Ethiopian Muslim leader in exile in Toronto: “Is there an Ethiopian generation left now? The students who enrolled in the universities are demoralized; their minds are afflicted chewing khat (a mild drug) and smoking cigarettes. They [the ruling regime] have destroyed a generation.”

Unchain the Cheetahs

Many of my readers are familiar with my numerous commentaries on Ethiopia’s chained youth yearning for freedom and change. My readers will also remember my fierce and unremitting defense of Ethiopia’s Proudest Cheetahs -- Eskinder Nega, Serkalem Faisl, Andualem Aragie, Woubshet Alemu, Reeyot Alemu, Bekele Gerba, Olbana Lelisa and so many others -- jailed for exercising their constitutional rights and for speaking truth to power. But in the Year of the Cheetahs, I aim to call attention to the extreme challenges faced by Ethiopia’s youth and make a moral appeal to all Hippos, particularly the intellectual Hippos in the Diaspora, to stand up and be counted with the youth by providing support, guidance and inspiration. In June 2010, I called attention to some undeniable facts:

The wretched conditions of Ethiopia's youth point to the fact that they are a ticking demographic time bomb. The evidence of youth frustration, discontent, disillusionment and discouragement by the protracted economic crisis, lack of economic opportunities and political repression is manifest, overwhelming and irrefutable. The yearning of youth for freedom and change is self-evident. The only question is whether the country's youth will seek change through increased militancy or by other peaceful means. On the other hand, many thousands gripped by despair and hopelessness and convinced they have no future in Ethiopia continue to vote with their feet. Today, young Ethiopian refugees can be found in large numbers from South Africa to North America and the Middle East to the Far East.

In this Year of the Ethiopian Cheetahs, those of us with a conscience in the Hippo Generation must do a few things to atone for our failures and make amends to our youth. President Obama, though short on action, is nearly always right in his analysis of Africa’s plight: “We've learned that it will not be giants like Nkrumah and Kenyatta who will determine Africa's future. It will be the young people brimming with talent and energy and hope who can claim the future that so many in previous generations never realized.” We, learned Hippos, must learn that Ethiopia’s destiny will not be determined by the specter of dead dictators or their dopplegangers. It will not be determined by those who use the state as their private fiefdom and playground, or those who spread the poison of ethnic politics to prolong their lease on power. Ethiopia’s destiny will be determined by a robust coalition of Cheetahs who must unite, speak in one voice and act like fingers in a clenched fist to achieve a common destiny.

I craft my message here to the Hippos out of power and the intellectual Hippos standing on the sidelines. I say step up, stand up and be counted with the youth. Know that they are the only ones who can unchain us from the cages of our own hateful ethnic politics. Only they can liberate us from the curse of religious sectarianism. They are the ones who can free us from our destructive ideological conflicts. They are the ones who can emancipate us from the despair and misery of dictatorship. We need to reach, teach and preach to the Cheetahs to free their minds from mental slavery and help them develop their creative powers.

We must reach out to the Cheetahs using all available technology and share with them our knowledge and expertise in all fields. We must listen to what they have to say. We need to understand their views and perspectives on the issues and problems that are vital to them. It is a fact that we have for far too long marginalized the youth in our discussions and debates. We are quick to tell them what to do but turn a deaf ear to what they have to say. We lecture them when we are not ignoring them. Rarely do we show our young people the respect they deserve. We tend to underestimate their intelligence and overestimate our abilities and craftiness to manipulate and use them for our own cynical ends. In the Year of the Cheetah, I plead with my fellow intellectual Hippos to reach out and touch the youth.

We must teach the youth the values that are vital to all of us. Hajj Mohamed Seid has warned us that without unity, we have nothing. “If there is no country, there is no religion. It is only when we have a country that we find everything.” That is why we must teach the youth they must unite as the children of Mother Ethiopia, and reject any ideology, scheme or effort that seeks to divide them on the basis of ethnicity, religion, gender, language, region or class. We must teach to enlighten, to uncover and illuminate the lies and proclaim the truth. It is easier for tyrants and dictators to rob the rights of youth who are ignorant and fearful. “Ignorance has always been the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of tyrants.” Nelson Mandela has taught us that “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” Educating and teaching the youth is the most powerful weapon in the fight against tyranny and dictatorship. In the Year of the Cheetah, I plead with my fellow intellectual Hippos to teach the Cheetahs to fight ignorance and ignoramuses with knowledge, enlightenment and intelligence.

We must also preach the way of peace, democracy, human rights, the rule of law, accountability and transparency. No man shall make himself the law. Those who have committed crimes against humanity and genocide must be held to account. There shall be no state within the state. Exercise of one’s constitutional rights should not be criminalized. Might does not make right! In the Year of the Cheetah, I plead with my fellow intellectual Hippos to preach till kingdom come.

We need to find ways to link Ethiopian Diaspora youth with youth in Ethiopia in a Chain of Destiny. Today, we see a big disconnect and a huge gulf between young Ethiopians in the Diaspora and those in Ethiopia. That is partly a function of geography, but also class. It needs to be bridged. We need to help organize and provide support to Ethiopian Diaspora youth to link up with their counterparts in Ethiopia so that they could have meaningful dialogue and interaction and work together to ensure a common democratic future.

The challenges facing Ethiopia’s Cheetah Generation are enormous, but we must do all we can to prepare the youth to take leadership roles in their future. We need to help them develop a formal youth agenda that addresses the wide range of problems, challenges and issues facing them. All we need to do is provide them guidance, counsel and advice. The Cheetahs are fully capable of doing the heavy lifting if the Hippos are willing to carry water to them.
Ethiopian Youth Must Lead a National Dialogue in Search of a Path to Peaceful Change

I have said it before and I will say is again and again. For the past year, I have been talking and writing about Ethiopia’s inevitable transition from dictatorship to democracy. I have also called for a national dialogue to facilitate the transition and appealed to Ethiopia’s youth to lead a grassroots and one-on-one dialogue across ethnic, religious, linguistic and religious lines. I made the appeal because I believe Ethiopia’s salvation and destiny rests not in the fossilized jaws of power-hungry Hippos but in the soft and delicate paws of the Cheetahs. In the Year of the Cheetahs, I plead with Ethiopia’s youth inside the country and in the Diaspora to take upon the challenge and begin a process of reconciliation. I have come to the regrettable conclusion that most Hippos are hardwired not to reconcile. Hippos have been "reconciling" for decades using the language of finger pointing, fear and smear, mudslinging and grudge holding. But Cheetahs have no choice but to genuinely reconcile because if they do not, they will inherit the winds of ethnic and sectarian strife.

In making my plea to Ethiopia’s Cheetahs, I only ask them to begin an informal dialogue among themselves. Let them define national reconciliation as they see it. They should empower themselves to create their own political space and to talk one-on-one across ethnic, religious, linguistic, gender, regional and class lines. I underscore the importance of closing the gender gap and maximizing the participation of young women in the national reconciliation conversations. It is an established social scientific fact that women do a far superior job than men when it comes to conciliation, reconciliation and mediation. Dialogue involves not only talking to each other but also listening to one another. Ethiopia's Cheetahs should use their diversity as a strength and must never allow their diversity to be used to divide and conquer them.

Up With Ethiopian Cheetahs!

Africans know all too well that hippos (including their metaphorical human counterparts) are dangerous animals that are fiercely territorial and attack anything that comes into their turf. Every year more people are killed by hippos (both the real and metaphorical ones) in Africa than lions or elephants. Cheetahs are known to be the fastest animals, but their weakness is that they give up the chase easily or surrender their prey when challenged by other predators including hyenas. A group of hippos is known as a crash. A group of cheetahs is called a “coalition”. Only a coalition of cheetahs organized across ethnic, religious, linguistic and regional lines can crash a crash of hippos and a cackle of hyenas and save Ethiopia.

In this Year of Ethiopian Cheetahs, I expect to make my full contribution to uplift and support Ethiopia’s youth and to challenge them to rise up to newer heights. I appeal to all of my brother and sister Hippos to join me in this effort. As for the Cheetahs, I say, darkness always give way to light. “It is often in the darkest skies that we see the brightest stars.” Ethiopia's Cheetahs must be strong in spirit and in will. As Gandhi said, “Strength does not come from physical capacity”, nor does it come from guns, tanks and war planes. “It comes from an indomitable will.” Winston Churchill must have learned something from Gandhi when he said, “Never give in–never, never, never, never, in nothing great or small, large or petty, never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.” Ethiopian Cheetahs must never give in!

Professor Alemayehu G. Mariam teaches political science at California State University, San Bernardino and is a practicing defense lawyer.


Comment from: [Member]


The so called prof, Pathetic almaria, keeps on copying himself every new year, reapiting the same words like a broken record, whenever january arrives. He says the year of the cheetha every year, telling us the Ethiopian youth are dying of AIDS, the Ethiopian youth are droping out of schools, etc… all a self serving lies and denial. But one thing he forgot, while he cried the last decade or so with the same prophetic wishes and doomsday preacing, some kind of disaster to hit Ethiopia, the people to rise and the country to burn on fire, the young generation to die of AIDS, and all kinds of unfounded alligation against our country, he forgot to realize, he’s just aging and turning to a senile toothless old dog, soon to die in his own denial world, done nothing but barking all those years. While Ethiopia has built 31 universities, a number of Hospitals, factories, Dams, Irrigations, Highways, Bridges, and so on, developing and transforming.
Can you, fake so called prof almaria and your group show us one clinic you built or a water well you dug for Ethiopians you claim again and again suffering in famine??
I heard you’ve built a retirment home in Massawa or sawa. It is time to retire and enjoy your salty retirement. Loser!

01/07/13 @ 19:38
Comment from: True Ethiopian [Visitor]
True Ethiopian

addis zemen [Visitor] God bless you.. I could not say it better. I think as a True Ethiopians, we should challenge individuals like Al Mariam instead of crying day in and day out just tell us what you done for our starving people? I guarantee you Al Mariam never went back to Ethiopia since he left may be 40 years ago..Al and those like him need to make a trip to Ethiopia to see what is going on instead of criticizing the leaders. Al and his poppets expect others to sacrifice their life’s so they can benefit..How is AL’s mentality different from DERG? It is remain to be seen ….

01/07/13 @ 20:11
Comment from: hagos [Visitor]

The author raised very tangible issues that verified with example. For example, innocent Oromo politicians, Oromo students, Amhara Journalists and Politicians are suffering in jails though they are innocent.

The oppressors oppose the author courage and step on with stinky language. If the author was wrong, they oppressors can present a refuting evidence rather they prefer insulting. The oppressors will not continue but the author view is cogent.

The only problem with the author is his writing is long and it is advisable if he will present an abstract of it.

01/07/13 @ 21:00
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

Cheetah generation might very well be as it is evident in the current soccer team. Otherwise the generation has been lacking wheather in education since the 1960’s, the digitial age, in health and nutrition, culture and nationalism. But as long as the spirit is there, the glory should return.

01/07/13 @ 21:45
Comment from: Brook [Visitor]

folks why is it Weyanne avoiding this thread? When the truth are told Weyanne runs off!

Meles Zenawi was Ethiopia’s former Prime Minister with a net worth of $3 billion. Before becoming a prime minister of his native country, Zenawi was the president Ethiopia in the nineties (from 1991-1995). He was also the chairman of Tigrayan People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) and the head of Ethiopian People’s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) during the eighties. Taking the position of Prime Minister of Ethiopia from 1995 (until his death in August 2012), Zenawi was hailed as one Africa’s strongmen, introducing a multi- party political system, private press in the country and reducing child mortality rates. He was also heavily involved in the US’ War of Terror, helping to eliminate military organisations such as Al Qaeda. Furthermore, Zenawi received praised for his work towards a stable relationship with the African Union, playing an important role in improving continent’s position on climate change. However his leadership came under serious attack, as he was accused of abusing a string of human rights issues and repressing the freedom of press/speech. Following a brain tumour operation in Brussels, Zenawi died contracting an infection on August 2012. He was 57. Barack Obama said that Zenawi ‘deserves the recognition for his lifelong contribution to Ethiopia’s development, particularly to the poor.’

Folks The Late dictator Meles Nazew talaqu ..bale rayu meri Molacha-Leba neberu..,,, Thats hard to The Nigerian dude who is dating semhal hit a jackpot. the black majic voddoo must have told him where to hit that gold mine and billions of dollars. her getting pshyco by the days, the nigerian will own all half of the looted money.

The die hard Low paid Cadres like Addis Zelagn will like to tell us something B.S. As he paid to do.

01/07/13 @ 22:05
Comment from: sami [Visitor]

Some people work hard to make a difference in people life while others like Almariam write propaganda and hate article every Monday.

01/07/13 @ 23:20
Comment from: [Member]

I want to put this cadres with the real cheetah. We will see which cadre has the gut to stand up and fight the cheetah on bare hand. I want to see them run for their lives, before they become a snack. I want to see them jump like a locust and land right on to the mouth of their prey. I want to see them climb the tree with amazing speed but have no success. We will be the spectators clapping and betting on their actions for survival.

Unfortunately, now they are the ones who are clapping and gossiping while Ethiopians are being chased by an animal called TPLF/EPRDF .


01/07/13 @ 23:20
Comment from: jazzman [Visitor]

Now now….the cheetha generation is the super smart generation that avoids Al & Co.
This generation is the most successful generation and will be more strong not weak, although Al& Co.spread doomsday.
This generation is what we’re proud of not Al&Co…

01/08/13 @ 00:39
Comment from: Yo [Visitor]  

Addis Zemen,
You said it right. These kinds of comments should be brought to the attention of the university where he teaches, although it is hard to believe he teaches.
I also wonder, if he read the commemts on this website. If he does I am sure he must know the truth
May be he is looking for attention.

01/08/13 @ 02:05
Comment from: [Member]

Al is just like the lost of the ark, he has been crying all his life, but the cheetahs doing the right job and they are changing their country. too bad for Al, he was crying during Atse hayleselase, maybe during the BIG DEURG time or maybe he was one of them; to me the definition of education is not hate or negative B*S but, professionalism unfortunately I have never seen the good part of the professionalism. If I may say most of as we know how to bow for others not for our own. Having said that, I’m not saying or Implying any one of you have to bow for no one incorrectly, but defining our characters when it comes working and helping for one another.

01/08/13 @ 02:14
Comment from: GEORGIO [Visitor]

I don’t care what anybody say about you but are allright with me..
HAppy 2013.
Gradutaes and professionals rely on the huddled masses of youth. Whatever knowledge ain’t goona get them anywhere REAL TALK! WESTERN IS GONNA GET FED UP INVADING AFRICA SOONAR OR LATERR! UNTIL THEN OH WELL TAX PAYER MONEY HUDDLED OR INTELECTUAL GONNA ACCEPT IT!

01/08/13 @ 03:13
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF Thugs you are all the Hipo generation with your bandas ,most of them from the Fool Diasporas blindly submitting themselveses to the Hyena Agazis .Look all these so called intellectuals like the Tigre Mafia Members as the so called Elleni ,Mimi or these fake Northern region so called Investors ,the Azeb-Alahmudi guys as Pig Ben and Newai Debebe by the way don’t forget the Bandaw Sele who even physically is dedicated to the job ,the recycled Banda Haile G/Selassie and many many other opportunists as the Banda Lidetu Kidetu the corrupted pops and so called Muslim Leaders .Today the youth generation is being on a critical situation ,whatever his level of Study the only issue of Life is Being in Exile or starving home .Soon or later there’s a sign of a total uprising .Unfortunatly not really supported by the opposition groups .

01/08/13 @ 03:15
Comment from: Extraterrestrial [Member]

George Ayittey wrote his article using animal metaphor from the context of African Countries emerging from colonialism and the political developments then after. Even if Ethiopians economic development level seems the same with most African countries the political landscape is not the same at all.

Assuming few fake journalists as the Cheetah generation is simply wrong and a disservice to millions of Ethiopian students who died in the past for change. The Socio-political fabric of the society George Ayittey talks about is quite different from the one Al Mariam is trying to copy and paste it.

Al Mariam must be ignorant either about the Colonial African nations political developments or the Ethiopian political history. The premises of the Hippo generation according to George Ayittey is colonialism is and colonial mind set, we are not colonized and we don’t have colonial mind set.

Because the metaphor looks good, or labeling as Hippo sounds good for those you hate them and the Cheetah label for your favorites, doesn’t mean we use the metaphor anyhow in all different circumstances.

I know you have too many ignorance and you don’t know it.

01/08/13 @ 03:43
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Gim legim abreh azgim new negeru. No wonder Almariam AGECHAM mentioning this barya George Ayittey. They are die hard enemies of the development of Ethiopia.
Almariam EPRDF will give you a hard time the new year thru. Ante agecham kerfafa

01/08/13 @ 04:02
Comment from: Oromians/ethiopians [Visitor]

No wonder why there aren’t many Ethiopian books. They right articles and comments. I think Harar should stop growing khat and grow technology from ground up rather than trying to start from aerospace technology to the finish.

and let me tell you. if you can make an ugly phone, do not go to school to learn how to make a better one. rather keep practicing and experiencing. you will become better and come with a better one.

scholorship to learn what you already know. Ethiopians are good but all Amharas are Oromo. the Amharic alphabet is in this 13 century latin book in holad or something.

running is not the only thing Ethiopians should be good at. it’s telling the govrment or any other sources they shouldn’t beef with peaceful Muslims. they can take over if they want. what, don’t we want peace?

comment on this fact now. by the way, interesting, but I didn’t even get to the second paragraph of the aricle. whatever. Ethiopians learn a theory rather than the everyday realities people deal with. but fortunately that will stop as more and more people are seeing the problemo with Africa.

Africans are not dumb. they are just too human and they need to keep it that way and try to question educational system.



forgive me guys for being all over. if youre curious about the Amharic alphabet refereed to as ‘Latin’, watch the BBC Islamic science. it was translated into what was then Latin alphabet in my opinion which is now Amharic.

it was actually kind of interesting because there was only one line of Amharic that I saw but it was not Amharic language which means the alphabet was used somewhere else around the word.

well I can’t be writing all night with one finger.

01/08/13 @ 07:33
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]

Great article. However, let us be cautious, if people have been reading around.. while the current TPLF is implementing the plan for globalization in Ethiopia, we must also becareful those recruited educated Ethiopians who are promoted by foreigners to be installed to push neoliberalism. What does it mean? I don’t think the author should neglect what neoliberalism means, as of now Ethiopia under TPLF, her vast resources is being taken away by foreigners. The so called meles Zenawi claimed he wanted to turn Ethiopia like China is false. I don’t see China creating refugees of its people throughout the world, China exports more good than Ethiopia. In fact, Ethiopia has been cutting its exports and giving to foreigners or its cohorts or shutting it down all those industries that existed before rather than upgrading it. I hope that the foreign educated Ethiopians will implement if encouraged by foreigners, to benefit genuinely Ethiopia. I hope they don’t get programmed into implementing policies to give away further Ethiopia’s resources. I think, Ethiopian Airlines, Ethiopia’s banks are already taken over by foreign multinationals. I have read some time how a technocrat from the West, Amalga banker (Ethiopian or Eritrean?) went to Ethiopia and did something and went back to West. I hope he did good, but it could be he may have not done good. Just suspicious

01/08/13 @ 07:43
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Hyena ,antchi Ye Shabya Shelle Banda .Degmo atchin Billo Prof Al Mariamin Nekaffi .The fact that things under the rule of your bandit Bros ae ot really shining as you and your Thuggy Bros are lying .Even you ,do not dare to put your feet on your Virtual Agazi Holly Land .By prefering to remain in Europe and USA stack to your Laptop and Iphone ,heating days and nights with your ass Sturbuks and Tigre Medeberias Bars Bencheses…LOL !!!!LEKAMMI SERAFET BANDA !!!

01/08/13 @ 07:47
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

How does he manage to teach fulltime, I presume, practice defense law, & yet writes pages of articles which are long in words but short in substance? he must be a hardworkin fellow. I guess,he reads comments and they are giving him the illusion of being imp’t & all. In other sites where he posts (nearly all ethiopian-related sites bar the usual suspects) same articles, he’s the champion of the voiceless. It is here at he gets trashed by almost all visitors. Most of visitors/members including me don’t even read the article to the last line.
Waste of time anyway given the prof’s past articles.

01/08/13 @ 07:57
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Addis Zefzef the Gay Shabian

and False Ethiopian

Ethiopia and true Ethiopians will, what you fail to realize is it done not because of TPLF looters like you and the DEAD Meles and his crazy wife but in spite of all of you losers.

Your politics is based on hate as always and you are in Addis on a borrowed time.

When we catch you you will be dealt with for theft, treason for collaborating with TPLF the enemy of Ethiopia, for giving our land to the enemy amongst a lot of other charges. Guess what the punishment is for these crimes….death by a firing squad.

Now is time for you to move back to Asema or Mekele where you came from fake wanna be Ethiopian!!!

01/08/13 @ 08:46
Comment from: Tes [Visitor]

i am not hater but i hate what this guy writes, why dont u just get used to the american burger and settle down with it there than tring to look like u care for the country which u run away years back and act like a hero. please live us alone u guys wd second passport holders if a civil war broke out like the way u guys wish u will be number one showing ur passport color and live us back in the jungle laughing at us. glad the peoples are wel aware we learned from somalia and ur dream will remain to be a dream. peace out and get off the web please.

01/08/13 @ 10:33
Comment from: Etete Mushirit [Visitor]
Etete Mushirit

“The Cheetah Generation"?

Is it a blessing or otherwise?

Cheetah is:

1. a solitary or lonely wild animal.
2. It can run fast but also gets very quickly tired and stops the action before reaching its goal.
This is how the worthless Diasporas are. Talking tooooo much nonsense for sometimes and then they change the name while behaving the same thing. In the mean time their trade mark “Fundraisings” is doing the job they are having in mind the first place. But no any result what so ever about the topic they are talking shamelessly and tirelessly for many years.

3. It loses the kill to other wild animals including to Lions, Hyenas, leopards and even wild dogs.
It is like Egyptian activists, intellectuals, freedom seekers and soon have paid lots of sacrifices to overthrow Mubarak. But they lost the nation to the savage and very dangerous not only to Egypt but also the region and whole world if it’s not stopped now- so called “Muslim brotherhood".

4. It also has many other weaknesses comparing to some other predators including hunting only during day lights and small animals like the Gazelle families.

So, wishing the Ethiopian generation to be like a cheetah in 2013 is like wishing bad and lots of weaknesses not what the wana be philosopher or thinker is trying to paint here with no clue what so ever he even gets the message let alone other readers.

01/08/13 @ 10:43
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Is it possible for a ferocious, predatory, and swift-running cheetah to become a river-horse hippo? According to the law of nature, a cheetah always remains a cheetah, and a hippo always remains a hippo.

However, the Professor claims the hippo generation can change the cheetah generation, but, I say, in what way? In fact, the Professor has already labeled the hippo generation, a generation that includes the Professor himself, as “astigmatic with distorted vision… myopic and narrow- minded preoccupied with mindless self-aggrandizement.”

If such is the hippo generation, then the cheetah generation should not expect any intellectual, vivid, solid, durable, and enlightening aspiration from the dormant, old, and dying hippo generation. “Let the dead bury their dead,” said the Great Teacher, and “follow me.” Therefore, let the hippos remain in their river, looking at the other dying hippos, and let the cheetahs speed up their running until they catch their prey.

Therefore, the young Ethiopian generation has nothing to gain from the selfish, exhausted, worn out, out-of-touch, and home-sick diaspora elites. To use the young Ethiopian generation as a means to cross the bridge – the Atlantic Ocean – and to claim a leadership position in the Christian land of Ethiopia, the diaspora elites are manifesting their greed for power at the expense of the young Ethiopian generation.

The young Ethiopians can figure out for themselves what their immediate and future needs are, and they can achieve them without the invisible hands of the reckless, mindless, and impetuous diaspora elites.

What kind of advices can the diaspora elites offer to the young Ethiopians except to incite them to rise up against their Christian government and put that Christian country into the hands of Ethiopian Jihadist Muslims? Most of the diaspora elites are encouraging the Ethiopian young men and young women to bring change to the Christian land of Ethiopia by resorting to violence; nevertheless, the Ethiopian young boys and young girls know what their Christian country expects from them and what they expect from their Christian country. This Christian country has produced thousands of educated Ethiopian boys and girls, and these highly educated boys and girls are serving their Christian country according to their abilities. For sure, they are not cheetahs: they are more than cheetahs; they can think, write, judge, decide, act, and live with dignity, grace, and wisdom.

One of the Professor’s distinguished leaders has been, for a long time, an exiled Muslim leader who lives in Toronto, Canada. The professor seems blown away by what the exiled Muslim has said. The professor with his full understanding of the Muslim man’s words says:

“…I am haunted by the penetrating question recently posed by Hajj Mohamed Seid, the prominent Ethiopian Muslim leader in exile in Toronto: ‘Is there an Ethiopian generation left now?’” The professor thinks there is no generation left in Ethiopia, but I say there is a vibrant, energetic, and well-educated generation in the Christian land of Ethiopia, still serving its country and keeping the country from being torn apart by the terrorist Muslims in Ethiopia. Hence, Seid’s question is invalid since the Christian land of Ethiopia is full of young Ethiopian boys and girls. This is a powerful and productive generation taking the country forward; this is a generation that has never left the country and gone to the west, abandoning the country. This is a new generation left with a new aspiration, innovation, and new skills to lead Ethiopia to the next generation.

This new Ethiopian generation does not need the diaspora young generation that was born in the west, grew up in the west, tainted with the western culture, spoke the western language, ate the western food, lived loose life, and experienced the western democracy. This western-born and western-cultured diaspora generation could not lead the young Ethiopian generation because the diaspora young generation does not know the language, the culture, the tradition, the custom, and the history of the Ethiopian young generation. Therefore, the Professor’s statements, “We need to help organize and provide support to Ethiopian Diaspora youth to link up with their counterparts in Ethiopia so that they could have meaningful dialogue and interaction and work together to ensure a common democratic future” are meaningless.

The Diaspora youth, born outside of the Christian country of Ethiopia and grew up in a foreign country are the lost generation, the pitiful generation, and the wandering generation while the Ethiopian young generations are the indigenous, self-confident, and on-the-move generation within their own Christian country.

The professor, still in love with the exiled Muslim Hajj Mohamed Seid’s statements, takes Seid’s warning seriously:

“Hajj Mohamed Seid has warned us that without unity, we have nothing.” “If there is no country, there is no religion. It is only when we have a country that we find everything.”

It is true unity is very crucial for the survival or existence of a nation, and that is why our Christian ancestors fought hard with the Jihadist Gragn Ahmed, Mussolini, and other invaders to keep the unity of Christian Ethiopia; however, I would say, without religion, and that religion is Christianity, there is no country. Without faith in Jesus Christ, there is no salvation, and without salvation there is no heaven. The Great Teacher said: “But seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well” (Matthew 6:33). In this case, it is only that we will have everything we want when we first seek for the kingdom of God.

Pitting the young Ethiopian generation against the old ones, the Professor’s gist of his article is to foment a bloody revolution in the Christian land of Ethiopia. His vivid statement supports his propensity to lead the young Ethiopian generation to war. He says:

“Only a coalition of cheetahs organized across ethnic, religious, linguistic and regional lines can crash a crash of hippos and a cackle of hyenas and save Ethiopia.”

I think, the Professor wants the Ethiopian young men and young women to be organized, to be fully armed, and march and crash the hippos’ and the hyena’s generation – the old Ethiopians at home and the old Ethiopians abroad. For the pugnacious Professor, Ethiopia can be saved only through warfare or Jihad as he supports the Muslim movement in the Christian land of Ethiopia, and that is why he said that he was haunted by the penetrating question recently posed by the exiled Muslim Hajj Mohamed Seid.

Thus, according to the good Professor, the war between the hippos and the cheetahs will continue until the cheetahs crash the hippos and the hyenas and finally save the Christian land of Ethiopia from being smashed by the heavy-weight river-horse hippo and by the cacophonic hyenas.

01/08/13 @ 10:53
Comment from: nenewe [Visitor]

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor],
What exactly do you mean by christian land? Do you mean the land or its habitants, or both?. There is no place called christian land. Oh, maybe except Axum.
Ethiopia belongs to all Ethiopians who call it home regrdless of their faith.

01/08/13 @ 13:16
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

It looks like the evil has got a free ride of cheetah wannabe hippo or Alemayoh G/Mariam forever….LOL.

God bless the world!

01/08/13 @ 14:24
Comment from: [Member]

What a grand call!!!
I thank the good professor for such very “Timley” request for all genuine Ethiopians. I have heard there is impaitence growing among the young generation in Ethiopia.
The moslem Ethiopians are displaying their anger relatively in better way than the rest of us christian habeshas.
There has been a turmoil even wthin the military.
All these signs lead to the enevitable mass upraisal of the mighty 90 + million angry Ethiopians.
Let us accept the call of the good professor and lend a helping hand to the “fast & Furios Ethiopian Cheetas”

01/08/13 @ 14:31
Comment from: [Member]

: Yo

“These kinds of comments should be brought to the attention of the university where he teaches, although it is hard to believe he teaches.” What’s that the university need to be aware of? That he speaks negatively of the curent Goverment of Ethiopia? That he doesn’t agree with their policies? You woyane puppets most likely than not to forget that he lives in a countrey where he can express his views freely. I bet if you could, you wished time and time again to put him in jail. In Ameriac huh? You wished you had a prison of your owm here in America Just like you allowed sHabia to have a prison on Ethiopia soild to tourcher any citizen who spoke bad about shabia. ppl and your dead PM will foreverl remain laughable

01/08/13 @ 14:49
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

nenewe (Visitor),

I have been commenting on this web site, and the only reason I comment is to make my point clear that Ethiopia has been a Christian land for thousands of years, and the people who live in this lovely Christian land are the indigenous Ethiopian Christians. The rest are new settlers with their own different religions. As far as these new settlers abide by the law of the land – the Christian law, the Christian government, the Christian language, and the Christian flag – they are welcomed to live in this Christian land. We have never refused sharing our Christian land with the new settlers, but if the new settlers are unsatisfied with our Christian government, they are free to leave our Christian land without causing any problems in our Christian country.

Some times, I hear some Jihadist Muslims in Ethiopia threatening that they would establish their own Islamic state unless the Christian government of Ethiopia allows them to build a grand Mosque in our holy City of Axum. We will never allow any Jihadist Muslims to establish their own Islamic state in the Christian land of Ethiopia and to build their Mosque in the Holy City of Axum.

Briefly, North Sudan is a Muslim country; Somalia is a Muslim country; Egypt is a Muslim country; Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country; therefore, what is wrong to call Ethiopia a Christian country? Intruders coming to our Christian country do not want Ethiopia to be called a Christian country or “an Island of Christianity.” They have found a soft country and have landed safely without any problem on this Christian country, and now they want to erase the distinguishing mark that Ethiopia is the land of Christianity.

If I live in Somalia, God forbid, do I have the right to ask the Islamic government of Somalia to avoid calling Somalia a Muslim country?

Ethiopia remains to be called a Christian country until the Lord Jesus Christ comes!

01/08/13 @ 14:55
Comment from: To - TEDDY [Visitor]

Oh Teddy a goat herder from Gayint Begemidir.

An ex derg militia captured by woyanne goat herding little kids.

But was freed after recanting for being a savage derg militia.

Immigrated to the US through Sudan in the early nineties.

Married to a Chilga woman with a tatto in hear forehead and neck.

He is half literate who is verbally challenged despite graduating from English as a second langauage school.

The major words he mastered include - Leba Master, Tigre Mafiosi, Agazi-Amiche, Adgi-Banda, Thuggy bros, LOL and so on.

He suffers from PTD and bipolar due to the humilation he faced at the hands of Woyane goat herders.

Whenever he forgets to take his medication, he starts cursing out - Tigre Mafiosi, Kilib Banda, Thuggy Bros, Agazi-Amiche Leba, Kilib Banda.

Teddy the parking lot errand boy.

TEDDY the pathetic village boy who blabbers as a true history what ever little information he hears from his ex derg masters in exile.

Teddy what a pathetic and yet a boring and entertaining character.

01/08/13 @ 18:56
Comment from: Mo Money-Ethio [Visitor]
Mo Money-Ethio

Assta B. Gettu [Visitor] listen mr. deftera, I think while you were in Sudan, you probably suffered and tortured by Sudanese and you started to hate all Muslims including your countrymen Muslims. One thing for sure, you have a right to cry but Ethiopia will always be Home for all Ethiopians regardless their religion or ethnicity. If it makes you happy to be a hate monger, there is no hope or cure for you and we will pray for you.

from: To - TEDDY [Visitor]
Great comment. This individual is limited to just few words. I would not be surprise if he is from Tigray or Eritrea…He keep repeating same comments five to ten times a day.

01/08/13 @ 22:19
Comment from: my2cents [Visitor]

The issue of the genenration is no better defined than by current phenom teacher, Memhir Girma( The witer, Professor Alemayehu, is human. A lot of his contemporaries are all about sheer politics and could even be ashamed to be associated with faith based dogma. But any such naivete should not be a permanent identification for any respectable citizen of any country. So far, Profesor’s articles are within taste.

01/09/13 @ 00:05
Comment from: gudfela [Visitor]


Where were you the so called “christian” TPLFites were opening the door for Muslim extremists to enter in Ethiopia? And they are not alone in implementing that, in order to destabilize a country like Ethiopia such introduction of extremism is needed. That is why pretty soon, there will be civil war whether you like it or not. It is TPLF, not the diaspora who has been sleeping with Egypt, Saudi, Somalia, Sudan etc. They formed alliance in the jungle and they implemented it to make Ethiopia endangered. You can see the love affair of Islam and TPLF by the taking of Ethiopia’s resources by Arabs: Egypt/Australia/Engliand/Saudi- a la Alamoudi are now mining for gold in Ethiopia. Where are the Ethiopians doing that? Sudandes and Somalians are now considering themsleve it is their land in Ethiopia and roam as they want to. The Sudanese have been scamming Ethiopians’ wealth by approaching gullible Ethiopians. So if anything blame the current TPLF/EPRDF. However you are silence when TPLF is concerned.

Diaspora for sure will and should contribute to Ethiopia. Why not? Wasn’t during HIm that educated Ethiopains went back to Ethiopia to develop their country? That being said, what you said has truth that the diaspora must contribute in Ethiopia technologically, develop the country, without affecting the fundamental tradition and cultural back ground of Ethiopia because Westernizing everyting make you lose good traditiona and cultures that benefited Ethiopia for centuries. So the diaspora should not go back to cause damage rather to transfer technology, development, so on.

In addition, rather than giving away resources to foreigners that don’t give a hoot about Ethiopa except their profits like South Africa style, the Ethio government could have given it to Ethiopians from within as well as diaspora that are capable to invest on their homeland to become internatinal like any of those foreign investors. Why not? Why would only Westerners, or Arabs can be internatiol coproations or investors? Why not from Ethiopia. Alamoudi is not Ethiopian but Saudi that is why he succeeded. Ethiopians both within and diaspora who have the wealth, the ability to compete internationally as well.

01/09/13 @ 03:15
Comment from: kul [Visitor]

Dear Prof. Al Mariam:

Unless you suffer from some sort of amnesia, you already wrote a long article about cheetah/hippo generation. And yet here you are repeating yourself.
I gave you this exact comment few years ago. Now you are forcing me to repeat them again. I know you are professor. I also know you are a lawyer by training. I can also see that you can write. But I always wonder whether you actually know why you write. Seriously!!!! Do you write for the sake of writing or you write to convey a message? If your aim is the later, I think you failed miserably. Writing a long article filled with big and fancy words may show that you are well versed in the English language. But it cannot make you a good communicator. If your main purpose of writing an article is to convey a message, I think you should keep it short, simple and direct. Most importantly, please avoid redundancy.

01/09/13 @ 09:41
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Mo Money-Ethio (visitor),

I am not a deftera: a deftera is a highly educated, respected, and dedicated person who serves the almighty God day in and day out without a dime.

Instead of tackling with the issue that bothers you, you jumped to a name calling and to a mere speculation that I have been to Sudan and torched by the Sudanese. You can see now how you are evading the main topic and dubbing a person a “deftera,” and describing that person whom you have never met before. For the time being, I will spare you from tearing apart your soul from your mortal body, but if I see you again behaving the way you are handling the topic, you will get what you deserve, and you will go to your grave humiliated and disgraced.

You stated I hate all Muslims including the Muslims in the Christian land of Ethiopia: it is true I hate all Muslims because all Muslims are not created in the image of God; they are created in the image of the false prophet Muhammad the pedophile, Muhammad the human-trafficker, Muhammad the sodomizer, Muhammad the dead-woman fucker, Muhammad the anti-Christ, and Muhammad the killer.

I hate any person who lies: all Muslims are liars. I hate any person who has more than one wife; most Muslim men have many wives and concubines. I detest any person who believes in the Quran, in the Hadith, in the Sharia law, and in the false Prophet Muhammad (may curse and the wrath of God be upon him).

As a deceiving, flattering, and peddling Muslim, you uttered the following false prophesies and wishful and hateful prayer:

“One thing for sure, you have a right to cry but Ethiopia will always be Home for all Ethiopians regardless their religion or ethnicity. If it makes you happy to be a hate monger, there is no hope or cure for you and we will pray for you.”

You have not seen me shading my tears, raising my voice, beating my chest, nodding my head, and stretching out my hands into the heavens for the valid reasons that my Christian country has been invaded by Jihadist Muslims. No, you will, rather, see me galvanizing, inspiring, and motivating my fellow Ethiopian Christians to be ready for the Great War – an imminent war – that will determine the survival of Christianity in the Christian land of Ethiopia and the complete annihilation of Islam with its Jihadist Muslims from my Christian country. If you are a Jihadist Muslim, it is time for you to pick up your belongings and leave Christian Ethiopia and make yourself available to the sex-addicted and indolent Arab-Muslim nations.

01/09/13 @ 10:59
Comment from: Assta B. Gettu [Visitor]
Assta B. Gettu

Dear gudfela (visitor),

Your comment is valid and to the point, and it is true Mengistu Haile Mariam and then the TPLF opened the gate for Islam and its followers to roam the entire country until they are now demanding the destructions of the Ethiopian Christians and the establishment of Islam as the major religion of Ethiopia.

With the spread of Islam in Ethiopia, Jihadism was born, and from Jihadism the desire to establish a separate Islamic state in Ethiopia emerged. Then, the government of Ethiopia that elevated, supported, and encouraged Islamists to do whatever they want, became alarmed and threatened for its survival and crafted an anti-terrorist law to counterattack and blame the Muslims and other foreign agents. It is now too late for the government to stay in power for a long time as far as his former allies – the Muslims in Ethiopia, the Sudanese, the Somalis, the Egyptians, and the Saudis – are plotting inside Ethiopia to overthrow the current Ethiopian government. In this case, the government, if it falls from power suddenly, should not blame anyone but itself for giving free lunch to the Arab-Muslim countries, and, especially to the Muslims in Ethiopia.

I have commented several times advising the government to stop trading with any Arab-Muslim nations and to halt land leasing or selling lands to the Arabs, the historical enemies of the Ethiopian Christians, but my advice went into the deaf ear and no one in the Ethiopian leadership realized at the time the Jihadist Muslims would stand up against the Ethiopian regime.

Now the government of Ethiopia clearly understands who its enemies are: they are not the Ethiopians in the diaspora: they are the Muslims in Ethiopia; they are the Muslims in Somalia, in Sudan, in Egypt, and in Saudi Arabia. It is time for the government of Ethiopia to declare officially that Ethiopia is a Christian country founded by our Christian fathers and mothers, not a Muslim country and will not tolerate a Muslim government in the Christian land of Ethiopia. Therefore, Ethiopia is not for sale to the Arab-Muslim merchants or land speculators.

As far as there is hostility and deep suspicion between the Ethiopians in the diaspora and the Ethiopian government at home, it will be hard, if not impossible, for the Ethiopians in the diaspora to invest their resources in Ethiopia. The government fears those highly educated Ethiopians in the diaspora may seek a leadership position once they are returned to their country, and the Ethiopians in the diaspora fear, if they go back to Ethiopia and open their businesses, the government may send them to jail, takeover their businesses, accusing them for violating the anti-terrorist law. Hence, the government chooses to make a business deal with the Arab-Muslim nations rather than with its own Ethiopians in the diaspora.

And these fears and suspicions between the Ethiopians in the diaspora and the government of Ethiopia will not go away until a democratically elected government appears and takes the leadership over this vast and naturally rich country, Ethiopia.

01/09/13 @ 11:01
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

Adgi ,what ever you say or write .You can no longer have the ability to hide your TRUE IDENTITY as an Agazi-Amice Banda ,fed and raised by the evil widow gangs to spread lies and insults against patriotic TRUE ETHIOPIANS !!!!Gayent you mean the Birth place of the Heroic Tamagne Beyene your Daily Nightmare ,making you shitting on your pants …KEEP ON YOUR STUPID FAIRITALE FOR YOU AND YOUR BED FELLOW BEZBEZAW …LOL !!!!

01/10/13 @ 17:10



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