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Ethiopia: 37 years of the TPLF and the footprints of Meles



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Ethiopia: 37 years of the TPLF and the footprints of Meles

Ethiopia: 37 years of the TPLF and the footprints of Meles

By Tesfay Atsbeha and Kahsay Berhe

February 2012

Part one

On 19 February 2012, the official 37th birthday of the TPLF, many people in Tigray have to think of their loved ones as martyrs as every year; it is a day for remembering the loss of about 60 000 young women and men; as well as thousands of civilians killed in the country side and urban centres by the TPLF and the Derg respectively. The only act of paying respect to the martyrs would have been the prevalence of justice, the rule of law and democracy for all Ethiopians. But this is not the case and therefore the day is a day of sorrow for the overwhelming majority of oppressed and hungry Ethiopians.

For a few oppressors and exploiters as well as their supporters it is a day of celebrating their gains and luxuries. There is also the macabre situation of the sad being forced to celebrate their losses.

There are special events which transcend regimes and ethnic membership, like the victory of Adwa, which are celebrated by Ethiopians, but the birth of the TPLF will never be one of them. The celebration of this particular event is unlikely to outlive Meles. We Ethiopians, as many other people all over the world, do not have a tradition of celebrating events which do not have a positive meaning for posterity. We do not celebrate victories per se. No victory of Tewodros over Ras Ali, Dejatch Wondyerad etc. no victory of Yohannes over emperor Teklegiorgis, no victory of Menilik over king Teklehaimanot is celebrated by Ethiopians and therefore no victory of the TPLF over the Derg which ended up in the tyranny of Meles will be celebrated by Ethiopians in the future.

When it comes to principles, Ethiopians celebrate and pay respect only to those historical figures who selflessly struggled against invaders and for the dignity of the people, no matter whether such figures were victorious or not. Patriots like Abune Petros and Zeray Deres who sacrificed their lives for a genuine cause are as much respected as the patriots who victoriously defended the independence of Ethiopia. As we are living at a stage of the development of the world at which the struggle for (at least formal) independence is a thing of the past, Ethiopians have been struggling for democracy since almost four decades. The TPLF under Meles and his clique has proved itself without any reasonable doubt so far that it is not only anti-democratic but also extreme ethnic nationalist by obeying the orders of Meles to the disadvantage of more than 94% Ethiopians. We say “so far” by probably hoping against hope and taking into consideration that some members of the TPLF who have not committed crimes can still get rid of the criminals and help facilitate the transition to democracy in Ethiopia; because although it is very late it is not too late.

Meles has been paying lip service to the martyrs, hiding his own atrocities and talking about those of the Derg to present himself as a liberator and benefactor of the people. In actual fact, Meles has by his evil deeds played a decisive role in destroying the possibility for the martyred and living members of the TPLF to have a positive history all over Ethiopia.

Whenever the anniversary is followed by fake elections, Meles uses the occasion to disseminate lies, hatred and fear. On the 30th anniversary of the TPLF in 2005 before the fake parliamentary election, Meles told the people of Tigray not to worry about the enemies, because we (meaning the TPLF and the people of Tigray) have knocked out the teeth (in the sense of defeating and disarming them) of the enemies. He was referring to the legal and peaceful opposition and maliciously equating the opposition with the deposed military regime (the Derg) without mentioning the regime by name. By telling the people to consider the opposition parties like CUD as enemies, Meles was conveying the distorted message that the multi-ethnic Ethiopian organizations have to be associated with the Derg, chauvinism and Interhamwe.

On the occasion of the 35th anniversary of the TPLF which was again about three months before the fake election of 2010, Meles with his boundless rudeness could not behave even like a simple disciplined Ethiopian citizen, let alone like a prime minister. He portrayed Tigrayans who were in the opposition as a cover used by the enemy of the people of Tigray to cheat the people of Tigray, insulted them as chaff, dirt etc.. and agitated the people to be angry at them. Then, he hypocritically advised the people not to physically attack members of the opposition, not because they don’t deserve it, but because the opposition would use it for mud slinging. The speech of Meles was a green light for his tugs to attack the opposition, which they did. Aregawi Gebreyohannes from the opposition Arena was stabbed to death. We don’t mind if Meles considers any Ethiopian multi-ethnic organisation as his enemy. However, the claim that such organizations are the enemies of the people of Tigray by falsely associating them with the Derg is an act of irresponsibility and evilness.

Now, since there is no election, an election cannot be a motive for Meles to abuse the occasion to harass people. The regime is currently preoccupied with prosecuting and terrorizing patriotic and peaceful journalists as well as opposition leaders by using its own distorted interpretation of terror. It is also distorting history by denying emperor Haileselassie’s rightful place in the formation of the OAU and therefore in paving the way for the formation of the AU. It is also continuing with the double digit growth rate of the economy which is rather a double digit growth rate of its lies. The evil performances of Meles on the issues pertaining to the interpretation of terror, the denial that emperor Haileselassie belongs to those who deserve a statue as well as the lie of a double digit growth of the Ethiopian GDP will be the footprints of the TPLF with the limelight taken by Meles.

As we are writing this article in connection with the 37th anniversary of the TPLF, we will make a short review of the footprints of the TPLF in the course of 37 years and thereby concentrate ourselves on the less known aspects of the history of the organization. We hope readers can compare and contrast our presentation with what they know about the regime and make their own judgment about our characterization of the TPLF.

It would only be an anomaly, if tyrants came to power in a democratic society or organization. As Professor Messay Kebede wrote somewhere that the TPLF is as much the creation of Meles, as Meles is the creation of the TPLF, Meles has absolute power, because the members of the TPLF were and are - as many Ethiopians - vulnerable to tyranny. The underdevelopment of our country is mainly caused by submission to the tyranny of a single individual who suppresses ideas, drives the educated out of the country (brain drain) and blocks correction of wrong policies. Why do evil individuals come to power in Ethiopia? Why has not our moral standard been strong enough to deter criminals from being our masters? Is our enlightenment so low or not so wide spread enough that our society can be manipulated by bad people? Could it also be that there are many Ethiopians who appreciate any victory by evil means, as long as it is a victory, like doping to succeed in a sport competition?

In respect to the last question, an innocent Ethiopian said something surprising. It is important to mention that the gentleman is innocent as this would apply to many innocent people. In a heated discussion about the atrocities of Mengistu Hailemariam, the murder of the 60 ex-officials and that of General Teferi Banti and others were cited. When the phrase: “They wanted us for lunch, but we made them a breakfast.”, which is supposed to have been said by Mengistu was mentioned, the gentleman who was actively participating suddenly said: “but he is also a man (ginko wend new)”. It was shocking. Mengistu was actually a coward and a power monger who murdered his compatriots and told a lie that he did it in self-defence or in defence of the revolution. If people appreciate the success of crime and the successful criminal, it is a sign of the lack of moral virtues and encourages criminals who should be condemned. Of all criminals a criminal politician is the worst, because such a criminal, like Meles, can commit several acts of crime simultaneously and rule by (criminal) force.

The TPLF is not principally made up of progressive elements who consciously struggled for democratic and human rights. Such rights have never been respected in the organization itself. Conversely, although the TPLF never needed Meles and it would have been much better off without him and therefore without his anti-Ethiopian views and activities, serial mass murders, lies, deceptions, ethnic divisions, corruption etc. the TPLF behaves as if it were created to fulfil the wishes of Meles. The Front has so far really been devoid of any freedom, tolerance and any differences of ideas short of enmity, as if all members of the organisation were produced with a programme to act like a private army of Meles. Meles has cultivated such an undemocratic, unpatriotic, servile and irresponsible behaviour in the TPLF that this behaviour has also been extended to the other members of the EPRDF and its sympathisers. In this sense, Meles has also partially re-created the TPLF as an organisation of servants who in turn treat their subordinates and the people as servants. This system of Meles was already in place during the armed struggle, during which the “freedom fighters” could not even defend themselves and their peers against arbitrary killings and physical beatings within the organization. The history of the members of the TPLF which could have been associated with the promotion of democratic and human rights has been turned by Meles to a history of a tool of terror, repression and corruption.

It was a (feudal) tradition for civil servants including the armed forces and dignitaries until Emperor Haileselassie to portray themselves and even boast as the servants (ashker) of the emperor of their respective time. Since the reign of the military regime, the servants do not call themselves “servants”, but they are more servile and less free than their predecessors. It seems that the 1974 revolution has abolished some words of servility, like ashker and replaced them with words like “comrade” without any change in the content. In the meantime, the culture of treason, serial mass murders, lies, deception, ethnicity, fear, hatred and corruption has become an integral part of the system of Meles as we will show some of it chronologically.


Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

OMG!! I was wondering when are those crybabes of diaspora politicians going to stop all the name calling, fabricating stories against the EPRDF government, and do something positive for their country? but it is funny that more of them are keep comming and preaching their nonsens stories….I’m sick and tired of the Elias Kiflom , Professor Almariam, & alikes. And now we started to entertained by Atsbaha and Berha….LOL..

To be honest with you all to the Ethiopian government critics, I have a lots of things that I wish the government could have had done much better, but taking our country’s deep rooted poverty and backwardnes into consideration, I think our country is moving forward under the leadership of EPRDF….most of all, I believe change and good governance will develop side by side with our economy by the Ethiopia people whom are working hard to bring change in the life of their follow Ethiopian people…

Therefore, you all crybabies diaspora politicians should learn from your past mistakes and take part in the development of the country, try to identify the government’s good and bad conduct…..otherwise, if you just oppose everything, no one will listen to you, let alone he/she will believe in your leadership capabilities. what I’m trying to say is Ethiopian need a smart men and women who would function ethically to serve their people……Teshakesheke enge gena alteweketem alech setyo yebalal…………

God bless the world!!

02/23/12 @ 01:10
Comment from: koster [Visitor]

It is very unfortunate that tyrant Meles is looting and killing in the name of the people of TIGRAI. If there is a free and democratic election, I am sure he will not be elected by the people of Adwa let alone Tigrai but in the mean time he cheats, loots and kill in the name of Tigrai and may have a negative effect of the future relationship of the Tigreans with their brothers and sisters. I hope Tigreans should wake up and say no to Meles state terror and ethnic politics.

02/23/12 @ 01:57
Comment from: saba [Visitor]

Ethiopians will not rest until these Zeregna Banda Tigre Terrorists are wiped out!!


02/23/12 @ 03:45
Comment from: girum [Visitor]

I do agree meles has been dragging TPLF on its own since the split in 2001 and to some extent has become more dictator since the siye group left. But im a little bit dismayed by the writers who claim there names are Tesfay Atsbeha and Kahsay Berhe. In summary they said: 1. TPLF/Tigray victory over Dergue is not worth celebration or rather the celebration is not Ethiopian.
2. 94% of Ethiopians considered victims of ethnic based rule.
3. Fake election (2010)
4. Haile selassie not honored.

my opinion for number :
1. The celebration is a reminder of freedom from the atrocities and no Tigrian/Ethiopian is forced to celebrate. By the way even though the victory of Adowa is a victory of Black race against whites, it still fail short of ETHIOPIAN VICTORY BECAUSE IT FAILED TO KEEP ETHIOPIA UNITED. It isolated our Eritrean brothers. But im sure it was a plan of SHowans to separate Tigryans into two (Baher Negash/Mereb Melash and Tigray). The lost of Assab started here.
2. your conclusion is more tribal than that of Meles. Tigray suffered the same as other tribes in Ethiopia.
3. If the opposition had known the election was to be fake, they could have boycotted on that ground and get better recognition than end up in jail.
4. AU is the one who did the recognition not Meles. The decision was out of Ethiopia’s jurisdiction and not planned by Meles. Plus even if he was recognized and gotten statue, it doesn’t make him less “Feudal Dictator” who annexed Eritrea and destroyed their culture and system and forced them for arms struggle that lead to the eventual down fall of dergue and the loss of Ethiopian Ports. Now every culprit wants to put all blames on Meles. shame. the truth hurts. You will not believe if I tell you that i don’t support Meles/EPRDF but you don’t make a difference if you do or not.

02/23/12 @ 05:14
Comment from: Heny [Visitor]

Tesfay Atsbeha and Kahsay Berhe:
You are the sifted off of the struggle of TPLF and of the people of Tigray. Do you know hatella, that which we give to oxen after the cleared drinkable part is used up? That is what you are: both the hatell and the oxen.
Long live TPLF and the struggle of the people of Tigray.

02/23/12 @ 05:49
Comment from: [Member]

ከ ሰማእታት ቀን ቀጥሎ በሃዘን የ እትዮጵያ ህዝብ የሚያስታውሰው ቀን ቢኖር February 19th ነው::
ህዝባዊ ትግልን አስመስለው እ ህ አ ፓ ን ተጠቅመውበት ከ እ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ ጋራ በማሴር አራት ኪሎ ከገቡ እነሆ ሃያ አመታት ተቅጥረዋል :: ሃያ አመታት ብዝበዛ እስራት ጭቆና ተካሂደዋል :: መለስ እና ግብረ አበሮቹ የሃበሻ ግራዚያኒ የ እትዮጵያ ዊ ሞሶሊኒዎች ናቸው:: እኒኚህን የ አገራችንን ሂትለሮች ብሎም ነቀርሳዎች ማውደም ግዴታችን ነው ::
ሞት ለ ቲ ፒ ኤል ኤፍ እና አጫፋሪዎቹ::

02/23/12 @ 06:31
Comment from: Obsitu [Visitor]

Thank you for the writers. One day truth will triumph over evil.

02/23/12 @ 07:42
Comment from: Alganesh [Visitor]

Dear Tesfay Atsbeha and Kahsay Berhe,

You are reasonable Ethiopians from Tigray. You should be example to most Ethiopians from Tigray, who support the region not becuase it does good to all tigray ppl. Only because they are a victim of its scare tactic…which is ….if you don support TPLF, the opposition will demolish you…. This is the scare tactic…which influences even the most educated tigreans…though benefiting from the regime is also another factor for why some support TPLF-led gov…one thing should be clear for all those who support the regime…sooner or latter TPLF will go for good…then think about ur children…

02/23/12 @ 08:01
Comment from: Sobeya [Visitor]

Lekatit 11 is celebrated by most Tigrayans.So we are ethiopians…so Ethiopians are celebrating lekatit 11.
naftegna reactionaries can celebrate the birthday of Teferi mekonen.but i can’t be forced to celebrate that shba tenquays birthday and can force them to celebrate lekatit 11.

Tesfay & Kahsay the enemy will not embrace you with open arms.Their issue is with Tigray people not TPLF.They want to destroy our culture,history,language and identity.You are a esub banda whose lives are not worth of a kilo of onion.You should hang yourselves.TPLF Forever.

02/23/12 @ 10:20
Comment from: ment4you [Visitor]

Go back to Tigeria land and scream what you like about TPLF …… TPLF does not represent ETHIOPIA and ETHIOPIANS. It represents a minority.

Seem like you are bringing your hate and self inflected inferiority to other parts of Ethiopia.

Poor dude!

02/23/12 @ 10:46
Comment from: ttrue work [Visitor]
ttrue work

Meles fashist has been killing mostly amharic speaking people, mostly Gondar people. Took Welkayet, Zarima, Telemt, mytebri, dansha, tegedie, and dibebahir. From Wollo, alemat, rayana kobo, korem, because those above lands are fertail land. Most of the areas have lakes and revers. ” let my people eat but the rest of the people die.” That is what weyne wants. To feed the tgray people but does not care about gondar or wollo people. weyne wants to eliminate the amhara people. First of all, they fought for tigray people, not for Ethiopian people, so that they cant lead ethiopian people. Weyane just wants to still etheopian wealth. Not they want to be ethiopians. They suck ethiopian resources until now, it is time to leave our country and go to Eritrea.
God Bless Ethiopia, Weyane to hell.

02/23/12 @ 12:05
Comment from: girum [Visitor]

the following deserve to be erased from history:
1. Neftegna/Zeregnas (all amhara rulers)
2. TPLF (Sibhat Nega & Meles)
3. Shaebia (isayas)
4. Galitos (OLF)
7. The Dergue

to be remembered (Statue at AU Building)
Neway brothers
General Aman Mikael Andom “Desert Lion”
Hailemariam Reda
Kawo Tona
Alula Aba Nega
N. Gidada (halve statue)
Afewerk Tekle

02/23/12 @ 14:15
Comment from: Hagos Demoz [Visitor]
Hagos Demoz

Tesfay Atsbeha, Kahsay ….

You are rejects of the system !!!!

Gena ketikiten Ketikiten 40 amet engezahalen!!!!

Min Tametaleh!!!

Believe it or not you wouldnt touch arat kilo in your drreams, if you want your democracy come and get it. Wonid Neberka …

02/23/12 @ 14:27
Comment from: Doyo [Visitor]

Who cares about your frivolous junk story. At the end of the day only those who work hard and deliver, like Meles, earn the respect and credit for what they have accomplished. These duo have been talking bs for more than 20 years now, and still have nothing to show.
Losers !

02/23/12 @ 14:52
Comment from: TEDDY [Visitor]

TPLF 37 year birthday ,stupid fairytel of TPLF bandits and
Tigre Mafiosis .This evil movement is
a simple creation of Shabya ,to recruit Tigrai youth to be used as cannon fodder to fulfill their evil programs to desmantle and destroy the
unity and sovereignty of our motherland .So what did accomplish the crime minister and his Agazis .

02/23/12 @ 17:44
Comment from: oneluv21 [Visitor]

Are the Tigrian people better off today than when Ethiopia was under the Amhara government? The answer is big NO because Meles and his cronies all they care is to enrich themselves. Just look at other non Tigrian people how they view the Tigrians, it is awful.

1. Ethiopia is still land locked
2. Ethiopia borrows a lot of money every year
3. Ethiopia begs money and food every year
4. Ethiopia is always at war
5. No fair election for over 20 plus years
6. One leader for over 20 plus years
7. Lost Badme
8. A lot of countries including the US is losing confidence in the T.P.L.F. leadership
9. etc

02/23/12 @ 18:33
Comment from: Amhara Princess [Visitor]
Amhara Princess

What a masterpiece! You wrote what is in EVERY real Ethiopian’s mind. Only TPLF roaches would have problems with this fine article.

Zenawi & Co might have managed to manipulate, scaremonger the people of Tigrai into believing that every opposition is their enemy, therefore they should only worship their saviours, Zenawi & Co and fight any change. They try to zombify Tigray people, which they have succeeded to certain extent. So much so, some of them come here and tell us how Derg was an Amhara regime lol, how they single handedly fought Derg and saved us all and gave us true freedom & democracy LMAO!…

How 70% of Tigray population died to free us from derg (Bere Welede), how their double digit economy is overfeeding the nation Hahaa, how they are the chosen folks tested with fire like Gold (Silu Setmta Doro… :)) blah blah yari yari ya while their families and almost 4 million of them starve on a daily basis.

They pretend to have it all, while the reality on the ground is, overwhelming majority are as oppressed, as starved, as diseased ridden, under developed, living in almost total darkness under absolute destitution like the rest of Ethiopia. Anybody who’d visited that region in recent years would feel deeply sorry for those over manipulated, brainwashed souls. All empty bravado, bragging by those Tigrays who live outsie of Ethiopia, mosyly on sites such as this one.

We all know that only a handful of Adwa chimps aka Masters of looting, brutality and zombifying are getting rich. Their kids in Addis don’t even know how to speak Tigrigna nor have any intention of learning it or their culture/history. They pretend to be a EU/US citizens with their broken English and fake Bole Amharic accents. While the zombified A*ames outside of Ethiopia beat their drums the loudest, form pathetic, plastic Tigray communities and dance in their welfare aided, run down buildings. They know that NO Ethiopian would EVER celebrate their TPLF day hence the formation of fake Tigray communities, trying to emulate Areterans in every way possible. Poor retarded souls.

… Just take a look at some of the cadres here, they shout diaspora this, diaspora that as if they aren’t diaspora themselves? Branding every opposition as Shabiya, Derg, Feudal, Alshabab, Diaspora toxic or whatever the hell they call it. According to them, anybody who opposes Zenawi & Co are hateful diaspora ROFL…bunch of zombified retards keep fooling themselves. Zenawi & Co are using them like a shield, playing them like soccer ball, beating them like their drum whenever they step out of line. If they overstep then they stab/shot them dead like Ato Aregawi and many others.

02/23/12 @ 19:49
Comment from: Denis [Visitor]

They are trying to divert local political atmosphere, and arrange another tigre opposition for next election. Like siye Fxxk those guys too, woyanes and mosquitos.

02/23/12 @ 20:23
Comment from: Bethihu [Visitor]

@Agazit Woman,

I would like to use this opertunty to wish you a happy belated LEKATIT 11, and thank you for your honesty -bravery that you are showing your unconditional love to the Tigray people in particular and to the Ethiopian people in general!!!!

God bless the world!!

02/23/12 @ 22:22
Comment from: King of Gondar [Visitor]
King of Gondar

from: ment4you [Visitor]

Thank you very much for your bright comment,please teach Mr,heny or hyena
a good lesson,best point of YOU

02/24/12 @ 02:16
Comment from: Tatek [Visitor]

Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs are criminals to the core that committed the most outrageous treasons against Ethiopia and Ethiopians. From fighting Ethiopia for the secession of Eritrea to making Ethiopia a land locked country they did it all. They divided Ethiopians into ethnic groups and coordinated ethnic violence among citizens. They created ethnic apartheid in Ethiopia and committed genocide against Ethiopians in Gambela, Sidama, Ogaden, Gonder, and other parts of the country. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs still continue with their kidnapping, imprisoning, torturing, murdering, and terrorizing innocent Ethiopians. Ethiopians have suffered twenty years of Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs’ delusional, narcissistic, suicidal, and murderous policies and actions.

Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs like thieves of the worst kind and took away food from the mouth of the poor who died of hunger. We don’t forget what these animals did with the donated wheat and food in Tigray in mid 1980s. They sold the donated food in Sudan while millions of Tigreans died of famine as reported by their CFO and people with intimate knowledge of their operations at that time. They continue to this day to rob and fleece the country and its people. They sold hundreds of factories that belonged to the citizens and looted the proceeds to build their conglomerate – EFFORT and private enterprises. They sold government houses and properties and deposited the fund in their accounts. They sold gold mines and mining rights and took the money. They sold millions of acres of land to foreigners and robbed the proceeds. Their theft, robbery, and crimes are without parallel and un heard of in this century.

Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs have also the unparalleled track records for deception, lying, and playing people. Cheating, deceiving, and lying to Ethiopians is their life and it seems they are hooked to and cannot live with these criminal behaviors. Mellesse and his Woyane/TPLF thugs are experts in the design and manufacture of lies, falsehood, and deceptions. I wonder if they have graduated from some type of Gobble school of deception. Whatever they plan, do, and say is always lies and deceptions. Ethiopia and Ethiopian should not deserve these diabolic lairs, murderous, and terrorists as leaders.

Ethiopians have had enough of Mellesse’s and his Woyane/TPLF thugs’ lies, deceptions, treasons, tortures, murders, and terrors. We say and it shall be so that Mellese and his Woyane TPLF/EPRDF thugs must go NOW.

02/24/12 @ 11:37
Comment from: Tatek [Visitor]

Indeed, an excellent article!!!
Thank you, Ato Tesfay and Ato Kahsay.
I look forward to read your successive articles. This is an excellent and rewarding contribution to understand, articulate, coordinate, and fight for the removal of Mellesse and Woyane/TPLF thugs that bleed Ethiopia and Ethiopians every day.

As for TPLF cadres, nothing good is expected of you except vomiting your venom opposing everyone who cares to disagree with your master. Unfortunately for you, you don’t have the intellect, the truth, and the ability to articulate and convince anyone except yourself. What you deserve and could be doing is “gim le gim abreh azgim” with you master. Long live Ethiopia and Ethiopians. Down with Mellesse and the TPLF/Woyane thugs.

02/24/12 @ 11:59
Comment from: Respect and Responsibility [Visitor]
Respect and Responsibility

I strongly agree with Bethihu and Agazit women on their comment.
The Tigrai people and leaders deserve more respect than fabricated lies.
What I cannot understand is who are these people who blindly hate and accuse them.
If they are Eriterians,Why do they comment on our internal affairs,We allow them the right to be independent.To be independent is to leave us alone.
If some of them are Ethiopian,My advice is to do little research ,Just compare the past and the present.The potential future with the potential threat.Better discuss on that than blaming one person.Meles is a human being.He might made bad and good decision.What he should be judged is by the fact what is underground.For me most of his decision are constructive.So I like him more than any other leader in my life time.But I am open to appreciate any other leader who are ready to fill his weakness and continue his strong deeds.Unfortunately I haven’t seen any till today rather discouraging.
By the way I admire the courage agazit woman have on all her comments.Though some times she gets too angry and …

02/24/12 @ 12:20
Comment from: Tulu Proud ET [Visitor]
Tulu Proud ET

Tesfay Atsbeha and Kahsay Berhe I see you as reasonable people from Tigray.

I agree with your comment that some Ethiopians admire criminial people like Mengisu and Meles.

They don’t see it as a void in morality and humanity. Since Mengistu the good culture and moral have gone and are replaced by culture of treason and crimes.

During Mengisu and now with Meles way of living does not come from hard work and good ethics but from corruption, deceit, crime and murder.

02/25/12 @ 14:32
Comment from: Meles Must GO [Visitor]
Meles Must GO

This is how TPLF will always be remembered as a black mark on Ethiopian history.

TPLF with its selfish purpose and evil plot will be remembered for ever as a group formed by homegrown enemies of Ethiopia.

Its purpose was to divide Ethiopia, the unity of Ethiopians and to subject all ethnic groups into war and poverty.

Now Meles is leaving TPLF’s purpose and footprints by selling the most scarce and very much wanted fertile land in the world to foreigners and Arab enemies before Ethiopians have the chance to feed themselves.

02/25/12 @ 14:35
Comment from: abebe gemeda [Visitor]
abebe gemeda

you cannot be a hero,but once. Once beaten , always shy. This has been old proverbs . But now this seems transformed. It seems the media hides is serving ,even some criminals , to disseminate hate . 1. WHO is to deny the hero’s who defeated the Military dictators. who will deny other Ethiopians to celebrate victories over enemies but mind you. changes now in Ethiopia is many folds . You even cannot comprehend . it is difficult to capture events . lamentation belongs to the past. Ethiopia is living today and tomorrow. Those who received defeat in the hand of wayne will not forgive . that is clear. but they will not in any way come to the scene of power. people from south to north will not give up to lords

02/26/12 @ 15:08

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